Someone Else’s

Someone Else’s 
[Sometimes you just end up with the wrong person │ Changmo]

Changmo groaned, mumbling to himself. How did he even get himself in this situation? He was too nice for his own good sometimes. It was in the middle of the night, freezing cold, he had a studio session in the morning and here he was carrying your drunk ass home. He stopped to hike you up, adjusting you as you slid down his back. “You’re such a pain” he mumbled.

“Oppa~” you chimed against his ear. “I can flyyyyyyyy”

“You’re not flying.”

“Yes I am…” you pouted “Explain this then Weeeee~” you held out your arms in a superman pose. “I’m a superhero”

“Will you stop, you’re gonna fall!” he shot you a glare over his shoulder.

“You’ll just pick me up again. Won’t you Changmo?” The look of sincerity disarmed. You looked so damn vulnerable and he hated it. It wasn’t safe for you to be that open and that drunk. “Won’t you?” you asked again against his ear.

“Yeah…I will… I always do” he smiled feeling you relax on his back, you happily hummed one of his songs while playing with the lapel of his jacket.

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One Day - The Quiett

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 ‘That bitch!’ I thought as I felt a tug in my hair, pulling me back towards her. Turning back, I lifted my right arm and smacked her across her face, feeling gross as a big amount of her makeup got on my hand. People around us in the VIP area were stunned by my actions. They were in for an interesting night, I smirked to myself.

 Amanda pressed her hand against her red cheek, not wanting to believe in what humiliating situation she got in front of the people she had wanted to appear cool and glamorous. “How dare you…” she launched towards me wanting to give back the slap she’d been given I was ready to dodge her punch.

 “Stop it!” DongGab’s hoarse and demanding voice caught her off guard as his hand stopped hers mid-air.

 Everybody could tell he was pissed, his piercing gaze bore into her wide eyes. “You take sides with that bitch?” Amanda asked him a high-pitched voice. “Can’t you see that all she’s here for is yall cocks?” She spat looking at me with rage in her eyes.

 “Tsk!” Was she really going to play this game? “Wipe the jizz off your lips before barking at me,” I looked at her knowingly. Just five minutes after we had arrived at the club, she’d been nowhere to be found. She’d gotten too busy sucking some rich ass guy’s dick(Jay had dumped her a few days prior after he had caught her cheating on him).

 “You!” She screamed. DongGab called a security man in the meantime and the buff man started to pull her towards the exit. “Don’t you think you won!” She screamed back, “You’re eventually no better than me,” were her last words before the man took a left turn and I lost sight of them.

 “At least I don’t cheat on my man,” I mumbled to myself as DongGab, Jay, Kiseok, and Jukyung came up to me, checking if things were alright with me. 

 “Don’t mind her,” Jay patted my shoulder, “I’ll talk to the manager to never let her into this club ever again,” his voice showed determination and a bit of anger as I looked at him with a small smile.

 As the guys shifted back to their usual conversations about music and hustlin’ I felt a light pat on my elbow. I looked at the hand then up at DongGab’s face which showed no emotion in that moment. He motioned towards the exit and I just nodded in agreement. 

 “Imma give her a ride home, see you guys tomorrow!” He said goodbye to them as I just waved and followed him to his car.

 “Spill it!” I erupted as I couldn’t bear the awkward silence which coated the air in his car. From the moment he got in the driver’s seat, he hasn’t once looked at me, nor did he say a thing and I was too lost in the silence to turn the radio on.

 “Hm?” He still hasn’t spared a glance at me. Him playing dumb just worsened the tug on my nerves.

 The moment he’d told me to get in his car I knew he had something on his mind, that something was bothering him, yet he said nothing. I knew he wanted to ask about what had happened with Amanda, he knew I wasn’t the type to slap someone across the face for nothing, even if the person was someone I couldn’t stand.

 “Aren’t you curious about what started the fight?” I looked at him curiously.

 “Do I need to know?” his face showed no annoyance, not even if he was boiling inside, “Does it concern me?” His mocking voice pricked at my heart. 

 “Yes!” my voice was an octave higher. “It concerns you. I slapped her for wanting to make a move on you,” I admitted, my voice gradually lowering. He glanced at me, raising one eyebrow.

 “I know…” I suddenly became shy under his gaze.

 We had made a deal that we wouldn’t tell anyone about what was going on between us. It started as a ‘no strings attached’ thing, we would hook up two or three nights a week, then we slowly shifted towards something more. It was either me or him staying the night, he spooned me after our hot love-making sessions, other times we spent hours just talking. Neither of us defined what we were. This situation of having him to myself, spending time with him in the earliest hours of the day, watching him in his sleep awakened the greediness in me. I wanted to have him just for myself. But I didn’t want people to find out either… I think this is what people call a checkmate situation.

