Here’s my FF for June 3rd!

Tumblr Crushes:

youre-b2utiful {} jaejoong- {} dongwoonsboy {} ibreathe-b2st {} taemoon {} shiningtaem {} jokerette891219 {} jibe-kajima

My Loves:

jaejoong- {} dongwoonsboy {} jibe-kajima {} -pikajunnie {} jokerette891219 {} youre-b2utiful {} suchab2utifulnight {} beast- {} yepppo {} k-i-k-w-a-n-g {} shiningtaem {} macarinaa-a {} blockb- {} sogoodbye {} ibreathe-b2st {} I also completely forgot to put inconceivable-discovery in the FF but my love goes out to you too~

Ok, this kinda irritates me, and I honestly hope the anon sees this.

Hey anon, that gray face of yours isn’t very attractive so you have no rights to call someone ugly. If you’re hiding behind that anonymous button, then that means you have something to hide yourself, so please look at yourself before saying someone is ugly.

Who are you to judge someone’s personality? You’re saying that Cody has a bad personality, well news flash, the only person with a foul personality is one who uses his spare time to spread hate on other people’s blogs and lives.

It’s time to wake up from your delusional reality anon. Cody is strong, and can take some trolling but I can’t say the same for everyone. If you are the cause of someone’s pain, then you should be held responsable. It’s easy to hit that anonymous button and insult people, but let’s see you do it straight up front without hiding. After all, you should be held responsable for anything you say and I’d be GLAD if you were to come to my page and insult me like there’s no tomorrow. 

You have nothing going for you. You’re hiding behind the anonymous button because you are afraid that people will judge you. You are hiding behind the anonymous button because you are afraid that people will say that YOU’RE the one that has a horrible personnality, guess what? It’s true.

Look at yourself before judging others because you are a horrible person that has no right to insult others.