Feminism Awakens In Himalayan Buddhist Art and Meditation

“In mid-January the British-born Buddhist nun, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – the closest thing we have to a Thomas Merton figure today – spoke before a sold-out audience at the Rubin Museum of Himalayan Arts in Manhattan. Accompanying her and providing locutory support was the art historian and former Rubin Museum curator, Kathryn Selig Brown. The topic was Jetsunma’s approach to visualization in meditation and the overall place of art in its embodiment and enhancement of dharma.

Perhaps we all should have expected an espousal of feminism to come from Jetsunma. After all, she became a Buddhist nun just when her native England and the West as a whole was undergoing a radical feminization of society. Why shouldn’t feminism now be brought to fruition among Buddhists, who at least in their contemporary incarnations count among the most civilized and proto-democratic peoples the world has known. (Although this wasn’t always the case.) 

Of course, it should be no less remarkable to witness feminism manifest in what may be the world’s only Himalayan Buddhist monastery devoted to visualizing predominantly female deities, yoginis, and bodhisattvadevi, than it is in the art world, where galleries such a Gagosian still are resistant to some of the most significant developments in contemporary art because they are made by women, or because they will earn less. Of course, there is the nature of the entities that Jetsunma commissions for her art that ordinarily belie feminism and activism. Not only are they entirely archaic in origin and originally designed to placate the patriarchal sensibility written into and legislated by Buddhist social structures.

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The author’s writing style is very dense - not an easy read - but if you’re interested in feminism and Buddhist art, it’s a very in-depth piece.

Title: you only find out that it hurts after it’s already broken
Author: myeongdong
POV: Woohyun
Main Pairings: Wooyu, 2woo, Dongyu

Rating: NC-17
Genre: sci-fi au, angst
Description: This fic takes place in a hyper stratified society split into those that live in the center of the city (and have everything) and those that live on the edge of the city (and have nothing). Infinite is a gang surviving on the edge of the city. Dongwoo is kidnapped and experimented on by the military of the inner city. Woohyun saves him, but Dongwoo is no longer himself. Everything starts falling apart.

Comments: Woohyun in this breaks my heart. His characterization and inner dialogue is direct, stark, and felt honest to me even if it was very different from how Woohyun is usually portrayed. All the relationships in this break my heart. Dongwoo in this just makes me cry, because he is so wonderful. This is a sad fic tbh, but it ends well. The world building is complex, and although it occasionally falls into genre cliches, it never does so to the degree to detract from the core and major strength of this story, which is the relationships between all the boys. If you like sci-fi shorts this is definitely a good one for you.