I recently went to a Google Resume Workshop that was primarily aimed towards software engineering students, but I think a lot of these tips could be useful for any resume! I decided I’d make this little post to share some of what I learned and hopefully help some of you get that job you’ve been wanting!

- ̗̀ Header  ̖́-

  • Full name at the top, generally bolded or slightly larger
  • Beneath your name you want to put all of your contact info
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • LinkedIn link
    • Github link
    • Any other relevant link or contact info

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Soo Silver shares the same VA as Timon (Quinton Flynn)… It had to be done

This is set in the Sonic forces universe, and I lowkey kinda want something like this to happen. I’ll be coloring this someday, and maybe a small animation of itr as well

Also my first time drawing classic sonic

Feel free to color this just as long as you credit me :D



this is a fanvideo about macdennis and chardee and about how sad and permanent the gang’s situation is and i worked very hard on it so please give this a watch!

anonymous asked:

hey scribs! i've been to a couple of your streams and i noticed that your spotify play bar is pinned to the top of your desktop - do you know how to get it to do that? :0

  1. click the “+” in the sources box
  2. click “window capture”
  3. make sure to have the window you want to capture visible in the background
  4. hold down alt to crop the window
  5. resize if needed and ur done

this is what mine looks like all done btw:

hope this helped!!


having chani as your boyfriend:

  • this youngin would be a blushing mess all the damn time
  • like if u caught him staring at u he would instantly crumble into a cute pile of embarassment (and that would be a lot bc i swear this boy would stare all the time)
  • the members would know that if they wanted to get him off his game, all they would have to do is say your name (this would cost the competitive maknae to lose numerous v live games)
  • would go from evil demon maknae to soft boyfriend in seconds upon u entering the room
  • would be v v v v shy to show any type of skinship in front of the guys bc he knows he would get roasted but he would sneakily hold ur hand behind his back or somethin like that
  • wouldn’t be very for pet names lowkey just bc he likes the sound of ur name so much (like music to his ears)
  • when u guys were just chillin without anyone else, his favorite position would be his head in ur lap while u stroke his hair
  • would be so cuddly n soft in private
  • soft soft soft soft
  • ok i’m done
  • this boy would definitely be a boob guy
  • hands down
  • no questions asked
  • kang chanhee = boob guy
  • i feel like he’d really enjoy just resting his head on ur chest and staying there for a rlly long time
  • *hyperventilates* idk if i’m ready for this but…….. chani…… *takes deep breath* would be a cuddling god
  • there is no question that if u were spooning, he would be the little spoon
  • but, this boy would prefer to face u and snuggle his little head in ur chest and just stay there forever
  • i also feel like he’d make little pleased noises bc he’s just so comfy
  • but he’d also leave ur chest for a second to look up at u with lil puppy eyes and tell u that he loved u (and u would probably die right then and there REST IN PEACE)
  • ok
  • i’m dead now
  • bye

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Finally, it’s done

This comic is based on this joke @3stargins told me around a year ago…I started working on this back when I wasn’t used to the tablet yet so the lineart is kinda wonky but I’m too tired to go back and re-make the whole thing. 

