Leo: *sends picture of him with his new do*

*Ney is typing…*

Luisito: Uh.. who are you and what have you done with my Leo??…

Leo: You don’t like it?

*Ney is typing…*

Luisito: It’s not that I… I mean it’s you know.. look.. All I am saying is that

Leo: spit it out already Luis

*Ney is typing…*

Luisito: It’s just gonna take a lot of getting used to.. that’s all I am saying😶

Leo: fair enough
Leo: Ney, you have been typing for the past 10 minutes .. are you writing a novel???!?!?!

Ney: OH MY GOD!!!😱😱😱


Ney: sorry Leo, I got distracted…😳

Luisito: Are you playing Pokemon go again?

Ney: Well yes but that was not what distracted me🙈

Leo: then what?

Ney: I.. I was looking at the pic🙄

Luisito: (/_- )

*Ney added Dani*


Dani: what Club?!

*Ney sends the pic again*



Leo: ummm… sorry hermano..

Dani: You look great my big bro!! A bit weird but great! 👌👌👌

Luisito: This coming from Mr. Good crazy himself🙄

Dani: 😎😎😎😎


Luisito: God have mercy on our souls… he’s having ideas now… Do share Ney

Ney: GORDO!!! How about you dye your hair blond too and I will re-dye it blond again and we will all match!! Blond MSN!!! 😮😮😮😮😮😮

Leo: My God what have I done

Luisito: how about no.. sorry .. not happening. Nope. No way

Ney: party pooper😤 sir no fun

Luisito: shouldn’t you be doing something useful right now? You have the Olympics soon kid

Ney: I am doing something useful..

Luisito: Which is?

Ney: Photoshopping blond hair on your head 😌😌

Luisito: bye

Leo: Ney..

Ney: Yes Leo😍

Leo: Nevermind

*Dani left*

Ney: Whatsapp imitating real life right there⬆

*Ney changed the group’s name from “M🍔S🍔N🍔” to “LEO IS BLOND HOLY SHIT🍔🍔🍔”

Leo: I regret this whole thing already

*Ney added Geri*

*Ney added Masche*

Ney: GUYS LOOK!!!!

Masche: Why are you yelling?!?

*Ney sends the pic again*

Ney: THAT’S WHY!!!!



Masche: Leo.. this is what happens when you spend too much time with Daney…

Leo: Daney?

Masche: Dani and Ney..

Leo: Oh..

Ney: Heeeeyyy… cheap shot!

*Geri is typing*

Leo: Oh God he’s here….

Geri: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂what the hell😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Leo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂why😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Leo: Are you done?

Geri: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Leo: 😒

Geri: Okay I’m done
Geri: 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂
Geri: Now I am done

Masche: breathe dude

Geri: Masche.. you should dye your hair blond.. oh wait🙊

Masche: I hate you 😒

Geri: Okay guys… I’m out😂this was too much😂😂😂

*Geri left*

Masche: I’m out too.. see you soon

*Masche left*

Leo: I seriously regret this now😩

2. Part 2

Looking down at the ring, this is not what I want. I just want to get home, I am ready to blow but I can’t do it now. I am shaking, I cannot stop crying and then Chris is not answering my calls or texts. I was stuck, I had my family there, his family there. I wanted to say no, my heart was screaming no, I wanted to say no. I sobbed out “Robyn” Mel touched my leg “I made a mistake” my eyes are so sore, I can’t stop crying on my birthday “why did you say yes then, you could say no. Nobody was holding a gun to your head” she is right “what good would have that done huh? Everyone already looking at me like I am waiting for Chris all the time” a tap on the SUV window, wiping the tears away. Pressing the button to put the window down “why are you crying?” my mom said “you knew about this didn’t you mom? You just want me married, I am going to keep crying. You are all evil” putting the window back up “he is coming out now, what are you going to do?” I shrugged “I don’t know, I will let you know if I kill him. You better pick up so we can hide the body” Mel smiled “stop it, just don’t argue too much” I want to kill him, he really is deluded “I just hope Chris knows I didn’t know of this, I don’t want this. Was he crying?” Mel nodded her head “stop thinking about it now, just tell him you don’t want it” she shuffled out of the SUV.

