morgan hell is so real rn

I just…. I am unable to even fathom the thoughts and emotions that are running throughout the entire family right now. Louis Tomlinson is the strongest man I have ever seen. He selflessly makes sure he is the light of every single life he comes across and no one is ever upset. He has made sure for the past six years that everyone is always in a good mood. He has never once shown that anything has gotten to him (publicly), he has always been the father figure for six younger siblings. He has always made sure everyone is safe and sound, and that his mother has never gone without a helping hand. He has made sure everyone knows that he is proud of his mother and always thankful for everything she has done for him. He has always put others in front of himself, and never made a selfish decision. If thats not the true definition of a strong person, I don’t know what is. 

I just want everyone to remember that this is a time for grieving, mourning, and a time for privacy. Don’t use this tragic situation as a reason for anything. The entire family needs their privacy, and if they don’t make any posts on social media for a long time, DON’T pester them about it. The last thing that they want is for a bunch of people bothering them and wanting an “update” on how everything is going. They deserve an endless amount of time to mourn the loss of the only constant and rock they’ve ever known. All of my thoughts and prayers go out to the Tomlinson/Deakin family at this time, and I hope you all do the same. 

“Okay now we all know how most of the MM fandom are on Seven being the endgame partner but think about Jumin. He’s the other guy. He knows that once you’re done with him, you would rush to Seven, heck you would even rush Jumin’s route just to be with Seven and would replay Seven’s route forever. Let that sink in while staring at this broken man that will love you forever.” -Pepper.
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Consequences are punishment

Draco was furious. This time you crossed every limit, you’ve done everything to provoke him. First, you weren’t wearing any underwear. Then, you dropped a quill in class and bent to take it, in front of Potter. Then, he saw you sat on Theo Nott’s lap.

“Upstairs. Now.”

He commanded you, as you giggled with your friends Daphne and Tracey. They got in a deep silence when he spoke. You obeyed, everyone moving out of your way to his dorm. When you got to your destination, Crabbe and Goyle where there.

“Out! Now! Both of you!”

You’ve never seen your man like this. Not even when you fucked the chosen one, but now you it was different. You were in a relationship. He sat on the corner of his bed, staring at you.

“Across my lap.”

You did as he commanded. He lift up your skirt, analysing your butt carefully.

His massive hand slapped your ass, making you moan

“You think you can go around like this, showing yourself to Potter?”


“This will teach you a lesson, kitten.”


But in fact it just made you wetter. He could feel your pussy soaking as he spanked you.

“Oh, now you got wet, don’t you, kitten? You want daddy’s cock?”
“Yes, daddy.”
“Get up, darling.”

You did as he say, with him following, standing in front of you.

“Take off your clothes.”

You stood naked as he glanced at you, with the bed behind. You tried to get closer for a kiss, but he was faster, dragging his wand:


And you saw yourself in a spread eagle position, your hands and legs tied on the bed by ropes, which appeared from his wand. His hand caressed your entire body, kissing it. He started by your boobs, running his mouth and tongue on them, nibbling your nipples. His hand it reached the culminant point of your desire, rubbing it. Malfoy stroked your clit carefully, making you moan loud. He nibbled your year, making you even more wet.

“You wanna cum, babygirl? Will cum when I think you deserve.”
“Draco, please…”
Please? You haven’t thought of that when you’ve done all this shit, did you? Now you’ll get your punishment. Those are consequences, babygirl.”

He continued to stroke you, his mouth and hands working skilfully, his tongue licking around your nipple to finally suck it and then bite it gently. “Dray… please… add a finger”
“You’re not in position to demand anything.”

You felt your orgasm close, you were panting loud. When you were about to come, he took his hand off your crotch, making you protest.

“What the hell??”

He approached you abruptly, choking you whist and hissed on your ear:

“Watch your mouth, you dirty little cocksucker whore. You do as I say, or I’ll make it worse, you understand?”

You just nod. Damn, he was so sexy like this.

“Good. Shall we continue?”

Another nod. Draco dragged his wand and set it to vibrate, pressing it against your core. Your whole body shook in pleasure, sending shivers down your spine. You’ve never actually had anything to vibrate on you and it felt marvellous. You wanted more.

“Do you like that, princess?”
“Yes what?”
“Yes sir.”

He stroked his wand against your clit, driving you crazy. God, you were so close, so fucking close. You arched your hips forward to get more friction, moaning loud his name.

