dongwoo and a child

170828 Infinite’s Dongwoo Instagram:
데뷔전 친척인줄 알았던 분들도 계셧다는데 하핳 골든차일드 분위기 너무 좋은것 ~.~ 움츠린만큼 날아올라라 !!! 골차!

Translation: Some thought they were relatives when they didn’t debut Hahah Golden Chil’s atmosphere is so good ~.~ Fly high as you hunched in advance !!! GNCD !

Translation by: Hyon @ Infinite Updates

I feel bad for Golden Child. Most fans are acting like Woollim is forgetting about Infinite. Nobody has any idea what is actually going on. Is it really bad to have some focus on guys that are soon debuting and have very little fans? As opposed to the group that is established? Of course we all want to know what will happen with Infinite.
A lot of groups go through hate in the beginning. Tablo and Sunggyu mentioned Infinite getting hate at the start. Lovelyz as well. Now Golden Child. They have done nothing wrong. They are kids that want to reach the same and more as well as their seniors. And their seniors are nothing but supportive. We’ve all seen that.
Some of them have trained for almost 6 years. They’ve done their time. It would be great for Infinite to not be Woollims only source of income. Too much for them.
I just feel bad seeing them from before their start knowing what they’re gonna have to go through. Woollim has its faults such as staying silent and not acting on controversies, contracts, and legal stuff but creating groups to give other talented people a chance is not a fault.

170828 | ddong_gg0 update:
데뷔전 친척인줄 알았던 분들도 계셧다는데 하핳 골든차일드 분위기 너무 좋은것 ~.~ 움츠린만큼 날아올라라 !!! 골차!

Translation: There’s this person who before debut people thought we were related hahaha. (He makes) a great atmosphere in Golden Child ~.~ Fly as much as you can !!! Golcha!

Note: Dongwoo replied to a fan “a collaboration (with Jangjun) will be fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

translation by: alwaysgold_
Please take out with full credit.

Me outside: infinite is still talking but in a good way , I’m not anxious about it, they’ll still be part of woollim
Me inside: I miss them so much omg I need them, I need to know about them, is woohyun playing football? Is sunggyu nagging them? Is sungjong EATING WELL? Is sungyeol planning on joining golden child? Is hoya taking care of his leg? Is dongwoo smiling? Is Myungsoo still in love with music? Are they together? Mamá ayuda whY IS WOOLLIM NOT SAYING ANYTHING I’M LITERALLY CRYING EVERYDAY SINCE I WAKE UP TILL I FALL ASLEEP BC OF HOW ANXIOUS I AM.


170828 | Official_GNCD update:
[#Golden_Child] 오랜시간 기다림 끝에 찾아왔던 달콤했던 첫 추억 다들 어떠셨나요? 앞으로 함께 걸어 갈 날이 더 많은 #골든차일드 멤버들인 만큼 더 행복하고 좋은 시간 갖도록 해요!😍

Translation: [#Golden_Child] How was the first awaited and sweet memory of Golden Child after waiting a long time? There are a lot of days ahead in which we’ll be happier, have a great time as we’re walking together with #GoldenChild members!😍

translation by: alwaysgold_
Please take out with full credit.

Infinite - Introduction

Kim Sunggyu: Gyuzizi, Gyu-grandpa, Gyu-leader. Oldest in infinite. Voice of an angel. Kontrol is my jam. Used to hate Woohyun but they’re now married. Would sacrifice everything for his 6 children. Princess of Woollim. Can go from oppa to baby in less then 0.01 sec. Hamster-gyu. Needs to be protected and loved. CEO is scared of his whining. Wink master. Changes from being bullied to strict leader when they practice. Refers to the rest of infinite as ‘the kids’. Loves them to death. Always commenting on their instagram posts. RISPECT. Musical king. Raps perfectly. Performed the whole of daydream by himself including the rapping for their concert. Variety king. Weekly Idol = Diss is Sunggyu

