My goals for the remainder this week are:

  • To get my homemade peppermints and cinnamon candies made.
  • write a chapter on my novel
  • finish wrapping the last of the gifts as they come in
  • start finishing up on holiday cards. (reminder here if you would like one, there’s a quick form. deadline is the 15th! :D) 
  • find satinalia/winter prompt lists (if you have any feel free to tag me!) 
  • figure out when to take prompts and for how long (ie, be realistic in what I’m going to be able to write and how much folks are going to read anyway)
  • plan cute outfit for anniversary dinner

don’t you love how michael just casually praises calum all the time like all of a sudden he goes “hey give it up for calum he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread” or “look at calum’s biceps they are so great” and “look at that handsome man on the other side of the stage he’s an angel oh yES it’s calum” and just “giVE IT UP FOR CALUM’S BOOTY WOW CALUM’S BICEPS CAN I GET A HELL YEAH” michael worships calum and he lets him know all the time and that’s beautiful


“What’s happening to us?”
“They’re erasing me. But you knew that already.”

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