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Ryeowook asked Younghee if she disliked it when EunHae-DJ came. Younghee said it’s not like that. When Hyuk did DJ it’s so comfortable , but when he’s with Donghae,he was occupied with him by saying ,” you just talk “ and Donghae often asked Hyuk what he had to say, etc.  Younghee said she just helped them to make the broadcast funnier..(c)

SUJU Reaction: When you can’t walk the day after.

Leeteuk: *Would be by your side in an instant to hug and kiss all the pain away* “I’m sorry Jagi, these hips have a mind of their own.”

Heechul: “So does this mean no round 2?”

Yesung: *Would watch you with lustful eyes as he remembers the event that took place last night*

Kangin: *He comes and wraps his hands around your waist and rests his head in the crook of your neck* “How are you feeling?”

Shindong: “Having fun there?”

Sungmin: *Acts innocent* “How can someone as cute as me cause this?”

Eunhyuk: *Can’t help but get turned on* “Didn’t I tell you I’d fuck you till you’re unable to  walk?”

Donghae: “Babe what happened?”

Y/N: *Gives him death glare*


Y/N: “This is your fault.”

Siwon: “It’s a small price to pay for the amazing pleasure I gave you last night.”

Ryeowook: *When he sees you trying to make your way to the kitchen* “Come her jagi, oppa will make you feel better.”


Y/N: “I wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for you.”

Kyuhyun: “You weren’t complaining last night.”

Henry: *Can’t stop giggling like a little boy*

Zhoumi: *Proud of himself*



2015 Asia model Festival (eng sub)

One Fine Day (Night)

The minute Eunhyuk and Donghae sit in the train on their way to Bern, Eunhyuk is equally bored and tired, which is never a good mix for the idol. He sits in his seat and tries to recline in a comfortable position, but his attention is drawn to Donghae sitting across from him. He notices his eyes are shut as he takes a small nap.

Eunhyuk grins.

He removes his shoes and lifts his foot as subtly as he can to place his foot in between Donghae’s legs.

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