SUJU Reaction: You murmuring their name in your sleep.

Leeteuk: * Becomes all red and doesn't know what to do* “Ottakae”

Heechul: *Teases you while you sleep* “Yes baby girl, do you want something from oppa?”

Yesung: *Would probably just laugh to himself and wouldn’t mention it*

Kangin: *As manly as Kangin is he would become very embarrassed in this situation and much like Leeteuk would not know what to do*

Shindong: *Would get frightened when he heard you, but when he realizes you were just talking in your sleep he becomes aware of what’s going on* “Oh, okay um… what now?”

Sungmin: *Would be taken aback at first but then get extremely turned on, not wanting to wake you he’d let you sleep and get what he wants in the morning*

Eunhyuk: *He’d get turned on and would wake you up for some late night sex* “Hey wake up Jagi, we have a problem and you need to fix it.”

Donghae: *Would take a video of you and use it against you in the morning* “See how badly you wanted me last night, now that your awake I can fulfill your wishes.”


Y/N: “Siwon Oppa…”

Siwon: “Even when she’s a sleep she still a tease.”

Ryewook: *This happens after you fall asleep after having sex* “Well I guess I did a great job.”

Kyuhyun: *Becomes very sexually frustrated and contemplates whether he should wake you up or not*

Henry: *Proud of himself for what he’s accomplished*

Zhoumi: *Won’t stop teasing you when you wake up* “You were basically begging for me, you were like ‘Oppa omg you’re so hot fuck me.”  *Of course over-exaggerating*


SUJU Reactions: When they walk in on you (their gf) crying due to cramps.

Leeteuk: “No, no don’t cry why are you crying.”

Heechul: “What did I do wrong?" 

Yesung: *Cuddles you and tells you stories about when he was doing his military service to distract you* 

Kangin: *Hates to see you cry so he’ll do whatever he can to help* "Is there anything I can do for you Jagi!" 

Shindong: *You’ve been crying for hours now and nothing he’s doing is helping* "I can’t take this anymore!” *complete mental breakdown* 

Sungmin: “Jagiya look how cute I am, aren’t I cute?” *Does a lot of aegyo to distract you* 

Eunhyuk: *Spends the whole day trying to cheer you up with weird dance moves and stupid faces* 

Donghae: *Showers you with kisses* “Don’t cry Y/N, you’re too beautiful to cry. You are stronger than these cramps.”

Siwon: “Here’s some pain killers and ice cream. Feel better my love.”

Ryeowook: “OMG you do this every month when’s it gonna stop?" 

Kyuhyun: "Hey babe." 

Y/N: "Shut up, can’t you see I’m in pain?" 

Kyuhyun: "um okay." 

Henry: "Do you want chocolate or pizza… Or both?” *Takes this as an opportunity for eating junk food all day* 

Zhoumi: *Has absolutely no idea what’s going on* “Why is she crying? Did i do something wrong?"