 “I knew, we agreed to keep everything between the two of us, and…” I tried to find the words to express my frustration, but it was harder than ever. “In the beginning, it was all just for the sex, but somewhere we took a sudden turn and even if it’s not like that, I feel like we’re more than friends. We do stuff only couples do, we go on late night dates, we walk in the park at the most ungodly hour of the day, you take as much care of me as I care about you,” my eyes shifted downward, staring at the stripes of my heels. 

 It took me by surprise when his hand took mine in his and pulled it to his lips, pressing soft, feather-light kisses on my knuckles, he had pulled over and stopped the car and I didn’t even realize it. “Breathe, babe!” He chuckled at my surprised expression, “Sorry, I was just worried you’d get into trouble,” my eyes may have been playing tricks on me or there really was a slight blush on his face.

 “I know you’re a tough girl and you stand up for yourself, that’s one thing that got me falling for you” he looked into my eyes, “but I don’t feel comfortable letting people get a grip on what’s going on between us,” he caressed my cheek and I was melting into his touch, “besides, I want you to myself,” he admitted with a coy smile on his face. No wonder I had fallen for him, hard and undeniably. 

 “Let’s go home?” He perked up an eyebrow and I nodded chuckling. 

 "Can I stay at yours, though?“ I asked hoping to spend the rest of the night in his arms, dreaming of the day when I could hold his hand in front of the world.

 Getting out of his car I waited for him to catch up to me. Taking my hand in his again, we walked to his apartment, swaying our hands as children would, not caring about a thing at that moment.

 As he unlocked the door to his apartment, we both stepped inside, he shut the door behind us. Hugging me to his chest from behind, he pressed a kiss to the back of my neck, “One day we’ll tell them,” he whispered next to my ear, his hot breath was sending shivers down my back.

 "One day,“ I said as I turned around in his arms to press my lips to his.

Author’s Note: My first ever The Q scenario Don’t forget to give some love to him, and feedback on my writing (always anticipated and appreciated) Enjoy!^^ - J

smtm5 producers as parents part 2
  • gil: loud bear laugh, loud bear snoring, cuddly bear hugs. confused 24/7. doesnt know what a dab is. scared of teenagers. only knows how to make instant noodles. wont let u turn the a/c on
  • gray: enthusiastic dad. calls his kids cute names princess and sweetie. airplane rides. looks like he would be at everything but isnt. insists on fixing everything but just ends up making it worse. tried to put together a bed from ikea but broke it
  • zion t: always worrying. the parent who calls u every 30 minutes to check in. the eat your vegetables type of dad. signs his kid up for soccer, piano, singing, dance and basket-weaving. reliable af. says he'll be there in 5 minutes and actually shows up in 5 minutes. a soccer mom kind of parent
  • the quiett: likes silence and doesnt take back talk from his kids. always late. when he says 5 minutes he means 40 minutes. tired all the time. lets his kids sleep over uncle dokdok's house so he doesnt have to watch them. life motto: why cook when theres delivery?
Pout About It

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Pout About It

Dong gab sighed walking through the door of his apartment. It’d been a long day and he just wrapped up a sixteen-hour shoot for Show Me The Money. He wanted nothing more than to just collapse in bed with you and sleep for the entire day.

As he walked into the living room his eyes narrowed at the sight before him. There you were dancing around, wearing one of his favorite Stussy shirts. He normally would have found something like that pretty enjoyable but right now he was pretty distracted that you were dancing along to Reddy’s song. Rapping every word into your hair brush.

“I trust you but for real

There’s no other guy like me

You can look all over the globe

I like that you get mad but get over it quickly

You hold grudges but that’s cute to me

You eat so much but your body is so good

You’re like a bottle of cola”

Dong gab’s eyes narrowed watching you move your hips sensually, how your free hand would run down the side of your body dragging his shirt up with it. Before you could get to the chorus he switched off the stereo, huffily.

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Green Tea [The Quiett]

Artist: The Quiett | Word Count: 1.905 | Ice-Cream Series (6/?)

Ayee, my first Donggab scenario! One scoop of this cutie for you, anon:) Hope you like it<3


You live in apartment 24A, in between apartment number 23A and 25A. Over the two years you lived in it, you were close with the old lady living in apartment 23A, as you both would share cooking tips when you both met. But the guy that lives in 25A was… different. He never seemed to be home at any time. You go to work and come back home at a standard time, just like any other people that works in Seoul, yet you never see him once. It was like he was never home.

The rumors going around your floor says that he works overseas a lot, that’s why he was barely home. That was the most logical explanation you’ve heard, but you try to not believe it, since it’s only a rumor. You were sure none of the residents living in the floor have seen his face at all. But still, you can’t help the curiosity inside of you, since this guy seemed so enclosed about his life.

