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[NEWS] SM is finally producing more ‘PLAY’ albums!!

Super Junior’s 8th album sales reached over 100K in less than 3 days since its release on Nov 6. But the album went out of stock almost immediately after and has not been produced or re-stocked since then. 

A representative of SM stated that they have sent a production order for more ‘PLAY’ albums due to the audience’s response. There was a great concern that the group’s popularity had fallen after so many “highs and lows” (before their comeback date) but realized Super Junior’s “popularity did not even stagger”. The pre-orders reached 160,000 copies and now they’ve started the second run.


Albums should be re-stocked by Nov 21st. 

Since the boys are appearing on a Home Shopping channel like they joked if they reached 200K album sales, it is most likely they reached 200K on Gaon. However, sales on Hanteo are expected to rise once the album is re-stocked. 

It would have been great to reach 200K+ sales in the first week if SM had produced more and re-stocked on time but its better late than never. :)