you know for a while I have been thinking that the best way to break someone via torture is to push them to their breaking point after long sessions over a large scale and then convince them they are free and safe. 

Once the fully settle into a net of relaxation and comfort again still quite raw from their wounds take them and push them again. this time they’ll probably crack relatively quick if not immediately 

I thought about having a character say this or have a character go through this in some of my writing at some point but you see this has already been done.

So I owe a debt of gratitude to those responsible for conducting a ‘little’ international experiment for me that perfectly illustrates this concept

@the100writers thank you for sating my curiosity, I wish this is a question I had never asked. 

done-owing-debts said: ((Yes you are all over Instagram and it makes me mad when you don’t get credit and I angrily shout in all caps “CREDIT TO LUFUUUUUUUU"))

Awh it makes me angry when I don’t get credit, but then I have awesome people like you who do give me credit and that makes me super happy c: