donghae's back


[D-157] waiting for my ☾[D-159] waiting for my ☼  

Siwon doesn’t be cockblocker first time in his life and throw Hyukjae next to Donghae (who wants to be next to Hyukkie so badly)

Reasons To Date Donghae

When you go visit him at work

And as he goes back doing something dumb

His smiles

Being embarrassed after doing something dumb for you

But being real fine

Being dumb

Dinner Dates

Hugging him

Doing couple things (aka being dumb together)



eunhyukee44: We got caught on the Time magazine #LetsBeCareful #Paparazzi #DNE 

Yesung’s comment on hyuk’s IG: Are the two of you constantly tied together? Sigh ㅋ 

Hyukjae’s reply to Yesung’s comment:  The ahjussi at the back also got tied in together (c)


Donghae IG update…… Awww SiHae so cute ♥♥♥

merlionmen  asked:


Hello hello~~~!!! Thank you for asking!

😂: favorite variety show vixx has done?

Does MTV VIXX Diaries count? Because it should. There were too many great things there that should be considered. 

If not, then their One Fine Day! Hongbin getting hit in the face with a bottle cap is an iconic moment for me. But also, they all got to do cool things and that’s all that really counts. If VIXX is having fun, then I’m having fun! :D

 ♋: do you share a sign with anyone in vixx?

The love of my life and the air that I breathe, Lee Hongbin and I are Libras. LMAO THAT’S DRAMATIC. No but really, we are and I’m kind of grateful because I get along with other Libras very well! And randomly, the biases I pick out tend be Libras. 

(sidenote: we get bad rep these days because we “evil”, children pls)

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