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Tea/Coffee Readings

How To

You need to find a cup with a wide brim that’s light in colour, find a wide saucer. Pour in lose tea leaves/coffee (you can buy loose tea leaves or rip open a tea bag) into you cup and add boiling water (Do Not add milk) Drink your tea/coffee while thinking about your question, if you dont like tea/coffee take a few sips. When you are finished drinking take the cup in your dominant hand and place your non-dominant handover the top of your cup. Turn the cup tree times in a clockwise direction. Pour any remaining water down the sink. Place the cup upside down on the saucer or a napkin and turn it clockwise three times, turn the cup over look for the leaves that have taken shapes. When you have finished your reading it is customary to turn your cup over, place your index finger on the base of your cup and make a wish

You can twist and turn the cup for new angles to find symbols in your cup, the closer the symbol is to the rim of the cup the sooner it will happen. the further down the longer it will take, tea reading can only predict up to a year. symbols at the bottom of your cup will take almost a whole year to take effect. Common Shapes

Abbey Freedom from worry
Ace of Clubs A letter
Ace of Diamonds A present
Ace of Hearts Happiness
Ace of Spades A large Building
Acorn Financial Success
Aircraft Sudden Journey
Alligator An accident
Anchor Success in business and romance
Angel Good news
Ankle Instability 
Ant success through perseverance
Anvil conscientious effort
Apple Business achievement
Arc Ill health, accidents
Arrow Bad News
Axe Difficulties and troubles that will be overcome
Bat False Friends
Bath Disappointment
Bayonet A minor accident
Beans Poverty
Bear A Journey 
Bed Inertia
Bee Good news
Beehive Prosperity 
Beetle Scandal
Bell Unexpected news
Bellows Setbacks
Bird Good news
Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels
Bird’s Nest Domestic harmony 
Bishop Good luck coming
Boat Visit from a friend
Book Open Expect legal actions, future success
Boomerang Envy
Boot Achievement
Bottle Pleasure
Bouquet Love and happiness
Bow Scandal, gossip
Box Romantic troubles solved
Bracelet Marriage
Branch With Leaves A birth
Bread Avoid waste
Broom Small worries disappear
Buckle Disappointments ahead
Building A move
Bull Quarrels
Bush New Friends
Butterfly Frivolity 
Baby Pregnancy, something new
Ball Completion 
Butterfly Transition 
Cab Disappointment
Cabbage Jealousy 
Cage A Proposal
Camel Useful news
Candle Help from others
Cannon news from a solider 
Cap Trouble ahead- be Careful 
Car Good fortune 
Cart Success in business 
Castle Financial gain through marriage 
Cat A quarrel
Cattle Prosperity 
Chain An engagement or wedding
Chair An unexpected guest 
Cherries A happy love affair
Chessmen Difficulties ahead
Chimney Hidden risks
Church Ceremony Unexpected money
Cigar New friends
Circle Success, a wedding
Claw A hidden enemy 
Clock Avoid delay, think of the future 
Clouds Trouble ahead
Clover Prosperity 
Coat A parting, an end of a friendship 
Coffin Bad news
Coin Repayment of debts
Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness
Column Promotion
Comb Deceit
Comet An unexpected visitor 
Compass Travel, a change of job
Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble
Crab An enemy 
Crescent A journey
Cross Trouble, ill health 
Crown Honour, success
Cup Reward for effort
Curtain A secret 
Cymbal Insincere love
China engagement 
Chair A guest 
Clock Better Health 
Daffodil Great Happiness
Dagger Danger ahead, enemies 
Daisy Happiness in love 
Dancer Disappointment
Deer A dispute or quarrel
Desk Letter containing good news
Devil Evil influences 
Dish Quarrel at home 
Dog good friends 
Donkey be patient 
Door Strange occurrence
Dot money
Dove Good fortune 
Dragon Unforeseen changes, trouble 
Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, argument
Duck money coming in
Dustpan Strange news about a friend 
Eagle a change for the better
Ear unexpected news
Earrings misunderstanding
Easel artistic success
Egg Prosperity 
Eggcup Danger is passing 
Elephant Wisdom, strength 
Engine news is on its way fast 
Envelope good news 
Eye overcoming difficulties, take care
Face setback
Fairy joy and enchantment 
Fan Flirtation 
Feather Instability 
Feet An important decision
Fence limitation
Fern Disloyalty 
Fir Artistic success
Fire achievement
Fireplace Matters related to your home 
Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness
Fist An argument 
Flag Danger ahead
Flower Wish coming true
Fly Domestic irritations
Font A birth
Fork A false friend, flattery 
Forked line Decision to be made
Fountain Future success and happiness
Fox A deceitful friend 
Frog Success through a change of home or job
Fruit Prosperity
Gallows Social Failure 
Garden roller Difficulties ahead
Garland Success, great honour
Gate Opportunity, future happiness
Geese invitations, unexpected visitors
Giraffe Think before you speak
Glass Integrity 
Glove A challenge
Goat enemies
Gondola Romance, travel
Gramophone Pleasure
Grapes Happiness
