natgeo Video by @renan_ozturk // One of the world’s most accomplished alpinists @conrad_anker on a sunset scramble up Pigeon Spire in Bugaboos provincial park, British Columbia. One thing among many that I’ve learned from Conrad on the expeditions I’ve done with him is that the greatest attribute a mountain climber can have is a bottomless well of childlike enthusiasm, just to be out in the thick of it. Whether it’s completing the Shark’s Fin of MERU or a relatively casual outing such as this one, he always brings this contagious energy to the table.

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Omg could you do 110 and 114 with tom?!?

“Quit stalling. Where’s your father?” + “No more dogs. How hard it it to understand?”

“No, babe,” Tom said. “we shouldn’t get another dog.” You sighed, throwing yourself on his bed dramatically.

“But, Tom, why?” You dragged out the y in ‘why’, whining while you gave him a pleading look. “I’ll take care of it! Plus, they’re what keep me company when you’re gone! When you leave,” you got off the bed and knelt on your knees in front of him, your hands put together and your eyes growing to form a pout, “when you leave little ol’ me.” Tom rolled his eyes, standing up and pulling you up with him.

“Babe, no,” at that, Tessa came running in, “hello, darling.” He bent down, scratching behind her ears and nuzzling his face with hers. You knew that if he just saw the dog you wanted to bring home to welcome to your little family, he’d fall in love with her, too. You just had to get him to meet her.


No more dogs, (Y/N). How hard is it to understand?” He said in a mock-scolding tone. You rolled your eyes.

“I was going to ask if you’d accompany me to the mall,” he let out a small ‘oh’, and smiled sheepishly, nodding.

“Sure, Tess could use a walk, anyway.” With that, Tom put Tessa on her leash and held your hand in his free one, walking out to the car. Once you two had arrived at the mall, Tom told you he’d be back, needing to pick up something for Harry to congratulate him on his new film. You nodded and told him to text you when he was done, and that you’d tell him where to meet up. Once he was out of sight, you went straight to the pet shop, where you had found Moonlight, the cutest and smallest Corgi you’d ever seen.

“Hello, is Moonlight still here?” You asked the saleswoman, she nodded and asked if you wanted her to bring her out for you. “Has she been adopted?” She shook her head, and you smiled. “I’d love it if you brought her out, please!” Once she was brought out, you fell in love all over again, knowing Tom would love her, too.

Tommy Boy: Done! Where are you?

Me: Pet shop! Picking up some food for Tess. Wanna meet me here?

Tommy Boy: Sure thing, love.

And your plan was set in motion.

“Picking up some food for Tess, huh?” Tom tisked you softly, shaking his head when he saw the dog in your hands.

“Tommy! Look at her,” you turned her around fully, letting Tom view her completely. And at that moment, Tom swore he fell in love. He hadn’t felt this way about another animal other than Tess – Tess was obviously still his number one. She was family. But, Moonlight. Moonlight was new, small, a baby. He knew he was screwed. “Want to hold her?” He shook his head, mumbling that you both had to go. He knew if he touched the puppy, he’d ask to sign the adoption papers right then and there. You frowned, thinking your plan had failed. You gave Moonlight back to Olivia, the saleswoman, and bid your goodbye, following Tom out with hunched shoulders.

It had been a couple of days since Tom met Moonlight, and since, he had been a little distant – secretive. You thought you might have upset him by ambushing him, so you gave him his space. On the third day, you had just gotten back to his flat when you saw that his car was home, earlier than he was supposed to be home. You walked in cautiously, checking for any noise. You heard Tom pleading with something – someone – and you almost bound your ways upstairs, only to be stopped by Tessa. “Hey, pretty girl,” you mumbled, bending down to plant a kiss on her head. You stood back up to go up the stairs, but Tessa ran in front of you again. You narrowed your eyes at her and tried to go around, but she blocked your way again. “Quit stalling, Tess. Where’s your father?” You picked up a treat you had picked up at the market from one of the bags and tossed it toward the living room, bounding up the stairs while Tessa was distracted.

“Damn it to hell, baby, calm down.” You heard Tom whisper.

“Tom?” You heard him curse a soft ‘damn it, Tess’, seeing him pop out from behind the bed.

“Love! Back from the market already?” You nodded slowly.

