Nap Date with Eric

You knocked on his front door for what seemed like an embarrassing amount of times. You rolled your tired eyes and thought quietly to yourself. “Why Invite me over if you aren’t going to open the door.” You finally deicided to just go home when the door finally opened, revealing the unkempt kid. He stepped aside letting you enter the house.

“What took you so long dude?”

“I was playing a game.”

“There’s a pause option”

“Maybe for you.”

He let out a small chuckle and proceeded to head back into his room. You followed behind him. As soon as you reached the room you both parted ways. Him to his game and you to his bed. You practically threw yourself onto his bed and shut your eyes for a moment.

“Hey you do remember that I came here for you right? You could atleast give me some attention.”

“After this game I promised.”


You soon drifted off, shutting your eyes and curling up in his sheets. You didn’t even remember falling asleep but you soon reopened your eyes to Eric still playing a game. You started to speak in a small, breaking voice.

“Are you done yet?”

“I was done like 30 minutes ago but you fell asleep.”

“You could’ve woke me up you know.”

“Eh you looked peaceful.”

You rolled over onto your back and let your head fall off the bed. You stretched like this for a bit and reached to Eric.

“Give me attention please.”

Eric finally got out of his seat and pushed you up from the edge of the bed, so you were sitting up a bit. He laid down on the bed and pulled you a bit to signal you to lay with him.

You happily complied and laid into him. You let your head rest near his chest and shoulder and began tracing small hearts and circles into his shirt. He pulled you in a bit and kissed your forehead. You kissed his chest and felt his breathe getting slower and noticed him going into bliss. You were scared to move not wanting to disturb him.

“Eric? Are you sleeping”


You giggled at his sleeply response since he seemed energetic playing his game.
You moved up a small bit. You began giving him small quick kisses which at first he kissed back but soon he fell asleep and you later joined him.

Next up in the Criminal Au Lineup - everyone’s favorite Chloé Bourgeois!

To no one’s some surprise, she’s sided with Ladybug (&&) Chat Noir against the rival ‘Akumas’. Her specialty falls under Finances/Trade/Espionage work, rather than anything physical like Chat Noir. (She doesn’t like getting her hands dirty - hence the leather gloves lmao.)

At one point she had fallen into the hands of the Akuma gang, given the new title ‘Antibug’, but soon was freed (reasons unknown) and now retains her status alongside LB (&&) CN as ‘Queen Bee’.

Some reasons which explain why I think Even deserves to be the main in season 4

I’ll start from this: we need season 4 to be about Even or at least EVEN BECH NÆSHEIM DESERVES A SEASON.
So I was just rewatching Skam season 2 and I noticed so many things????? There are many structural differences from season 3.
Firstly, season 2 has 12 episodes while season 3 only has 10 (like why we wouldn’t have needed 2 more episodes?!?!)
Season 2 episodes are longer, and I MEAN LONGER. Some episodes are about 40-50 minutes and for season 3 the maximum they have done is like a 30 minutes episode. But these are things we can pass by, things we can notice and get angry about, they are in the end standards and are decided by the producers and writers of the show so it’s not supposed to be big deal for us.
Said this cause my point is that these things are linked to the realisation of the show in general and what has come out at the end. TIME is fucking important (wow what a brand new information) yes but like if you think for a second about the fact that season 2 having more time for an episode and more episodes in general you’ll notice so many things we missed in season 3 compared to season 2.
In season 2:
• Noora and William had so many conversations, discussions, Noora’s point of view showed many times (like it was supposed to be) BUT William’s point of view as well showed many times. William talked a lot, expressed his impressions and also we have known a bit about his family/personal things;
• WILLIAM (as a second character so not the main) HAD MORE “SPACE”, that means he had a bigger role for being a second character. He showed up in every episode (that’s normal) but more time was given to him, I feel like we’ve seen him more than the girls squad;
• Noora and William had SO SO SO MANY random moments and I mean MANY LONG RANDOM MOMENTS. Moments in which they were just laying on the bed saying nothing to each other but only changing position on it for 10-15 minutes?!?! (don’t misunderstand me, they were obv so cute) Or moments like they kissed for 6-7 minutes …just to fill the episode and reach 40 minutes, that’s my idea.

In season 3 we only had 10 episodes and the longer one was about 33:04 minutes. Watching season 3 over and over again I feel like they wanted to show up the “essential”. What I mean by saying the “essential”? I mean the simplest things, I thought they would (in a way) have said to us that to say something important we don’t need words words and words, long speeches and things like those ones. “O Helga Natt” clip is the most significative example of this theory, a clip in which we only hear someone singing for the most part of the video, and then there is Isak reaching Even and saying to him “You are not alone” that means so many things like you don’t need to say “I love you” to say I love you, you don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to feel like you lost me, you didn’t have to think about that neither for a second, you don’t have to think I hate you, I’ve been, I’m here, I’ll be there and in every other parallel universe, for you, forever. And yes, I fucking loved how Julie Andem run this thing, how she wrote all the season and everything. But I also feel like we’ve missed things.
I’ll start from the fact that they introduced this new character (Even) and let us know some basic things about him, like he attended another school before Hartvig Nissens and about his mental illness. My point is that Even is a really strong character, and even if they didn’t point so much on him, he caught our hearts because Even as a character is REALLY BIG DEAL. I mean, Even indirectly did so many important things, he played an important role in Isak’s coming out and Isak’s acceptance of himself. Only in the end we were empowered to know about his mental illness and it’s not a joke.

The things I mean we missed are:
• Not considering the “essential” side, I feel like I have to say we missed moments like conversations between Isak and Even, a conversation were they talk about random things or a conversation were Even gives his ideas and his point of view on things;
• It wasn’t given to Even that space that was given to William, Even barely talked, just the essential (and it was good, obv) and he was capable to explain things only with one word but why not give him more time? Why? He made us love him so fucking much even having this little space so imagine what would have showed up if he could have talked or acted more??
• They didn’t pay much attention on Even’s mental illness (and it’s ok because he wasn’t the main) but in s2 we knew about William’s brother being a psychopath and William’s loss of her little sister and his family and everything??? Also William wrote that article for Noora and it was a really long speech in where there were the 90% of his ideas and theories? And Even? What about Even? What about his theories? Why don’t letting us know a bit about his family like they did with William’s?

Don’t misunderstand me but at this point I think we DO DESERVE A SEASON ABOUT EVEN. Having a mental illness is not a thing you can pass by at this point if you let us knew and let us being interested in this Even’s thing? I feel like Even’s storyline has started if they showed us this aspect of his life and it’s not fair if it was just to put a problem so Isak and him could “fight” to give a thrill to the season. It’s a bit strange and unfair showing a thing like this and then let it living in the background. Like no, it’s not supposed to be so. We fell in love with this romantic and attached to dramatic love stories movies guy, this ray of sunshine, whom smile lights up the world, and who would do anything for his boyfriend, to make him smile, who would prefer to lose him instead of hurting him in some way. The point is, his mental illness is really big deal. Even as a character is a big deal, he’s a STRONG CHARACTER who has so much potential and needs to be developed. Also I think it’s good showing in a teen drama a problem like a mental illness to the youth, just to teach (in a simple way) to face the thing with a bit of simpleness, patience and love beyond the medical side.
This is not a critique to the show, for God’s sake I love Skam more than my life, it’s just an opinion or if you like a point of view.