Jang Dongwoo: Pure child. Loves his members ass. Give the boy booty. Dances like the ocean. Raps like he’s spitting fire, sings like an angel. Jang angel. Crybaby. Kindest in infinite. Protect the poor child. Loves his parents. And his niece. Jang Dino. Never bring the pure child to a haunted house. The real maknae. Respects Sunggyu. Always finds the booty. Soft. SKINSHIP. Sleeps through anything, including Sungyeol drawing on his face. Abs. TEPUUUNG. His adlibs in Diamond killed me. Nam Woohyun: Fanservice king. Nam-grease. Namu. I am tree. Vocal king. Power vocal. Boi got moves. Unofficial 3rd member of dance line. Disses Sunggyu like there’s no tomorrow. Solo album. FEELS. Part of parent line with Sunggyu. Kkeudeok kkeudeok. Voice like honey. HEARTEU. Hearts for days. Loves Inspirits with all his heart. Nam-Pabo. Probably an exhibitionist but who’s complaining. Best friends with Kibum (Key) from Shinee. Toheart. Abs. Abs flash in Be Mine. NEKOHAJA. High notes on point. Supports and is supported by Sunggyu even though they used to hate each other. Nam Perfect. Lee Howon: MAAAH BIASS. Boi got dance moves for dayss. Two modes, Hosass or Hoaegi. Boy loves purple. Sends selcas to his members. Can’t do aegyo. Has natural aegyo. Dances like a god. Kicked ass on hit the stage. Acting on point. REPLY 1997. Part of the exhibitionist club with Woohyun and Dongwoo. Abs. Loves his members and Inspirits to death. Became more open to affection. Scared of ghosts but wants to meet one ever since they stopped living in their dorm. He’s lonely. Members show him love. Was in Ah-choo. Sasses his members. Loves puns. Boy is so witty. I say ho, you say ya. Lee Sungyeol: Yeol-choding. Competitive af. Inspirits love him. “I’m in charge of being tall.” Inspirits would name all his strengths and wouldn’t be done till next year. Used to be in SM Academy. Visuals on point. NEEDS TO STAR IN A FUCKING DRAMA. Best actor, in my opinion. PIERCINGS. Used to have a ton. A whole row on his left year during chaser era. Has crossdressed more than once. Troublemaker and pick me. Special stage king. Sexy back with Hoya. Must watch. He will chase Inspirits to the other end of the world if we cheat on them. We would never. Disses everybody. Infinite, Woollim, his brother, his father, himself. Never disses his mother. Boi been exercising. Bickers with Sunggyu on instagram. ARIGATOU. Red hair was amazing. I’m as tall as his legs. Yeol-model. Tags irritate his skin. Manly and cute. Kim Myungsoo: L. VisuaL. L-cosplay. Looks like an anime character. Japanese on point. Was in a Japanese drama but played a Chinese character. WOZAIZHELI. Taboo words. Sunggyu almost got hit. Loves his members. SKINSHIP KING. Pure marshmallow. Used to fall over a lot. ACTOR MYUNGSOO. Is adorable. Best aegyo. Would cling onto the members 24/7 if he could. Hyungdon and Defcon are his biggest fans. Apparently watches a lot of porn. Sungyeol and Hoya found out. Soft. Second softest in infinite after Dongwoo. I love him. Straightens his hair. Lee Sungjong: MAKNAE ON TOP. Could beat all his members to a pulp. Anyone insult them and he’ll take out a knife or just give you poisonous lemon candy. LEMON SATANG KING. Visuals. So pretty. Prettier than all the Inspirits. He’s beautiful. He knows it. Used to kick a teddy bear when he was pissed. The bears name was usually Kim Sunggyu or Nam Woohyun. Looks beautiful even with different coloured face paint on his face. Looks amazing with blonde hair. Does girl group dances like he owns them. Loves lovelyzs like his actual dongsaengs. Can’t act. Jjong-victim. Always gets dissed by his hyungs. Jokes on them cause Sungjong is fabulous. And he knows it. 7 visuals. 7 vocals. 7 dancers. 7 rappers. 7 perfect human beings. 7 members. 7 boys who have has our heart forever. This is Infinite.

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Gif reaction to their child choosing you as their favorite parent over them <3


“Wrong answer.”


Pretends it’s fine. 


He’d find it comical. 


“I see how it is….”


Justified disbelief. 


Tires to persuade the kid the other way.



~Admin B

How he is with your first child (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -sweet and gentle making sure not a single hair was moved when he got your child into his arms. Cooing tons, making faces, and plain bonding- “so cute and little. Mama did such a good job with you little one”

Dongwoo: -he’d be teaching as much as he could to your child making sure that they knew how much he cared- “see isn’t this a fun thing to do with daddy?”

Woohyun: -he’d love the energy and never knew fully how to react to of it. But he had to keep up with your child- “well today’s going to be a good and long day”

Hoya: -he’d take your child anywhere and everywhere he could. Showing off what he created in you.- “tell people what you like doing baby. I knwo they wanna hear all about you”

Sungyeol: -he would be harder to show his emotions towards your first child. So  scared to mess up and be a bad dad. But in the end he’d still loved them with all of his heart- *gif*

Myungsoo: -taking them everywhere. Going to child safe places. Watching sporting event. He’d just want to be extremely friendly with your small child. He knew he couldn’t be like that forever but since your child was still young it felt appropriate- “did you see that? Are you having fun?” 

Sungjong: -he’d want you child brought to everything. Just show up with your kid and he’d get a huge smile. The first child always has a special place in a parent’s heart and he made that very obvious- “hello baby. I’m glad you and your mommy could come see me”