donegal seascape

Crohy Head, Martello Watch Tower, Donegal

This Martello Watch Tower was built at the beginning of the 19th century on Crohey Head, Donegal It has a line of sight to the North with a similar Tower near Kincasslagh, and to the South with another Tower built on Glen Head, Glencolmcille.
50 Martello towers were built along the coastline of Ireland.
In those days the English feared that France, which was under the rule of Napoleon, would invade ‘by the back door’, and in the event of the invaders being spotted, fires would be lit on top of the towers as a signal, and the message would be passed on down the coast, across to Dublin, and a Fleet would be sent out to intercept them.
A bit like the fires in Lord of the Rings 'The Return of the King’!