dongwoo and sungjong

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May I get a reaction of Infinite becoming your partner in dancing and acting for one of the award shows, but they had an eye on you for a while? Thank you so much!!

Hey there~ I’m happy to do that for you and hope that it turns out okay, sorry if it’s not what you wanted!



*the members tease him about liking you* “C’mon guys let me live!” “You’ll live until you’re face to face with Y/N then you’re a goner.” he groans in frustration “Stooooppp!”

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An excited puppy that has you smiling and laughing almost immediately, probably telling you stories about the members that shouldn’t be mentioned “…and then he had to run around without any pants on for two whole hours!” He keeps telling you things because he finds he can’t help but want to see you smile.

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*tries to impress you with his flirting skills* “Hey, come here often?” He’ll probably laugh at his own jokes, but he’s just so cute that you can’t help but laugh along with him.

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He’s taking his role as your partner very seriously and tries his best, making it seem like a block of ice. When he realizes how you feel he’ll try to break the ice with a big smile and wave in your direction “You’re doing so well, I’m glad we got paired together!”

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Another excited puppy who is happy as soon as you enter the practice room “Hi I’m Sungyeol and I’m a big fan and wow you’re really here right now and I never thought I would have this chance to talk to you and-” You interrupt him with a giggle saying ‘Cute~’ and he dies a little on the inside.

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He’s quiet and keeps a straight face for as long as he possibly can, trying to keep his image but when you meet eyes he melts and cannot hold back his smile any more. “This is really fun don’t you think?”

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*appeals to you with his cute and sweet maknae charms* “I brought us snacks and some vitamin water to have while we rehearse, you can choose whichever is your favorite and I’ll have the other.”

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Let the boy upload Instagram pics with /cute/ captions without being harassed

Caption: “I’m always shining. I don’t want to lose that shine”

Hoya’s comment: Forget about the shine, worry about losing fans 
Dongwoo’s comment: I want to flip that shine and make them into chips ~.~
(T/N: please don’t ask me what that means, I really don’t know)

Woohyun’s Caption: My nose shines

Sungyeol’s caption: I’m also shining so brightly, I think I need to get rid of some.