so here you go, a silly joke that took way too long to be finished 

many highlights from Petals to the Metal from a first-time TAZ listener
  • also featuring some bits from the lunar interlude immediately preceding petals to the metal
  • garfield the deals wizard, the first inter-dimensional cross-podcast asshole
  • magnus acquired a pet goldfish and named him lord steven q fletcher esquire the goldfish the third, which is just a bonkers name to saddle a poor goldfish with
  • the director calling the bureau of balance, her own organization that she is in charge of, “the shadowy cabal” was primo nonsense
  • travis: “so griffin, should we assume that these vines might be relevant to the story?“ “no, you land and then you go to mark’s house and you just kick it there”
  • "this is a very one percent town” yeah griffy i didn’t think this fucking town called Gold Cliff is running on a shortage of fanciness or anything
  • in the lunar interlude right before this arc, magnus found and paid for a fucking object at the Fantasy Costco called “the Lens of Straight Creeping” and I want to ask some fucking questions of the living human person who made that up
  • taako: “lets put it this way: you can understand us when we say the word ‘voidfish’?” captain bane: “…….yep” i think this dude already hates the grubby grifters
  • captain captain bane runs a fucking meta-level inception fancast of his own about the grubby grifters being the only fucking bureau of balance employees to ever accomplish a goddamn thing
  • clint always just casually says the phrase “Extreme Teen Bible” as if its NOT the most fucking ridiculous nonsense a grown adult man could possibly say
  • the part-tree, part-ant tree-ant called trent
  • “I’m going to cast Scorching Ray on Trent” “ARE YOU SCORCHING RAY?” “who wants to know?"”the funny part is that dad has never listened to mbmbam”
  • they decided to attempt diplomacy with this poor tree-ant bank guard AFTER they started chopping him to bits and not before
  • the amount of shit they have to go through just to open a goddamn lockbox, like okay, OUTSMART THE BOX, DUDES, ITS AN INANIMATE OBJECT AND YOU ARE HUMAN PEOPLE WITH BRAINS
  • the mcelboys were like “dad can we have a fourth brother to play dnd with us” and clint got to drop the most top notch goddamn jon snow joke on them
  • Petals to the Metal: Audrey II’s Ultimate Revenge
  • “I want everyone to notice that I’m wearing Me Undies..oh no, wait, I’m wearing Ye Undies” this cross-podcast pollination is hilarious
  • taako: “we’re looking for someone called the Raven, and she has a raven mask, so maybe…she’s a fan” taako, the fucking idiot of this campaign
  • the raven casting both thunder wave AND thorn whip against the grubby grifters pretty much makes this a pokemon au
  • sloane and hurley were both amazing and i can’t believe griffin didn’t understand how cool his own creations were. he made me feel real human emotions. why must he play god in this way
  • captain captain bane can’t ask hurley if she’s dating the raven “because of the HR concerns” like even griffy’s npcs are trying to be respectful
  • magnus, why are you trying to Steal right in front of a goddamn cop
  • griffin: “-cars, and by cars I mean battle wagons” x100000
  • travis: “griffin, i don’t wanna tell you how to do your job, but most of the time DMs let people roll, instead of just trying to bullshit their way through scenes”
  • griffin: “magnus has one spell card and it just says ‘punch’….'roll to punch’”
  • the hammerhead gang, aka the target of the most poorly thought out infiltration detour in all of bullshit dnd history
  • the grubby grifters commit murder and instantly double down on the murder by discussing all their options of COMMITTING A COVERUP
  • klaarg came back so now I’m convinced Everyone will end up coming back in some way. hopefully my favorite npc Jenkins the Shitty Train Butler can come back too
  • griffin: “yeah, they’re breathing” magnus: “GREAT, TIME TO GO!”
  • griffin right after reading a jumbotron message: “I have never been showered with burritos by my older siblings, except for that time where they literally threw burritos at me at a taco bell……..I don’t like to talk about the taco bell incident”
  • taako: “this was definitely our least fatal conflict we have ever had in our entire lives”
  • griffin: “it’s a…really big…….metal…wrench” justin: “DILDO!” griffin: “DAMMIT!” clint: “too many pauses”
  • justin: “Everything’s for keepsies if you’re sneaky about it”
  • griffin: “yeah taako, you get a special situation too to see if you can UNFUCK this situation”
  • garyl is a pure, beautiful, innocent….deus-ex-machina NONSENSE of a creature
  • “diet dr. fantasy pepper” is my kind of fantasy soda
  • hurley’s frustrated “WHERE YOU BEEN???” aka hurley continuing the trend of npcs reluctantly allying with the grubby grifters and then regretting all their life choices
  • I have spent ten goddamn years of my fucking life listening to these assholes battle A VERITABLE MENAGERIE of battle wagons and yet sloane remains somewhere iN THE WIND and im like great, mcelboys, you’re really testing my love for your content, MOVE IT THE FUCK ALONG
  • somehow the idiot taako managed to PERMANENTLY charm poor klaag and im like this poor bastard will be permanently blinded to the truth, which is that taako is a goddamn idiot and not worthy of his permanent magical adoration
  • oh god, taako instantly takes advantage of his colossal fuckup by asking klaarg to put himself in danger on taako’s behalf, hey justin….you’re being an asshole!
  • griffin: “there’s actually a lot of buttons on the dashboard, there’s not one that says ‘press here to deus ex machina’“ griffin says this like he’s not the literal god of this little world
  • merle: “I AM WEED-BE-GONE”
  • griffin: “okay, it’s fire damage, which plants DON’T love” its a goddamn pokemon au, yall
  • Petals to the Metal: Audrey II’s Ultimate Revenge: THE SEQUEL
  • griffin: “uh, the sun basically comes out of the end of your umbra staff” damn. i gotta get me an umbrella like that
  • i really gotta question the efficacy of the Bureau of Well Our Job Is To Acquire These World-Fucking Relics and Yet We Keep Sending Three Magical Morons To Get The Job Done
  • this mad max wasteland style fucking chariot race featuring way too many assholes in animal masks and lots and lots of accidental murder and a heroic sacrifice was a goddamn TRIP AND A HALF

