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11 and each gang member

Would you say that you’ve ever legitimately hated yourself?

Ponyboy- He hates himself when he finds himself feeling jealous of the extra time Darry and Soda got to spend with their parents even though he knows its not their fault that his time with them was cut short

Soda- He hates himself whenever he pictures his mother’s face if she knew he dropped out of school

Darry- He hates himself whenever he see’s his younger brothers struggling- whether it’s Pony’s nightmares, seeing Soda wake up tired and exhausted on weekend morning to go to work, or watching his brother’s purposefully avoid looking in the cupboards because they know there was no money for groceries that week

Two-bit- Two-bit hates himself whenever he see’s his little sister waiting for their dad to come get them on the weekend and not having the heart to tell her that he’s never going to come

Steve- Already done

Dally- Dally hates himself when he sees those around him moving on with their lives and doing things while he always seemed to be stuck in the same place, doing the same things, and unable to let go of the past 

Johnny- He hates himself every time he doesn’t stand up to his parents, he knows realistically it never gets him anywhere, but the times he doesn’t say anything he feels almost as though he’s getting what he deserves 


I’m going sign up for school, my “break” has lasted long enough. If anything I’ve spent 3yrs wasting away at a job I hate in order to save up. In all honesty I have no idea what for though. I’ve lost all my social skills & feel withdrawn. I used to be outgoing, go out to shows with friends, stay up all night knowing all too well I had work at 4am. I miss me.