Tonight, you were invited to go to a party with your boss. The whole week had been pretty tense for all of you, since you there was a big project needed to be finished by Friday. And today, the project has been successfully finished this morning. The CEO had invited all of the workers to a party, exclaiming that they all should celebrate their success together.

You were ready to decline, since you weren’t good at holding your alcohol. But everyone seems to be going, and you changed your mind an hour before the party that you were going. So you slipped on your best dress and put some make up and took care of your hair in sixty minutes, and you managed to arrive on the bar on time.

And so, you started drinking after your colleagues told you to drink. They gave you a glass and poured vodka in it, and then you just lost count of how many shots you took. A friend of yours decided that you had enough, and gently took hold of your shoulders while guiding you to the exit.

“But I still wanted to drink, Seolhyun!” You wailed at her, but then you lost your footing because you were too tipsy, but Seolhyun had caught you right on time.

“No, you aren’t going to get any more drinks here.”


“You can drink more at home,” Seolhyun sighed, “But I’m sure you’ll be knocked out the moment you arrive there.” She called for a taxi and quickly pushed you inside before telling the taxi the address to your apartment.

“Seolhyun! Why are you leaving me-“

“Get home safely, (Name)!” The taxi had already moved the moment you wanted to protest, and Seolhyun’s figure turned smaller as the car drove away from her.

It didn’t take long for you to arrive at your apartment, but the moment you arrived there, you had a hard time walking to the elevator. The taxi driver had offered his help to guide you to your apartment, but you were too intoxicated to hear him. You pressed your floor and the elevator quickly took you there. And you surprisingly took the right path as you turned left, headed to your apartment.

You were sure that you were standing right in front of your apartment’s door, so you pressed the password to the device attached next to the door. But it beeped, signaling that you put the wrong password. You groaned and tried the second time, and it failed. So is the third, fourth, and ended to ten, as you ran out of chance to insert your password again. But the device beeped loudly, and it rung so loudly that it drove your mind crazy.

Just then, the door to the apartment swung open, and the beeping had stopped. You wasted no time and crashed inside, before blacking out in an instant.

But the moment you woke up, you had a heart attack, since it quickly clicked in you that you weren’t in your bed. It was a whole different room, not your room. You panicked under the duvet that was laid under you, and you checked if you still had your clothes on. A sigh escaped your lips when you know that they’re all still intact. But then, as you tried sitting up, an icepack fell from your forehead, where the ice had melted into water again. You touched your forehead and noticed that the temperature was actually normal now. Did you have a fever last night? You didn’t even remember a single thing that had happened.

“Oh, you’re awake.” You screamed and pushed yourself to the other side of the bed when a guy popped out of nowhere beside the bed, his face looked exhausted.

“Who are you?!” Holding the duvet up, you covered your face and only your eyes were visible, as you scanned his every move while he stood up.

“I’m Shin Donggab, owner of apartment 23A,” He introduced himself while putting his glasses on, “You were drunk last night and you went to my apartment instead, and the device went off since you insert the wrong password ten times. And when I opened the door, you collapsed and blacked out. Oh, and you also had a fever.” Your mouth hung apart as you heard his explanation, and then your cheeks turned red as you flushed in embarrassment.

“I’ll get going then!” You hopped from his bed and bowed to him, “I’m so sorry for making a mess, and thank you for taking care of me.” Without waiting for his response, you darted out of his apartment and swung the door shut, and hid in your apartment a few seconds later.

Oh, boy you were embarrassed. This was why you rarely accepted invitations to a party, especially if it had alcohol in it. You were hiding under your blanket, trying to suppress the feeling of embarrassment in you, when the doorbell rung. You shot up in an instant and contemplated on whether you should open it or not. What if it was that guy from 23A again? You didn’t want to meet him again right now.

But by the second ring, you decided to just open the door anyway. If it was him, maybe he needed to tell you something important.

Turns out, it really was him. Donggab was standing in front of you holding your purse in his hand, and then shoving it to you before proceeding to go back to his room.

Whatever, this was going to be the last time you met him anyway. You were sure that Donggab guy wouldn’t be home tomorrow, and you will not meet him again anytime soon. He would probably be flying overseas again, or do whatever his work was that needed him out of his home all the time.

But you were wrong.

The second time you met him was the next day, as he was taking an evening jog and was on his way to the apartment complex, while you had finished grocery shopping and was heading back. You were ready to close the elevator door when a foot stepped in between, stopping the doors from sliding shut. And then, Donggab’s figure appeared in front of you, with sweat pouring down from his forehead. You quickly tensed and gave him a nod, while he does the same to you.