“Draco… Draco….”
“Yes, princess?”
“I’m going to…”
“You’re going to what, darling?”
“I’m going to come!”

You were breathlessly, but again, Malfoy moved out his wand. You just stood there, panting, shaking and trying to move out from the ropes but failing. You just needed it. Even the air against your hard nipples and clit hurt. You couldn’t complain or he would make it worse, but it was stronger than you.

“Draco please. I beg you. I’ll do anything you want. Just let me come, please!”

A smirk appeared on his face. Not his usual smirk, but a smirk like he had conquered something that only he knew.

“Oh yeah? You gonna do anything? How about to start by sucking my cock?”

He got up and unbuckled his belt, lowering his trousers, his prominent bulge slapping on his stomach. He kneeled in the edge of bed, his dick rubbing around your mouth. Your mouth ran on the downside of his cock, head to balls, with your tongue caressing it. You tried to get him fully, but before you could accomplish it, his hands dug on your hair, stopping you.

“That’s exactly what you want, isn’t it? You filthy slut. I'mma teach you a lesson today you will never disobey me again.”

Damn. You were fucked, but not in the way you wanted. You liked to tease him just to get punished, but this time you lead it too far. He wouldn’t let you out easily, but he saw the despair on your eyes.

“Daddy’s going to play a little more with you. If you get to be a good girl, I’ll allow you to have my cock. Are we clear?”
“Yes, sir.”

He bent over you, slowly teasing your inner thighs, kissing it, biting it, licking it. All you wanted was to release from the restrains and place his head on your pussy so he could lick you till you cum, but you could only moan to him.

“You like that, don’t you?”

He husked to you, now teasing your outer lips, with his tongue tracing them and giving it wet kisses.

“Yes, daddy. I love it.”

You moaned louder when you felt his tongue on your clit, licking it slowly before placing a kiss and suck on it. You bit you inner lip to control a scream. His tongue now played lazily with your clit, using his long fingers to spread your lips and get a better access.

“You taste so good, darling…”

And he kept licking, now more precisely. You moaned louder and louder at each lick, almost screaming when he sucked on you. His fingers kept teasing when he spoke:

“Are you going to be a good girl now?”
“Yes daddy. Anything you want, I’ll obey.”
“Who do you belong to, love?”
“To you, daddy.”
“Good, I’ll make the whole castle know this when they hear you screaming my name tonight.”

He came back to suck on your clit, a finger sliding inside of you. You moaned so loud you reckon someone in the common room might have heard. But fuck it, you just needed Draco, and needed him now.
His finger pumped in and out whilst he licked you, curling up to hit your g spot. You were screaming, you couldn’t handle anymore. But then he stopped, one more time, driving you mad. But you had to be stronger and not to complain. He climbed on top of you, his hard dick brushing against your lips.

“Have you learnt your lesson, kitten?”
“Yes, sir. I won’t disobey you anymore, I promise.”
“Good. I hope you learnt how to behave. Do you want your prize now?” He stroked your core carefully with his fingers.
“Please, daddy.”
“How do you want, kitten?”

You just stared at his cock. Your mouth opening and your tongue licking the around head carefully. His eyes laid deep on yours, like he could see your soul.

“You want daddy’s cock, don’t you kitten?”

You just nodded, hoping not to have spoiled everything and continue to be punished. A smirk appeared on Draco’s face.

“I’ll be condolent on you this time, but if there’s a next time, you better think before having it, because believe me, you will regret.”
“There will not be a next time daddy, I promise.”

Another smirk appeared on his face when he lowered himself to give you a last suck on your clit, making you see stars. But before you could come, he took his dick on his hand and buried it on you. You screamed as he teared your inner walls apart, with one hand on a tit and another choking you.

“Merlin, you’re so… fucking… wet.” He kept slamming on you, driving you closer and closer to your orgasm. The hand which squeezed hard on your neck now headed to your throbbing clit, massaging it. You just screamed:

“So fucking… tight… ohfuck.”
His hot cum filled your pussy, you finally reaching what you were craving for. It was like you could feel fireworks and waves of pleasure all over your body. Draco undid the spell, your body free now lying beside his. You cuddled him, while he stroked your hair.

“Did you like that, love?”
“Yes. I’m sorry. I won’t play games with you anymore.”
“Good. Then I will be able to give you pleasure all night long.”

And he kissed your forehead, you falling asleep on his arms.

