[NEWS - apr 1] This just in -

Woob has expressed strong interest in his next project after he wraps up The Technicians this summer. He will be participating in a pan-asian production (my worst nightmare) of a remake of “Twelve Angry Men”, a Hollywood classic about a jury trying a homicide case. The entire film (the original one at least) takes place in the jury room, where the jurors deliberate on the accused. Woob’s part, if he takes this, will be the dissenter who slowly persuades the nearly unanimous jury to acquit the accused. It’s a fascinating study of the human mind.

Woob will bully (donghyub), threaten (youngdo), prank (mireu), kick their balls (heungsoo), and suck the blood (gabri) out of those jurors.

Others in contention for the role and making up the rest of the all-male jury include Takeshi Kaneshiro, Joseph Chang, TOP, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey, Joseph Gordon Levitt, a cross-dressing Tilda Swinton, and your neighborhood milkman.