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Top 10 KJK & SJH Moments

It’s been a rough couple days. We all deserve something to make us happy. Here’s my top 10 moments starring Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo.

1. Episode 21.

The first encounter of the “Spartace” couple. The two formed a team and faced the other guests and members. Ji Hyo in an earlier episode requested to not be on the hiding team anymore, and wanted to join up with Jong Kook. In the end they defeated the 8 members (cast and guests) to win the episode. 

2. Episode 182.

Kim Jong Kook protecting Ji Hyo from 3 members of the opposite team. He was doing such a good job that Gary got a little jealous. 

3. Episode 48.

The objective of the game was to guess each members face while being blindfolded. Ji Hyo took this once in a lifetime opportunity to pull on Jong Kook’s hair without being punished. 

4. Episode 163.

Are they getting married?

5. Episode 34.

Blindfolded once again. This time it was to pour water into a glass up until the fill line. I think he might be drowning. 

6. Episode 40.

The final mission was for them to compose a song using toy instruments. Ji Hyo was asked to do a high “cuckoo” on her recorder, but (purposely?) played low note after low note. Which led to this comment.

7. Episode 93. 

Votes are casted the beginning of each round to see who would be targeted. First round everybody voted Jong Kook but failed to rip off his name tag in the allotted time. Which gave Jong Kook an extra vote. The two teamed up and voted for HaHa (Ji Suk Jin also voted for HaHa, 4-4 split between him and KJK) and to no surprise he was eliminated. 

8. Episode 170.

The Wizard of Oz, Running Man Edition. Both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are cowardly lions, and to get over their fear they are asked to chop wood….. Yeah RM gets kinda weird sometimes. 

9. Episode 291.

While Ji Hyo and Gary are on their very first date. She mentions that she doesn’t meet up with the other cast members outside the show as much. Only Kwang Soo for a meal or two and tanning with Jong Kook…. Wait what?

10. Episode 261.

The cast members enjoy a nice day at a carnival before entering a scary haunted mansion. They had rides, free food, games, prizes and other stuff found at a carnival. Jong Kook tried some fried octopus and fed it to Ji Hyo. 

Auston Matthews - Drunk and Jealous

anon request: okkk so could you do an auston matthews one where you’re drunk and dancing with guys and he gets jealous and takes u home & idk if u do smut but make it a lil nasty?

anon request: Auston Matthews fluff? :) x

i would do an auston matthews imagine any day! i love him sm️ and i don’t write smut but making out and kissing i can do so i hope this was okay and i hope it was at least a little fluffy cause i was kinda short:))

warnings: making out, kissing, cussing, mentions of alcohol

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it was after an amazing goal scored by tyler bozak and a hard fought win we were out celebrating at a bar. i was having the time of my life dancing with all of the lady leafs. “y/n another shot?” one of the girls asked, i quickly nodded and took the shot from her hand and downed it receiving a few cheers as i threw my arms up in the air yelling along with them.

the shot was like fire down my throat but i loved it. i stumbled up the stairs to the vip where all of the guys were drinking beers and slightly dancing to music, “they look so awkward” i giggled with steph as she nodded helping me up the stairs, her being much more sober. “slow down there tiger your gonna hurt yourself” she laughed practically having to pull me up the stairs.

“aus!” i shouted trying to run over to him but almost falling over. “hey baby” he kissed my cheek and i pushed him away. “that is PDA auston!” i pointed my finger at his chest. morgan and mitch were beside me laughing at what was occurring in front of them. “and what are you laughing at you eleven year old and you over sized teddy bear” at that aus was laughing at the two boys, and so was william then matt joined in too.

“you know mitch i don’t even think your supposed to be in here” i shook my head at him disapprovingly. “sorry mitch” auston laughed and pulled me back to him. “she won’t remember this tomorrow” he smiled down at me.

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Ok real talk, people say they hate the way Jaal’s body is modeled but I’m confused bc you all fell in love with Garrus DinoBug and Thane LizardMan and Javik WhateverTheFuckHeIs and I really don’t see the difference. Like…they’re aliens. They’re supposed to look weird and gangly and I love them that way

That time of the year ey Sansy?


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Leonardo x Reader


Prompt: If you have the time, I’d love to see [a soulmate au] for Leonardo! He’s my favorite of the boys.

Note: Omg, I legit freaked out when I got a message from you in my inbox and I like fangirled and omg thank you sooooo much! Raph and Leo are my faves, so I’m very hype to write this omg. I chose to do the soulmate timers instead of the Sharpie thing though, just to shake it up a little bit.

Leonardo didn’t understand why he had a soulmate timer. Donnie said that it was very likely their timers would only lead them to other turtles. Tiny, normal turtles. That was how they were meant to find the ones they were meant to be with. Biologically, anyway. To mutant turtles like Leo and his brothers, it had always seemed kind of pointless.

And yet, when the day came that his timer was supposed to run out, he was still nervous.

Leo was the first of his brothers to have his time run out. The others weren’t due for months, but Leo’s timer was due to strike zero in twelve hours.

“I dunno, bro. I think we should celebrate or something, right?” Mikey asked. “Order a pizza, have April rent a movie or something. We shouldn’t just sit here and let it run out.”

“I read about a dozen articles about soulmates last night. According to the majority of them, when the timer gets closer to running out, you’ll feel a pull and you’ll just have to go follow it. Something will come over you. Or something. I’m not entirely sure.” Donatello read from his notes.