You both lived in the 25ft floor, which would take kind of long. So you initiated a conversation with him so the trip up won’t be so awkward. Just as you were about to say something, Donggab’s stomach growled, a clear signal that he was hungry. He sighed and covered his face, while you were trying to stifle your giggle.

“Do you want to have dinner together?” You offered him, and Donggab looked at you with a hopeful look in his eyes, “I’m going to cook kimchi tonight.”

“Can I?”

“Sure, as a way to thank you from last night’s… mess.”

“I’ll take a quick shower and help you on cooking.”

“No, it’s fine! I can-“

“It’s alright, I’ll help you out.” Your eyes were wide as you watched Donggab step out of the elevator and walk to his apartment first, completely shutting you down.

But he actually came a few minutes later, now he was dressed in fresh new clothes and he looked way more charming now. Donggab then went inside the kitchen and helped you on cutting the dishes, since you were scared he could burn your kitchen down.

Throughout the time he spent with you, Donggab was now starting to show his true emotions. The first time you met him, he was very emotionless, you noted. He barely smiled, and his eyes didn’t seem to flash any kind of emotions. But now, he was laughing without feeling forced, and his eyes actually looked like he enjoyed helping you cook. And he was a really polite guy, as you both shared simple bits about each other.

That was when you noticed how Donggab started to open up to you. You had imagined that the talk would be over when dinner was finished, but he asked if he could stay by to talk to you longer. So you both spent the night away just talking with each other, and you surprisingly got along well with.

Donggab reminded you of green tea ice cream, if you could be honest. The first few seconds you tasted green tea, it felt bitter. But then, you got used to the bitterness as it turned slightly sweet, and you just couldn’t stop licking the ice cream, wanting more. You wanted to know more about Donggab, as he seemed like such an interesting guy.

He said he works as an artist in Illionaire Records, and you had recalled that you’ve heard that name before. Donggab was rarely home because he was usually sleeping in his studio, because he gets too carried away at producing music. It happened all the time, which was the reason why he was always never home. But you had met him at that one time he decided to take a small break from the studio life, although you were dead drunk that night.

Somehow, the clock had already said to the both of you that it was already 11 PM. Donggab noticed how you were trying to stifle your yawn, your eyes turning sleepy. He then stood up and grabbed his phone along, ready to slip out of your apartment.

“Go rest, I think we’ve had enough talking tonight.” Donggab chuckled, seeing you let out a yawn while throwing your hands up.

“But you’re a really amazing guy, and it was nice hearing your stories, Donggab.” Something inside Donggab steered as his lips twitched into a smile, grateful hearing your words.

“Thanks, it was a lot of fun talking to you too.” You walked him to the door and Donggab slipped out, but he then stayed rooted in front of your apartment, eyes staring down to the floor. He seemed like he was deep in thoughts.

“Is anything wrong-“

“Would you like to have dinner again tomorrow?” Donggab asked, smiling sheepishly while scratching the back of his neck, “I’ll cook this time.” Your eyes glimmered in his offer and you quickly nodded, accepting his offer as if you were hypnotized by his smile.

“I’d love to, Donggab.”

Shin Donggab was so green tea-like.


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You anxiously stared at the clock and sighed. Donggab still hadn’t shown up or even answered your calls. You’d been reminding him for weeks about this function. You honestly hated work banquets but there wasn’t much you could do about it. You absolutely had to be there for your boss, your only silver lining was that Donggab promised he’d come with you.

You were rather introverted but your boyfriend shined at these events. Perhaps he was just used to it from all of the promotional events he did for illionaire. Either way, he was your rock. 

Hugging yourself you looked at your phone, the unread messages and unanswered calls were just another stab to your heart.

Your boss called you over to introduce you to a few clients, pulling you out of your own self-pitty. Plastering on a smile you made your way over and did your best to make it through the night.

There was something about waiting.

The fact that he never responded made it all the worse because it still gave you hope. Each time someone walked through the door you couldn’t help but think, Maybe it’s him?! Or each chime of your phone from emails and SNS notifications got your hopes high enough just to crush them immediately.

At least replying would have allowed you to pretend to enjoy your night. But having hope was cruel.

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Cutie [Dok2]

Artist: Dok2 | Word Count: 1.990 | Soulmate!AU (2/?)

Soulmate!AU - The first sentence your soul mate says to you is written on your wrist.

The second Soulmate AU series with Dok2! Hope you’ll like this one


You didn’t mind one bit on working with animals, you loved it. Being an animal lover, working as a vet was a dream you’ve always wanted ever since you were a kid. And now, your dreams came true! Today was your first day at work in a pet shop in Seoul, and you were more than happy to work with cute animals and amazing vets around you.

