Au!Meme: Kyuhae - Angel meets the devil (Angel!Hae, Devil!Kyu) 

 ♣ Requested by donghaiden

“This is impossible.” Kyuhyun sighed, Donghae’s eyes flicked around, before pulling Kyuhyun closer.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be able to get through this.” Donghae whispered into his ear, wrapping his arms around the younger. Kyuhyun leaned back into the elder’s touches.

“All hell would break loose.” Kyuhyun muttered. Donghae just laughed, “So Heaven would explode then?” Kyuhyun turned around, still wrapped in Donghae’s arms.

“It’s not funny, you know.” The elder smiled and said, “We’ll make it through." 

The younger nodded, and the elder leaned down to plant a kiss on the younger’s lips, ‘a simple, 'i love you’ in that kiss. 


Kim Hee chul. Going to army for 2 years. Do you know how much it hurts and upsetting when someone so precious and important leaves you? All so sudden? Yes- he might only be working in public services, but him in a hiatus, not being able to participate in activities with the other members. Him not able to be in variety shows, radios, dramas, magazines, ALBUMS, for 2 years. The thought, imagining it hurts. We will miss him. His dorky, witty, adorable, sexy, unique sides. We won’t be able to see it for 2 years.

Kim Hee Chul leaving, for me- is something really huge. My bias, the one who caught my eyes, the one who got me deeper into Super Junior, the one ever so precious to me. The one who taught me a lot of things, Kim Hee Chul who taught me that friendship is most important. Kim Heechul who is sensitive, who stands for his friends before himself, even when hates are thrown to him. Kim Hee Chul who works hard, who never gives up. Kim Hee Chul who taught me to be child-like and just be myself. Who secretly express himself and cares for his members from afar. Kim Hee Chul who existed and changed my life. Kim Hee Chul who decided to live his parents’ wish for him to be an entertainer, who auditioned and got into Super Junior, the group which brought meaning to lives. Kim Hee Chul who caught my heart and brightened my days. 

I will never forget him who did so much to my life. I will be really really upset when he leaves. Less than 2 weeks. It’s just so sudden. But he decided.

And KangIn- alive and well. Sigh. You people. I’ll just stop ranting.

Of Fanfictions and Park Chanyeol ;

Author: donghaiden @ tumblr / fuckris @ lj

Title: Of Fanfictions and Park Chanyeol ;

One Shot , Completed

Genre: Fluff, Crack

Summary: Chanyeol loves Baekhyun but he’s too shy to admit it. His hopes for Baekhyun turns into fanfics (or idolfics, in this matter, because Chanyeol wrote them) and everyone is gettingslightly annoyed.

[Submitted by the author herself :> Thank you donghaiden~]


I haven’t made any Follow dayz dayz in 3 months. shjalhdjashl. I missed it! ;3;

I’m so sorry if I didn’t include any of you. You know I love you right? kkk~ (lol- I missed like 10 of my granddaughters I’m sure, lol. I’m sleepeh now. Shall do part 2 next time. NYAAAAAAAHH~ handwriting in paint using mouse is hsjkgahsbkashjak.)


Guys, I’m going on a full hiatus. This is serious. I’m leaving for 8 weeks. My finals are in 5 weeks, and I just saw my prelim results. Even my strongest subject, I got a D. I’m gonna need to work very, very hard for this exam, and get 14 points for my exam. I don’t care how hars or how tiring it’s gonna be. I want this course. Alot. I may miss out on updates on SJ, but it’s going to be worth it. If you wanna unfollow me, please do. For those who’ll stay, a very advanced thank you indeed.
My mother is gonna keep my laptop, so… This is goodbye, unless I lurk on tumblr. If you wanna look for me, search @dawnayoo on twitter or dawna chan on facebook.
From now, till mid November,
I love you all

We had math exam today. One of the question was so jakahdnjal.

It said about 24 fanclub members of Super Seniors waited in the airport.

And the last questioned asked, If those who stood 2.5 hours have sore legs, how many fans had it?

Something like orz orz orz.

I wrote on the paper, “I think teacher is secretly and ELF,”

OMG. I was so dhaksbdjahskdbdjal- during the test. I wasted my time on it commenting lol.

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Duhhsorandom, donghais, donghaiden, psyyfish, seongmins, kurleee, vanillakyuhyuk, vintagetleman and kyuclam are definitely my favourite blogs. There are so many more I could list but it's so late D:. Anyway, these are some great ELF that I love/silently stalk and sobs they're wonderful and caring and just too nice ;____;.

but but i thought i sent a link to your askboxes to why i wasnt here… stupid tumblr

i was on hiatus for exams but now im back! :D

and yes nad,im pretty much still living :3

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