donghae said no

Donghae comments on Heechul instagram live : 

Donghae kept on leaving comments on heechul’s ig live saying “Hyung, come to Japan asap. I miss you”
Heechul saw Donghae’s comment and was screaming then said he couldn’t travel today because he had schedule.
Donghae - Hyung
Come asap
I miss you
Hyung, it’s me donghae.
Heechul played Oppa Oppa on his phone for Donghae and was singing along. Then said he wil work hard, earn lots of money and buy donghae delicious food
Heechul said there is a funny talk/story behind “Oppa Oppa”. The song actually means that “I’m a superstar, I’m a famous person” Even the lyrics say it “I’m a total woman killer”. Bcs of the lyrics, Donghae always gets embarrassed for (admitting) to be a woman killer while singing.
Donghae : You know that I love you, right?
Heechul said Donghae must be drunk
Heechul instalive - bcs of “Life Bar” filming. Heechul couldn’t travel to Japan 
Heechul said that Donghae only drinks few shots then he’ll go like “i feel like dying”
After what heechul said Donghae left a comment : “Hyung, stop ㅎㅎ”
Heechul was singing & DH said “hyung stop singing” then HC was like “Ya I’m now the main vocalist after Yesung since Ryeowook and Kyuhyun aren’t here”
He added “urgh *sighs* Kangin, this bastard’s voice is so good”



Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love

170723 Super Junior D&E Hello Again Fanmeet [FULL]


D&E’s moms, Donghwa, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and MC Leeteuk attended.Kyuhyun had told leeteuk he’d come to every thing the members did. 



Opening VCR showed Still you cuts, getting #1, enlisting, and Donghae and Eunhyuk’s hug during discharge. Words: we’ve missed you. ©


EH: I have an apologetic heart to everyone here, let’s not break apart again, let’s only walk the flower path now.

DH: I’m sorry for making you lonely for 2 years, I will work hard to show a good image in activities from now on. 

They saluted to Leeteuk.


DH: It was really nice today, LT and YS hyung came today too, I’m really happy.

Eunhyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit.
DH: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? ©

Eunhyuk talked about the Super Junior dorm situation: After living in the same dorm for so long, now we’re in out thirties, we said “let’s have a go at being independent!” But we couldn’t go too far from each other so we are all living in different houses in the same area/apartment, we eat pizza together and go on walks together too, we went to find Heechul too but Kim Heechul didn’t open the door (I don’t know if he was home or not). © 

Eunhyuk confused the old SJ dorm and the new dorm. When he was in the army, SJ moved out of the old dorm so it was empty. Hyuk didn’t realize that when he went there. He thought at least kyuhyun was inside so he kept trying to press in the password and pressing the door bell, making funny faces in the inter-phone camera for minutes. Then he asked in SJ’s group chat and the manager asked if he went to the old dorm where they moved out. ©


Eunhyuk asked Donghae to find him in a picture of him with all his army staff in uniform and Donghae walked to the screen and pointed at a lady wearing a dress. Eunhyuk replied, “I wore a dress? Good job.” © 

Eunhyuk looked around at fans who all have long hair.
EH: We made a promise? Do you remember? How did your hair grow so fast?

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oh my god yes he did, it took a while to dig them all up and i had to translate a few myself but here they are. there’s three real ones and one that’s like idk maybe. the three i definitely can confirm are relatively recent and all from his instagram:

1. heechul x female reader: from his 140925 instagram post (deleted when he changed his url), just thrown in the middle of some other rambling

This is a photo where one side of my suspenders came loose.. He turned down the lights of the room and approached the girl who is lying down with the moonlight in her eyes, and started to loosen one side of his suspenders. Slowly.. Really slowly.. He is walking slowly. One step.. Two steps.. [and then he starts talking about yesung lmao] (cr

2. heechul x leeteuk: from his 140817 instagram post (also deleted, sigh), this is the whole thing:

Teukie and I have completely opposite personalities. Teukie who always keeps things in and me who always yells and lets things out right away. Slightly timid? Teukie and slightly shitty? me. Teukie who decorated his room in white and me who decorated my room in red. Teukie who says let’s look back on yesterday, me who says let’s think about tomorrow’s business.. Then a few years ago, some things happened that made me think “Ah, I should always be on Teukie’s side,” and even though I wouldn’t obey the company or the managers, whenever Teukie would ask for something, even if I didn’t understand, I wouldn’t ask the reason and just follow Teukie’s opinion. In this way the relationship between the two of us deepened and our eyes were drawn to each other. Then finally Heechul, panting roughly, started to stroke Teukie’s face…..?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #fanfic #83 #inspiration/oldmen [it’s the same word idk] (my trans)

3. heechul x min kyunghoon: from his 160429 instagram post (once again, deleted…stop changing ur url kid). this was from when they were filming knowing brother with ioi so it’s gender swapped ssamja x heemi:

Heemi knew she was pretty and always arrogantly did as she pleased, but to her childhood friend Ssamja, she was always an aegyo young kid. The brave and kind Ssamja never saw this [arrogant] Heemi as anything but cute 😍😍 #fanfic (my trans, somewhat rough)

4. eunsihae: this one is apocryphal but i personally choose to believe it really is heechul’s just for the lols. it supposedly comes from his cyworld which would date it between 2005-2009 sometime. the format is certainly like his cyworld posts with a lot of line breaks:

DongHae and Eunhyuk were lovers
They loved each other so much, everyone was jealous.

But one day,
Donghae told Eunhyuk-ee, let’s break up.
But Eunhyuk-ee loved Donghae so much
So he wasn’t able to say a word

Wasn’t able to say ‘Don’t go.’
Donghae just turned around and was leaving
And Eunhyuk wasn’t able to say anything.

