140628 Donghae, Eunhyuk & Siwon Weibo Update:

Donghae1015: Wan an ^^ xie xie Guang zhou ELF wo ai ni man !!
[TRANS] Good night ^^ Thank you Guangzhou ELF I love you all!!

Donghae1015: Wo ai ni men !!! Wo hen xiang no men !!
[TRANS] I love you guys !!! I miss you guys a lot !!

haohaohyuk: See you no men

choisiwonkr: wo ye ai ni men. wo ye hen xiang no men. @/Donghai1015
[TRANS] I love you guys too. I also miss you guys. @/Donghai1015

trans by ELFISHics

* Siwon and Eunhyuk were teasing Donghae because he made a typo in his weibo update. It’s suppose to be ni men (you all in chinese) but donghae wrote no men.

* Siwon is making fun of Donghae’s previous weibo post….. Donghae wanted to type “ni men” which means “you all”, but he typo-ed it and Siwon is taking the term “no men” as a person’s name…


donghae861015: Thanks ELF !! This is the best way of promoting !! I have to do my best for today too:) I Love you !! #掌心witheunhae
donghae861015: should i go and take the subway ?? ㅎㅎㅎ
Donghai1015: ELF thank you I love you all !! 掌心witheunhae (c)

The Newspaper Ad is a project from WithEunhae on Sports Seoul Newspaper page 9. The ad says “Super Junior-D&E 1st Korean Album. The melody that we won’t forget even as time goes by. Hope u like D&E just like us.” They have included also the 2 QR codes on the ad, one directs to the MV on Youtube and one to Melon streaming!

The Subway Ad is the second support from CANDY860404 and ELFISH. The ad is located on Konkuk University station.


donghae861015: Ah ! I ! am ! full ! ELF I ate well !!See you at mucore ^^ #Devil
donghae861015: It’s raining :) b e c a u s e o f t h e d r o u g h t , i t h a s t o r a i n a l o t !! I wanna go to Mokpo :)
donghae861015: Thanks so much for coming to support us and also give us delicious food and snacks ^^ I love you !!
donghae861015: With the kind Sunye, I really enjoyed when we promoted together and her really lovely daughter ^^ You’ll have to stay healthy and happy from now on too ^^
Donghai1015: I’m Donghae !! I really miss you all today !! Thanks for your love !! (c)