“So basically, I should avoid the pet store. Good to know.” Leo smirked. “Guys, I really don’t care. I’m not upset. I think I accepted a while ago that I was never going to find…someone, you know?”

“Maybe you should follow it. For science, of course.” Donnie pushed his glasses further up his nose. “Then we’ll know if our soulmates are…how do I put this…A worthy investment of time.”

“You mean I should follow it.”

“For science.”

“Thanks, Don. Glad your head’s in the right place.”


You stared at the numbers on your wrist on the way home from school. Six hours. Six whole hours before you met your soulmate. Oh God, it was terrifying. You had no idea what to expect. So of course, you were scouring the internet for articles about what to expect. Some people described feeling a pull to where they were supposed to be. Others felt nothing and just wound up in the perfect place at the perfect time.

You were scared shitless.

When you got home, you fixed your hair and make-up, trying to get as ready as possible. You ate some dinner after finishing your homework and tried to make the time pass. So, naturally, you sat out on the fire escape with a book, as you usually did when you read. There was something freeing about sitting outside with your legs dangling as you got lost in other worlds. Maybe getting lost would help you forget about this world. The one where the stress and anticipation was eating you alive.


Leo had no idea where he was going. But he felt the pull. With ten minutes left, and his brothers a few blocks behind him, he passed the pet store and kept on running. That was when the stress set in. His soulmate was not a turtle. Oh no. This might be worse than not having a real one at all. Now he had to worry about an actual person. Someone that existed.

Someone that could reject him.

When Donnie had shared his notes with the others, he said that some, not many, but some people rejected their soulmates for various reasons. He thought that maybe the fact that he was a giant mutant turtle would be enough to turn anyone away. But either way, he was scared, and with good reason.

What if he never found you? Or worse. What if he did?


It was less than two minutes until your timer would run out when you heard a noise in the alley below. You slipped your bookmark into your book and carefully made your way down the fire escape.

“Hello?” You looked around in the shadows. Maybe this was a bad idea, but nevertheless, you called out again. “Hello?”

There was something there. Someone. A very tall, bulky silhouette. It took a few steps closer, cautiously, but not stepping into the light. Not yet.

“I don’t bite.” You smirked and tilted your head. “You don’t have to be scared.”

“I don’t want you to be scared.” A nervous voice from the darkness.

“I won’t be.” You promised. He chuckled.

“You say that now. I’m not exactly…How do I put this…? I’m not normal.”

“You’re still my soulmate.” You offered a small smile, and you couldn’t see in the dark, but he smiled too, his gorgeous blue eyes searching every inch of you. You offered one of your small, five-fingered hands. “I’m (Y/N).”

He hesitated, but took your hand in his large green one. Your eyes went wide, but it wasn’t in fear or even in disgust. It was just surprise.

“Leonardo.” It was like fireworks. Your skin against his, his voice, his name…It felt so right.

“Come into the light.” Your voice was soft, pleading. You tried to look to where you thought his eyes were. “Please.”

“You won’t like what you see.” He warned. The knot in Leo’s stomach pulled tighter.

“Let me decide that.”

“Okay.” He took a breath and stepped into the light. You looked up at him, tall and green with a shell on his back and the most gorgeous blue eyes you had ever seen. But instead of the rejection Leo had prepared for his entire life, there was something else in your eyes: acceptance.

“Come here,” You raised your arms to hug him, but God, he was tall. When he wrapped his muscular green arms around you, your feet left the ground. He never wanted to let go. “I love you so much and I just met you. Is that crazy?”

“I can think of crazier things.” He chuckled.

“Leo, you all right down there?” Raph called from the top of a building.

“More than all right,” he kissed your cheek before setting you on your feet again. “Come on down, guys.”

Leo’s brothers made their way down to you.

“Well she doesn’t look like a turtle.” Mikey examined you closely.

“Because she’s not, ding-dong.” Raph gave his head a little shove. “Don’t mind him. He’s got pizza for brains.”

“(Y/N), these are my brothers, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.” Leo pointed to each. You slipped your hand into Leo’s and he gave yours a little squeeze. Hand-holding: one of the many things Leonardo would have to get accustomed to.

“Nice to meet you.” You smiled.

“Dude, your soulmate is the chilliest ever, Leo.” Mikey smiled. “I mean, if she’s fine with all of this…She didn’t even scream or ask if we were aliens or-”

“I grew up in New York.” You shrugged. “There’s not much that fazes me anymore.”

“I guess,” Raph smirked and gave his brother a pat on the shoulder. “Good for you, honor boy.”

“Well, my parents won’t be home for a while. I can order a pizza and we can hang out…or something?” you shrugged. Mikey’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Not us, doofus.” Raph chuckled. “We’ve gotta give the lovebirds some time alone.”

“Dammit…” Mikey whined as Donnie and Raph pulled him away. Leo smiled and shook his head.

“Come on,” you pulled him up the fire escape.


“You’re sure you wouldn’t have anyone else as a soulmate?” Leo asked as you were cuddling on the couch a few hours later.

“Positive.” You kissed his snout. “You, Leonardo, are perfect just the way you are.”

His heart just about melted.

“I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else.”

