This is turning out beautifully. My wife is a fashion designer. Between making stuff to sell, she also does what amounts to fashion art projects roughly quarterly. This is part of her latest, which is going to debut next week. I snapped this with my cell phone this morning, because I don’t know if I’m supposed to show it to anyone yet, but screw it.

It’s a jacket, obviously, which she designed. It is made of brain-tanned buckskin, which she acquired from a friend of ours who does all the skinning and tanning herself. Another Native artist friend provided the beadwork. The rest is canvas (it was originally going to be all buckskin, which was a little cost prohibitive at the time). It looks fucking great, if you ask me. I can’t wait to see the entire thing finished.

I’m told if I put three deer in the freezer, our friend will not only drop everything to come skin them as soon as I get them out of the woods, but also teach Julia (my wife) how to do the tanning. Those three deer are about what it would take for her to make me my own buckskin jacket. How can I possibly not shoot (*ahem*) for that?!