I just want to reblog this and stress this:

Remy lost his entire squad. He didn’t lose 20% of his squad. He didn’t even lose 50%. He lost his whole squad. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why Remy is one of my favorite characters.

I love Victor so so much, but sometimes the way he interacts with Yurio (brat that Yurio can be) really pisses me off. And no, I’m not talking about the face-grab. I don’t give a shit about the face-grab (well, not in this context, anyway )

I not absolutely 100% about this, but I believe it was from the grande olde year 2014 when the attack on titan fandom was at it’s most powerful. There was a super duper long post about how levi had lost his squad, and it contained this sentence:

“I just want to reblog this and stress this: Levi lost his entire squad. He didn’t lose 20% of his squad. He didn’t even lose 50%. He lost his whole squad. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why Levi is one of my favorite characters.” 

and i guess folks just reached the breaking point of fandom ridiculousness because it promptly became a meme:


Episode 4.0

           “This place is totally bopping.” I observed as we walked in. There was a distinctive cozy African vibe, with vibrant décor and bright green foliage.

           “It’s a pretty popular haunt. It used to be exclusively a jazz club, but I guess they’ve expanded,” Klein explained.

           “Hm, so you do moonlight in shady beatnik cafes! I knew it.”

           “It certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

           I laughed at him and we angled around looking for seats. There weren’t many options so we settled for the bar.

           “Do you want a drink?” I asked.

           “Better not. The last time I drank, I woke up with a beaver tattooed on my left foot.”

“You have a beaver tattooed on your foot.” I deadpanned.

           “Well, I think it’s a beaver. I must have drawn it while drunk.”

           “You’d think they’d refuse service to someone so completely smashed.”

           “I’m very persuasive when drunk,” he assured. “Hell, I’m drunk right now.”

           “Really?” I asked.

           “No, but just as a demonstration of my immense persuasive prowess.” We laughed and ended up perusing the drink menu anyways. I was on the fence between the Shirley Temple and the root beer float and decided we should both go with the latter after Klein confessed he’d never drank root beer which I assessed to be a mortal sin.

           “You’re missing out on an enormous slice of life, Klein. That’s like never playing Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, or owning a pair of ruby slippers at least one time during your childhood. These are rites of passage.”

           “Are those normal things that a lot of people do?” he asked.

           “I’m not sure. I’ve never been great at coming with examples.”

           “Well,” he said in mock exasperation, “that’s just not true.”

           “Oh yeah?”

           “You’re an amazing writer.”

           My brows furrowed. “Wait… how would you know?”

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My Dvar Torah

One of my favorite quotes about the Torah is from a story about Hillel, one that most of you are probably familiar with. A potential convert comes to Hillel and asks Hillel to explain the whole torah while he, the convert, stands on one foot. Hillel responds with “That which is hateful unto you do not do to your neighbor. This is the whole of the Torah, The rest is commentary. Go and study it.” A common interpretation of this parshat is that Yaakov is deceived by Lavan because he himself deceived his father and brother. He did unto another what was hateful to himself, so he had it done unto him.

2016 has been a rough year. Cherished celebrities like Alan Rickman and David Bowie have died, horrible terrorist attacks have taken place here and abroad, a man endorsed by the KKK won the presidency without winning the popular vote, and perhaps worst of all was the death of our beloved magnolia tree, Maggie. RIP Maggie.

People have been joking about how they can’t for 2016 to end so that things can get better. I’ve even seen someone write jokingly “@mashiach, anytime now.” These jokes are funny, but we need to remember that we can’t just wait for the year to change. Things didn’t get magically better when it turned to 5777, and they won’t get magically better when the secular year turns to 2017. We can’t just wait for the mashiach either. Torah and talmud teach us that we have a responsibility to live ethical lives, to make the world just ourselves. This parshat teaches us that not only must we strive for the proper ends, but we must also use ethical means.  I would like to leave you all with one final quote, from Pirkei Avot.

Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.

Hey so I have to go give this dvar in like half an hour, any comments/advice?

anonymous asked:

Hey Sam, have you ever done that thing where you wake Dean up in the passenger seat by just yelling random nonsense? My brother does it to me constantly so I was just curious if it's a common thing or just him being the bum he is

I’ve honked the horn at him, done the feather thing, poked him awake, and scared him half to death, but I don’t think I’ve ever yelled nonsense. That might be one to add to the list, though.

— Sam