Grasshopper News from a friend 
Greyhound Good fortune 
Guitar Happiness in love 
Gun Trouble, quarrels
Hammer Overcoming obstacles
Hand Friendship
Handcuffs Trouble ahead
Hare News of a friend
Harp Harmony in love
Hat A new occupation 
Hawk Sudden Danger, jealousy 
Head New opportunities 
Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend
Heather Good fortune 
Hen Domestic Bliss
Hill Obstacles, setback
Hoe Hard work leading to success
Holly An important occurrence in the winter 
Horn Abundance 
Horse Galloping Good news from a lover
Horseshoe Good Luck
Hourglass A decision that must be made 
House Security 
Iceberg Danger
initials Usually those of people you known to you 
ink pot A letter
insect Minor problems soon overcome
Ivy leaf Reliable friend
Jester Party or social Gathering
jewelry A present
jug Gaining in importance, good health
Kangaroo Domestic Harmony 
Kettle Minor Illness
Key New opportunities
Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity 
King A powerful ally
Kite Wishes coming true 
Knife Broken relationship 
Ladder Promotion
Lamp Money
Leaf Prosperity, good fortune
Leopard News of a journey 
Letter News
Lighthouse Trouble threatening
Lines straight and clear Progress, journey 
Lines wavy Uncertainty, disappointment 
Line slanting Business failure
Lion Influential friends
Lock Obstacles in your path
Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble 
Man A visitor 
Map Travel and change 
Mask Deception 
Medal A reward
Mermaid Temptation 
Monkey A flattering mischief-maker
Monster Terror 
Monument Lasting happiness
Moon Full A love affair 
Mountain Obstacles, high ambition 
Mouse Theft
Mushroom Growth, setback
Music Good fortune
Nail Malice
Necklace complete Admirers
Necklace broken The end of a relationship 
Needle Admiration 
Net A Trap
Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs
Nun Quarantine
Nurse Illness
Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing
Oak Good fortune
Oar A small worry, help in difficulties
Octopus danger
Opera Glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend
Ostrich Travel
Owl Gossip 
Oyster Courtship, acquired riches
Padlock open A surprise
Padlock Closed A warning
Palm Tree Success, honour, happiness in love
Parachute Escape from danger
Parasol A new lover
Parcel A surprise
Parrot A scandal, a journey
Peacock Riches
Pear Comfort
Pentagon Intellectual Balance
Pepper A troublesome secret
Pig Material success
Pigeon sitting An improvement in trade
Pigeon Flying Important news
Pillar Supportive friends
Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind
Pistol Danger
Pitchfork Quarrels
Policeman Secret enemy 
Pump Generosity
Purse Profit
Pyramid Success
Question Mark Hesitancy, caution 
Rabbit Timidity, be brave
Railway Long journey
Rainbow Happiness, prosperity
Rake Be organised
Rat Treachery 
Raven Bad News
Razor Quarrels, partings
Reptiles Treacherous friend
Rider Hasty news
Ring Completion
Rocks Difficulties
Rose Popularity 
Saucepan Anxieties
Saw Interfering outsider
Scales A lawsuit
Scepter Power, authority 
Scissors Domestic arguments, separation
Scythe Danger
Shamrock Good Luck, wish coming true
Sheep Good fortune
Shell Good news
Ship Successful journey 
Shoe A change for the better
Sickle Disappointment in love
Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points to
Skeleton Loss of money, ill health
Snake Hatred, an enemy 
Spade Hard work leads to success
Spider Determined and persistent. money coming
Spoon Generosity 
Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace
Squirrel Prosperity, after a hard time
Star Good health
Steeple Slight delay, bad luck
Steps An improvement in life
Sun Happiness, success, power
Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys
Swan Smooth progress, contented life
Sword Disappointment, quarrels
Table Social gathering
Teapot Committee meeting 
Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble
Telescope Adventure
Tent Travel
Thimble Domestic changes
Toad Beware of flattery 
Torch A turn fir the better 
Tortoise Criticism
Tower Opportunity, disappointment 
Tree Changes for the better 
Triangle Something unexpected 
Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions 
Umbrella Annoyances 
Unicorn A secret wedding 
Urn Wealth, happiness
Vase A friend in need
Vegetables unhappiness followed by contentment 
Violin Egotism 
Volcano Emotions out of control
Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority 
Wagon A wedding
Walking Stick a visitor 
Wasp trouble in love 
Waterfall prosperity 
Weather Vane a difficulty, indecisiveness
Whale business success
Wheel  good fortune
Wheelbarrow  a meeting with an old friend 
Windmill  business success
Window open good luck through a friend 
Window closed disappointment through a friend 
Wings messages
Wishbone a wish granted 
Wolf Jealousy, selfishness
Woman Pleasure
Worms Scandal
Wreath Happiness ahead
Yacht Pleasure
Yoke Being dominated 
Zebra Overseas adventure
Triangles Good Karma 
Squares Use caution
Circles great success 
Letters Usually refer to friends, family, and people you know
Numbers indicates time, months and years

