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Artist: The Quiett | Word Count: 2.631 | Soulmate!AU (10/?)

Soulmate!AU – You feel extreme physical sensations when you’re near your soul mate: Your hand would feel hot when you’re near them.

Ahhhhh I’m running out of inspiration and my words aren’t flowing as easily, I find it hard to write anything this week:( This is an an old ask, I hope you’ll like it anon<3


Today was the day, and you were ready to show yourself to South Korea by auditioning for the only hip-hop survival show in the country: Show Me the Money. This year was the fifth season, and after thousands of time of asking your conflicted self, you were finally sure to jump into the hellish show. You have rapped for a year only, and you barely had any experience in hip-hop. Maybe by joining the show then you could mature more.

Before waiting in line, a guy approached you and Kim, your friend, and you quickly recognized him as her boyfriend. He seemed like he was in a rush, since it was nearing his work time anyways, so he wished good luck for the two of you and sneaked a kiss with Kim, and your heart felt like it was being tugged downwards seeing the cute yet short gesture. Seeing how the two of them seemed so happy and how Kim’s eyes were so full of love for him, you can’t help but feel a teeny bit jealous of her.

It must’ve been nice meeting your soul mate, you thought, since you yourself have met the person that will complete the other half of your heart. But right now wasn’t the time to think about the dilemma which is your soul mate. You need to focus yourself to present the best rap and made it among the other contestants.

Right now, you and Kim were standing side by side, waiting for the judges to come by to listen to the raps you both prepared. You were anxiously fiddling and Kim was talking to another contestant beside her when the main stage where the producers came out slide open, revealing the next judge which you were dreading the most. Everyone around you started to panic and stared at the stage in horror, feeling their confidence drop.

The judges that were going to judge you were Dok2 and the Quiett.

You hoped so bad that your luck wouldn’t fail you this time, because it was obvious they were the team you were scared of the most. Everyone acknowledged them as the kings of the hip-hop scene here, seeing how their records were at the very top now. But their high criteria at judging and only listening to a few seconds of people’s rap like two seasons ago literally made everyone dread the two. You and the rest of the audience here sure have a pretty bad luck.

As expected, it didn’t take long for one of the judges to arrive in your line. You gulped as the Quiett was speeding his way towards you, hearing him saying ‘You did well’ in repeat, like a broken record being played. Everyone was shuddering in fear and when he was now standing in front of you, and somehow the lyrics you had mentally memorized seemed to disappear as your mind turned blank.

“You can start now.”

Honestly, seeing that not much peak his interest, Donggab just wanted to toss away all the necklaces he was holding along with the board that has the lists of every contestant’s name on it. This was a waste of time, seeing as many had joined the audition just to meet him and Joonkyung. All he wanted to do now was just change to a comfortable clothes and slip under the covers of his bed, since he’s been missing so much sleep just to prepare for this show.

And the fact that his hands felt weird ever since he arrived at the venue didn’t help turn his day any better too. He was sweating way too much, his hands felt slick so he had to wipe them at his clothes a lot of times. It was getting hard for him to type across his phone screen or write because the pen felt slippery. And Donggab was losing his patience by the second, he was pretty sure everyone can see that even behind his sunglasses.

He then stood in front of a girl, and he noticed she had been staring at him in panic for the last few minute from the corner of his eyes. He waited in silence, seeing how her experience was totally blank, as if she forgot everything she had practiced for.

“You can start now.” She seemed to snap back to reality after he talked to her, and now her lips were formed an ‘o’ in shock, not knowing what to say.

Donggab’s eyes twitched in annoyance as the contestant seemed to try and recollect the lyrics she was going to rap. He then counted to ten in his mind and when he finished counting, she has yet to recover from her shock, and so he decided to move on to the next contestant. And that’s when he felt hands frantically holding him from moving, and the girl was now rapping to him, although fear and embarrassment was written all over her.

But it wasn’t long before she stopped her rap all of a sudden, forgetting her lyrics once again. Donggab sighed and softly lets his arms go from her, muttering a soft ‘You did well’ to her, just like the other contestants he failed.

As the next contestant beside her rapped, Donggab couldn’t seem to put his full concentration, he felt like he was out of it. And then he noticed it, how his hands turned to feel extremely hot, and the temperature decreased as he moved on further away.