Can I get an Amen?

ooc:: Wip is a wip *shot* 
This is gunna be a bitch to line and color *sobs*
At least I got the background done

This was a piece for Chapter 2 but since life got in the way I never could finish it till now ;v; <3
Once it’s finished I will post the finished product










subtle charm for your window

i recently came up with an idea for a simple charm/spell that im gonna share here step for step. it can be used for any intention, and can be put on any glassy surface.

the two most important things youll need are window paint like this

youll need one for the outlines (i have a black one here) and for coloring the inside you can use as many colors as you want. these are usually available in any art supply store or even really basic stores for school and crafts supplies for children (i think theyre not more than 2$ per tube usually but not sure)

then youll also need a sheet protector (the things you use for keeping papers and documents and stuff) like this

apart from those two things, all you need is stuff to help charge your charm, what you use for that is completely up to you- it can be herbs, spices, rocks, feathers, tarot cards, literally anything that you can fit into the sheet protector works. just pick some things that you have available and correspond with your intended purpose and youll be fine.


so first what you need to do is decide what image you want to use. it can be any animal, plant, object, symbol, it can even depict a person or deity. you dont really need artistic skills for this as long as the image you pick isnt too complicated.

all you gotta do then is paint your chosen image on the sheet protector

since i am making my charm for protection and warding off evil spirits, and they are also my favorite plants, i decided to go with a cactus as my image.

heres what it looks like when the outlines are done

this will take approximately an hour or a little more to dry (as you can see i put a sheet of paper inside the sheet protector. thats because i drew the cactus on the paper first so all id have to do is trace the lines, to make it easier)

after an hour of drying you can fill in the colors as well

then it should look like this (or hopefully yours will be prettier and not as messy as mine lmao)

once youre done painting your image, you can take all your ingredients you wanna charge it with into the sheet protector (i already did that in the above image). i used various herbs and spices, a cactus needle, a rune stone, and i also wrote my intention on a piece of paper and folded it up and put it in as well.

the finished painting will take around 24 hours to completely dry. simply let it sit with all the ingredients inside like that, and let it charge.

once the whole thing is dry, you can just pull the picture off of the plastic (it shouldnt be hard to do but it can rip if youre forceful) and then stick it to a window, or any glassy surface (you dont need any glue or whatever, these colors are specifically made for sticking to glass by themselves once theyre dry)

there you go! a simple charm that you can put on any glassy surface.


what i specifically like about this is

- that it can be used by closeted witches as well since no one will be suspicious about it, and even if someone asks about it you can just say its for decorative purpose.

- that you can use any motive that fits your purpose, be it a plant, animal, person, deity, symbol, etc. if you dont have to hide your craft you can even just flat out use a sigil

- you can charge it with anything you like, so if youre naturally more drawn to herbs you can just use that, or if you feel more comfortable using rocks, use those. anything that works for you, and fits into the sheet protector, will do just fine.

- it can fit many different purposes, depending on what you charge it with. for windows id suggest things that deal with either protection and warding, or things like inviting spirits/friendly people/customers/etc into you home, for mirrors you could use them to boost confidence/beauty/etc, or for car windows (in places where they dont have any impact on your view of course) they can be charged with safety, protecting you from accidents, or helping with quick rides and avoiding getting stuck in traffic. basically, whatever you can come up with, and whatever resonates with you, you can use.


if anyone wants to do this for themselves and decides to share it on here, feel free to tag me in it! id love to see what you guys do with it, and what you come up with.

Raise a skull to freedom
Something they can never take away
No matter what they tell us

So I finally managed to finish my second part of the @lesmisartcollab and this time this wonderful lineart was done by @pilferingapples.

So if you had seen my first one which is right here, you’d notice that the colouring styles differ greatly. It’s not out of favouritism I’d donethis but I wanted the colouring style to fit the art style and this particular lineart I was given gave me a more watercolour portrait effect. It really was a lot of fun to work on this though and I loved seeing these versions of Bahorel, Courfeyrac and Jehan.

Thanks so much for such an enjoyable art collab! I hope you like what I did with it!