“What are you doing home? I thought you were going somewhere with Harrison?” He shrugged, looking down at his feet. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing!” He said quickly, but that lie was proven when a soft bark was heard, causing Tom to sigh. “What’s the use,” he mumbled, bending down to pick the source of noise up. “I wanted to surprise you, darling.” He stood up straight and in his hands, was Moonlight.

“Moonlight!” You screamed, setting the bags on the ground, running over towards Tom and plucking her out of his arms. “You went back to get her?” You looked at him with wide eyes, seeing him shrug with a shy smile, his cheeks a dusted tint of pink.

“I fell in love with her, and I knew you wanted her. I couldn’t say no to a new baby.” At that moment, Tess ran in, barking for the new dog. “Tess already loves her, too. They’ve grown quite attached.” You set Moonlight down, letting her run circles around Tessa while Tess chased her down the stairs.

“Tom,” you whispered, looking at him, “I love you. Thank you.” He rolled his eyes playfully, pulling you into a hug.

“Like I wasn’t gonna give in to you,” he said teasingly, kissing your cheek and then resting his head on top of yours, “I love you, too.”

i actually like this one, it’s cute lol

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McCain ran a non-racist campaign against Obama in 2008. That's a really low bar. It doesn't excuse anything else he's done. But it does set him apart from the Republicans who are not only failing to clear that low bar, but are actually enthusiastically digging into the rotting shitpile underneath it.

Also, he didn’t.

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The reader is the one person Bucky goes to whenever he's had a bad night because they always seem to be up. He doesn't think anything of it after you tell him your just a light sleeper. One night he wakes up from a particularity bad nightmare and goes to your room only to find you not there. As he's wandering the tower, he sees a faint light coming from the kitchen. He gets there only to find you baking up a ridiculous amount of things while listening to music (earbuds of course). (1/3)

Once he realizes you can’t hear him, he takes out one of your earbuds, which of course causes you to jump. He laughs and asks what you’re doing baking this late at night. You just shrug and tell him you couldn’t sleep and ask if he wants to help. It isn’t until everything is done that you reveal to him the reason you were actually up because of a nightmare (or maybe intrusive thoughts) and that this is what you always do when (2/3)

you don’t think he’s going to come to your room anytime soon. That’s when Bucky realizes why most of the nights he manages to make it through or when he comes home from a mission early, there are so make sweets on the table. (3/3) He’d probably feel somewhat guilty

oh man I wish I could bake when I can’t sleep - Gen 

Fluffy Friday™

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hi! quick question that you may or may not know the answer to. I live in Miami, across from the cemetery where Jimmy Ryce was buried. I'm not sure if you've done a post on him or not but anyway, they found his body chopped up. Out of curiosity how do you think they buried him? Like how do they bury a mutilated body? I've visited his grave before, it's very creepy. It's covered in toys that are old and rusted, it makes me so sad :((

Hi there. I hadn’t actually heard of that case but just looked it up. How horrendous. Such a tragic and heartbreaking case…

As for burial, he would likely have been cremated but if the family opposed, then he would be buried as usual. An autopsy would be conducted as usual and then embalmed as usual and placed into a casket which would be closed during the funeral.

However, depending on how dismembered and mutilated a body is, it isn’t unheard of for the mortuary workers to sew the body back together if the family requests an open casket.

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for the phantom meme: 11, 12, 30! <3

11. Does it bother you when people refer to ALW!Phantom as Erik?

No, but I guess for clarity’s sake i prefer it when people refer to him as Phantom when talking about the ALW musical. With the many adaptions it can get confusing which characterization people are referring to. 

12. Would you rather cosplay Erik or Christine?

Christine. Mainly because it’s a life goal of me to wear the Wedding and Wishing dress once in my life and because I have so much boobs and curves going on I wouldn’t be a convincing Phantom (like, idc what others think but If I’d do cosplay I’d probably try to get as close to th real thing as possible). I’d like to cosplay a femme version of the costume though!

30. How does Erik look in your imagination?


It’s the most detailed portrait I have done of him in a long time. I could play around with the deformity a bit more, like, the details aren’t that set in stone for me, but when it comes to the overall bone structure and “look” that’s pretty close to how I imagine Leroux Erik.

I nearly forgot!!

This 3D model from the Trap-Door Maker animated movie is also super close!

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Hey, a prompt for you! :) 99. “Do you wish things happened differently?” From the Prompt List 51-100. Happy writing!

Thank you so much for the Prompt, Dear! I hope you like it!


