after years of being picked on by my mom, treated terribly, bullied by her words, and so much more i finally stood up for myself this last week. I finally let her know how much she’s done to hurt me in my life and that i wanted to live with my dad full time until i get an apartment to myself. Being the person i am, i was still going to let her use my ticket boosts account to buy her and her friend Rep tickets since the person I’m going with is buying my ticket, so i don’t need my account. Only to call her and find out that it kept going to voicemail. My brother told me she blocked me on everything. Just…why? Why do i feel like the adult in the family and she’s the one i have to keep track of and blow off all she does to me? It’s not fair.

Soooo, i sometimes pretend to be a cat. I’ve done this my entire life and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. My mom and baby bro refer to me as cat sometimes or by my cat name, Meowlcolm X. So I told my mom my tummy hurts and she asked if I needed to tell her something to which I responded, something like what. She asked me if I was carrying a litter.

In an alternate reality…

So … has this been done before??

female!Lotor is my life now XD And I’m totally shipping her with Allura. Okay and I’m shipping Allurance eversince s4. But Luro is life, too… And please don’t get me started on Lidge (or Pance)… God. I got way too many ships sailing out there.

(Also) bonus:

…. What am I doing with my life….


He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn’t your daddy.

Dear Future Me,

Remind yourself that you do not want to let your kids go through the same heart ache you felt because of your parents. Learn to tell them I’m sorry, when you are wrong, to tell them you are proud of them to their face and not to other people just to brag. Tell them that you love them regardless. Listen to their needs. Don’t hold what you’ve done for them over their heads. Don’t repeat your parents mistakes. 

Writer things

- were street lamps invented in ww2????

- how much does an arm cost tho

- Everyone is nodded. All the heads are nodding in this conversation

- wait no it was raining wasn’t it *looks back ten pages* yeah okay why did i do that

- It’s still night right?

- It’s been night for like 30 years at this point

- what’s that guy’s name again? I should know this these are my babies

- I have no idea how you guys are going to get out of this alive so figure it out kids

- *googles* how to travel across Europe during the middle ages

- effects of the bubonic plague???

- shoot, comas don’t work like I want them to. I need a convenient coma

- Everyone has the ability to quirk one eyebrow why is this

- how smart are rats

- I think they’ve sighed like 30 times now

- how do i describe what its like to run a mile I’ve never done that in my life

- Im sure its just like super hard

- No one cares about the weather stop

- i just wrote twenty pages in two hours why cant i do this in school

- everyone smirks too much but what else do i say its not a smile its too sad for that

- and now everyone is just ‘smiling sadly’.

- chuckled sounds like santa clause but laugh is too much but snickered is evil but giggled is too bubbly…

- what is the purpose of a rubber duck

- no, don’t make references this is a serious piece of literature

- “now if I reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”

- okay i need tea and music and oh wow look at that someone liked my tumblr post…

Only now do I realised school starts in a month and I've spent all my time - including an extra month I got to revise for exams - watching YouTube videos, spending it on Tumblr rebloging my gay ships, reading gay smut on Wattpad, watching Supernatural and American Horror Story, listening to music and hunting for Pokémon. And I just wanna say..... Holidays well spent