Thank you again for the request!Hope you  liked it

any grammatical errors tell me


  • Well they had a fight
  • Like every other couple have
  • Normal
  • They passed that phase
  • Of course, MC was a little too rough in this fight
  • Zen was just being attacked
  • Mc is a beast!
  • But now, everything was alright
  • That fight was like, 1 week ago
  • They are the lovely couple again
  • But you are with a guilty consciousness
  • You should not have said all those things
  • That he don’t was talented, only beautiful, that people only love him for his face, not for his performances
  • That his career will never go further
  • In the moment of the discussion, Zen was destroyed
  • They were fighting because he is always on the rehearsal
  • He was trying so hard, to be better
  • And she was saying that he never gonna be better
  • That hurts
  • If any other person say this to him, he will prove that the person is wrong
  • But it was you
  • His princess
  • The love of his life
  • It hurts so much
  • But now everything is fine!
  • Right..?
  • No..
  • That guilty consciousness  is bigger and bigger
  • You just can’t take anymore
  • You have to say sorry, you have to talk about  it, this is killing you!
  • When Zen come back from rehearsals ,he go towards you and kiss your cheek
  • “Hello princess, i’m back, sorry for being late, i will take a shower ok?”
  • You just nodded, every time he comes back from rehearsals, you remember the discussion, you see him walking towards the bathroom 
  • “W-Wait…ZEN!”
  • He turns to you, giving a gentle smile that killed you even more
  • “I..Want to talk about that fight that we had”
  • “Why you want to talk about this,baby?Let this remain in the past”
  • He said laughting, he don’t know how is hard to you let this fight get away from your mind
  • “NO!" 
  • You scream sad, he is surprised by the scream you gave
  • "No…I need to talk about it..”
  • You said a little more calm, and he just, sits in a chair, giving all his attention to you
  • And you look at him, Understanding that he is letting you talk
  • “The things that i said to you,you know that i don’t thing any of these things..Right?”
  • But before he could even answer, you just starts crying
  • “I’m so so sorry, i know how hard you’re trying right now!”
  • You just starts to cry a lot, and Zen can’t stay still and run to you hugging you
  • “It’s  okay babe…Don’t cry”
  • “No it’s not!I was so bad for you!I’m so sorry Zen…I’m sorry,i’m sorry…”
  • You said crying, repeating how sorry you are over and over again, and Zen just hold you tightly
  • “Don’t cry babe…Please i hate to see you cry”
  • He said kissing all over your face and wiping the tears of your face while you keep saying how sorry you are
  • After a  few minutes of conversation about how sorry you were, him saying he was not even mad or sad anymore for all of that
  • You two say at each other how much you love each other.
  • “Well…You’re feeling better princess?”
  • You give him a little smile
  • “Yes Zen…I feel so much better now”
  • “Great then.
  • He gets up from the couch, and looks at you
  • “I will go to the bath..”
  • He give you a little smirk,extending a hand for you
  • “Do you mind joining me?”


  • It’s really hard to even think of hurt this precious baby
  • But MC was really harsh with him one night
  • Now he was really focusing in his studies, but in one night he was playing LOLOL, screaming at his teamates loudly
  • He was so focused in the game that he dind’t remember that you’re sleeping
  • Damn it Yoosung
  • When you wake up, you tought that he has been doing this every night
  • But you didn know that was only sometimes
  • The room was a mess because of that
  • Damn it Yoosung 2
  • You start screaming at him, but he was not even hearing you
  • Then you get up of your bed and unplug his computer
  • “Hey why you–Ugh…Hey Mc…Did i wake you up?I’m sor–”
  • Before he could talk
  • Saying that he never will be a man, saying he will never ever be successful
  • That he still a little child
  • These  words hit Yoosung like hell
  • He starts to reply , saying that  you are not giving him credit for what he already was accomplish
  • “What  Yoosung?What are you accomplish?A new rank in LOLOL?”
  • He just can’t believe in that, he just run to another room
  • You just lies down on bed
  • The next day he just apologize for waking you up the other night
  • Everything seems good
  • But everyday after that fight, your mind keep remembering the things you said
  • And seem him so focused at his studies, too focused, just because of the things you said
  • You’re feeling like a trash
  • Until one day you sit besides him while he was studying
  • For the fifth time only that afternoon
  • While he was reading, focused, you keep looking at his damaged eye
  • Look what he did for you
  • And you called him a child
  • Stupid MC.
  • “Yoosung..”
  • He looks at you almost instantly
  • Never matters what he is doing
  • If you call, he is there
  • I love him
  • “What it is dear?”
  • He said giving a smile, that beautiful smile of his
  • “I want to talk about…That fight we had in that night”
  • “But why my love?I already say that i’m sorry for that”
  • “But i didn’t apologize”
  • “What?”
  • He laughs getting a little closer to you
  • “Apologize for wh–”
  • “…Mc are you crying?”
  • Yes you are, like a waterfall, all this fault was in you
  • He did not know what to do, he was so surprised to see you cry like this
  • “I’M SORRY!I’m seeing you studying more than you actually need to, because i was and idiot that was only angry that you waked me up with that game…Which you have all the right to play after all that you have done!”
  • He was happy to hear those words, really, she recognize what he has done
  • This was really, really, satisfactory
  • But he don’t want to see his love crying because of one thing that she said while she was angry
  • “I’m sorry…So sorry…I’m don’t know why i said those things…I’m sorry…Sorry”
  • He just give to her a little sad smile while she was apologizing and kissed her cheek making her stop apologizing
  • “I’m relieve then…I can stop studying a little!”
  • She just…Gives a genuine smile
  • “Yoosung..”
  • She said while whipe her tears while he keeps looking at her, waiting for what she have to say
  • “Want to play a game?”
  • And then, everything  was great between them


