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Boyfriend’s priceless and precious reaction to their first win :)

FAREWELL Produce 101 elimination

No one deserves to be eliminated, but thats how the show is. We are gonna miss them so bad.

Like the previous elimination I do this post for the ones I wanted to stay :’(

Noh Taehyun Or should I say the unfair elimination? A fluffy babe who is one of the most hardworkings-sassy ones. Being the leader, helping others with the choreos, killing dance moves, sassy around Sungwoon, his laugh, trying to stole meme king spot from Kim taemin and being the supportive friend we all need (Sungwoon’s ranking, I dont know how many times I have played it) and many more things. 

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Getting some fresh air for his tummy (is what he says)

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My emooooootiooooooooooooons

Kim Sanggyun the one who makes my heart flutter every time he smiles. He (and Taehyun) had almost no screen time. He started to have it around ep 8, and in this one he had a lot and got eliminated (thanks mnet). I think we can see an evolution from him starting from not being sociable to be the cinnamon roll-sassy he is. He killed it in rap position and did his work without complaints.

(Oh god, thanks to whoever made this gif)

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Lee Gunhee I loved him in ‘Amazing Kiss’, he rised, but with little girl he dropped!! I didnt think this would happen! Also his reactions are so funny and cute.

The best part of ‘Amazing Kiss’

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Kim Taedong he is the one who went from F to A guys. Hardworking, with skills not show and an intense look. He looks like fluffy teddy bear for me.

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Park Woodam I thought he would made it after Mansae, but then he kept flopping :(

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Kim Yongguk the one who was discovered too late. Omg when he wasnt chosen as the 20th trainee and he broke in tears something broke in my heart.

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Lee Euiwoong this little cutieeeeee. 

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Lee Woojin he is still young so its not in such a hurry like other. being here has taught him a lot of things, recolect experience and make good friends (also find his true parents).

His parents

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His grandpa

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His older brotha

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His (and Seonho’s) uncle

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Kim Donghyun I wasnt really into him but he was cool in ‘I know you know’, seeing him broke in tears :’( (he really reminds me an actor)

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And last but not least! Kim Taemin!! I didnt have tiem to express my farewell. I was so sad when I heard he was leaving. Hope you are recovering well baby!!

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Well, I’m sorry a little bit long, but there were more this time, I cant even think the last elimination tho. 

Keep fighting for your dreams!!!

Sewoon As A Boyfriend

-Sewoon is really the sweetest guy ever, you thought guys like that only existed in the movies but nope, here it is behold, the most swavay gentlmen that has ever walked this earth. 

-Because of him, you started to wear plaid shirts often. You guys are walking around with matching plaid outfits everyday of the week and it just became noramal for you to have like 600 plaid shirts in your closet.

-Knows your favorite colors, your fashion sense, what you like to eat and what you don’t, your allergies and many more from just the first few dates because he’s such a damn good listener so now by the 1st year you’ve been together, he knows your entire life story and your characteristics more than you do tbh. Sometimes makes you re-order something just cuz “believe me I don’t think you’ll like it.” “But sewoon I chose to order it, how you do you know i won’t like it, I’m gonna eat it.” “Alright sweetie but I warned you.” And legit it did tasted like armpit and you’re just like How did you know and he’ll just give you the sweetest smile (while trying not to laugh) like ‘always trust in your ponyo.’

-Sometimes he’s super romantic and cool, and other times he would do things like kiss your head during breakfast before sitting down and would say ‘goodmorning sweetie did you wash your hair, it stinks really bad’ ‘“Just eat your toast ponyo” .And he would just smile and grab your chin softly to give you a kiss because he still loves you and your unwashed hair regardless. “your morning breath stinks too.” “Then don’t kiss me!”

- He may seem like someone who doesn’t care for skinship but he has to always hold your hand in public, always making sure you’re on the inside of the street and never next to the road, occasionally having his hand on your waist when walking. He doesn’t act shy even when fans are around too; you try to let go out of his hand once when fans walked up to him for a conversation, however he noticed and grab your hand again,  intertwining your fingers together while he’s making conversation with them because he wants you to know that this is your time with him, even if people are around, you are what matters most and will never be left to the side. After watching him greet the fans goodbye while still gripping onto your hand firmly but gently, he looked back at you and gave the cutest pout ever. “Why did you let go?”

-Super easygoing and chill. “Yeah it’s fine go have fun with the girls, I’m ok I swear.” /“Don’t worry I trust you, if you want to go clubbing go ahead.” And youre like babe, are you lowkey upset or? And he would just be there drinking some OJ on the couch looking at you like ‘no babe I’m really fine with it, just don’t stay out too late looking so gorgeous like that though, you look amazing in that dress… I think I’ll be awake when your back. “Why? You don’t have to wait for me.” “Well, seeing you in a dress like that, I think I want to be the last person to see you in it.” 

-Always front row in his busking/street performances, you would never miss it for the world. He’s singing and playing the guitar in front of a big crowd but whenever he’s singing, he’s always staring at you and you would just get lost in his eyes and voice and the crowd would always ship you guys so hard, whistling and ooh-ing whenever he smiles at you after singing a sweet lyric and every song he writes is dedicated to you so whenever he sings them in public, everyone goes crazy because you guys are so perfect together. 

-You’re close friends with Jaehwan, Youngmin, and Donghyun and Gwanghyun but your lowkey jealous of all 4 of them because sometimes it feels like they legit want to steal your boyfriend away from you from how close they all are to him and you would get annoyed like “omg can i have my boyfriend back pls, and they would always laugh and try to act even more fake flirty with sewoon in front of you to tease you further especially donghyun, you swear the guy loves playing pranks on you just to see you suffer for his own pleasure.

-God, don’t even look super gorgeous around him or even a slight bit sexy because in public or when he’s in a public gathering with you, he won’t even act a slight bit aroused or in need (just chill as usual except you’ll notice a slight bit of a grip on your waist then usual) but when you get home it’s game on. Makeouts with you on the wall happen often, and he’ll take everything slow, he’s never the type to rush either when he’s pleasuring you however once he starts it’s like he’s a different person and doesn’t stop till he finishes. Lip bites and sucking on your skin are a must for him and it’s shocking cuz shit sewoon you have this side to you and you never get used to it but of course you enjoy every bit of it. Always whispers he loves you after intercourse because he means it when he says it.

-Doesn’t like being apart from you for too even though he acts very chill about it and is always thinking of you when he’s making music. If he knows you’re busy that day (of course he would know your schedule, he makes sure he does especially if you have an important exam or something) he will just leave one bigass paragraph of a text every end of the day talking about what he did that day and at the end saying he loves you, misses you and for you to have a good night. And you’re always so happy reading it after you get back home before bed because you can tell he misses you so much. Sometimes though when you’ve have a stressful day, you would text him at at 3am saying how you’re upset thinking he’ll read it in the morning but after a few second of sending it, he always calls you right away to make sure you’re ok and if you want him to come over, but by the time he’s even asking if he could, he’s already on his way to your place with his guitar because he was in the middle of practice.

-And even though he’s tired himself, he would play his guitar to you in bed till you would fall asleep, singing the songs he made for you because he knows you calm down whenever he sings them. Once your fast asleep, he’ll tuck you in softly and leave a kiss on your forehead before heading back to Starship to practice and maybe even write another song about you.


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im both yugyeom and jinyoung in the lower left photo always

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