done with you minho

Newt isn’t even dead

It was just another test

And then one day, a flat trans opens up and…

Reunion!! everyone’s happy the end

Found Out - Newt Imagine

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Found Out - Newt Imagine

Warnings: Fluff kinda

Words: 1169

Summary: You and Newt are secretly dating and then Minho and Thomas find out.

You sat with Minho and Thomas at Lunch time. You were a runner alongside them but today you had a day off from running the maze. You had already spent the first part of the day doing absolutely nothing while the rest of the Glade worked hard. Around you, Gladers started to take a break from their jobs to eat.

“What are you planning to do this afternoon, Y/N?” Thomas asked you as you ate your food.

“Nothing really.” You answered then smirked, “I might go and find a random person to annoy though…”

Thomas shook his head but still smiled back at you. Minho kept eating and didn’t join the conversation.

“Y/N.” Minho said out of the blue, and pointed behind you. You turned to see that Newt was standing over by Frypan’s hut. He looked like he had been trying to get your attention. You grinned and then suppressed it so Thomas and Minho wouldn’t notice.

“I’ll go and see what he wants.” You said trying to keep your voice even. You did know why he wanted to see you.

“Okay.” Minho said as Thomas nodded. You were glad that they didn’t ask why Newt would want to see you because you would have to have lied to them.

You quickly got up and made your way over to where Newt was. He was smiling warmly at you and you followed him round the side of the hut.

As soon as you were out of sight Newt pushed you up against the wall and started to kiss you passionately. You kissed him back with just as much force. Your hands found their way to the back of his head and let them tug softly at his dark blonde hair. His hands were on the small of your back holding your body as close to his as possible.

No-one in the Glade knew about you and Newt.

There was a rule put in place as soon as you came to the Glade that stated that nobody could make a move on you. It just kept things simple. That was until you and Newt found out that it was impossible for you two to keep your hands off each other for more than a few hours. You both agreed that this would have to be a secret and you could tell nobody or the whole Glade would eventually know. It was hard but you preferred this than not being able to show Newt how you felt for him.

Newt was still kissing you and he moved forward slightly pushing you into the wall even more.

“Someone’s feisty today.” You whispered but still trying to have the element of cheekiness.

Newt chuckled as he kissed you on your cheek next to your ear and then started to leave kisses down your neck. You felt his whole body move against you when he laughed. This brought on the sobering thought that you were in an almost impossible maze with no freedom. Any day now something could change and you may not have Newt anymore. You pushed the thoughts out of your mind.

His hands had now moved slightly under your shirt and rested on the bare skin of your waist. You looked at him in the eye before leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“I love you, you know that right.” You said resting your forehead on his.

“Of course I do, baby. I love you too, you know.” Newt was stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You blushed and couldn’t help smiling.

You two obviously couldn’t just do this whenever you wanted so you had to make good use of the time you had. Newt kissed you again and you put your arms around his neck to keep him close to you.

“What the shuck?!”

You and Newt jumped away from each other, quicker than either of you have ever moved before. You banged your head off the wall behind you.

Minho was standing there frozen, gawping at you two.

“What the shuck?” He repeated again. This time with less shock. It was riddled with disbelief.

“Minho, we…” Newt was the first to talk but then stopped abruptly, like he didn’t actually know what to say.  

You just looked from Newt to Minho, and then back to Newt again.

“How long have you guys been… ya know?” Minho said slowly. He was still in a tiny bit of shock.

“Um…” You said.

“Uh…” Neither you or Newt knew what to say.

Suddenly a wicked smile crept onto Minho’s face. This was the Minho you had grown to know. And it was probably a bad thing.

Minho laughed out loud and then sprinted off towards where everyone else was.

“Minho no!” You yelled after him. You let out a loud exasperated sigh. You were actually slightly scared of the events that might come from this.

You turned your head to Newt. He was already looking at you and looked equally as scared. You both made a silent unanimous decision not to move from where you were until you sort of knew what Minho had done.  

You went to Newt and wrapped your arms around his waist. He did the same to you and lightly kissed the top of your head.

“That shank…” Newt muttered and you let out a nervous laugh.

“Ugh he isn’t that bad.” You said in consolation. “We couldn’t have kept it a secret forever anyway.”

Newt sighed in agreement.

