donghae's back


170714 Donghae’s discharge -  Instalive with Hyukjae! 

* playing ‘Growing Pains’ in the car, Hyukjae singing too ~
* Hae showed us his discharge confirmation card.
* He said he couldn’t greet the fans properly due to safety. There will be D&E fanmeeting, so better watch out~  

Hyuk: (going) Home! 

Hae: Since yesterday midnight, despite the hot weather many fans came so i gained strength this morning.

Hyuk:  I was very nervous and my heart fluttered so much I couldn’t sleep. I think in the morning, (around) 5:30 ~ 6:00 am was when I went to sleep. So before roll call I slept for about 10 minutes and woke up in the morning (wondering) if this is a dream or reality.. I have no words to express how thankful I am.. I am so happy. (Reading someone’s id) I am going home. 

Hyuk: Who are you talking to? You can also talk? 

Hae: Yes.

Hyuk: Can you hear me? Can you hear? Write in Korean, everyone. Wow Mexico.. We have to go back to South America again.

Hae: We should go.

Hyuk: I want to go to South America.. and finally D&E is back. We’ll hurry up with a good album and really give you guys lots of presents. Really at my discharge and Donghae’s, so many of you came but i think we didn’t properly get to say thank you so I feel sorry.. But we have our fanmeeting left, everyone! We should have a good time.  (c) (c)


LOL…Poor Heechul 😂 I miss Super Junior :(