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There are people out there that they’ve never heard any kpop song ever besides Gangnam Style. They don’t know Big Bang, EXO, Super Junior, BTS, 2NE1, SNSD, f(x), Got7, Mamamoo. They don’t know Mirotic or Ring Ding Dong 😱. They are not aware of legends!!! That’s sad…. I don’t know what my life would be right now without kpop… Like would I even watch Knowing Bros?!? Kpop is great ok? Definitely not perfect but still pretty fucking amazing. Stan kpop, stan legends!!!

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I-Magazine Fashion Face Award Year 2016 - Asian Male 

#1 Lee Gikwang (Korean actor/idol)

#2 Jackson Wang (Korean/Chinese idol/entertainer)

#3 Park Chan Yeol (Korean idol/actor)

#4 Daren Wang (Taiwanese actor)

#5 Choi Seung Hyun  (Korean idol/actor)

#6 William Chan (Chinese actor)

#7 Keisuko Asano (Japanese model)

#8 Mario Maurer (Thai model)

#9 Lee Dong Wook (Korean actor)

#10 Mong Jong Hyun (Korean actor)

#11 Dylan Kuo  (Taiwanese actor)

#12 Hwang Zitao (Chinese singer)

#13 Ray Ma (Chinese actor)

#14 Choi Min Ho  (Korean idol/entertainer)

#15 Ka Chen Tung (Taiwanese actor)

#16 Choi Si won (Korean idol)

#17 Lee Soo Hyuk (Korean actor)

#18 Soo Kang Joon (Korean actor)

#19 Park Bo Gum (Korean actor)

It’s like carbonara, caramel macchiato and cheesecake. Carbonara is greasy but you fall for it; macchiato is so sweet that when I’m listening to it [Kyuhyun’s voice] my heart seems to be tenderly soothed. No other person has a voice like yours in this world, you’re my only Super Star Top Idol.
—  Changmin’s description of Kyuhyun’s vocal ability. 

[TRANS ]Kyuhyun twitter update with - Minho & Changmin 140710:

간만에 셋이 모인 동슈샤~~ 촹규밍^^ 씬나씬나 착한식당 ㅋㅋㅋ 령구 보고있나

trans- Dong-Su-Sya* who gathered after a long time~~ Chwang-Kyu-Ming^^ Having at a good restaurant ㅋㅋㅋ Ryeongu are you looking at this 

*Tn: He combined the first words of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and SHINee

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Translation Credit; 13elievesg

Minho's Inteview for CeCi December (FULL)

CECI: It’s my first time seeing someone looking good with a strawberry headgear. What event was it?
Minho: I’m close with Dong Bang Shin Ki’s (Choikang) Changmin and Super Junior’s (Cho) Kyuhyun that we always lump together. During this concert <SMTown Live World Tour III in Tokyo Special Edition> we sang the song “Ichigo” by a Japanese group “Yuzu”. With the hyungs idea, the 3 of us made the strawberry masks by ourselves and appeared ((with them))

CECI: The response must have been good
Minho: It was better than I thought so I’m happy (laughs). For SMTown’s concert, artists usually come up with stages the want to collaborate with each other. Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO etc if everyone gathers, the scale is enormous. Everyone’s so busy that it’s hard to meet even once. So it’s a time where we can get excited. It’s a festival where we can enjoy with fans.

CECI: They say for office workers, a get-together is also a business extension. But SMTown can be a festival too
Minho: it’s even exciting than a normal performance. Really exciting. (Lee)Teukie hyung and Eunhyuk hyung’s did the MCs and did a very good job in leading the atmosphere. It’s like they were gifted with it. (laughs)

CECI: Your smiling feature is very nice. As you are well aware that you’re gifted with looks, what genes are you mentally thankful for?
Minho: My parents guided me that I should have positive thoughts. To not get twisted, trimming me well to let me sprawl out ((this is basically him saying his parents raised him well but using poetic language :x )), this is a huge happiness and a blessing for me.

CECI: 10 years later when your junior ((child)) is born, what would you pass on to them?
Minho: My aim is to give my children the same method of education my parents gave me. I’ll definitely want to root for what my child is good at.

CECI: Even while searching reports on seeing you or interviews, there’s only praises on your good character
Minho: I’ve never showed a side of me that’s beyond what I have or fabricated. Luckily, I’ve never received any stress on having to do that. I’ll be nice if I can show the side of me that is off the camera and if people like that side of me, then I’ll be even more thankful. Because I believe that I should basically enjoy while working, I’m at ease. And to continue doing it like now in the future too

CECI: You’re really perfect. What aspect do you hope your child would not resemble you in?
Minho: It’ll be good if they can wake up properly in the morning. Among my family ((members)), I’m the only who sleeps a lot in the morning so it’s tiring. But since I’m living as SHINee, my manager wakes me up, or the member who wakes up first wakes me up. It’s a part of my job that I’m really thankful for. (Onew: What are you saying?) I love you, hyung. What I’m saying is that there’s someone who can’t wake up although he wants to wake up (laughs)

CECI: I know how you feel (laughs) Pick something you desire from the other SHINee members
Minho: I actually don’t know much about machines ((or electronics)), I’m using only the basic functions in my phone and can’t do stuff like updating by myself. Even though I can’t be an early adopter like Key, it’ll be good if I can become someone who is digitally suitable with time. ((stay up-to-date digitally)) In this age, it’s a pity to have a shortage of knowledge on technology as a young person.

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