You didn’t lounge in the pit of sadness long, as the Quiett, the judge that have failed you, actually gave the golden necklace to Kim, a clear motion that he passed her. Happiness swarmed in your heart seeing him give the necklace, and then your friend started jumping like crazy. The camera shoot her for a few minutes and when you were sure they had moved on, you grabbed her shoulders and danced along in glee.

And when the audition has ended, the people who passed were called to enter the studio, while the eliminated ones were allowed to go home. You decided that you would just wait for your friend to finish at a nearby restaurant, since you can’t seem to bring yourself back to home with empty hands. Maybe a cup of coffee would cool your mind down, and maybe diminish the bitter feeling in your heart.

You came up to the cashier and ordered a hot Americano, and your order was finished a few minutes later. You grabbed the glass with your hot steaming coffee in it, and sat yourself at a seat next to the window. When you finally set the cup down, you grabbed your phone, ready to read whatever article that popped on the internet about the audition. But your fingers stopped right in front of the screen, when you felt something very odd. You placed your phone down beside your coffee and brought your hand up, feeling your hands get warm all of a sudden. At first, you thought it was the effect of holding the glass, but that had been five minutes ago.

Shouldn’t the heat disappear by now?

The way he was twitching while moving his hands were pretty obvious that something was indeed wrong with him, as everyone’s eyes were darted towards Donggab. He was sitting next to Joonkyung, and he would rub his hands against each other, or shake them around. The other producers were busy conversing with each other, but they noticed how weirdly silent he was being.

“Hey, are you okay?” Donggab cracked his head to his right to see Joonkyung staring at him in confusion, and the rest of the producers inside the room were staring at him the same way.

“I’m fine. Why are you thinking I’m not?”

“You’ve been moving your hands a lot.”

Oh, right. The warm feeling inside his hand can’t seem to go away, and he didn’t have any ideas on what was going on. Many questions were swimming inside his head, maybe he ate something wrong, or the food was poisoned. The sensation suddenly crawled up to his fingers all of a sudden. But Donggab was snapped back from his thoughts when Mad Clown, who was sitting across him, opened up to speak.

“Does it feel warm?” He nodded, confirming Mad Clown’s question.

“It kind of sounds ridiculous, but maybe it’s your soul mate, Donggab.”

“What? My who?”

“Your soul mate,” Mad Clown stated, “If you ate something weird this morning, the one that should have effect the most would be your stomach. But this is just a wild guess, but I’m guessing you’ve just felt your hands turn warm this morning. It kind of feels the same for me when I met my wife.”

Donggab gulped, seeing that maybe what Mad Clown had said may be true, since he was experienced in this. His eyes glanced down to his hand, feeling the warmness still lingering on it. He thought of all the people he had seen today, and there were hundreds, a lot. Guessing whoever his soul mate was going to be hard, but she was still around the vicinity, since the feeling was still apparent in his hands. It means there was still hope, but Donggab founds himself still sitting, his mind spinning in confusion,

“You should go find her, since we have ten minutes break, Donggab.” The other producers were cheering him on while Joonkyung pushed him to stand up, and Donggab walked out of the room feeling completely lost in his thoughts.

Never have he ever thought of his soul mate, so Donggab felt a little taken aback knowing that his soul mate was still around the area, and there was a high chance she was someone he judged, or even worse: she was someone he failed. He hoped it was the first guess, as he ran out of the stadium to check the people that were still lingering around the area. And he doesn’t even know where to start looking, as he was just going around on wherever his hand would feel hotter.

It had only been five minutes since you were sitting in the café, and your stomach rumbled in hunger, since the clock ticked that it was nearing 12 in the afternoon, the sun still high in the sky. You then decided to walk back to the cashier to order a cake and drinks, hoping that it would last until Kim was finished. The cashier came back with your cake and drinks, and you were on your way to bring it back to your seat near the window, when you didn’t realize you had crashed into someone pretty harshly, the plate you were holding coming contact with the floor, the loud crash getting the attention of everyone in the store.

You quickly squeaked an apology and dropped down to the floor, picking up some of the shards that lay on top of his shoes. But then the person you had bumped to have crouched down as well, and he gripped onto your hand, stopping you from picking them up. That’s when you finally got a good look of who the person was, and you felt your heart stop the moment you knew who it was.

It was the Quiett.