Waking up in the morning, getting yourself ready and filling your stomach with breakfast, you started the day with a bright smile. As you walked out of your apartment complex, you pulled up the sleeve of your right hand, and your eyes met a tiny little sentence written on your wrist like a tattoo.

Hey, get back here!

In this world, and in your life, you have to find your soul mate with the permanent words inked on your skin. The sentence was the first thing your soul mate would say to you when you meet him. The words were really odd to you, and it sounded as if you were being chased by him. Shrugging, you decided that today wasn’t going to be one of those days where your mind would go nuts just thinking about your fate.

“I might not get to see you in my whole life, but I hope you have a good day ahead, my soul mate.” Bringing up your wrist to your lips, you ended your soft mumble with a soft kiss on the words, as if your soul mate could feel your love from the contact.

You continued your calming walk to the pet shop with happy thoughts, your heart racing in anticipation.

In all his life, everyone knew Joonkyung, or commonly called as Dok2, as a tough-looking rapper. He was popularly known as someone who spits fire in his rap, and was the king in the hip hop culture. Not much knew about who he really, since he doesn’t open up much to people. Only those who work with him closely, his friends, and his family were the one that truly knew him inside out. But he was such a softie in the heart, as the Illionaire crew liked to say. Especially for his cats, Rol2 and Ca$h. Joonkyung had a soft spot for the two of them.

And he decided to update to his fans that he has two cats living in his apartment now, and they were more than thrilled to know that Joonkyung was a cat person. The loads of money he got from making music were spent on his loved ones and his beloved cats. Joonkyung would take them for checkups and grooming every month without fail, and feed them the best food the pet shop has offered. There were toys scattered around his house, but surprisingly he could keep it clean and hygienic.

Today was the day of the monthly checkup, and even though his cats had no problems so far, he still put the effort to wake up in the morning to take them to the vet. Joonkyung washed his face and carelessly threw a sweater and jeans on, and slipped on his slippers. Gently grabbing the two cats and putting them in their separate carrier, he placed them in the back seat of his car and drove to the pet shop. In all the visits he did, there weren’t any fans at all. Some people do recognize him, but they respected Joonkyung’s privacy, something he was glad he had for today.

While he drove, Joonkyung pulled the sleeves up, a habit of his whenever he was driving. As the car came to a stop in a red light, his eyes flickered to the words written on his left wrist. Joonkyung bit his lips when he reads the sentence. It was hard finding your soul mate, when the Earth has billions of people living on it. He just has to wait until his time comes, but the curiosity and guilt for not being able to find her for 25 years became stronger every time the words would linger on his mind.

What a cutie!

Joonkyung had thought to cover it up with another tattoo, because the words were embarrassing to him. But the guilt would eat him alive, stronger this time. He wasn’t that positive that he could find her before his life comes to an end, but what kind of man would he be if he doesn’t try? At least he’s putting effort, right?

But he had no effort at all. He wasn’t smart like Donggab, who actually wrote a song about his soul mate, and after a few months from the release, he actually met her because of it. He wasn’t social like Seongbin, who went to lots of parties with different kind of people, and met his soul mate in one of the parties Illionaire threw. Joonkyung didn’t know where to start, but he couldn’t help but be mad at himself for being so clueless.

Joonkyung’s head met the steering wheel with a loud thud, shocking his cats for a moment. Then, the light turned green, and he continued his journey to the vet.

“I’m here to for the monthly checkup,” Joonkyung said to the nurse, “Their names are Rol2 and Ca$h.”

“Do you want to be checked by Doctor Jung as usual?” He nodded shortly. “Alright, her room is at the second floor, first door to the-“


Joonkyung’s eyes went wide when he saw Rol2 dart out of his carrier, swiftly moving up to the stairs and disappearing from his sight. His jaws went slack when he noticed that his cat have somehow broke the carrier when he was busy arranging the appointment with the nurse.

“Shit.” The curse word escaped his lips in a soft mumble. He quickly grabbed Ca$h’s carrier and walked up to the stairs, his eyes moving franticly in search of his cat.

God bless the pet shop that it only had two floors, and it was small too. Now he needs to knock at every room at the hallway to see if Rol2 have managed to slip in. Joonkyung’s eyes analyzed the doors first before he started moving. There were twelve doors, six on his right and six on his left. All of them were shut tightly, no gap allowing his cat to slip in, and the knob was pretty high for his cat to reach. The last door on his left was wide open, and he decided to check that one first, since there were high chances for Rol2 to be there.