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Rebel, Saimdang, and the romanticization of class and nobility in sageuks

At this point, it’s actually a little sad that Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People are airing at the same time. Mind you, it’s not because one is easily one of the most hyped sageuks in years and isn’t performing well, while the other seems to have just been thrown out there as an afterthought and is pulling in good ratings, as well as better critical and popular response, it’s the content and themes. Personally speaking, I spent almost 2 years impatiently waiting for Saimdang, and was pretty sure it was going to be the best sageuk of the year when it did come out, something that I thought would hold true after watching the first two episodes. In contrast, Rebel was barely on my radar, and on my “watch now” list instead of “watch if people say good things while it airs” primarily because I liked Hwang Jin-Young’s previous sageuk (and only previous writing credit aside from a special) King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang. Halfway through their runs,Saimdang was moved to “I really like it but it could be better” status (with a lot of anger for how SBS execs screwed the show and LYA over, and now they’re taking their screwups out on the show, but I’m not going to dwell on that today) while Rebel has become the sageuk I just can’t see another sageuk surpassing it for a while. (Particularly since they all seem to at least partly center around the tropes and worldview that Rebel critiques.)

This requires some background. Saimdang and Dae Jang Geum, aka, one of the most iconic sageuks ever that also served to help solidify Lee Young Ae’s iconic status, take place at roughly the same time. This is something SBS is very aware of, and while it doesn’t have the endless DJG references we probably would have had if the show had aired on MBC, it very much tried t rely on DJG nostalgia to sell the show, and the sageuk plotline in Saimdang has much more in common with sageuks of a dozen years ago in terms of characterization, tone and pacing than anything from this decade. Unfortunately, people came for Lee Young Ae in a sageuk from this decade, not the first half of the last decade.

Now the ACTUAL background begins DJG is largely known in western fandom for helping in to make sageuks far more female-centric, and for helping to establish the basic formula that most of the popular and/or commercially successful “long and stuffy” sageuks have sageuks have followed since. The rest of this is partially hearsay, as I’m going by what others have told me about pre-DJG sageuks, as DJF is the second oldest I’ve seen. The oldest is Damo, a show that is less iconic than DJG, and that essentially created the formula for the genre that we consider to be fusion sageuks. (Depending on who you ask, DJG and it’s predecessor, Heo Joon, are also fusion sageuks, but they’re an entirely different kind of fusion sageuks and Damo and its successors.) Like DJG, Damo centered around a female lead in a plot that would typically feature a male lead. Both shows are also known for taking the focus away from the throneroom. DJG is still a palace intrigue drama, while Damo steps away from the palace completely, focusing instead on police officers investigating a rebellion, though it does check in with the palace intrigue. But in stepping away from the throneroom and inner palace intrigues, both did something most sageuks avoided: they tackled the issue of class. Both shows featured a heroine of noble birth-Chae Ok, the heroine of Damo was a young noblewoman who became a slave as a child after her father was accused of treason, while Jang Geum’s parents both went into hiding as commoners before she was born, though for different reasons. From what I’ve been told, prior to these two, the main audience for sageuks was middle aged men, and because of this, the focus was almost exclusively on war and palace politics, usually featuring, well, middleaged men. Then, in 2003, there was suddenly a spurt of several successful series featuring female leads. They certainly weren’t the first to do so, it just worked out so that there was a concentration of several at once. Part of what made DJG and Damo stand out was that they were meant to appeal to a wider audience, had higher production values, sweeping (and very different) romances, and broader plots (I mean it wasn’t JUST “maybe our ratings will go up if we try to appeal to women,” but that was certainly a part of it). But they also stood out because the positioning of their heroines-one being made a slave and the other growing up as a commoner-meant that these stories weren’t only about the nobility. The servant class in the city featured heavily in DJG, while rural commoners and their perspective of civil unrest and the nobility featured heavily in Damo. Of course, ultimately, both heroines and their love interests WERE of the nobility, but the door to including the perspectives of other classes was open, and most sageuks since then have taken advantage of that door being open.

Many (I want to say “most” but it kind of hovers in middle ground, I think) will have the protagonist spend part of their life as either a commoner or a poor noble. The protagonist of noble birth who lives as a commoner comes in 2 main varieties: they were born in secret in one way or another, and only find out they have noble (or royal) blood much later in life, after establishing themselves one way or another, or they live as a noble or royal as a child, but are forced to live as commoners or slaves for many of their formative ears before reclaiming their true status. On a similar note, protagonists who actually are commoners with no noble or royal blood are considered exceptional. They’re special, they’re…NOT LIKE OTHER COMMONERS. But there’s also the flipside. The flipside is that all the corrupt and scheming politicians, the cruel masters are treated as individuals. Their social status may have contributed to their corruption an cruelty, but only in that the individual would have been that way anyway, they just happen to have more power, and they re many good and kind masters, and well meaning politicians, That the class system itself was a problem, that there was a social order that told people they were inherently better than others by birth, was not a consideration. 

Shows have tackled this mindset over the years (Maids and Chuno come to mind for sageuks I’ve seen that try to push the standard approach, re: class, a bit), but none have fully committed to taking it on until now. Except that Saimdang is not the show that did so. Saimdang takes the same approach as it’s predecessor-and most sageuks in between-of romanticizing the nobility while also tackling the plights of the lower classes. But what was revolutionary 14 years ago is not revolutionary now. And then we have Rebel. One of the very first things Rebel does is completely obliterate any idea that Gil Dong has noble blood, in a flashforward at the beginning where King Yeonsangun confronts Gil Dong.

Yeonsangun: “I will ask you clearly. Answer me honestly. I heard you are a descendant of the demolished royal family of Goryeo. Is that right? I heard your anger comes from having a father of the noble class and a mother who is a maid. Is this correct? Then what is it? Who on earth are you?” (Gil Dong is shaking his head in amused contempt throughout this.)

