ok i think jasper is an interesting character and i want her to show up again to see where the show takes her but like lmao you can unfollow me if you ever defend her actions in “alone at sea” and think shes the victim and not lapis?? like hooooly shit. i like jasper too but shes a piece of shit abuser and people pretending otherwise is triggering me into remembering the trauma of people not believing me when my dad abused me because “well in private he told me he wants to see you again” (while never apologizing or acknowledging his actions or making up for it) and also being told “you two should just make up and apologize to each other :/” as if it was some argument and not a 6'4" guerilla-fighter alcoholic father literally beating his daughter into the ground every day!!!? so yall can just fuck outta here with that shit

“Así como hay cosas que pasan por algo,
Hay cosas que "por algo” no pasan"

Free translation: Just as there are things that happen for a reason, there are things that don’t happen for a reason.

Sexy Spanish Latina Maria Donis with beautiful hair and eye makeup doing a sensual and thoughtful pose for a selfie.