nct 127 reaction - their s/o falling asleep in their lap

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genre: as fluffy as a soft blanket

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you and taeyong were watching a movie in your apartment. after all, the leader needed a place away from the chaos also known as nct. he needed a break. but it was his turn to choose so taeyong had picked a movie you had never seen before. the downside of his choice was that the beginning was boring so it never caught your attention. you just couldn’t get into the movie. taeyong’s full attention was on the screen so he didn’t even notice that you had wrapped your arms around and tucked your head into his neck, just like a koala bear. you sighed lightly, relaxing your body, and eventually you fell asleep…in that exact position. and taeyong uwu-ed hard when he looked at you to see if you were still watching the movie. turned out you were fast asleep. he blushed and smiled, pulling you closer, and found a better position on the couch. he truly loved you and wasn’t mad that you had fallen sleep during his movie. he only let you sleep.

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WinWin is one of those people who could harvest the power to destroy half the planet but still have 99.9% of the remaining human populace defend his innocence and continue to call him a “sweet, innocent cinnamon bun”

Timeless | part six

↳ You move to Korea to live with your brother for a while. He has some interesting friends, theres some you enjoy and some you dislike. How does is work out when you’re forced to help him out against your will?

part five - part six - part seven [coming soon]


NCT things that haunt me

- apado gwaenchana

- be there, or be sQuArE

- *car honks* hello?

- i don’t follow the camera, the camera follows me

- yuta grinding on a minion

- wE goTTa DrEaAaAm mAn

- LeT’s gEt It

- we just gotta touch

- mark’s going through puberty

- whiplash is about my sister

- assalam o aleikum my name is jeno… i mean jaemin

- legend

- dolphin laugh

- eskeeRet

- i like things that are soft and sticky in my mouth… like our baby don’t stop

- i lived in america for four years

- we are uh. the foreign swaggers

- hi i’m johnny

- johnny doing a parrot impression

- taeil acting like an owl

- yorubun

- haedwae

- yuta acting like an old person in the background of the bts black on black mv

- fat kun

- fruits are scary

- fashion EVALUATION

- uHHHH canada

- john banana?

- milk

- when my cousin kisses me, i smell like her

- *sneezes* YES

- long ass ride

- my lady

- i don’t believe it’s evening

- this is not ice cream, it’s butter


- taeyong rapping in the haunted house and then immediately screaming

- ty track, ty track

- oh DaDdY

- everything that i touch is a poSe

- oh shit i dropped it

- look at that

- chenle breaking a table

- winwin doing nct promo for “nct life in osaka”

- kimchi iroKE

- where’s my hair ????

- a dance just for GoRLs

- oh my you scared me

- don’t look down on me

- seoul is seoul


My boy was accepted in the top 3 universities in China, has the highest grades in all his classes, was cast for his dancing skills when he isn’t even majoring dance! He’s majoring acting (but do you think we gonna get actor!sicheng any time soon because I don’t).

He has a perfect attendance and told students to pay attention and don’t skip classes. He reads about psychology, philosophy and mysteries. He has a preference for chinese poetry and even once told a fan about this old chinese poet he likes a lot and the fan was like wtf winwin.

I’m honestly so damn frustrated at the way most of the fans just like him for his face when he has so much more in him, if you gonna bias sicheng please do it for the amazing and talented boy he is! 

And I’m even more done at sm for limited his talent in a 2sec line at every song when he could easily have a career as an actor, idol or dancer in China.

In conclusion please love, support and appreciate Dong Sicheng as the talented boy he is, as the great role model he is for the younger chinese members and for how much he cares about the rest of the boys.

Don’t look just at his face, thanks.