hey guys!

major update here: SO my broken laptop is able to have some files recovered thanks to a family friend and their IT guy which im SUPER RELIEVED about…

the bad news is the laptop itself is completely donezo. ive already been without one for a month now and thankfully, my roommate has been nice enough to let me occasionally use hers, but it is a dire necessity while im here on campus- especially while im working on my senior thesis research!

ANYWAY, i was hoping to offer some traditional commissions in the meantime to try and earn some money to buy a new one ASAP- and even digital commissions if you dont mind the wait until i actually get the laptop! 


sketches: 15$ full body (up to two characters)

inked: 25$ full body (up to two characters) 

note: as for color, i am currently out of watercolor paper and on sketch paper watercolor doesnt work so well, BUT if you seriously are interested in some simple color than i can do that

also note: if you want a traditional commission and you would like it physically mailed to you instead, i can do that too!

(digital commissions for those willing to wait are normal prices as listed in my commission info)

shoot me an email @ if youre interested!!