Gil Dong: “I am not a descendant of the royal family from Goryeo. Nor am I a son of a minister, or from a poor noble family. I am only a son of my father. My father, a servant over generations, Amogae.”

Yeonsangun: *outraged, disbelieving laughter* “That’s impossible. It’s impossible that someone like you could’ve been born to such a lowly man.”

Gil Dong: “You were born to the master of this country. How did you turn out to be such a lowly man?”

Ok, first of all, THE BURN THERE, GIL DONG! THE BURN. I can only assume that the camera pans out and away so fast after that so that we don’t see Yeonsangun burst into flames from that one.

HOWEVER, while we didn’t know it when the episode aired 3 months ago, this scene is essential to the world view of Rebel. Because ever “noble” sageuk origin was just shot down, and the idea of the “special” commoner isn’t far behind it. And Yeonsangun NEEDS Gil Dong to have that origin. His worldview cannot allow for a “common” person to have more sway than him. Gil Dong doesn’t simply violate his person worldview, his very existence violates the established social order and divine superiority of birth, something that we come to full force for Yeonsangun at the beginning of the latest episode, and something that is beginning to consume him.

Of course, Rebel relies in part of a prophecy of a “mighty child” (Gil Dong) a child born with superhuman strength and healing powers, destined both to become a general and to suffer great losses if he does not control himself. However, it is not Gil Dong’s power that makes him special, it what he does with it. Gil Dong’s power is not what makes him special or what makes him a hero, but it is part of what makes him able to DO something. The “Mighty Child” is born of necessity, not because some random kid won the genetic lottery. (The “Mighty Child” status is also considered to be a curse, not a blessing.) We’re also given a second mighty Child as a counterbalance, and the second mighty child-of equally low birth and with possibly an even more tragic background-flounders because he can’t even manage to properly misuse his powers, much less achieve the Mighty Child’s destiny. I’ve said plenty about my feelings re: The Mighty Child(ren) in previous tumblr posts and will probably make even more posts focused on that aspect in the future, so I won’t dwell on that now.

Moving on from The Mighty Child: Rebel takes the stance that the class system isn’t simply a case of advantage and disadvantage with good ad bad people, but rather, the class system itself is an ideology, and that ideology is the enemy. It isn’t that there are bad apples (and remember, the point of the whole “bad apple” thing is that if there’s a bad apple among your apples, you need to just toss them all and get new apples, not that you just take out the one bad apple and assume all the others that came from the same place are perfect just because you can’t see their problems on the outside) it is that there cannot be good and there is no justice in a system that holds that one group of people is inherently superior to another, and you cannot expect the people who benefit from that system to help find justice in it. When Gil Dong’s father, Amogae, kills his master, Lord Jo to avenge his murdered wife, the widowed Lady Jo only hates Amogae in part because of her murdered husband. What she truly hates Amogae for, the reason she wants him destroyed, the crime she can never forgive, is that Amogae is an abomination that has violated the natural order.

THAT is the true villain of Rebel. The class system itself, the social order that tells one person that they are inherently superior to another by birth, that the higher your class is, the more the world exists to serve you, is the villain, and Lady Jo, her allies, and Yeonsangun are the manifestations of a corrupt and unjust system. This is something that we and the characters grow slowly more and more aware of, until it’s brutally driven home in episodes 21 and 22, and all illusions and any semblance of romanticizing nobility or royalty are ripped away and ruthlessly destroyed in the most devastating fashion. (Not to mention graphically violent, particularly for network TV standards.) Hwajung touched on this idea a bit with it’s ultimate assessment that it is impossible to be a good person and to be king, no matter how much you might want to both, and so there needs to be an opposing force to keep the king in check, but it does not more than touch on the idea, and very much has the typical sageuk romanticization of nobility and royalty.

In the most recent episode, Gil Dong has an exchange with the shaman who pops up every now and then about why oppressed people don’t fight back, and this is her analysis:

Shaman: “They are scared because they don’t know what it is like. All of them…have neither fought nor been victorious in anything in their entire lives. They are only used to running away, losing, and being cheated. They don’t know what it means to fight, or to win.”

She goes on to tell Gil Dong and his men that they can stand up and want to take on the king (the ultimate manifestation of the corruption of the class system) because they have been fighting. Their life experiences have given them the worldview that things can change. She started the speech and I was bracing myself for a NOT LIKE OTHER COMMONERS speech, and instead I got “dude their life experiences royally suck and tell them they can’t expect anything good.” There are only two things that set Gil Dong apart from other commoners: His strength, and the fact that his father was an “abomination” who violated the divinely designated social order. The latter, the rejection of class and the ideology that accompanies it, is the more important of the two, while the former is part of what gives him the ability to do something about it.

It’s from this approach and viewpoint-that the class system is an ideology, and that consuming ideology is the true villain-is the focal point for the many other themes of the show, most notably the conjunction of nature and nurture, the difference between the law and justice, and the endless complementary and opposing mirroring of characters against each other. Everything springs from that.

So, going back to the first sentence. over on SBS, Saimdang is ably doing the same thing Dae Jang Geum did 14 years ago without updating itself for the modern audience (with SBS execs sulking because they somehow managed to make a guaranteed cash cow not be a cash cow and punishing the show and LYA for it-it’s going to be a while before I’m over this) or attempting to expand on the ideas in DJG, while being set in largely the same time period as DJG, with the same core political event (Jungjong’s political coup and overthrowing of Yeonsangun) providing much of the political background impetus for the show. Mean while, over on MBC, the same station that DJG aired on 14 years ago, Rebel is airing on different nights but mostly over the same time period as Saimdang, is set one generation before Saimdang and will most like end with the same political coup, or with the beginnings of it taking root, and is critiquing and deconstructing the approaches to class that Saimdang takes while taking a progressive and revolutionary-for-sageuks stance on class, nobility, and royalty.