Joonkyung didn’t bother knocking because the room was empty, but he couldn’t spot his cat anywhere. He set Ca$h’s carrier down and started crouching down, low enough to check under the desk and cupboard to see if it was hiding. Joonkyung lets out a loud groan when a crash was heard from behind him. He didn’t need to turn back to know that it was Rol2.

The cat was smiling like a little devil after he knocked down the stash of injection that was put on the hanging shelves. It then proceed to jump to another shelve, and Rol2 knocked another tool that belongs to the vet, it was made out of glass and it broke into pieces when it came in contact with the tiled floor.

Lee Joonkyung has never felt so done with his cat until now. The hanging shelve was too high for his reach, and he didn’t spot any chair for him to stand on.

Another person watched from the opened door with wide eyes, seeing tiny pieces of glass scattered on the tiled floor. There was another person inside, looking frustrated at his cat, that was lounging casually on the hanging shelve. You were watching the whole scene unfold with your mouth hanging open, clearly in shock as to what you see in front of you.

“Hey, get back here!”

“What a cutie!”

The two of you seemed to stop when the words were blurted out at the same time, as the words were clearly heard by each of their own ears. Joonkyung’s eyes met yours, and for once, something good happened to him today.

He knew, beside from the words he has just heard, your eyes were screaming at him that you were his soul mate. He took a step closer, not caring that he had stepped on the debris on the floor. He was like a magnet, as you were automatically pulled closer to him, and now the two of you are standing in front of each other, pure shock written all over the two of you.

“No way,” Joonkyung whispered, “Are you really..?” His rough hand came in contact with your hand and he softly pulled the sleeves up, revealing the words he have just said earlier written on your wrist.

“Oh my god, it really is you!” Your soft hand grasped his left ones, and he really was, as your thumb caressed the words gently.

Joonkyung felt warm, his heart was acting very weird. He felt butterflies in his stomach, and he felt really happy, his lips twitched into a grin so wide that his cheeks started to hurt. In all his life, he never felt this happy. Was this how it feels to be in love? He asked himself.

Remembering how Donggab and Seongbin have described the feeling, they said that when you meet your soul mate, you just knew from their eyes that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. And that’s it, that’s exactly what Joonkyung wanted to do. That was the first thought that came to his mind when he knew you were his.

“Well hello there,” You giggled, shyly reaching out his hands to lace your fingers with his, “Your cat is so cute, but it sure likes to explore places.”

Joonkyung groaned internally for the umpteenth time today, as his eyes travelled to the glass shards on the floor. If it wasn’t because of Rol2, maybe he wouldn’t be able to meet his soul mate today. But hell, he sure made this room look like World War had exploded in here.

“He doesn’t act like this when he’s at home,” Joonkyung grumbled, “But I kind of met you through him, so I’ll let this one slide.”

You walked near the shelves, careful not to slip or hurt yourself. As you raised your hands, you cooed at the cat and he stared at you with his tail playfully wiggling from left to right.

“So what’s the name?” You asked him, your eyes still trained to the cat.

“Lee Joonkyung.”

“No, I mean the cat, silly.” The expression on his face was priceless as Joonkyung turned into a blushing mess. You couldn’t hold back your grin as you waited for his answer.

“It’s Rol2.”

“Rol2? That’s a cute name,” You chuckled, raising your arms a bit higher, “Come on Rol2, let’s get you down and we can play after this!”

Joonkyung watched in amazement as Rol2 took a liking in you fast enough, as he dived into your arms and was safely secured in it. You had this weird charm around the cat, he was sure of it, because you looked so happy when you were cuddling the cat, and Rol2 looks like he feels the same emotion as you. He silently stepped closer and wrapper his arms around you, resting his head on your shoulder.

“Now, isn’t that unfair if I don’t get your name?”

“I thought you might have already seen it from my tag.”

“I was distracted by your beauty, and my eyes were locked on you, not your nametag.” This time, you were the one who turned red, feeling your heart wanting to burst out in happiness.

“Oh wow, my soul mate is a cheese.”

“So are you not going to tell me your name?”

“Later, after you cleaned all this mess.”

“Oh come on!”

The Quiett - Night Fight

Chapter One

(1,900+ words)

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The click seemed to echo throughout the room. A cold barrel pressed against your temple as a wiper escaped your lips. You didn’t dare move a muscle as a silent tear shed your eyes. 

“I don’t know. I swear! He left six weeks ago. Please, please,” you screamed out, noticing how coarse your voice had become over the past day in your capture.

“Bullshit! You know, you are just protecting him. So fucking tell me or I will blow your brains out! Where the fuck is The Quiett?” The man spit his words loud in your ear before pulling the loaded gun back.

“You don’t understand. He fucking left me. On the front step of the same apartment you kidnapped me from. He fucking left me standing there crying and never looked back,” you definitely looked into your attackers eyes, recognizing him as one of the dirty policeman that Donggab had warned you about. How could he leave you in this mess? You thought to yourself. 