Eunhyuk just followed Donghae, no plans of what to do.
And saw Donghae meet up with Siwon-ee.

Eunhyuk-ee hid, and watched the two
He was shocked but,

“I broke up with Eunhyuk-ee. Don’t touch him every again, and don’t bother him.”

“I don’t want to. How can I believe you? If you date me, I’ll believe that.”

“I only have Eunhyuk-ee”

Then, Siwon-ee grabbed some gasoline
And poured it on Donghae’s body.
Siwon-ee grew angry and
“The only ways I can believe that you broke up with Lee Hyukjae is that you date me, or die by my hands.”

Donghae said “I will die”

Then, before Siwon-ee turned on the lighter
He asked Donghae if he has any final words
Do you know what Donghae said?

“Eunhyuk-ah, close your eyes.”

It’s said Heenim just copied something that’s online, only replaced the names xD (trans found here, idk the source)

This is the only SM idol who almost never wears makeup 170217

Many idols wear makeup on stage to highlight their looks but this SM artist can rarely be seen wearing eyeliner and often performs “bare-faced”.

Although Super Junior‘s Donghae previously stated that he doesn’t hate the thought of makeup, he said he would rather perform with as little eye makeup as possible and even revealed that he performed at Super Junior concerts without any eye makeup.

Fans noticed Donghae’s amazing visuals without makeup and his already handsome features are only highlighted by his lack of makeup proving he is an ultimate visual member of Super Junior.

Donghae is currently serving his mandatory military service where he enlisted in October 2015 as a conscripted policeman along with fellow Super Junior members Siwon and Eunhyuk.

Take a look at Donghae’s amazing bare-faced visuals below.

Lee Donghae “no make-up” visuals left fans in awe with his handsome face.

Even during his performances with Super Junior, he was rarely spotted wearing eyeliner.

Lee Donghae said he would often perform “bare-faced”.

His handsome visuals are undeniable.

He proves idols don’t always need to wear makeup to highlight their natural features.

His eyes stand out even without makeup.

Fans recognized his amazing visuals with or without makeup.

Even during his military service, his natural visuals continue to leave fans in awe.

Looks like Donghae’s been bringing some others over to the ‘no makeup’ side once in a

170726 Heechul is doing instalive and Donghae is leaving comments nonstop ~

Heechul saw donghae'a comment and was screaming 

Heechul played Oppa Oppa on his phone for Donghae and was singing along.

Heechul said there is a funny talk/story behind “Oppa Oppa”.

Heechul said that Donghae only drinks few shots then he’ll go like “i feel like dying”

Heechul was singing & DH said “hyung stop singing” then HC was like “ya I’m now the main vocalist”

Heechul said Donghae is a really huge fan of sechskies.

Cr:HaeHyukSlut, heechulfacts

[P55] HaeHyuk/EunHae - WGM ep.3 proofs of love - The safest refuge

❤ At the very first of the vid, I tried to show you that Lee DongHae is the unique person who can use EunHyuk’s money/clothes/belongings,etc. He’s also the only one who can eat Hyuk’s food, drink his water, his strawberry milk,.. without any complaints/anger from him.
Like DongHae used to say… Hyuk will buy anything he wants. Moreover, Hyuk is the one who is always willing to wakes up at midnight to go out with DongHae or get some midnight-snack with him.
“I’m always the one taking care of & protecting you” – EunHyuk said

 ❤ In the 2st part of the vid, you’ll see in some moments 2h even don’t look at each other, no talk, no eye contact. There were times when things were so hard for both of them.
4:57 131231 Shanghai Countdown - Hyuk tried to contact with Hae. But obviously, he avoided him. He hugged EXO’s members, talked with everyone but not Hyuki.
5:56 Though 2h tried to hide the conflict, but it was showed clearly thr DongHae’s expression & his eyes.
5:15 Summer 2015, this was the time that I believe they hadn’t spent time together as always. They denied their relationship, refused to hug each other though they did it a thousand times off or on stage.
I personally think they was just trying to protect one another. I think most of the reason is because of the enlistment. If 2h had the rumors about the sex, this will affect their safety and privacy when they enlist. I’m sure you guys still remember when 2h changed avar couple. A lot of people, anti, fans,non-fans,… attacked them and said bad things abt them..
Beside, Hae is a sensitive person. If he is worried about something, we can easily recognize it thr his actions. All of us know how much Hae love Hyuk… be separated from the one he love during two years, this was very difficult for both of them. So that they tried to cool down the rumors abt their sex. They didn’t talk much about each other on the media.
But we can’t know what they did in their private place, right? 

 ❤ And in the last part, I showed you some lovey-dovey moments of 2H.
 Do you realize that Hae always likes to tease Hyuki? He will always try to tease Hyuki when he cries.  Just bcz… “I’m heartbroken seeing you cry” - DongHae said
But sometimes, Hae’s very gentle with Hyuki. He was willing to wait for Hyuki, telling him, he’ll buy a house for him.
Yup. That’s what I tried to convey in this movie. Although a lot of bad things happen, but I believe no one understands and love 2H more than themselves.

donghae x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Donghae (Super Junior) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I’m hoping this is alright, because I was major brain farting on the setting for it. I still think it’s cute, so hopefully you enjoy it too. C:

Summary: “Lee Donghae as a single dad and his kid who wants new mommy (you can decide if boy or girl) is constantly talking about it’s kindergarden teacher, about how she is awesome and that daddy should marry her.” - Anon

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