dong woo suk

Confessions of a conflicted shipper

It comes to no one’s surprise that I’m an avid RM fan. Sometimes I even treat them as my distant family in Korea (in my world of illusions), which also lights my eyes to see updates about them every morning. In particular, its only female member, Song Ji Hyo.

Ji Hyo unnie is like a role model to me. She’s pretty, natural, independent, loveable and extremely “shippable” (*see exhibits A, B, C, D, E, F).

Exhibit A

SPARTACE!!! He looks SO ready to put that ice stick into her mouth!

Exhibit B

Which pharmaceutical company is this?! I’ll buy my medications from you any time!

Exhibit C

I demand a romantic comedy casting for these two!

Exhibit D

This entire show…

Exhibit E

By coincidence, I actually have a Samsung fridge!

Exhibit F

Lee Jong Suk! Nuff said.

Which is also why I find myself conflicted every now and then. Every spartace fan would agree, the most recent episode of RM (228) was like the epitome of spartace-ness. It’s the moment I lived for as a spartace fan (thank you editors/PD/powers for showing us the entire pepero game!) And then there’s the long-living Monday couple fandom in me that squeaks every time Ji Hyo and Gary do something bizarre (like reading each other’s minds). And then there are those other “ships” that sail in drama/commercial land/sea (hahaha get it? Sea, ship… hahaha!).

While that makes me one very conflicted shipper, I feel that I can live with unnie’s eventual life partner being anyone, from this group or not (like it’s up to us to decide anyway).

I guess that’s one of the most healthy thoughts a shipper could have!