Whenever I tell my grandma I’m having a friend sleepover she’s like “I hope it’s not a boy” and I’m like “haha no” but internally I’m like ‘grandmother you fool, there are no, and will never be, roosters in this hen house"

anonymous asked:

I feel like the way tomdaya stare at each other/laugh together is different than two best friends. I know I laugh like a donkey with my best friend and their laughter seems kinda flirty then again I've got shipper goggles on so it's heavily biased 😝

Listen, I’m not biting my lip and flirting with my guy friends. I have boundaries when it comes to stuff like that and people outside the ship notice these things to

Let’s talk about Donkey.

A major theme in Shrek: The Musical is loneliness, but this theme is pretty unexplored in relation to Donkey’s character.

Shrek and Fiona’s complex desires are explored.  Shrek wants to be accepted by society and for people to see him for how he truly is.  Fiona, by contrast, wants to “fix” herself and conform to society’s expectations so she can feel worthy.  Donkey…well, he just wants a friend.  Nothing too complicated there.  

To me, Donkey is the most feels-inducing/most relatable character because of how simple his motivation is.

Donkey wants a friend.  One friend.  That’s all.

Unlike Shrek and Fiona, who have been isolated for their entire lives, Donkey lives out in the world.  And yet, he still hasn’t managed to maintain one friendship.  

Thinking about Donkey desperately trying to form attachments to others, only to be rebuffed because of his overabundant enthusiasm and general naiveté…that hits home.   Look at the way he delights in the title “best friend” and “noble steed.”  He doesn’t need to be the hero.  The sidekick is at least guaranteed a place by the hero’s side, and that’s what’s important to Donkey.  Connections.  Meaningful relationships.

Especially important is the way Donkey ignores any and all of Shrek’s flaws because he’s so desperate to be accepted by someone, anyone.  This is a major part of Donkey’s growth as a character, going from ignoring Shrek’s flaws in an effort to shape Shrek into the perfect friend, to accepting Shrek’s flaws as a part of who he is and loving him anyway.  Through this, he goes from a place of self-debasement to self-respect.  (I LOVE Donkey’s arc, seriously, the part where he yells at Shrek for being a bad friend makes me want to cheer).

It’s important to note, though, that from the beginning, Donkey looks past Shrek’s terrifying exterior and sees good in him.  Behind his snark and irritating enthusiasm, he is purely empathetic and insightful, but no one realizes this because until Shrek, no one’s bothered to return the favor and look past Donkey’s outward appearances.

In conclusion, Donkey’s role in Shrek the Musical is underrated and awesome.

-A Devotional Month For Set-

The Donkey God
Meditation on Set Siccing His Donkeys on His Son

Sorry for the lateness of this, I had a lot of things to do today. The struggle against my own anger and helpless frustration in these situations has led me to contemplate the donkey form of Set. While it would be more dramatic to kill my ego in the ‘great sacrifice’ the Lord enacts and feel nothing but peace, sometimes I’m just too human for that and I have to look to Set’s humble little friend, the donkey, for inspiration on what to do with the anger eating me alive.

The Egyptians had a definite love for their donkeys, being beautifully rendered everywhere they appear and even being the subject of some ardent poetry in which their fine form and dedication are addressed– but they also recognized that donkeys were subject to intense passions with their biting, braying, kicking, overweening libido and stubbornness to balance out their incredible work ethic and loyal natures. It’s this incredible overwhelming energy combined with intense dedication that Set echoes and why these humble animals are Set’s most common face. It’s a face frequently without description as we all know who “the Ass of the Duat” is, the one bound with sacrificial cords –silently– and impaled with knives and spears in more than one papyrus and on various temple walls. The great sacrifice isn’t always feasible for a human though. It’s not for me, today. Today I would fight when I should be accepting and simply watch the knives go in and the flood of life pour out.

