Feral Audio Weekly Roundup - Dec 27 (Part 2)

The last one of the year! Close out 2015 with this week’s all new Feral Audio podcasts!

  1. Harmontown: 178 – Press F To Control Fred
  2. The Adventures of Danny & Mike: 22 - “Holiday Power Hour 2” w/ Brett Davis
  3. Dongtini: Episode 135
  4. Slumber Party with Alie & Georgia: 72 – We’re Both The Left Boob
  5. Improv Nerd with Jimmy Carrane: 168 - Adam Mckay
  6. Lil’ Cuties: 20 – 2015 Year In Review With Charlene DeGuzman!

Dongtini: Episode 45

On this episode: Simone is confronted with interpretive dancing and interactive balloon “art,” Stephy used to hate L.A., a listener asks how we deal with being depressed, Simone ordered the “I Am Fortified” at Cafe Gratitude, and Stephy was tortured by country music the entire time she lived in Texas. Plus: miniature horses, Robin Gibb, and are our dongs too pronounced? Be a lamb and take our poll.

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