some boy just laughed at me for being excited about poetry and nature and such like sorry are we still in middle school? i should dye my hair blond and wear only red and black again in that case, thanks for reminding me! i need to dig out my mcr cds too but i think i know where they are.

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I'm so out of the loop. What's going on with Luke?

he jsut…. he just looks great.. he goes out into the world with shorter hair and you’d think i’d be angry at him and hate it but i dont. i love it. he chopped off the quiff but i lO VE IT. PORTUGAL HAS DONE HIM WELL BECAUSE HE LOOKS FUCKIFNG GREAT :)) HE IS A LITERAL ANGEL MY TINY BABY LOOKS G R E A T

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:I still honestly to this day think that Damon is lot of shit. I mean the most selfless thing he ever did was giving her a gift someone else alredy gave her. Plus he stalked Elena, sexually harassed her to the point he killed her brother, abused her friends and kept killing anyone that made eye contact with her. Then they procceed to fight every episode and have sex then everything good and forgotten. Also he started making moves on Elena while his bro was out there in the world trying to save his nasty ass from getting itself killed by klaus. Damon Salvatore is absolutely useless & most fan fave deaths were done by him but yall right, this rapist and abuser is def the hero of STEFAN AND ELENAS story. Anyway

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Hey tell me a story too <3

haah this one can be personal I guess….

there was a boy,

who was liked by a girl,

they went to chorus,

and cotillion,

she stayed in the corner,

they danced, 

and she was in his corner,

but he was scared,

he didn’t see her,

stuck in the corner,

he didn’t know her,

stuck in the corner,

he didn’t realize who she was,

she was on the peripheral of his world,

then things changed,

he moved away,

and she missed him,

even when others didn’t,

she stood by him,

she came out of the corner,

even when others didn’t,

she took up for him,

she was in his corner,

even when others didn’t,

and when she was hurt for it,

ridiculed for it,

bullied for it,

she kept on,

and stayed by him,

she defended his corner

years later he realized who she was,

and what she had done,

she told him of all her affections,

and all her transgressions,

they began again,

as friends this time,

without ideas,

they talked,

and talked,

and talked,

he told her things,

he told her his life,

he saw her for her,

she was not a peripheral image now,

she was the image,

and that is how it stayed,

the story ends in a question,

he might end up with her,

he might stay friends with her,

but their affection,

and friendship stayed on,

and will stay one,

because at the end of the day,

she was always in his corner,

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So apparently the author doesn't just reverse the roles of heroes and villains (Belle for example is clearly still on the good side), which probably means Rumple choses what life everybody gets. I could understand if he wanted to punish Zelena and Hook due to their pasts, but what have the Charmings ever done to him? And a few episodes ago he even told Regina that he cared for her and wanted her to have her own happy ending.

honestly i don’t know. I mean, why the hell would Rumple give Zelena a happy ending wedding with Robin? That makes no sense. He hates her. Then again….they did agree to put the past behind then when he was in the hospital, I just wouldn’t have expected him to hold that up.

Anyway, it’s hard to say how much is Rumple’s design and how much is the author’s, but it’s clear that it isn’t just a simple “flip.”

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My best friends boyfriend always touches me and puts his arm around me and I've told him and her it makes me uncomfortable but he won't stop and she won't do anything about it even when she see's it. What should I do? I don't think I've done anything to make him think that it's okay to do that to me. In fact, I've actually told him that I think he's disgusting. (This may seem rude but I honestly can not stand him as a person and the only reason I tolerate him is for my friend) I ranted. Sorry

Well next time he does that you can backhand him in the gut then maybe he will stop. I mean if he think its okay to still physically touch you after you asked him to stop then you have every right to just slap him. A guy should respect a girl if she says to stop touching her and if he cant and wont stop then you have a right to just slap him