Sherlock Holmes was not a sentimental person, at least that was what he had always told himself, but when he realized that Molly Hooper, his best friend, besides John Watson of course, had moved on without him – he somehow felt something that was close to what sentimental people would call sadness.
Of course, he knew that it was only reasonable that she just continued to live her life. Who was he to tell her what to do? He truly wanted her to be happy. Yes, Molly Hooper did deserve the world, well to be true, she deserved the entire universe. The things that she had done for him, to him; yes, he was not ashamed to say that she had turned him into a better man.
When he spotted the ring on her finger after their day of crime-solving together, Sherlock had had that weird feeling in his chest. Of course, he ignored it, because Sherlock Holmes was not a sentimental person.

Sometimes, Molly Hooper wished she could be more hardhearted, to ignore the feeling in her guts but when she saw Sherlock Holmes leave the wedding of his two best friends Mary and John Watson early – she could not help but to follow him.

“What are you doing, Sherlock?” she hurried after him in her stilettos.

Sherlock stopped and turned around to look at her, a brow furrowed. “What do you mean, Molly?”

Molly sighed and took of her shoes, carefully placing them on the grass next to the small road that lead to the festivities, before approaching him. Her feet hurt with every hasty step she took.
The night was warm, a slight breeze was blowing around their faces as she stopped in front of him.

“Tell me what is wrong. Why are you leaving?” Molly was concerned, although she did not want to be.
Inside, there was this lovely, slightly foolish, man waiting for her, a man she was calling her fiance and she should have been there with him, having fun and dancing until the morning broke. But she was here; outside with a man she should not even worry about anymore.

“Go back inside, Molly.” he said, eyes lying on her coldly before turning around on his heels, continuing his way towards the Cab that was already waiting for him.

Molly had enough. She reached out forward, taking his hand in hers, drawing him back. “You are not leaving, Sherlock Holmes. You should be ashamed of yourself! Your best friends are celebrating the best day of their lives and you plan to leave them on their own? They care about you, Sherlock, - I care about you.” her eyes locked with his and for a moment there was flicker of confusion in his gaze.

Sherlock remained silent, his eyes glued to the stony ground underneath their feet. He inhaled deeply before finally responding to her:

“Molly, I know exactly how important this day is for the two of them and do not assume that I am not feeling unwell to be leaving this early, it is just-” he paused for a moment to fish a cigarette out of his coat pocket, lightning it with a quick movement.

“- it is just that those festivities make me realize how alone I actually am.”

Molly was dumbfounded. The only time she had seen him so vulnerable was when he had asked her to help him fake his death. She let out a shaky breath and watched him for a moment as he stared up to the night sky.

“You are never alone, Sherlock, never. You have your brother, John and Mary, of course, Mrs Hudson, Greg and me.”

He had finished his cigarette and tossed it to the ground, grinding it under his heel. He swallowed thickly.

“Tom is waiting for you, is he not?” Sherlock massaged his temples, seemingly annoyed by the situation.

“What if I do not care?” her voice was low. If she was honest with herself, she did not care what Tom was doing right now, he could be snogging Janine and Molly would probably thank him to finally have found a reason to break their engagement, without hurting his feelings.

He seemed surprised by her answer. The silence that had settled between them was broken by the sound of a car horn.

“Seems like I have to go.” he said and a short smile danced around his lips.

Molly watched him walking down the road, popping up the collar of his coat.
Oh, she hoped that the tiny voice in her head, telling her what to do, would shut up for once as she inhaled deeply, bracing herself for the pain that was to follow.

“Do you wish things happened differently?” he asked, carefully tucking a loose stand of hair behind her ear.

She sighed, snuggling closer to his chest. “Well, it would have been nicer if I had not been engaged.”

Sherlock scoffed, letting his fingers circle over her back, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin underneath his fingertips. “I think Tom will be handling it well. To be honest, I think he knew.”

“Of course he did. Damn, I do not deserve him. He is way too good for me.”

“He does not deserve you, Molly Hooper. You are way too clever for him.” Sherlock pressed a short kiss to the top of her head, nestling his nose in her hair, laughing lowly.

“Why are you laughing, Mister Holmes?” Molly asked and shifted in his arms to look up at him.

“Your hair does smell really nice, Miss Hooper. And it tickles.” he said with a boyish grin on his lips.

She returned his smile and leaned forward to press a gentle kiss against his cheek.

“We are going to hell for this, are we not?”  

Molly nodded thoughtfully. “Probably yeah. But I do not care as long as I get to be with you and hopefully not to wear stilettos.” 

