lockedinabookstore  asked:

Hey have any passive aggressive I told you so!Tony recs?

Not all of these are passive aggressive Tony, some of them are more passive aggressive team Tony/ Passive Aggressive Tony’s friends.

Now my go to fic for this rec is 

Enough Rope

Currently a WIP but it updates every sunday, and I absolutely love it. 

Civil Vengeance

Also a WIP featuring flat out aggressive Tony and Clint on his side. 

The War is Far From Over

This is a Tony decides to take over the world fic also a WIP

Tony Stark Fucks off into Space

Starkquill Tony standing up for himself

What has been Done

more protective Bucky than anything else, very anti-Wanda.

Some Self Recs because I have no shame

Over It

Tony being completely done with the Avengers post Civil War

What Footage

Tony standing up for himself

Backup Present

Tony reaming out the Avengers. 

Don’t bet against the house

More protective Jarvis

If anybody wants to add more feel free :)

anonymous asked:

Can you do a tutorial on how you draw profiles/side faces?

im not really qualified to give a tutorial, since im still learning myself, but i’ll give it a shot anon!!

a basic run down of what i do is simplify the face to a basic shape, to give an idea of how i want to construct the face

after jotting that down i start to add on features. you can get a little loose w/ it as you continue if ya want

now i add the eyes and other details and im done

more examples here

there are other, more effective ways of drawing a profile, but this has been the easiest for me, i hope it helps!!!!!