watching sailor moon is like

Ugh, I’m still not done with this chapter, because I can’t stop obsessing over every little thing, and I’m tired as hell, so I’m going to call it quits for the night.

I feel bad, though, since I was hoping to have it done tonight, so I will post another sneak peek, and I hope that is good enough to hold you all over. 


anonymous asked:

Octagons come back to us! - From someone you know

However, I am getting so distracted by Tumblr and I can’t cut it off or else I’m get isolated-feeling and run into a productive-less rut and this stuff NEEDS to get done before midnight. Should have been yesterday, but I got lazy and forgot, then neglected for relaxing.
I turn on Skype, which closed itself on me yesterday night, so I had been giving it a rest, and its thing of constantly needing attention and interaction, then even longer catch-up periods of what I’ve missed, would be kind of a dooming cycle for any hopes of getting what I need to done AND getting decent sleep tonight…..

So, in short- I want to come back…. but tonight, and possibly tomorrow, are not the best of times to do so. For my own health and ability to get these assignments done, I’ve been late or missing on too many as is…

Hope you guys can forgive me, and I miss you a lot… and I don’t mean to ignore you guys, I just can’t be on for a bit. I hope you understand, and that none of you feel hurt by this…. especially not Tmod. Hugs to you buddy, I won’t be gone for long, I promise. 
Night to any of your guys that’re heading in or should be asleep by the time I post this/when you see this. Hope you’re having fantastic shenanigans ^^)

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did you get an ao3 invite yet? I just got it and there is so much sin! i have an exam in 2 days and should be studying, but there is s much great sin that i wasn't able to see before...

I’M SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING IT TODAY I’M SO PUMPED! I’ll be getting zero homework done tonight