I want to kill him, I need to calm down “touch me and I will break your hand” turning my body away from Adam “don’t fucking speak to me, let’s go” he ruined everything, the stupid idiot. Looking down at my phone, a message from Mel. Not like I wanted that, why is he not answering me, I don’t even have Mijo’ number. I want Chris to know I was never involved in that shit, it was never me. I didn’t know, staring at my messages as I sobbed out “why are you crying?” Adam asked “I said do not fucking speak to me! Don’t fucking do it” I could message Mijo on Instagram, he will answer that. Tapping on Instagram and then tapping on my Direct Messages. I hope to god Mijo is not going to ignore me too, I never knew anything. I would never hurt him that bad, I feel so awful. I just hope Mijo answers me, I need to know he is ok at least.

Closing the door behind me, pulling the ring off “I didn’t want this shit” my aim becomes impeccable when I am angry, other than that I can’t throw for shit. The ring hit the back of his head, he touched his head turning to me in shock “are you crazy!? Seriously? What is your problem? You wanted to settle, you wanted this, you said it” throwing my bag to the side “I am bleeding” blinking at him several times “you are a bastard, oh. I thought you was an angel but boy I was wrong, you were plotting on Chris. Why? Tell me motherfucker, why did you do that with Chris there” Adam turned around to walk away, his head can bleed out “no you will speak to me” running ahead of him “I don’t want to marry you Adam, I never did” he is getting so angry “nobody else will marry you? Stop being stupid, I invited Chris. Wanted to show him what he missed” I want to hit him but I won’t “missed? You motherfucker! How dare you” Adam laughed “I guess he cried and now you are? Oh come on, if he wanted you then why didn’t you get with him again? Stop thinking you have a future with him, you don’t. I treat you with respect” I snorted “your mom hates me, let’s fucking not Adam. I don’t want to marry you, you know what. I don’t even want you, this. This was nothing” he shook his head in disbelief “over Chris Brown? Your mom did say you was crazy about him” a tear fell “because I still fucking love him, you hurt him then you hurt me! You fucked with the wrong person, you will never be Chris and that is what eats you up inside! You will never be him Adam, my soul is his. You just filled a void while he is not around, the only pathetic person here is you. You thought you won, you lost. Game over now get out, take your cheap ring and go fuck yourself with it or better yet go and cry on your mom’ lap” hitting his shoulder as I walked by him.

Walking into my wardrobe, I want to get out of these clothes. I know where Chris lives, who doesn’t “you are going to end up lonely, as far as Chris Brown is aware you are mine now. You think he is going to want you? He is probably out there having sex with other women” why is he even here still “good, let him Adam. You made a mistake here, you played a dangerous game between two people that love each other. You will never know that man the way I do, as long as you are gone I don’t care if Chris and I get back together. I just want to let him know that this sick game was never me, can you get the fuck out. We are over and your dick game was never all that, you European men upset my soul. You’re sweet and all that but no, your ego is bigger than your dick” I snorted laughing, Adam stepped to me in anger “what you finna do huh? I will not be scared to put my heel in the side of your head now fucking get out!” we both stared at each other in anger “you better leave my friend the fuck alone, now!” Mel spat, Mel pushed him away from me “don’t be up in her space, move before I make you. Get out” Mel bought Rich, she ain’t stupid “can you please leave” he said, let me continue to get my clothes.

Even if he doesn’t speak to me, I will talk through his intercom he needs to know I didn’t set it up. I wouldn’t do that to him “Robz, seriously. Where are you going? Your ass can’t even drive” pulling my hood up “I can walk, we don’t live that far. It is like an hour walk, I can do it” she grabbed my arm “let’s not, I will get Mijo on the line. Come, just calm that ass down” pushing my hood back “see it’s ringing” she placed it on speakerphone, Mel is wasting my time “so can we have sex now?” Mijo said down the phone “why you gotta be like this?” Mel said giggling, if these two don’t shut the fuck up “ok, Jesus. Don’t look at me like that. Mijo, you know why I called” Mijo blew out air “don’t get me started, shiiit what you want to know?” snatching Mel’ phone “where is he!?” I shouted “he is at home, I am at home. I don’t know, he wanted to be alone so I left him. He a grown ass man, I just suggest you leave him be though. That shit was twisted as fuck, how you going to get engaged in front of the man you supposed to love? Come Rihanna my nigga, you trying to kill my friend” passing the phone back to Mel, I can’t do this. Walking back up the stairs crying a loud.