It will be interesting to watch this years sageuks after this. All the ones that are coming out look to be focused on royalty and palace conflict, and Rebel’s success has been largely word-of-mouth, a lot of which has been about hit’s approach to class and the fact that none of the protagonists, possibly excepting Eom (who isn’t from a common family, but is from a pretty low ranked noble one), are from the noble class. So. pretty much, all the upcoming sageuks are relying on things that this one is achieving acclaim for rejecting. If nothing else, I’ll be an adjustment for fans of Rebel to go back to “normal” sageuks.

Note: I understand that Six Flying Dragons does tackle similar ideas, but (a) I haven’t seen it yet and (B) it DOES end with the main character becoming the first king of Joseon, so obviously it doesn’t commit itself to the degree that Rebel does.

‘Bestfriend’ - Kim Seokjin X Reader

I don’t know how many people read these notes but oh well.

So… I know loads of people are waiting for 7 Years but I really needed to get this out. This is a true story (lol mine) and everything stated in it happened literally last week. Well, everything up until reader starts hanging out with Jin (because i’m not that lucky). I decided to post it because It’s been finished for more than a week and I’ve been so busy with school and I didn’t want to leave you guys with nothing for this week. The next part to 7 years will definitely be out later today or tomorrow.

I legit don’t know what to do with my friend right now, I feel betrayed but I’m not petty (or confident) enough to confront her. (I’m secretly happy when something is wrong with their relationship because I’m a silent but deadly bitch. Kind of like silent farts.)

Anyway, thanks for reading. <3

It had taken you exactly 3 days to admit you had a crush on a boy. It had taken 2 seconds for your best friend, Eun-ha to approve of the realtionship, claiming you were her ‘OTP’.

Dong-Woo wasn’t just any boy, at least not to you. You had been placed next to him in the seating arrangement at the beginning of the school year and had at first ignored him. However, he had easily broke through the wall you had placed around yourself, with his charming humour and soon enough you had become friends. You shared the same music, game and movie taste. It all seemed unreal if you were being honest because how can two people have so many common interests?

Your friendship had progressed with each week until suddenly his comments began to do more than make you laugh. Butterflies flooded your stomach and no matter what he said it never failed to bring a smile to your face. You hated it at first and had been in denial.

That’s when Eun-ha had come in. She took notice of your exchanges and your reactions and had enthusiastically told you she envied your friendship. She pestered you about your feelings for 3 days and you opened up, not being able to take her nonstop questioning.

Soon enough all of your friends had found out about your feelings and had taken it upon themselves to comment on how much of a cute couple you and Dong-Woo would make.

Your interactions with him seemed to get deeper and you felt as if maybe, just maybe, he felt the same spark you did.

Then out of nowhere, you began to grow distant. You weren’t sure how or why but your conversations grew shorter along with the amount of times you saw each other a week until a time came where you didn’t speak at all. You were hurt to say the least and you ignored the rumour being spoken about him.

However, Your friends had heard the rumour and they were evidently worried about you. They had told you he had played with another girls feelings and you, in return, told them that you had gotten over him. That there were no lingering feelings. The doubtful look in their eyes was enough to let you know that they didn’t believe you.

To be honest, you didn’t believe yourself either.

Then came a time where he was added to a group chat you were in. You didn’t know if you should feel excited or annoyed so you stuck with in between. You occasionally spoke to him, your friends joining in and you were reminded of how things used to be.

That is until Eun-ha messaged you to let you know he had been private messaging her. You didn’t think much of it, it’s not like they had even held a conversation let alone hung out together.  When she had shown you the type of messages he had been sending, you brushed it off, telling her he was probably speaking to other girls too. That didn’t stop the little pangs in your heart that came with every time he sent her a kiss.

The painful throbbing didn’t stop there. He began to boast about an amazing girl who seemed like the perfect one for him on the chat and you hid your true feelings behind ‘lols’ and sarcastic comments.

A day came when he private messaged you. You remember how your heart had skipped a beat at the sight of his name at the top of your screen. Upon opening the message, your heart dropped to the pit of your story.

'Hey, if you’re not still going to meet Eun-ha, I could go instead. I kind of want to see her today…’

A frown graced your face and annoyance settled within you. Why was he so obsessed with her? They’ve literally been speaking for 4 days. You sighed, deciding to give him a blunt reply.

'I’m still going.’

His answer was immediate.

'Oh okay, well where does she live because I’m in the area and I’m not familiar with it.’

That’s right, he lives about an hour and a half away. All this just to see Eun-ha. Instead of dwelling in your thoughts, you gave him directions on how to get to her house.

Looks like you’d be seeing Dong-Woo today.


Dong-Woo arrived at Eun-ha’s house half an hour after you. At first, the familiar casual conversation sparked up between you two but as soon as Eun-ha was in sight his face brightened. Soon enough, you were forgotten and laughter filled the room as Dong-Woo cracked jokes with her.

You decided to go home early.

The next day you were shocked to discover that Dong-Woo had ended up staying the night. When your friends had questioned Eun-ha on her feelings for him, her response was that 'she didn’t like him like that and would never do that to Y/N.’