Sherlock Holmes was not a sentimental person, at least that was what he had always told himself, but when he realized that he was holding Molly Hooper in his arms, laughing at her terrible humor – he could not help feeling something that sentimental people would describe as happiness.

Unbeta-ed if you find any mistakes please tell me! 

Me: I don’t give a fuck about Steve Rogers. He hurt my baby Tony. He was supposed to love him forever. I’m done with him.

Steve Rogers: *looks sad and defeated in IW trailer*


(I have zero chill when it comes to my OTP honestly.)

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(Response to all the fighting with you and Furry-Scientist) Mystery, you wanna fix everything you done, then stop. Stop hurting him, stop raping him, stop abusing him. I think he gets that you went through a lot, trying to find him wise, but this isn’t how you fix everything you done. Just talk to him, it may not fix everything, but it should help.. You two just need to talk to each other.

“He doesn’t want to.” 

Tagged by my forever bae @thefairfleming. The rules are to list your top ten of historical faves then use a random numbering site for which one you’ll wind up meeting and what you’d ask them.

I am playing a bit fast and loose with the meaning of “historical” here. Like, anyone who’s dead, that’s who I’m going with. I am also playing a bit fast and loose with the meaning of “fave” and going more with “people who occurred to me because this is hard to come up with on the spot.”

  1. Eleanor of Aquitaine
  2. Shirley Chisholm
  3. Rodgers & Hammerstein (they count as one, okay?)
  4. John Steinbeck
  5. Le Corbusier
  6. Sacajawea
  7. Roald Dahl
  8. Margaret Sanger (I realize this is controversial, don’t @ me)
  9. Matthew Brady
  10. Jim Henson

I appropriately got #10, Jim Henson, from a number generator, and I would basically ask him to DO ALL THE VOICES AS THEY WERE MEANT TO BE DONE PLEASE, and also ask him where Scooter’s eyes go when he takes off his glasses.

Tagging @jeeno2, @eliamartvll, @lydiia-martins, @sansapotter, @femmenerdy and anyone else who would like to do it!

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What do you think about Kamen Rider Fuma? I think he cools really cool, and I honestly really like his color theme. His 3 ninja gamers seems cool, but his helmet seems iffy, probably due to the hair? Thoughts?

Having done a sprite image of him, I realize he is essentially using Ex-Aid’s helmet design (from the visor down) with stuff put over it, but it hides itself well. He’s got a nice distinct look since his suit is otherwise almost entirely original. The hair seems fine to me, though I was a fan of Kamen Rider Fifteen’s design so I’m bias towards literal helmet hair. 

The ONLY thing that I could complain about is the fact that they just tossed in a ninja Rider as the villain of what is supposed to be al alternate ending of the show. If the movie was just a standard summer movie (and arguably, everything but the title makes it look that way), I would think he’s a perfectly suitable movie villain. 

Oh and since it’ll probably come up: Creator Gamer is lovely. Would personally have preferred if his entire suit was white, but it is meant to be a game starring Mighty so it makes sense. 

A goofy movie night

Based on a prompt I received over at Ao3 by BuellersFueller :

a movie night with Peter, Dad!Tony, and Uncle Rhodey (post Homecoming) gets interrupted by team Cap or maybe just a part of team Cap. How does it go?

“Peter? Peter?”

“Where’d squirt go?”

The light of the TV illuminated the sitting area as it played the home screen of the media box. Rhodey was splayed over one side of the couch, Tony over the other side, leaving some room in the middle for their friendly neighbor Spider-man. Except… Peter had gone to grab a drink and hadn’t come back yet and neither of them could get up to check on the kid. Rhodey was paraplegic and wasn’t wearing his exo-skeleton and Tony’s hip protested greatly with every little movement. Barnes and Rogers really had done a number on him, and while most days were fine, some of them were pure hell.

A crash in the kitchen made them sit up a little straighter, the movements slow and with difficulty.

“Peter?! You alright?” Tony bit his lip and anxiously looked in the kitchen’s direction, trying to haul himself to his feet despite everything protesting.

“I’m fine! I’m fine!” The squeaky unsteady voice called out.

“Doesn’t sound like you’re fine, squirt.”

“Don’t call me squirt, Rhodey. I’m not a squirt… I’m a man.” Peter came out of the kitchen, looking down at the floor while clutching a coke and a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

“My bad, kiddo. You still okay? Why are you looking like you committed the worst crime in the world?”