Donggab himself was shocked seeing you, looking at him with wide eyes that were full of emotions and mouth hung apart. He remembered who you were, as you were one of the contestants that he failed. You had forgotten your lyrics so bad that he almost left, but you clung onto him, not wanting your chance to slip away just like that. And here you were, standing in front of him, with the same wide eyes and lips a gap, yet you had emotions inside those pretty eyes of yours.

That was when you two noticed how the hot sensation in your hands started to increase rapidly, and it turned to the point it felt like you had burned your hand. You quickly let go from his grip and fanned your hand while your mouth blew air to it, and Donggab was doing the same. It was until a minute later that it had died down, and you gave him a confused look, not knowing what was going on.

“What was that?” You gasped, seeing that even the sensation was as if you had burned your hand straight on fire, it was perfectly fine. It wasn’t bleeding at all because of the contact with the shards. Your hands were perfectly fine.

Donggab didn’t know what to say at first, so he took his shades and stood up, and offered his hand to help you stand as well. You took his help and stood up, but he wasn’t letting his grip off, even if you were okay. The both of you just stared at each other and you could feel the awkwardness rising between you two.

“T-Thanks for helping me and I’m sorry for bumping at you, but could you please let go of my hand?” You squeaked, not gazing your eyes at him as your cheeks turned pink.

But he did the opposite, as Donggab’s fingers laced with your, locking them together. Your eyes turned wider than before and you stared at him in confusion, your eyes asking for confirmation of what he was doing. He was an artist, and he had an image he needed to keep up! Yet Donggab was still holding your hand, even when you were pulling yours away.

Donggab wasn’t sure how to break the news to you, since you seemed to not know anything about the whole soul mate thing. But he was sure that you felt that your hand was acting very weird this morning, so he told himself he should just get it over with and tell you everything that he knew

“I’m pretty sure you also felt that your hand was weird today,” Donggab decided to break the silence all of sudden, “And the temperature increased rapidly… earlier.”

“Yeah, I did…”

“This might sound crazy, but have you heard about how you’ll find your soul mate?”

That was when you remembered how Kim had met her boyfriend. The whole time she was complaining about how her hand feels so warm, when the rest of her body felt just normal. It got hard for her to write and type on the screen, and you had felt the exact sensation as her. And you remembered how Kim told you when her boyfriend held her hand the sensation would increase like crazy. But then it would disappear and the two of them realized what it meant.

“Wait, so am I your soul mate?” Donggab then broke into a smile after he saw the look of realization in your eyes, and you gasped in surprise when he confirmed your swarming thoughts in your mind.

That was when you felt it, your heart beat increasing faster as you stared at Donggab right in the eyes. His eyes were filled with love as Donggab himself could feel his heart race as well, as butterflies start to fill his stomach, making them feel tingly. You were standing still, not believing that the man in front of you was the soul mate you have been missing in your whole life. Donggab took a step closer and hugged your body, and that was when you burst into happiness, his gesture making your legs go weak and your heart soaring up to the sky.

“Where have you been all my life, you ass?” Donggab broke into a laugh and broke the hug, and went in for a short yet passionate kiss, and you clearly weren’t ready for that.

“Now, will that kiss make it up for it?”

“I-I wasn’t ready for that one!”

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Yay requests are open! Can you write a scenario with the Quiett where he is jealous of you spending time with your guy best friend? Lowkey angsty but fluffy at the end?

The Quiett (Illionaire Records): Slight Angst/Fluff Scenario

Boyfriend Problems

          You were in the middle of shopping with your close friend Byung-Ho when you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket. Byung-Ho had just slipped on some sneakers, the two of you were shopping for running shoes since you had both promised to start working out together, when you excused yourself to take the call. Not looking at the caller ID, you answered the phone.

“Hello.” You spoke into the phone, your eyes landing on a cute pair of Adidas.

“_____.” It was Dong-Gab. You smiled upon hearing his voice, not realizing that his tone was irritable. “Hey, babe.” You replied, “Are you still at the office?” He had been working on an album recently and was spending a lot of time at Illionaire to perfect it. That left you bored and alone at home so you always called Byung-Ho up to hang out.

“I’m not.” His voice was stern, telling you that he was unhappy about something. Checking the price tag on the pair of Adidas you had come across, you frowned, “What’s wrong? You don’t sound too good.”

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