Then came the party. She had organised a little gathering with your group, Dong-Woo and one of her new friends who went by the name Seokjin. As the night progressed, you spent your time getting to know Seokjin or, as he preferred to be called, Jin.

Drinks were soon brought out and slowly, people began to get drunk. You blamed the alcohol for the public displays of affection Eun-ha and Dong-Woo were sharing, even though you knew better. You decided to retreat to the kitchen with Jin.

“So… what do you think of Dong-Woo?” Your head snapped up at the mention of his name only to find Jin staring back at you expectantly. You let out a small smile and rested your cheek on your palm.

“He’s obsessed with her. It’s obvious. I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact I liked him.” Jin nodded and silently sighed to himself.

“I don’t think it’s right for people who only began talking a couple of days ago to be that touchy. Especially since he threw away his friendship with her ex just to be with her. But that might be just me overthinking things.” You shook your head and sipped your lemonade before responding.

“No, I agree but there’s not much we can do about it now.” He took a bite out of his slice of pizza before slowly nodding.

Towards the end of the night, your group had somehow managed to end up in the park next door. As usual Dong-Woo and Eun-ha were all over each other and you stuck by Jin making light conversation. It was when they had both retreated to the side of the park alone that you decided that the best option would be to leave with Jin but as you parted ways with him you felt a lingering sense of guilt for leaving your other friend drunk.

Upon returning you were greeted with the sight of Dong-Woo and Eun-ha passionately kissing. You weren’t sure whether you regretted coming back but you focused on getting your friend home.

When you had made it back home the first person you spoke to was Jin. He seemed as surprised as you were and you were glad to know someone felt the same way. Seeking comfort you spent the rest of the evening speaking to him.


Waking up the next morning, you were greeted with the news that Eun-ha was officially dating Dong-Woo. Crying was what any other person would do but you realised that you didn’t feel anything. Not hurt nor happy.

“I must be a cold-hearted bitch to not feel anything.” That’s what you told yourself and although you truly did not know how you felt, you found that they both occupied your thoughts almost every minute of every day.

As the weeks had come and gone, you found yourself talking to Jin more and more until you had started hanging out on a weekly basis.

“Wait! So you were serious about liking Dong-Woo first? I though that was a joke.” You chuckled at his cluelessness. “Yep, I was deadly serious.” He stared at you wide eyed as if you had done something he had never seen before.

“And you just let the relationship go on? That’s admirable.” You covered your face with your hands, suddenly embarrassed.

“But not as admirable as me, Kim Seokjin.” You burst into another fit of laughter at his confidence. “If only I had your confidence.”

You felt a burning gaze on you and when you turned to look at him, you found him already staring intensely.

“You should. You’re a really beautiful person. Not as much as me, obviously, but almost on par.”

You smiled at his words because you knew that was probably the biggest compliment he had ever given in his life. “Wow, if I didn’t know any better I’d think your trying to to tell me something Jin.”

He took a bite out of his third bowl of noodles, slurping them into his mouth and chewing and he mumbled something with his mouth full.

“Sorry, what was that?”

“Maybe I am.”

For the first time in possibly 3 months, the familiar feeling of butterflies returned and you felt your cheeks grow warm.

“Tell me then…” As the words left you, he let grin slowly spread on his face.

“Maybe another day.” He placed a hand to his lips and blew his signature flying kiss towards you, a giggle escaping your lips.

“Okay, another day.”

You were fine with that.


raison d’être: Walking Dead BTS

Plot: Zombie Apocalypse!AU 

Ships: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader 

Author’s Note: I will try to improve the details throughout the story~! 

“Just run past them,” You mumbled to yourself, “That way you won’t have to waste any bullets,” You took a deep breath before scurrying past the limping figures, not daring to take your eyes off of them. It was when you finally tore your eyes away that you saw another one limping towards you. “Shit,” You mumbled under your breath.

You dove behind a car, cocking your gun just in case you couldn’t hide. Closing your eyes, you held your breath as you heard its feet shuffling past the car you hid behind. Please don’t notice, please don’t notice. When you thought the distance between you and it was far enough, it didn’t take long for you to be sprinting at full speed to the house at the end of the block.

The door silently closed behind you, making you raise your guard for any infected that were helplessly wandering around the house. When you didn’t hear any shuffling footsteps or things clattering, it was safe for you to place your gun back in its holster.

“Give me something,” You said to yourself as you looked through the cabinets and drawers, hoping that not everything was taken. There was a slim chance that the house had anything at all, considering how much they’re ransacked these days. You plopped yourself on the couch, closing your eyes for a couple of minutes.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

You opened your eyes after the third vibration. Was that a text message? You quickly sat up, looking around the living room for the phone. In the corner of your eye, you saw a screen with blinking notifications sitting on the night stand next to the couch. You grabbed it hastily, reading the

texts on the screen.

‘Get out’

‘Right now’

‘Or else you’ll die’

Your brows furrowed together as you unlocked the screen. Is this meant for me? It took you a few minutes before replying.

You watched as they began to type, the text bubble with the trailing dots appearing on the screen. For some reason a sigh of relief escaped your lips. It’s been a long time since you communicated with anyone.

‘Do you hear that?’

‘The sound of your screams when walkers tear your flesh apart and eat you alive?’

‘You can stop it if you choose to get your ass out of there right now before they catch you’

‘Where would I go?’

‘Run into the woods. Keep moving north until you see a road that leads to higher ground.’

’Stay there for a few days and stay low so none of them see you.’

‘Why are you helping me?’

‘Who are you?’

It was like they hesitated for a moment.