Walking out of Playhouse nightclub with my homies “see you in the studio?” The Game asked “for sure, I am going there now” he dapped me as we went our separate ways, I hate the paparazzi though. They be on my ass all the time about shit, looking behind me seeing my boys “I love you Chris!” This girl shouted, smiling at her. My bodyguards surrounded me “Chris! How do you feel about Rihanna being engaged? Was you crying?” TMZ be annoying as fuck, looking for my car “where my car at?” I said to J my bodyguard “around the corner” he said, thank god “there is pictures of you crying? Do you regret not having her back? Do you still love Rihanna Chris” I am dying to not flip out “how do you feel about Rihanna being engaged?” clenching my jaw “suck my left nut, fuck outta here” J pushed him out of the way finally.

Jessica and I remained silent as I drove to the studio, looking down at my knuckle. That shit is still sore as fuck, I decided I could either be at home and cry or just move on. I haven’t mentally moved on, I know I haven’t just because I couldn’t have sex with Jessica. I mentally couldn’t do it, I had to walk away and I cried again. Robyn fucked me over in so many ways, I can’t digest that she is getting married. I broke my phone, I have a new number and I stay away from social media but that shit finds me. Mijo tried to tell me some shit but I don’t want to hear it, I don’t care anymore. It’s been two weeks now and my heart is wounded as fuck, shit I still want to cry. I fucked up, I get it but why. I saw her get engaged, that image in my mind will never go and I am trying so hard to move on. I can have Jessica here but she don’t get much from me, maybe a yes or no answer. She follows me around, I straight can’t have sex because my mind is just everywhere. Love sucks, I love hard and I love that woman. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, I love her.

I don’t even know why I am in the studio, I can’t even think of making music. Do I even know how to make songs, I don’t know what to do anymore “you’re so quiet” The Game said, I shrugged “this is why you don’t love, shit. Never give your heart, I mean it is Rihanna but no” I don’t wish to speak about my life to anyone “cool” I don’t know what he wants me to say “you want to go home?” Jessica asked “I want you to leave me be” I retorted, sitting back in the chair “he has been like this since that day, quiet. In his own world. She really drove him crazy, love make you crazy” why is people talking about me when I can hear them, fuck these niggas. My mom doesn’t blame Rihanna, I mean who does but she ran away from me constantly, what could I do.

I can’t even be bothered to be making any type of music, I am just watching The Game do it but I think he is done now “I think I am done here, speak soon homie. Kids home so I got to go” everyone has kids, shaking his hand. Touching the side of my face, my people are bored as fuck because I am boring as fuck. Turning in the chair staring at the booth, my heart still hurts. I can’t barely sleep, I keep replaying it in my mind so I can’t sleep “can you niggas kind of get a life and move out of this room, I need to speak to my nigga” looking behind me, I don’t know why Mijo is here “I am going now” standing up, I need to go anyways it’s late “did you stalk me?” I said laughing at him “kind of, just get these out of here” Mijo is stupid, it’s late too “y’all go home, if y’all have a home” sitting back down in the chair.

Mijo is wasting my goddamn time, he is here for no reason “how did you know I was here?” I asked, I am sure I never told him “you told me” he pointed saying “I didn’t, but what is it? Can’t you just speak to me tomorrow, I am tired” that is a lie, I am just done talking “well, I mean you can probably kill me later but I am just done hearing it. You won’t listen and whatever, just please listen ok” my eyebrows knitted together in confusion, what on earth is he on about. Who the fuck is Mijo waving over “I’ll be out here” he stepped out still holding the door open, I swear I am going to hit Mijo. I didn’t even need to guess who this is “I am not doing this” I want to go, Robyn pushed her hood back “just shut up and listen” he closed the door, I don’t want to be here in this room.