Shin Donggab was the owner of the bar you had worked at for the past year but he was also something more. You two were supposed to go on your first date the day he left those weeks ago. After months of flirting and getting to know him, you had finally scheduled your date only for him to show up four hours late looking like a complete mess. You knew from working with him so closely that he lived a far from legal lifestyle, but still you found yourself drawn to him. 

“You really think I’d believe that? I’m not dumb, you bitch!” The next thing you saw was a flash of metal as the bottom of the gun smacked your face. Blood trickled down before you slumped against the chair.

You woke up with a start as you felt the ice cold water rush over you. “Fuck!” you cursed as the cut across your face stung with the contact.

“You need to stop blacking out, little girl. We were just starting to have some fun,” your capture gave a smile that made the hairs on your arms stand on edge. You recognized the tattoo that now showed across his chest. It belonged to one of the gangs that would constantly try to start things at the bar and this tattoo no doubt showed this man’s affiliation. The police surely wouldn’t have let him in if they saw that which meant the gang most likely bought his way in, something that you soon realized was more common than you wanted to believe.

“You may need to reevaluate your idea of fun,” you said through clenched teeth. The man shot you a look bit didn’t retaliate against your sass. You watched as he moved in the room, adding more wood to the fire that was burning in the warehouse. You didn’t miss how he used an iron stick to stir the coals yet didn’t remove it. You had an idea of what was coming next and by the movement outside one window, you were not looking forward to it.

“He’s not coming, you get that right? He fucking left me. I have had no contact with Illionaire for six damn weeks. They don’t have the same numbers. They took all their shit and left this fucking place. So just leave me alone. I won’t be of any use to you!” You shook your head as the “police” looked at you.

“Are you that dense? Someone that powerful doesn’t leave, especially like that,” the man poked around the fire, pulling out the iron piece which was red from the heat. “You know, pain makes people a bit more honest. It’s amazing how amazing how much it helps, a shame more people don’t use it. So we can do this the hard way.”

He took a few steps closer to you and straddled your legs slightly. “Where is he?” His voice was calm but there was a glint in his eyes. You shook your head and prepared yourself.

The second your arm felt the hot iron, you immediately let out a shriek. Your bicep burned, the smell filling the air. After a few moments, he pulled back and you were left panting after the ordeal.

“Where is he?” The man practically screamed as his hand landed on the fresh wound. No sound came out of your mouth before he moved his hand. He paced back and added the iron back to the fire.

“I don’t know where he is, okay. So just let me go, please. Illionaire won’t come for me,” you tried to reason with him, though you knew this is the place you would die. 

“I can’t do that. You see, I have twenty guys waiting in the next room. They are waiting for your boyfriend to come for you. Then we can finally have what we want.”

You felt sick to your stomach. You couldn’t bare the thought of something happening to Donggab, or any of the other members that you had met throughout the year working at the bar, but you really didn’t see him coming to save you. Not with how things were left with you two. 

“I’m pretty sure he isn’t my boyfriend. Whoever told to that is sorely mistaken. I haven’t spoke to him since that day,” the guy’s eyebrow twitched up.

“I saw how he looked at you. No way he left you alone, bitch!” The capture’s eyes were blazing and all you could do was spit toward him.

“That was before when I thought he was a bar owner. Before I found out who he was! He left me at the steps of my apartment with no explanation. He fucking left and is not fucking coming back. So just kill me or let me go. I don’t even care any more!” 

The man pulled out his gun and raised it to your forehead. A faint smile crossed his lips.


The gun fell from your forehead as you looked at the man crumpled on the floor before you, blood oozing from his chest.

You immediately slumped as much as you could in the chair you were tied to as more blasts rang out around you. There were men running everywhere and you were caught in the middle. The men coming from outside of the warehouse were all in black with snapbacks and face masks, while the guys who were part of the now dead police impersonator where dressed in their fancy suits. 

You jumped slightly as one of the men with a face mask on pulled a knife as he walked up to you. His eyes seemed familiar but that’s all that you could really see. The man didn’t use the knife on you but rather the ties that held you from running out of the room. 

“Hide in the corner!” He shouted as he freed your arms and you were gone. He seemed so familiar that you could have sworn it was Changmo, one of Donggab’s most trusted members, but maybe it was your mind playing tricks on you. Just as he said, you ran over to the stacked tires in the corner of the room as the bullets rang around the suddenly small warehouse. On your hands and knees you peaked out waiting for the most opportune time to run out of there. You saw the carnage as the room filled with the smell of gun powder and blood, causing you to pull your legs to your chest and cover your ears. 

