I Know You

Summary“The both of us are so similar in so many ways. People always say that ‘opposites attract’ but it’s how we agree on things that make me fall for him even more.” (Kind of a sequel to Before the Party)

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“How did the two of you meet?”

You threw a furtive glance at Donggab, his arm around the back of your waist while the other sat on the table so he could rest his chin on his wrist. He was always handsome in your eyes, but tonight he was particularly more than so. A subtle smile decorated his lips and his eyes reflected the light hitting them.

“At a furniture store,” he told the woman seated across you in the round table.

You didn’t like the way she stared at him, though you thought that it might just be your insecurity getting the best of you. She wasn’t just beautiful, but she’s also a female rapper and that meant she could connect with him in ways you couldn’t. Like earlier when they were talking about a famous rapper everyone in the hiphop industry knew. You didn’t.

Your hands cupped the walls of your glass half-filled with champagne which brand you were not familiar with. You’re not skilled in memorizing the names of every expensive alcoholic drink, even though Donggab would introduce them to you every now and then.

It’s different with her. She could tell stories about wines—what she had, when she drank it, and what they tasted like.

Donggab drew circles on your waist, making you jolt in surprise, and he chuckled smoothly. “Do you still remember?” He asked, looking at you.

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smtm5 producers as parents part 2
  • gil: loud bear laugh, loud bear snoring, cuddly bear hugs. confused 24/7. doesnt know what a dab is. scared of teenagers. only knows how to make instant noodles. wont let u turn the a/c on
  • gray: enthusiastic dad. calls his kids cute names princess and sweetie. airplane rides. looks like he would be at everything but isnt. insists on fixing everything but just ends up making it worse. tried to put together a bed from ikea but broke it
  • zion t: always worrying. the parent who calls u every 30 minutes to check in. the eat your vegetables type of dad. signs his kid up for soccer, piano, singing, dance and basket-weaving. reliable af. says he'll be there in 5 minutes and actually shows up in 5 minutes. a soccer mom kind of parent
  • the quiett: likes silence and doesnt take back talk from his kids. always late. when he says 5 minutes he means 40 minutes. tired all the time. lets his kids sleep over uncle dokdok's house so he doesnt have to watch them. life motto: why cook when theres delivery?
dangers to my health:
  • flowsik’s neck vein
  • gray singing
  • simon d’s dad jokes
  • the quiett’s smile
  • smol dok2 in a big car
  • reddy saying ice cream
  • kush

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You anxiously stared at the clock and sighed. Donggab still hadn’t shown up or even answered your calls. You’d been reminding him for weeks about this function. You honestly hated work banquets but there wasn’t much you could do about it. You absolutely had to be there for your boss, your only silver lining was that Donggab promised he’d come with you.

You were rather introverted but your boyfriend shined at these events. Perhaps he was just used to it from all of the promotional events he did for illionaire. Either way, he was your rock. 

Hugging yourself you looked at your phone, the unread messages and unanswered calls were just another stab to your heart.

Your boss called you over to introduce you to a few clients, pulling you out of your own self-pitty. Plastering on a smile you made your way over and did your best to make it through the night.

There was something about waiting.

The fact that he never responded made it all the worse because it still gave you hope. Each time someone walked through the door you couldn’t help but think, Maybe it’s him?! Or each chime of your phone from emails and SNS notifications got your hopes high enough just to crush them immediately.

At least replying would have allowed you to pretend to enjoy your night. But having hope was cruel.

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For Now

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For Now
Day Thirteen
25 Days of Christmas

He fucked up.

There was no other way that he could explain it. You were the most important person in his life. You were his light. All it took was one stupid fight and you were out the door. Not that he blamed you.

It’d been a few months since the break up. The worst part was that he couldn’t even remember the final blow that destroyed his relationship. He just knew that he’d been backpedaling for a while now.

He would have had no problem spending the rest of his life with you. Having a family, coming home to you and maybe even kids someday; It was something he’d learned to crave. However the very idea of marriage scared him. You offhandedly mentioned it one day and from that moment on he’d been looking for any fault in you. And when he failed in looking for one, he started picking fights.

In the end he got exactly what he was looking for.

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