Since the Big Donkey is no help at the moment, and thinking about the Lord taking on the isfet of the world and submitting to sacrifice makes me sad, let’s go smaller. Set also has the 77 (seven groups of ten overseen by seven captains, the captain Donkeys have names in some of the inscriptions) overly enthusiastic Donkey Netjeri who guard his sacred well, sometimes called Des-Des. They come charging up the well (making a tremendous amount of noise) when they’re needed.

They challenge Ra every morning, braying and getting in his way, until they’re turned back by their mistress The Prow—Set’s Bride in her various forms—beaten and scolded for their naughty behavior. Here they exhibit a lot of traits—cloudiness, darkness, arrogance, excitement. They’re just balls of energy who don’t know what to do with themselves and they’re easily dispatched by The Prow with a few words and a good sound swat with her spear. I too can be that ball of unhelpful energy, that gaggle of braying Donkeys who get in the path of the very thing I’m trying to protect, even when I’m struggling to do Ma’at. The urge to be good is there—and the Donkeys, clearly, are good spirits most of the time—but like Tutu’s Seven Arrows, they are unruly. My heart is unruly and I try not to think too hard on whether or not Nebt-Het giving it a good swat and scolding would make me feel better or put me in the morgue. Sometimes it’s better not to know these things.

The Donkeys are also “the pointers” who follow Set’s son Maga (though Henadology argues this, I think there’s more than enough reason to believe Maga is a child form of Sobek the way the story reads—that he is one of the crocodiles or crocodile-headed children seen nursing at Nit’s breast in several places) around and make sure he shows up to flood the Nile and then doesn’t hang around too long afterward so the land beneath doesn’t spoil. The Donkeys are described as wagging their fingers at Maga and poking him in the eye (serious business, it’s a direct attack on his ‘wholeness’) to get him to go home when he won’t cooperate. Sobek is far too stately and adult to accuse of lingering too long unless you wanted a real fight on your hands, but young Maga just as drunk on autib as the father who released him? He could be late and need scolding— as evidenced in the Donkeys appearing in spells to poke Maga to leave justified souls be and make the Nile recede by sending him home and letting things follow Ma’at. Like Maga, my “wholeness”—the integrity of my being– has been poked and I’m upset, possibly crying, on the riverbank because I want something that has to be let go.

Set is a god who knows when to fight and when to let things go, but I don’t have the power or clarity of his sight. I’ve been poked by a donkey and now I’m left to deal with the fallout. I’m “walking home”, unsure exactly how upset this has made my “parents”. This is an odd moment, because I don’t see Set as a father figure— he’s always been my friend and Lord— but this story still resonates with me on that level because I’m dealing with the impending loss of my own father and one can be as drunk on misery and anger as they are joy. I am Maga in the Nile, whom has had his Father send the Donkeys after him. His playtime is over and now he must face the music or be lashed to his mother for the rest of his days for his misbehavior.

It’s not that I haven’t dealt with death before. In various jobs and through various events (my own coma, the passing of relatives, friends and pets) I’ve come to know that death isn’t some big scary thing to be afraid of. It’s a sweet little lady in a golden dress who calls you in and holds you when playtime is over. I’m just not anxious for my dad to be an Akhu yet. An Akhu can only hug me in my dreams or during a religious experience. We’ve had our differences. He’s always been a hard-nosed, difficult man, but he was also an extremely hard worker with a high work ethic who couldn’t figure out being a father but tried very hard. As a soldier and then a peace officer, he ruined himself in the service of people who aren’t even aware or thankful for what he’s done. Now he lies in a bed, his health slowly whittled away by conditions resulting from exposure to toxic chemical attack and sustained hard-living, waiting for death. Her approach is very slow, but every housecall from hospice services indicate she’s closer. As much as it hurts me to watch (and to watch my mother cry), I can’t let my anger over having him taken from me get in the way of their peace or mine.

He fought very hard for peace.

And once I’m done being the crocodile child, weeping the false tears more for myself than for him (because what is death for him, but a release from horrific pain?), with my angry heart dreading what I will find at home– I too will be a good little donkey at the feet of Set and do the hard work of letting him go in his own time. I will greet every interaction until then with a smile.

He deserves that and, honestly, I like joy so much better than sorrow. Joy is nicer and better for the heart. Like Yuya I’ve heard the Donkey (Set) and the Tom-Cat (Ra) speaking good things in the foyer of the house of new life, and I expect a good reception for my father.