Standing as far as I could from Robyn, the island between us keeping us apart. I don’t even want to look at her face “I am sorry Chris, I have been trying to contact you for so long. I begged Mijo to help me see you, you don’t reply to anything” dragging my eyes away from the wall to look at her “now you know how it feels when you run away, it’s horrible ain’t it” squinting my eyes at her face “what happened to your face?” looking like she hit it “oh, nothing. I was playing with Majesty and I hurt it” not like I care “ok, what do you want? Is this you saying goodbye, what is it?” I can’t even stand to be in a room with her “it’s me saying sorry, I am not marrying nobody. As much as you are hiding, so am I. As soon as I realised what he did, I broke it off. I never wanted him Chris, I told you I love you and I mean it. I never knew he was going to do that, I am not engaged. Me and him are over, I don’t care if there is no us but I don’t want you to hurt. I want to say sorry because I feel bad that I couldn’t protect you, you know I try and do that. Even if that means I lose out” she choked out “you mean lose out on a future because you listen to others, I hope you do find a happily ever after. It’s fine, you got me back. I fucked up on you” I am done and want to go, walking around the island.

Pulling open the door walking out “the fuck you both doing?” Mijo and Mel nearly fell into the room “well, we was waiting to hear you both have sex but clearly that ain’t happen” walking by both Mel and Mijo, I want to go home. Walking to the elevator “Chris, listen to me. As your brother, hear me out” tapping the elevator button “go on?” I will listen until the elevator comes “is that it? You know for a fact you love that woman in there, she didn’t mean this shit. It was never her fault. You think you are going to move on? That is a lie Chris because you won’t, bitches and hoes ain’t the one” shaking my head “ok Dr Phil, what do you know” laughing at him “I know enough that you both love each other, this is god’s way of resetting shit. I am not justifying any of y’all shit but I know you both will always end up together. Come, let’s chill with them. What you going to do? Sleep? Which you don’t do” Mijo walked back to the studio.

This is awkward as shit “I liked the Pandora bracelet you bought” Robyn said, looking at her wrist “how could you say yes?” I blurted out, the room fell silent “I was stuck, I panicked. I didn’t know what to do, I broke your heart and I am so sorry. The sad part is that I don’t think I will ever see myself with any other man, I broke down when I saw it all. Your face broke me, I am so sorry. He is a bastard, he hurt you and I could never be with someone that wanted to hurt my soulmate” Mijo cleared his throat “you hear what happened to Rihanna, I am still surprised you ain’t floor that bitch” Robyn eyeballed Mijo “oh my bad” licking my lips “what happened?” I asked “Mijo is stupid, I just fell” staring at Robyn “you a bad liar, what happened?” I want to know now “well Adam and his mom had come to the house to try and sort it all out, and I flipped on the bitch. I didn’t see it coming but his mom slapped me, I dead ass didn’t expect it that I couldn’t react but yeah. Stupid me got slapped” that is a bad ass hit “like I said Chris, he hurt the man I love and I stay with that” she really got hit, I feel bad for her now.

I am just staying quiet, what else can I say. My heart is so wounded “I don’t like my nigga like this, you are never quiet. You just sit around staring, why?” Mijo asked, I shrugged not saying a word “life came at me fast, the real truth is that I lost you. Whatever has happened between you and your nigga but seeing that will never not leave my mind, the person you love about to marry another man. That hurts and it fucks me up that it happened, it happened and I stood there. I was dressed in a suit at your engagement. Just because you ain’t getting married it doesn’t fix the fact my heart is broken, you told me you loved me and I was on a high. You know when you have broke me when I can’t even care to drink, get high or have sex. You said yes and that did it for me” It just blows my mind “you the only one to heal my nigga” Mijo said, seeing Robyn from the corner of my eye sit next to me “I can admit fault, but I am tired of running Chris. To be honest it scared me to be married to another man that I don’t love and can never have my heart. I am open to trying again but I will leave that with you, we can talk when you’re ready but I love you so much Chris. Just to see you here, just to see your face I am so blessed. I guess we are stuck together but I will be waiting for you, no running involved. I expected you to be high off your mind with a boat full of hoes, but you’re not. I love you Chris” I remained silent not saying a word to her, I have nothing to say.