  • You know this man loves you, right?
  • You are the first love of him, and probably the last
  • Jumin has some behavior that makes you really angry
  • Like him trying to say what you should wear, do, feel
  • Not even Elizabeth listen to him, why you should?
  • You usually  just say to him that he needs to stop
  • And he stops
  • But one day you was really, really stressed
  • Even Elizabeth knows it
  • And Jumin just came late at night, seeing you with a shirt that was dirty with some drink
  • And a messy hair
  • He starts lecturing you, saying that tomorrow he will let a dress to you wear, and will make a appointment for you in some hair stylist
  • And he even sayed that he is thinking what other hairstyles would suit you better
  • Usually you just cut him out, and he stops
  • But you want blood
  • wanna fight?!
  • get out here Elizabeth or you will see your owner die
  • “Why you don’t  find a psychiatrist for you?”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • You gets up, laughing angrily
  • “Yes, you are so messed up in the head i think you may need it”
  • Before he could talk you just continues
  • “I’m not your pet , you spoiled little brat, i will do everything that comes to my head, and even if you throw me out , thats fine, i know that a stubborn like you would never find another idiot to be here,you know why i know this?”
  • You just gets closer to a paralized Jumin
  • “Because nobody likes you, not even your own cat”
  • And with that, you just go to the bedroom, and with a click ,you sleep
  • The next day, he just behaves normally
  • You was sure that he would at least say something
  • But nothing
  • He was normal, but you, you aren’t
  • You need to say you’re sorry
  • Ok
  • He was wrong,but you know he was slowly getting better
  • After 3 days
  • You just can’t act like nothing happened
  • He was sit on the couch, petting Elizabeth
  • You make your way to him and just give one look to Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth go away like
  • “Ok ok, serious  conversation, imma out”
  • Jumin looks at you while you’re sitting down besides him
  • “Jumin, we need to talk about that fight.”
  • His eyes turn into sadness
  • “Mc i’m sorry, i want to ignore that fight, please forgive me, don’t go away”
  • Jumin Han the weak 
  • You look at him and starts to cry, a lot, like, really, a lot
  • “Jumin, you were wrong, but the things i said..Was terrible,i’m so sorry!”
  • You just said crying, like Yoosung, Jumin just..Don’t know what to do
  • Mc the weak
  • “I love you Jumin, i’m sure your father and Elizabeth loves you too, the RFA…You are an incredible man,that’s why i love you so much and that’s why i’m married to you’
  • His  heart just stopped
  • "I’m so sorry for everything Jumin, sorry please..Forgive me”
  • He gets closer to you quicky and kiss you
  • A passionatly and wet kiss because of your tears
  • When you two finally broke apart
  • He just smile
  • “But never use a dirty shirt again,specially if it’s white”
  • He winked as he gets closer and Elizabeth just jump in the couch again
  • Nice timing (not)


  • Jaehee was stressing herself with work
  • Again
  • She was making the dawn cafe a nightmare
  • You tell her over and over again that she needs to calm herself down
  • “Go to sleep Jaehee”
  • “What is sleep?”
  • She is really stubborn
  • You guys was nearly married and she still say “friends” sometimes
  • Stop
  • Gayhee
  • When you wakes up in the middle of the night and see that she still looking for something that she can improve in the cafe
  • You got really angry at her
  • She was deaf?
  • “JAEHEE!”
  • Jaehee looks at you
  • And then the fight started
  • “Jaehee are you deaf?How many times that i need to tell you THAT YOU NEED TO SLEEP”
  • “MC if you don’t worry about our cafe,i do”
  • “What?You’re worrying too much, this is suppose to be something relaxing, and you are making it a HELL”
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “This place looks like a prison, this is supposed to be something fun, a thing that both of us like!You know what…Maybe being only your friend was not a bad ideia, you are really boring compared to the guys
  • You say in the anger, and go to the bedroom, not even thinking of going back and say that you’re sorry
  • But after that day
  • You regret saying those things
  • And regret even more for not say how sorry you were for it
  • But Jaehee finally looks like she listened to you
  • She was going to bed early, being more calm with everything
  • But she seem a little sad , hurt, when you two talk
  • This only makes you feel even more bad than ever
  • Then you decides
  • You will talk to her
  • She was cleaning the cafe while you walked toward her
  • “Jaehee..”
  • She turns to you
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “You know…About that night..”
  • “Mc i understand that you keep thinking about that, but i’m already doing the things you suggested,do you have any other thing that is annoying you right now?”
  • “Yes…”
  • “What?”
  • Then suddenly you start to cry
  • “That i didn’t apologize”
  • Oh poor MC
  • She said a little mean things to her, but she knows she didn’t mean all those things
  • When Jaehee opens her mouth to talk about how everything was alright 
  • MC start to speak again
  • “I love you just the way you are Jaehee, i’m so sorry for all those things!I was just worried about your health, i just don’t want to loose you!”
  • You say while so many tears fall from your eyes 
  • Jaehee just …Smile, while hearing your apologizes
  • She puts her hand in your cheeks and you look at her, don’t saying anything anymore
  • “I love you too MC”
  • She planted a calm kiss on your lips
  • “And i’m sorry for making you worried”
  • She smiles, you smiled
  • Everything was just smiles!
  • “But you don’t think we need more tables?”
  • Jaehee..For fuck’s sake


  • Ok
  • Seven make you laugh
  • Like every time
  • I love him
  • Everything is perfect
  • Except when he just lock himself in his room
  • Work work work
  • Sometimes he is just too grumpy
  • You say HELLO
  • and he is like
  • Get out
  • And the other day he is like
  • Bipolar
  • But in one unfortunate day, the two of you were grumpy
  • Saeran was like, the most calm person in there
  • But he just locks himself in his room
  • You know, if you or seven yell at him, he will kill you two
  • You are really mad at Seven for being in his damn computer the entire day
  • When he finally gets out with that face of someone who hates the world
  • You just don’t feel intimated
  • Come at me
  • He realize that you’re looking at him with a angry face
  • “What are you looking at?Don’t you having something better to do?”
  • “Why you just didn’t came to talk to me until now Seven?”
  • “Because unlike you, i have something to do,excuse me”
  • And he start to walk away
  • Saeran was about to yell at him because of how he was treating you
  • He was there, he don’t lock himself in his room
  • Yet
  • But before that, you yell Seven’s name, and he looks at you
  • Saeran is surprised, maybe he will stay there
  • Some man just wants to watch the world burn
  • Reference
  • “Why are you acting like this?You look just like a damn child! Talk to me goddammit !Stop with this grumpy face, and stops spending all the day in that room!Maybe is this the reason why everybody gets out of your life, and maybe your brother will be better without you!”
  • The expression of Seven change to grumpy…To surprise
  • Saeran was like
  • OMG 
  • But even him, knows you was really harsh
  • “You know what?GO BACK TO THAT ROOM SEVEN,everybody is better WITHOUT YOU”
  • And with this, he do what you asked
  • You was proud
  • You was like 
  • Hell yeah
  • try me Saeran
  • I’ll punch you too
  • But Saeran just looks at you with a face that says:
  • You fucked up 
  • But you just didn’t care
  • Ok you was harsh
  • You are right, but you are really harsh

  • Ok the other day you do care
  • Omg
  • You wakes up filled with regret 
  • You don’t see besides you…He was still working?
  • Ok, then he deserves what you said yesterday
  • When you go to the kitchen, he was there, with Saeran, and pancakes
  • Real food
  • “Good morning my looove ~~ Your God made you pancakes!”
  • You look at him, he has a big smile in his face,and you look at Saeran 
  • He is just eating
  • Looks like yesterday didn’t even happen
  • You wished it didn’t happen
  • But it did
  • And you just froze by everything
  • “Honey..?Are you alright?”
  • You look at Seven, and start to cry
  • Saeran and Seven looks surprised by it
  • “I’m sorry for the things i’ve said yesterday, i know what your work needs attention, but i hate when make you feel grumpy and be in that room for the entire day….I’m so sorry…I was an idiot for saying such things..I just..Really missed you…!”
  • You said, with tears falling and falling from your eyes
  • He just hugs you
  • “Honey don’t cry…You will get dehydrated”
  • You give a little laught for that, and he puts his forehead to yours, smilling
  • “I’m sorry too honey, i love you”
  • “I love you too Saeyoung”
  • You two just starts to give each other a little kiss after a “i love you”
  • Saeran is just like
  • Ugh
  • I will lock myself now
  • I lost my appetite