Peter stayed quiet for a while, his shoulders hunching and gaze falling further to the floor. “Idroppedaglass…” It was so soft that they could barely make it out.

“What was that?” Tony asked.

“I dropped a glass… I’m so sorry…” Peter looked ready to cry. The two adults shared a look and sighed.

“Don’t worry about it, Peter. Dum-E will happily clean that up. Now come on, we’re waiting on you to pick a movie.” Tony waved for Dum-E to whir his way into the kitchen and start clean up, looking up at Peter with a relaxed smile.

“So you’re not mad?” A soft shuffle of feet indicated the poor boy’s insecurity.

“Of course not, it happens. No big deal, it’s a glass, Peter. Come on, join us and pass the popcorn.”

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Chocobros' s/o manipulating them into betraying Noctis/Lucis and serving Niflheim? How does it happen and how quickly they realize they're being manipulated (if ever)?


His S/O would call him everyday. Whisper sweet nothings. Keep him wrapped around their little finger and ask questions that normally, he wouldn’t answer due to safety concerns. But he loved them. And they loved him, so he was sure he could trust them. He’d let slip plans and time frames of where the group is going, what they’ll be doing, and where they were heading after that. Just stuff you’d tell a lover honestly. From this, over time, the S/O would be able to chart preferred routes and coordinate where drops ships can ambush them. 

That’s all that was asked of Prompto’s lover. They don’t tell Prompto, and he doesn’t ever realize it. No, instead with their job done, they break up with him, citing that long distance really wasn’t their thing. (But even they think it would be cruel to tell him that he had helped the enemy. They’d broken his heart enough.)


They’d be right beside him the whole time. They’d encourage his irritability and whisper doubts about Noctis’ abilities, picking up on the shield’s own doubt about his king. But they ‘knew’ that Gladio could handle what Noctis didn’t right? He could protect them all if it came to it, right? With their manipulation, would become overbearing. Out of sync with the rest of the group. Worried about his own worth as the prince’s shield and the protector of his friends. Reckless on the battle field. It’d be all to easy to get the drop on them now.

The final nail would be their own injury. They’d let themself get back into a corner by an MT, damaged beyond returning to the field with them. Ever. It would hurt Gladio that he failed to protect one of the people he cared about in the world. And in this way they would crack the shield. He, likewise, doesn’t realize he was manipulated. (But there would be this feeling on the back of his neck, like he missed something, or that something with these past few months was wrong. Something didn’t quite…fit.) This was only to buy time, because they knew the group would eventually work it out. But the time they won from them would help the empire plan and move against them. And it’d be enough for their duty to be done. 


He’d be the one to realize it right away. And the S/O would know he knows. And it’s be this weird dance around each other, neither one letting the other get the upper hand. Because they actually like each other. And Ignis would be sure he can keep this under control. And he does. He wants their attention on him and him alone. And in the S/Os mind, they’d have to get past Ignis before anything else could be done with the boys.

Nothing comes of their work. Because they’d failed the moment Ignis noticed, and if they were being honest with themselves, they’d be killed for their failure. So just a little longer, and just a little more with Ignis. Because they were happy in their own way. Knowing they’d failed there was nothing to lose. So they’d enjoy his attention for a little longer.

But then the dance ended, and so they went to their fate. 

The Reluctant Detective

@mariehooper said: A not-fluffy suggestion: what if Sherlock didn’t rewrite his memories of Eurus and Victor? What would it have done to him and his life? How would he interact with Molly then?

Sorry this took me so long, but this was very interesting to ponder. I may someday do an expanded entire series rewrite version of this as if I don’t have enough of those in my pile of WIPs. For now, this will have to do; I think it hits the points I was going for.

This might be a bit of a rough one, so please to step aboard the angst boat and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times while it is in motion.

Sometimes, Sherlock hums snatches of a song. Molly doesn’t recognize the tune but it sounds a bit creepy, like a lullaby. It takes her ages to realize that he only does it when he’s highly stressed – if his case involves children, or he’s too long without sleep. It only takes her one ill-advised question to learn not to ask about it.

Sometimes, Sherlock stares a bit too long at the flame from the Bunsen burner. Molly’s never asked about that, but it unsettles her in a way she can’t explain. It’s the look on his face – not pyromania as she’d once overheard one of the lab techs say snidely – but something else.

Old memories, Molly finally decides, and that bothers her too.

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