‘Shut the fuck up and get moving.’

You were about to turn off the phone when you saw the trailing dots again. You were waiting for it to send, but the dots disappeared.

You shoved the phone in your pocket, swinging your backpack over your shoulders as you stood in front of the door. You were terrified of what was out there. Especially since it was 4 AM, and the sun hadn’t even begin to rise yet. During this time, those things were active. It was then that you realized that you didn’t have to listen to whoever warned you. It was ok if you stayed inside the house, right?

It was like your body had a mind of its own when you realized you had opened the front door. Your subconscious screaming, You are going to follow the instructions you were given, you little shit.

As quietly and quickly as possible, you made your way towards the forest. Thankfully, you had not come across any infected limping their way towards you to get a taste of the flesh they hungered so much for. You used the compass on the phone to go north, hoping that it was leading you in the right direction. “There it is,” You sighed and started walking up the winding road. You chose to camp out behind a group of trees, where you could see a good view of the lower road while being well hidden.

You laid your back on the soft grass as you looked through the numerous branches and leaves to see the starry night sky. It had been awhile since you could look up at the stars, and not be fighting off any infected.

“Has is already been half a year?” You whispered to yourself, “Half a year since the world went to hell..”

You shoved your hands into your coat pockets as you stared through the glass. A pair of Jordan 8’s were being worn by a mannequin, and you couldn’t help but think that your friend must want these so bad.

“Excuse me, how much are those Jordans?” You asked the cashier once you walked in. “You’re actually lucky Miss,” He smiles, “They’re $80.” You smiled back at him, “How much were they before?” He took a moment to think, “$160 I think. But because it’s Christmas, everyone goes crazy over sales.” You nodded, “I’ll take them,”

“Thank you!” You said to the cashier before turning to walk to the door, “Miss!” You turned back to face him, “Merry Christmas,” He said after hesitating, “Merry Christmas to you too.”

As you walked out onto the busy street of people walking back and forth with bags full of presents, something white fell on the box of shoes inside the bag. You looked up, your lips curving into a huge grin, “It’s snowing..”

You were then interrupted by the sound of your ringtone going off, “Hello?” You greeted. “Yah! Where are you, Y/n?” Your mom practically yelled, “Calm down! I’m on my way home,” She sighed over the phone, “Ok, hurry up. Our guests are almost here.” You nodded, “Bye, Mom.” After you hung up, you quickly made your way through the crowd.

A familiar laugh was ringing throughout the house when you closed the door behind you. “Just in time,” You smiled as a group of kids turned their heads towards you, “Y/n!” They screamed before running towards you. “Is that for me?” One of them said pointing to the bag, “This? It’s actually for—“

Ding dong.

You turned your head to the door and opened it, seeing unfamiliar faces staring back at you. “Who is it?” Your mother said as she stepped behind you to see, “Mrs. Park! I’m so glad you came,” Your mother greeted as she let them in. “Y/n this is Mrs. Park and her family,” You smiled and bowed, “It’s nice to meet you.” She did the same and scanned over your features, “My older son couldn’t make it today,” She said, “He was needed at work, and I’m sure you might’ve like him.” You laughed, “Yeah, Christmas shopping gets pretty hectic.”

You sat down on the couch next to the boy who came a couple hours ago. He was watching TV in front of the fireplace with the little kids. “You like cartoons too?” You said as he glanced at you, “Yeah, my older brother got me into them.” You nodded and looked at the kids, “Oh my God, they’re opening presents without you?” You raised your voice, making them immediately stand up and bolt for the dining room. You heard him chuckle before you looked at him, “Do you mind if I change the channel?” He merely shook his head, “Nah, I was getting tired of it anyways,”

You picked up the remote and changed it to the news. “Good luck to all the folks out there,” The newsman said, “I suggest you stay wherever you are instead of leaving. Men have been reported to have inappropriate behavior tonight,” You chuckled to yourself, “Too many people getting shit faced drunk tonight,” The boy raised his eyebrows and turned to you, “I’m Jihyun,” He smiled, “You are?” You smiled back, about to reply when you heard a scream come from the TV.

A news lady had been bitten by some stranger when you turned to look at the screen. “Christina are you alright?” The newsman said. She dropped her mic which must’ve caused feedback because the newsman flinched. She was now being strangled, the blood from her neck gushing out like crazy while the man tore off a piece of her flesh. The high pitched scream coming from her as blood and saliva dripped down his chin. He looked into the camera, his eyes bloodshot and skin pale. The camera must have been shut down because the main newsman took over, “Please standby, and stay indoors people.”

Jihyun exchanged glances with you, both of you at a loss for words. You looked at the dining table, realizing that your family members were no longer laughing and opening presents but were now staring at the TV. The smiles wiped off their faces, instead being replaced by horrified looks. A silence took over until you heard the sound of someone trying to get inside through the front door. You stood up, silently making your way to the door. It took everything you had to not flinch when the door started to move violently. But when you looked through the peephole, you couldn’t help but scream.

The woman looked up, for a brief moment she stopped fumbling with the door to look through the peephole from the other side. Her eyes were bloodshot just like the man from TV, and you could practically smell the rotting flesh from the other side of the door. You stepped away, realizing she had seen you. The door shook more violently this time, and it was then that you realized that more of her friends must have been right behind her. “Don’t make a sound,” You said as quietly as possible and grabbed Jihyun’s wrist to get him off the couch. You heard him gulp as he followed you to the dining room. “What’s going on?” Mrs. Park whispered, “When I say go, everyone run out the back door, ok?” You said. Your guests nodded, getting up silently as snarls and growling became louder by the minute. The lock was about to give in at any second, and when you heard the door burst open you yelled as loud as you could, “GO!”