You silently counted and managed to get to 150 before you noticed the quiet room. Tentatively you unfolded from your human ball and peered out. There were about 10 guys still standing, almost all of them masked. The man in the middle was scanning the room frantically. 

“Yah, where is she? Where did you tell her to go?” He screamed out to no one in particular. You knew the voice and recognized the slim figure before you. The same man who had released you piped up about corners as your head lifted more. You were tired but you tried to pull yourself to your feet, with only one arm and the pain in your side, you were struggling. 

“Yah, Shin Donggab!” You called in a harsh voice as his head whipped around to where you were barely visible. He ran over to you, followed by two other men, who you assumed where Dok2 and Beenzino. 

“Shit, Baby Girl! Shit, are you okay? What happened? Let me help you stand. Can you move?” His rapid-fire questions made you laugh which in turn made you cough and whine in pain. 

“Fuck!” Come on, we have to get you back to base. Can you get on my back?“ You shook your head, knowing it wouldn’t work in your current state. "Okay, I’ll just carry you, but it’s going to hurt. Just hang on, okay?”

You nodded as Donggab leaned down to pick you up bridal style. “Go bring the car up, Hash Swan. As close as you can get it. Joon Kyung, call Kiseok and have him meet us there with his kit.” 

You looked up at Donggab as he barked out the orders. He seemed so calm, his mouth was drawn in a thin line but you saw the way his jaw was clenched, his sign of extreme anger. You could see how he had come to run such a tight group with his calm and collected personality.  

“Donggab, how did you find me?” You asked in a whisper. 

“You couldn’t have thought I would leave you unprotected? It was the guys favorite shift when they had to keep tabs on you. Plus the CCTV I had installed in your hallway.” 

You stared up at him not believing he was in front of you. Excitement, gratefulness and anger flowed through your body as you studied the face of the man holding you. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days and had lost some weight, though how he could you didn’t know. 

“Thanks for saving me, but I’m still mad at you for leaving,” you sighed as you leaned your head and gains his strong chest. You felt his lips connect with the top of your head as he mumbled in agreement.

You two never officially dated, but you had seen him everyday until he left and usually spoke to him throughout the day. He was always protective and not afraid of skinship with you, but you two had never found the time to actually go on what most people considered a date.  

The walk to the car seemed like forever as the pain was finally catching up with you. As you were eased into your seat, Donggab climbed in next to you, making sure to drape a coat over you for warmth as he took the phone Joon Kyung handed to him. 

“What?” He barked into the receiver as the car started to move. It was just you with Donggab and Joon Kyung driving with Beenzino next to him while the others followed in similar cars. 

“I’ll put you on speaker,” he said as he held the phone out more. “Baby Girl, Kiseok needs to ask you a couple questions. Just stay awake a bit more,” Donggab pleaded as Kiseok cleared his voice on the line. He acted as the doctor for the gang since he finished all but his internship at medical school. You didn’t know the full story, but always remembered him from his frequent visits to Donggab at work. 

“Corey, nice to hear your back. Can you tell me what’s hurting the most?” His kind voice was deeper than most but still gentle.

“My side. I don’t remember what happened but it hurts bad.”  

“Okay good,” Kiseok stated, fully in doctor mode. “Do you have any other injuries?” 

You glanced at Donggab who had his jaw clenched and eyes shut tight.
“Um, I have a cut…it’s on my eyebrow. And um, the rope cut in pretty bad,” you choked out. Kiseok mumbled something to someone in the background. 

“Wrists and ankles?” 

“Yeah. And there’s a couple burns on my arms from an iron of sorts,” you noticed how Donggab squeezed your hand and grumbled under his breath. 

“Okay, all sound manageable. Is that it?” You nodded and leaned your head against Donggab’s shoulder. 

“She looks like she got hit by a bus, Kiseok. Bruises, blood, marks on her neck. The works. You better be at HQ in five minutes.” He said and hung up. 

“God dammit!” He choked out. You glanced up at him to see his eyes were red and breathing ragged. You gave him a small smile and reached for his hand.  

“Deep breath, Donggab. I’m fine now, so stop with all the ‘aish’ and sighing,” you pulled his hand to your lips and placed a light kiss on his palm. He kept his eyes on you as you continued to hold his hand as you drifted off…whether you were asleep or unconscious, you couldn’t tell. But you did know that the man of your dreams was there with you, even if it was just for now.

Overthinking [M]

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You wandered around the empty apartment, feeling lonely without his presence. Things were getting a little rocky ever since that night and you were scared. You two have fought a few times before, but this one was different from the others. He has not returned a single phone call or text and it worried you. Even if he did return a call or text, you were scared that he would say the words that you didn’t want to ever hear.

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