  • This precious man
  • It’s hard to be mad at him
  • I don’t even how i’m going to write this
  • But this precious man refuses to get a surgery from his eyes
  • Everytime you see his eyes
  • You remember how much he are suffering because of it
  • But V always say that is okay
  • But you know it’s a struggle for him
  • But he is so stubborn
  • This relationship is full with “but”
  • You see him struggling even more to walk without hitting any other object
  • everytime you try to help him, asking if he got hurt, he looks at you smiling saying it was fine
  • The bruise can be bleeding, but he always says it was “fine”
  • But you had enough, when you asked if he hurted himself, when he clearly did, he says “No ,it’s fine”
  • He got a little scared about this sudden scream
  • “Mc..Please..Jus–”
  • “Don’t even try to say "calm down” ,you are acting like a idiot right now, stop, you are turning a burden for yourself, do this damn surgery! I want to stop being so damn worried about you, i know you keep crying every night trying to sleep,stop with this!“
  • "Mc i already said th–”
  • “That you will not do the surgery?Ok fine, then don’t, but don’t think of hold me here,because you gonna be a burden to me after you turn completly blind”
  • With this , you storm away to the bedroom
  • And V is paralized
  • His vision is even more blurry now
  • Wait…Did he suddenly turns even more blind?
  • Oh no..
  • It is tears.
  • The other day you get up and go to the living room after realizing V wasn’t in your side
  • You see a blanket in the couch, he slept in there
  • When you turn you see him arriving home with a cellphone in hands
  • He must have gone talk to someone and don’t want to wake you up
  • “Oh hi love..”
  • He gives that beautiful smile 
  • And you are being hit with your own memories 
  • The things you said…Oh god
  • “V about yesterday…”
  • “I should have told you that it wasn’t fine…I understand that i will be a burden to y–”
  • You say with tears falling from your eyes, a lot of tears
  • “I’m so sorry V…You being blind is not a burden to me…But you lying is…If you turn completly blind , you will need my help, and with yours lies…Will be very hard…I’m sorry for all the things i said..But i love you, i will try my best, i promise..”
  • You said drowning in your own tears and he just laughs with tears in his eyes
  • “It will be no need for this.”
  • You look at him confused
  • “Why..?”
  • “I talked with Jumin,i will make the surgery”
  • You start crying again, with tears of joy, and you jump in his arms
  • You two are crying, smiling
  • A lot of love promisses were made that day


  • Ok this boy likes to fight
  • A lot
  • But with you?fight with you?!
  • No..
  • He don’t want to
  • You always think that he always are a lot more calmer with you
  • and with ice cream
  • But you know sometimes bad things are going throught his mind
  • And you need to take those things away from him
  • But everytime this happen and you ask him if he was okay
  • he  just scream at you
  • “GO AWAY”
  • He knows that he need to be treated, he knows he have to speak up
  • But he don’t do it
  • And this make you suffer, and it makes him suffer too
  • Until one day 
  • You asked him if he was okay
  • He said to you, “GO AWAY”
  • And you yelled at him back “NO”
  • He looks surprised but angry with you
  • You don’t even give him time to yell back
  • He yells back, and you just are happy to do what he want,and with this you go to the bedroom, having a good night ~
  • The  next day, was not a good day
  • You are feeling like trash
  • Yell at him will not help
  • He needs your help
  • Not your yells
  • This was not going to help him
  • You know sometimes he just want to hug you and cry
  • And say how hard it is for him
  • And you know one day he will do this, but not right now 
  • You look beside you,there he is, looking at the sky, the clouds, he loves it
  • When you sit on the bed , he turns to you, noticing you are awake
  • “Oh hello princess..”
  • He looks at the clouds again
  • Seeing him so peacefully..Makes you start to cry
  • Holy shit
  • You are crying so much
  • He looks at you when he heards it
  • The words give you a K.O when you remember them
  • “Saeran…I didn’t meaning that…Please forgive me”
  • He sits beside you in the bed
  • “I’m sorry for not be strong enought sometimes”
  • “I should say that,not you”
  • You say while you grab his hands
  • “I’m so sorry Saeran, really, you don’t deserve to die alone, you are a good person with a kind heart, and i love you, i will never leave you..I’m sorry…Sorry”
  • He give you a kiss, maybe to make you shut up and stop saying how sorry you were
  • “I will forgive you with one condition..”
  • “Say it..!I will do anything”
  • He smiled
  • “I want to go to the ice cream shop”
  • You laughts
  • He is a dork
  • But you love this dork

I hope this is what you asked for,

Oh man…This got too big?

