• ah ro: what we love most about hotels?
  • ah ro, sun woo and han sung: FREE STUFF!
  • han sung: FREE BATHROOM STUFF!
  • ah ro: hell yeah!
  • sun woo: FREE STATIONARY!
  • ah ro: yes!
  • han sung: FREE CURTAINS!
  • ah ro: ...wait.
  • sun woo: *struggles getting the tv out of the door* FREE TV!
  • ah ro: wait! what? NO!
you might be a virgo moon if...

💭 you are highly observant and have an extraordinary natural attention to detail. you find yourself easily noticing things that others don’t; you’re definitely killer at those “spot the difference” games in magazines.

💭 you’re highly critical of yourself and overly so. people often tell you you’re too hard on yourself, but you may not see it. you’re constantly focusing on what you need to do to improve, not what you’ve already accomplished.

💭 you pride yourself in your strong work ethic, and are guilty of overworking yourself often. people tell you a lot that you need to slow down.

💭 you are very concerned with the well-being of others, and though you aren’t overly emotionally sensitive, you like to show you care with “practical service”. you help out on projects, offer meals, and buy useful material items for those you love. you refuse to ask for anything in return.

💭 you may be victim to being taken advantage of at times, due to your willingness to service others. however you are skilled at spotting this behavior, and are good at standing up for yourself.

💭 as well as that of your friends, you are concerned with the state of humanity. you may seek a job that would make a difference in the world; things such as a case worker, a police officer, or a lawyer. you want to make a difference.

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s “Spring Night” (ft. Inuyasha & Kagome) 

And dedicated to @little-known-artist // @miyori999 who I love with all my heart! I hope you have many more birthdays to come, and are filled with endless waves of inspiration  just how you’ve inspired me. Im so happy to call you my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Commission Info! 


Anndd all of my pieces for Not All Those Who Wander by londubh for the Stucky Big Bang 2016!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Steve Rogers, on leave in Scotland as the war ends, is flung forward through time. He has to choose between trying to find a way back, and making a home for himself here with reminders of his past at every turn; while Bucky is drawn to this stranger in the midst of his new life.

This boy is so distracted by love that instead of typing up his trial report he types this:

- The first couple lines of the Korean National Anthem

- “Whennnnn are we gonna be doneeeee”

- “Are you thirsty…? Should we go and buy drinks?” (he’s so nervous that he has to type out what he wants to say first oh my goodness)

- “Bae Joon-young… Ko Seo-yeon hehehe”

2/3 Commissions finished!

I’m sorry for the delay! There were some problems with my Paint Tool SAI ;u;

This one’s commissioned by @jackysmash it’s her online persona with Frisk and a long-haired Chara! 

Their outfits are designed by me <3

I hope you like it! Thank you so much for commissioning me! ;u;

Please do not re-upload this art anywhere without the artist’s and the commissioner’s permission.