Some Hoshi Hyung appreciation. Like, do people realize that Soonyoung is not only brightness personified, but he’s a good hyung as well? The way he interacted with the younger trainees on 17TV, especially Samuel, is so sweet. That moment in 17TV where Chan obviously feels lonely and like an outsider and Soonyoung comes to comfort and talk with him and cheer him up makes me feel so much love for him. Kwon Soonyoung is literal sunshine.

“we’re gonna take a picture of the whole group; just act natural.”

the signs as predebut seventeen

aries: seungkwan drop-kicking sockmin after he tried aegyo

taurus: “it’s not bunny!! it’s TOSUN!” 

gemini: ”my life is hamburger” -jeon wonwoo 

cancer: wonwoo and mingyu smearing paint on each other

leo: dino: you have two choices. you can either eat it, or throw it away! 

virgo: doyoon, mingming, dongjin, and samuel 

libra: seungkwan screaming for his mother after he accidentally kissed dk in the paper kissing game on andromeda

scorpio: hoshi’s hair on andromeda. ,,,.. … ..

sagittarius: PREDEBUT VERNON “kidney function is not a privilege, it’s a right.” “do you want to live to be 100?” 

capricorn: chocolate, soul eater, fried chicken, guitar, and macbook are all i need in this lonely world -hong jisoo

aquarius: woozi singing boyfriend + his dance battle with hoshi

pisces: jun the christmas tree 

predebut seventeen was so weird rolling around the floor and running around in circles and breaking light bulbs and having to kiss each other for punishment and just meanie moments in general and them speaking english and jisoo with his chocolate song and seungkwan bursting in during his freestyle session and turning off the lights for horror time and them just casually eating bananas and jihoon shaking wonwoo like he’s a dummy and girl group dancing what have i gotten myself into

If you think it's okay to sexualize young men that are 17 and younger then please do me a favor and unfollow me. I don't want pedophiles or as you like to call yourselves "pedo noona's" following me.

This has been happening to Jungkook of BTS, and the young members of Seventeen. But are not limited to them. I am so disgusted and ashamed of all the older women in Kpop. It’s pathetic really. Find someone your own GODDAMN AGE. And stop thirsting after GODDAMN MINORS.


Halo - Beyoncé by Seungkwan [ft. a cheering Joshua & Vernon]
This is frickin beautiful, even with the not hq audio, i love his voice so much, like SEUNGKWAN SINGING IN ENGLISH, HELP- I live for this. I NEED A STUDIO VERSION OR SMT. PLEDIS PLEAASE.

In the room are Jeonghan, Joshua, Vernon (pretty sure that’s his voice) Jun, Mingming & Dongjin (ex members)