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2013 Staten Island Small Business of the Year: Rab's Country Lanes

"Our bowling center [Rab’s Country Lanes] has become a destination on Staten Island for people of all ages to relax and have a good time. Our customers have become our family and we take pride in giving back to the community and all the love and support they continue to bring to us.” — Frank J. Wilkinson, Owner

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Borough Vegetarian Visits Staten Island for Great Italian Fare - Trattoria Romana

A family visit took us to Staten Island this fall, where we checked out of the borough’s highest rated Italian restaurants, Trattoria Romana in Dongan Hills.  

We arrived at the restaurant for a very late lunch (around 2 or 3pm) on a Saturday, and were able to get seated immediately at the sparsely populated restaurant. 

To start, we were given some complementary fried polenta cubes, which has a nice, simple flavor albeit being slightly too hard for my taste.

For our main course, we split two pizzas - an Arugula pizza (pictured above) and a Margherita pizza (pictured below).  Both had paper-thin crusts, and had a nice char from the brick oven.  The arugula pizza in particular was great, with shaved salty pecorino and fresh arugula complementing the crunchy crust.  

I also ordered a pasta dish, the Spaghetti Alla Siciliana, which I sadly did not picture because I dug into it too fast!  The dish had a fresh tomato sauce and eggplant chunks, which were cooked really well.  I was on the fence about ordering that dish versus others on the menu, but I think I made the right choice as it was a filling and satisfying meal.  

Finally, another great bonus from this large lunch - a ton of leftovers.  The pasta alone turned into an additional 2.5 meals over the following days.  Look forward to returning to Trattoria Romana in the future!

Trattoria Romana

1476 Hylan Blvd.

Dongan Hills, Staten Island

Accessible via the Staten Island Railway, between the Old Town and Dongan Hills stops

From the #NYPL mailbox: “Hi y’all, I found the enclosed spoon which is marked “PROP. OF THE N.Y. PUBLIC LIBRARY,” left behind in a rental property my parents are moving into. I was a bit taken aback, because here in the Midwest, libraries don’t have spoons. Gawd, we are such hicks! But I thought I should send it along, so it can be reunited with all your other flatware.” Cheers, Jenny, we appreciate it!

"Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one." — Neil Gaiman

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