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the four horsemen of the apocalypse 

It’s time to sell bale

So that Isco/James/Asensio can have a starting position like they deserve, unlike bale who does nothing for us and has been holding us down for more games than I can count on my fingers and yet somehow still magically gets a starting spot, if he doesn’t happen to be injured

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Your boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, thanking you for everything you’ve done for him in an interview.

“Who do you have the most gratitude towards in your life?” The interviewer asked him. Sebastian rubbed his jaw, thinking.

“Well… first off… Y/N. They’re the best person to be dating, and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. Y/N has supported me through this whole acting career, and I don’t think I could’ve done it without them. I love them.” Sebastian looked in the camera, his eyes full of love. “Y/N, baby, if you’re watching this, I love you.”

“That was sweet of you, Sebastian.” Sebastian nodded, giving his attention back to the interview.

“It was all true. Y/N is the reason that I’m still acting and out here.”

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Andreil teacher au

Neil tugs at his sleeve, a nervous habit of his that has followed him around since he was a child. He really doesn’t want to be doing this–but Kevin flew out to just to ask for this favor. He couldn’t disappoint him. He didn’t want to disappoint him, not after what Kevin had done for him.

He sits on a bench outside of Wymack’s office to wait for Kevin because there was no way he was going in there by himself. The students start to trickle into the school and it’s as if they know he’s the  substitute. He supposed news traveled fast and unfamiliar faces were a threat to be determined with these kids.

He sighs and leans back against the bench. He looks up at ceiling to avoid the curious looks of the students passing by.

“Why math?”

Neil nearly jumps and ends up gripping the edge of the bench, feeling someone settle next to him. He faces a blond man with hazel eyes, who seems bored just being there.

“Who the fuck are you?” The words escape from Neil’s mouth before he can even stop them.

The man stares at Neil with something akin to amusement but doesn’t bother replying.

Neil would have almost confused him for a student because the man was small–even smaller than himself, which really was saying something.

No, he was probably a teacher. The man’s hazel eyes flicker over him as if he were a puzzle of some kind.

“You’re still so stupid.”

And then, it hits Neil and his blood runs cold. His eyes widen with recognition. But it can’t be–but it is–shit, he should have gone over the staff list after going through student profiles.

“Andrew,” Neil whispers. A smirk forms on the blond’s  face in confirmation. He hadn’t seen him since–since–

Wymack’s door swings open and this time Neil actually jumps. Andrew snorts in amusement and Neil shoots him a glare.

“Neil! What are you doing sitting out here? We’ve been waiting for you,” Kevin says, stepping out from beneath the doorway of the office.

Neil stands, “I didn’t know you were inside.”

“You could have knocked,” Kevin rolls his eyes and then turns his gaze towards Andrew, “You could have told him.”

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Barney caring about Robin

“Because I love you.”

If, anyone thinks that Barney never did anything for Robin than you’re wrong. He’s done plenty of sweet, selfless things for Robin because he wants to make her happy. She’s done things for him too, but I just want to point out that Barney has always, no matter how much she breaks his heart always put her first above anything else including himself. He, cares so deeply and wholly about making her happy, her happiness comes first and that’s how it always was with her. No, matter what they went through or go through together they always support, appreciate, care and love each other with everything they got.

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For the microfic, could you write a post-Blade of Marmora thing with Keith telling the team bout being part Galra and Shiro standing up for him?

The crew stood in stunned silence for a moment, taking it in. Lance blinked quickly, Hunk stood with his forehead creased, and Pidge looked more curious than anything else. Coran was silent in the back, looking at Allura. Allura, though… Her face was slowly being overwhelmed with anger.

She looked to Keith, and her face screwed up, ugly in distress and distaste. “You have Galra blood? And never thought to tell us?”

Keith swallowed. He had been unable to speak when it came time to tell the story, so Shiro had done it for him. Now, though, he needed to respond. “I didn’t know.”

Shiro took a half step forward, almost blocking Keith from Allura’s view. “It doesn’t matter. He’s still Keith. He’s still the Red Paladin. He is the same person he’s been all along.”

Allura’s lips drew back, baring her teeth. “I think you know as well as I do, Shiro, that it matters very much that we have a Galra on this ship, and have done all along.”

“No,” Shiro said, calm, solid. “Keith is still Keith. And now we are making an alliance with more Galra, enemies of Zarkon just as we are. You have already chosen to accept them. Why…”

“That’s a matter of necessity,” Allura interrupted. “We need this alliance to defeat Zarkon, we…” She paused and looked over Shiro’s shoulder, where Keith was standing. Something in her eyes shifted, though it wasn’t a happy look on her. She swallowed, then looked back to Shiro. Her voice wavered. “Yes, I understand that having Keith as the Red Paladin is a necessity as well. Never mind. Carry on.”

But she stepped back and folded her arms over her chest, and she refused to meet Keith’s eyes from that moment on.

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It's funny how there are people who can't deny anymore that H is into men but then state he must obviously prefer women to keep their own fantasy going on. Because that's what it really is. 🙈I can't believe that anyone could see him have any chemistry with women when you compare his actions men vs women. Also people project when they see a woman flirt with him to be him flirting with her, even though it's so often obvious that he's uncomfortable but can't tell them to fuck off

and erasing everything he’s said and done that points to him being attracted to men (which is a damn lot) and chalking it up to jokes is so ugly

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oh my god jumping off that other ask of them saying "I love you"; them in a fight for the first time and Jesse just has to walk away for a bit, calm down and come back later and he explains to hanzo "im really mad so I'm gonna walk away before we both say something we regret, but I'm coming back so we can talk about this like adults okay? I'm not leaving u; I love u but I'll be back in a little bit" or something like that just jesse making sure hanzo knows he's not leaving him for good

jesse walks away after saying that to cool off and hanzo just sort of stands there for a minute in shock and then probably starts crying, because no one’s done that for him before, telling him that they’ll be back, that he won’t be alone, that he’s still loved even when jesse’s upset. it likely was the opposite in the clan. jesse finds him later still a bit shocked and rattled by this and he’s just overcome with worry and they have a rlly deep conversation and they both probably cry. jesse never really had that either, but he saw it in gabriel and jack before things got bad between them, and he wants to make sure that he and hanzo have a healthy relationship no matter what happens

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Headcannon: bren trying to dom ryan in a teasing/seductive way but being really bad so ryans just smiling and laughing

Oh my god Brendon’s trying to corner Ryan and dirty talk him but he keeps stumbling over his words and Ryan can’t help but think he’s just adorable and not at all dominant and he just ends up laughing at him and brendon blushes but he knows he’s awful at it and Ryan’s just like “let me show you how it’s done” and takes him apart right there

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not be rude or anything, but I don't want you get hate for it, so can you please maybe color Marcel a lil bit darker?

I know your trying not be rude or anything but the reason that I colour his skin that fair is because marcel isn't actually that dark but he is quite light, this is just from me studying his pictures on insta and twitter and yes he is African American I totally understand that but Marcel, in general, doesn’t have a saturated skin colour 

and I don’t want ppl coming and saying that I’m whitewashing him because I’m definitely am not, I really respect him as a person and a content creator, but I’ve done research and comparing him to his wife, or mini, yes he is darker, but not drastically and I really want to stay true to their real appearance as much as I possibly can 

please respect why I do this, I do put a lot of thought when it comes to drawing people that aren’t white and I as I said studied marcel, just like I study everyone I draw