For donkeyey: parallel lacing and hiding your bunny ears.

Pics 1 and 2: when tightening your corset, try to keep the back parallel so it looks like | |. If it looks like ( ) it can bend the steel bones and damage the corset.

Pic3: tie your bow

Pics 4,5, and 6: everyone has their own methods for hiding their bunny ears, but personally I take each side and tuck them into the top, criss crossing in the front middle. This also stops the point from rubbing against my sternum and irritating it, which sometimes it does.

Pics 7 and 8: looser fitting clothes work better when trying to hide your corset so there are no weird lumps.

9 and 10: if you really want to show off your waist, add a belt. Lace lumps are kids hard to avoid but hope this helped :)


Survey of corset friends on tumblr

Some time ago I asked here what are your reasons for wearing a corset. I received several responses from you. E.g.
(1) Change in silhouette. Sleek looks.

(2) better posture. Sit upright and walk. Less back pain.

(3) Temporary change of the body volume.

(4) Female ideal appearance through curves.

(5) reduce weight by eating less because of saturation feeling.

 (6) personal reasons. Are Unlike than the others. Ideas and ideals of a different era.

My friend like that even if he can lace me. But he does not understand it. How is your friend, family and colleagues with it? Do you wear the corset provocative or hidden and not visible? I wear it hidden under clothing. My reasons for this are slim look to hide a few extra pounds. At the moment I’m wearing 3 times a week for going out orchard corset 26 “fully closed. And I feel comfortable in it.

Sorry for the english, I'm German