Post Apocalyptic Handicraft Tutorial #1: the Frame

A while ago, I’ve promised a tutorial on how to make some post apocalyptic chatelaines. And that tutorial will be coming up soon (goddamnit, I promise, I’m just disorganized as heck lately).

But for now, let’s have something a bit different:

… you know that feeling; you enter a house or an apartment (preferably yours [unless you’re a bandit]) and, boy, that moment when you see them: them frames, frames, frames. Made out of plastic, sometimes metal, wooden on rare occasions. And, often time, quite boring. You know what? Let’s grab the cheapest one we can get and splice it up a little Wasteland-style!

Step 1: the Frame

Well, I’ve started working before I’ve started thinking that I may as well make a tutorial, so excuse me skipping this step a little :v The thing is- whatever type of frame you can grab hold of is going to be fine. The plain, wide ones would be best. The frame I was working on is made out of Polcore which, as I’ve learned, is made out of polystyrene (hardened Styrofoam, basically) , and the material felt great to work with (but still, doesn’t Polcore sound a bit like some hardcore type of Polish music?:v) Tip: take a look around flea markets, garage sales etc. to get the best and cheapest frame base.

Step 2: the Stuff

Okay, if you, like me, are a terrible hoarder and believe there should be a birth sign called Looter located within Stalker constellation then congratulations, my friends, you can skip this step since the Stuff will be lying around in your room, cluttering all possible spaces *pushes the Stuff away from keyboard in order to type* (seriously, the mess in my room at present…) The Stuff usually consists out of various little things you often find around flea markets, DIY shops, shops with craft supplies, things you find in your garden, woods behind your house, you name it. The more Stuff, the merrier. The Stuff may be: neat glass beads, some nuts, pieces of wood, crystals, little bones, pop tabs, pieces of a broken earring, old watch parts, buttons, feathers, literally anything that picks your interest. Just look around, anything can become part of your handicraft!

Step 3: the Sketch

Place the things you think would fit your vision and place them on your frame. Tinker around, move the elements as long as necessary in order to release that crafty spirit all of us posses!


… well, if you want to hammer some nails into your frame, that is xd I took some pretty short nails but ones with wide heads so that they block the loose nuts. They make that neat clanging noise since I left some space between the heads of the nails and the nuts; this loose space will come in handy soon! Tip: use pliers. Often. When there’s both the need and no need to use them. I even utilise their help while sewing. Pliers are your brothers-in-arms when it comes to handicraft; without them, damage done to my hands would be even greater.  Take the nail, hold it with pliers, give the nail 4/5 hits, remove the pliers and hit the nail as long as needed in order for the right length to be reached and that’s that.

Nails attached to the frame? Sweet, let’s move on:

Step 6: Attaching the Stuff

You can attach almost anything anywhere. Also, I just love when things are easily modifiable; when you can attach or detach all the elements without a lot of a hassle. Tip: Take a piece of wire, tie it around the element you want to attach somewhere and, BOOM, magic done. By doing so, you can make keyrings, chatelaines, earrings, pendants, whatever you only want! Easy, efficient, glue-free; win-win situation, basically…

…unhinge the wire a little and make it hook-shaped and then…

… attach! Houston, docking complete; poehali!

Step 7: Gaze at What You Have Done

This is one of numerous possibilities; the elements are easily attachable and detachable. If you want any of them firmly in place, use the pliers to squeeze the wires around the nails. You can help yourselves with some epoxy glue as well (I’ve never trusted glue guns for some weird reason, but they should do fine, I think, if you have one lying around)

All neat and industrial— but wait, how about something more natural?

That’s what I’m talking about! You may add some gifts of Mother Nature to your post apocalyptic design-She’s a tough customer, after all!

… see?  Nature goes perfectly well with the industrial :D

Alternatively- you can use your frame as sort of wind chimes base if you want to hang it somewhere anyways (or allow your fellow rangers, wanderers, stalkers or squad mates to add some little things as well), like so:

Trust your guts, something nice will come out of all of this hammering and whatnot!

Step 8: Painting & Final Touches

I decided to paint the frame a little, sand it and cover in some varnish. Basically, this sort of style I-don’t-know-how to-call gives you infinite possibilities and a lot of space for experiments- industrial & nature, steampunk & vintage, modern & nature etc.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope this may be of some help in developing your inner handicrafter or serve simply as some fun activity; let me know if any of you guys ever try out some post apocalyptic aesthetics in your crafts.

Best wishes! (and watch your fingers) :D