donghae style


Make up is?  
Donghae: More comfortable when not used. 
Eunhyuk: Especially when on stage, no eyeliner no confidence .
Something the other has but you don’t?
 Donghae: Sense of humour! Really best 
Eunhyuk: Double eyelids
Song of my life /song that they will always love 
Donghae: My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion 
Eunhyuk: Oppa Oppa - SJ D&E
Favorite song in the album
Donghae: Mother 
Eunhyuk: Sweater&Jeans 
Song that’s closest with own style 
Donghae: 너는 나만큼 
Eunhyuk: Sweater&Jeans (c)(c)