dongsoo x woon

Fanfiction - Heaven of Butterfly

Author: noboo2887

Pairings: Ji Changwook and Yoo Seungho

Synopsis: characters Dongsoo and Yeo woon have been reincarnated into Ji Changwook and Yoo Seungho in the current day. The story is about how they meet again and recognize each other because each has recurring dreams of the last time they were together- when Dongsoo killed Yeo Woon.

Thanks to a wonderful person who asked to remain anonymous, we finally have this story with English subs. ♥

p.s.: blue subs = JCW’s lines  |   yellow subs = YSH’s lines

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Harmonize - Part 1

Author: alittlewayfarer

Pairing: DongWoon

Rating: PG-13

AN: Eep, my first fanfic for this fandom and on tumblr in general. I don’t really write a lot but I’m still pissed off by the last episode. This will be a four-part fic that follows the canon timeline of the series with slightly different/added scenes. I’m just distorting events to my pleasure because I can.

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