You dragged Jihyun out the back door of your backyard, following your mother as she headed for the streets. “Wait where’s my parents?” Jihyun yelled, “I don’t know—“ A loud shriek was heard and you looked forward, a familiar face being surrounded by those crazy looking people. “Mom!” Jihyun yelled as he ran towards her. “Jihyun!” You said firmly and tried your best to drag him away from her, “We have to go!” His eyes looked as if they were about to break, “We can’t just leave her!” You shook your head and pushed him towards your mother and the others, “Go! I’ll catch up!” He grabbed your arm, “No! What the hell?! You’ll die!” You pulled your arm away from him, “Just get the fuck out of here already! We’ll follow!”

You ran towards Mrs. Park, grabbing her hand and helping her up before running your ass off. A crowd of abnormal people only feet away from you two as you ran. Mr. Park was in front of you, and you could tell he was not moving in a fast enough pace. “You have to go faster!” You yelled. You could tell he was trying, but there was no way that he could outrun them. You passed him, and you could already feel Mrs. Park resisting you as you tried to drag her along. “My husband!” She cried, “Wait we have to—“ A cry of pain echoed through your ears as you looked back. The crowd was gathering around Mr. Park, but you knew you couldn’t save him now. It was like you were watching him in slow motion as teeth sunk into his skin. The blood already gushing out as they ate him alive. She tore away from your grasp as she ran towards the crowd, making you stop and try to grab her.

“Get away from my husband you freaks!” She said and started pushing them away. “NO!” You screamed as one of them started getting dangerously close to her. The hot wax at the back of your throat forming as tears threatened to fall. You tried to grab her, but they had already beat you to it. “Run!” She cried, “Protect my son!” It took all of you to not stay, but when you saw a pair of bloodshot eyes meet yours you knew it was time to go. “Dammit!” You cursed and ran again, “I’m sorry Jihyun..”

You looked forward, trying your best not to look at the people who were begging for your help. “Please, help me!” You bit your lip as you tried your best to not fall apart, “You’ll burn in hell for this!” She screamed. You almost tripped when you heard a gunshot go off, and you only hoped that whoever fired it was the Army. You picked up your pace, screaming when you saw another group of them coming out of an alleyway. “No, no, no, no,” You whispered as you ran into the middle of the road. You ran down the road, seeing the back of a car driving at full speed in front of you. “HEY!” You yelled, “Let me join you!” They were your last hope to be the fastest way out of here. Behind you was the end, no more cars speeding their way out of the driveway to get out of the neighborhood. It was just you, and a rather large group of monsters following, trailing behind. It made you burst into tears when they sped up, not letting you catch up to them. “Please don’t leave me here!” You cried, and kept running, “I don’t want to die!” But you knew they weren’t going to stop, and when you saw them turn the corner your last hope had left you.

When you looked back you were outnumbered. There were too many of them to count, and they were catching up to you. When you looked forward, a bright light started shining with only one thing on your mind, “You’ll burn in hell for this!”

Your eyes opened, and you realized a dampness on your cheeks. Tears.. You sighed before wiping them off. The time read 10:41 AM, and when you looked down at the lower road you could see a hoard occupying it to the fullest. You laid on your stomach, watching as they headed west. You lowered your head when you saw one of them look up, and you could only pray that they didn’t catch you. When you looked at the start of the winding road, you silently thanked God that none of them decided to go on it.

It took a couple of hours for the hoard to completely pass by. They came from the direction of the neighborhood you were just in, and whoever warned you was right. You picked up the phone, and started to type.

‘Thank you.’

You watched as the trailing dots appeared again.


‘Wait!’ You almost yelled aloud.


‘How did you know?’

The dots didn’t appear until a couple minutes later.

‘Cuz I’m a genius.’

‘Stop fucking around’

‘That’s as much as you’ll get girlie.’

You sighed, knowing the question was a dead end.


‘What now?’

‘I..’ You hesitated,

‘I don’t know where to go.’

‘You honestly think that’s my problem?’

‘Hey you took the time to save my ass’

‘I know you care’

‘What if I was feeling nice for a couple of minutes huh?’

‘Well, I hope you’re still feeling nice.’

You were about to give up when he didn’t answer ten minutes later. But then you heard a slight buzz.

‘No one is safe.’

‘Not even me, so if you’re thinking that you can escape from all this shit you’re wrong.’

’Yeah I took the time to save you but don’t think for a second that I’d save you again.’

‘Remember, it’s every man for himself.’

You scoffed.

‘Ok asshole.’

‘I was doing a favor for both of us.’

‘Good luck trying to find someone like me out there. Wherever the hell you are anyway.’

You stood up, turning off the phone when you felt a vibration.


‘What the hell do you want?’

‘Don’t be a dumbass and go in opposite of the hoard. You’ll be glad you did.’

‘So now you’re trying to help me?’

‘Take it or not.’

You hesitated to question them, but they were right about the hoard. They could be right again.

‘Where are you leading me?’

’You are in no position to ask that.’

‘Then how the fuck am I supposed to know you aren’t trolling me?’

‘Just trust me.’

’Fool me once, shame on you.’

You shoved the phone in your pocket, gathering your stuff before walking down the hill. You took a deep breath as you stood at the end of the road. “What crazy shit have I gotten myself into now?”

—End Prologue—