“Thomas look!” Minho yelled as he came round the corner dragging Thomas behind him.

Again you and Newt split to see a very excited looking Minho and a very confused looking Thomas.

“Minho said you guys were… well…” Thomas said, not really believing what he was saying.

“They were kissing!” Minho insisted.

“Were you?” Thomas asked. Both you and Newt kept your eyes on Thomas as you nodded.

“Oh my god.” Thomas said and then started to grin manically like Minho.

“Tommy don’t do anything please.” Newt said gently.

It was like the words completely washed over Thomas because he smiles widely at Minho who reflects Thomas’s grin back.  

“Guys please?!” You cried as Thomas and Minho shot out into the Glade.

“Y/N AND NEWT WERE JUST KISSING!” They shouted for everyone to hear.

You and Newt ran after them but you couldn’t help but laugh at how much fun the two boys were having. They were acting like kids.

“So much for that then.” You stopped running now and Newt stopped next to you. You could see Minho and Thomas running into the Med-Jack’s room.

“They aren’t going to stop are they.” Newt said. Although his words suggested otherwise you could tell he was trying not to smile.

“Well why don’t we give them something to work with.” You say teasingly, wrapping your arms around Newt’s neck again.

Newt laughed and then kissed you. In the view of everyone in the Glade.

Songs I listened to while writing this imagine:

  • Don’t Wanna Know - Maroon 5
  • Locked Away - R City
  • Hey Soul Sister - Train
  • Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
A few amazing moments from the SHINee World V concert in LA last night

- SHINee dabbing. Enough said
- Jonghyun and Onew’s amazing harmonies during ‘Please Don’t Go’
- Minho talking about going to go see the Clippers games (he wanted to go see the Lakers instead lol) and fanboying screaming “YEAH BABY”
- Cues Minho imitating the basketball players
- Key interjecting during all of this saying “I don’t know anything about sports, so what did you eat today?” (very done with Minho at this point LOL)
- Taemin imitating Key speaking English and getting extremely embarrassed (PRECIOUS)
- Jonghyun squeezing the hell out of Taemin cooing and saying how adorable he is
- Taemin saying SHINee should pretend they are like the Power Rangers cause SHINee is 5 and Power Rangers are 5; Key going “Don’t say we are 5.. you did”
- Key singing parts of LaLa Land
- Key not remembering those parts of LaLa Land and Minho asking Key if he’s ok (cause Key is literally ripping his hair out at this point)
- Jonghyun being extra and blowing kisses to everyone
- Minho and his legendary ‘dibidibidis’
- SHINee seeing our fanproject during ‘1 of 1′ and Jonghyun asking to see it again after ‘1 of 1′ ended
- Us showing Jonghyun’s birthday banner to SHINee and Key going “OH YEAH IT’S ALMOST JONGHYUN’S BIRTHDAY LOL” 
- /cues our happy birthday song to him/

And finally, wise words from Key aka Kim Kibum himself:
“ You guys this is real. You are not watching Youtube right now”
“Thank you all for singing with us and even singing some of our fanchants. You could be better at Korean than some of us ahaha” 

Bless SHINee. Bless them all. 

Quiet - Choi Minho (M)

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word Count: 1.5k
Author’s note: So I fell in love with Minho after seeing him on Hwarang and when I looked for Minho smut on here I found that there isn’t enough so I decided to write one after @jinatetae insisted me to, hahaha. 😂 Enjoy and Merry Christmas! :) ♡ (The GIF isn’t mine)

When you first thought about bringing your boyfriend Minho home with you to your parents’ house for Christmas Eve, you thought it was an amazing idea - until you felt his left hand slipping under your red tiered dress during dinner.

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Altered Fate

Scenario: My best friend is marrying my soulmate, so I made a few changes and now you’re my soulmate.

Pairing: Taehyung + Reader

Genre: Angst (not really) + Fluff + Soulmate AU (in which The Red String of Fate exists)

Words: 2,750

A/N: My second soulmate au. Inspired by one of the many ideas on here. I hope you enjoy it ♡

Masterlist ◇


Not a sound could be heard in your apartment as you stared at your best friend’s hand.

“You’re what?” You gasped.

“Engaged!” Yuri beamed, showing off the new diamond ring adorning her finger.

Not wanting to sound disappointed, you quickly put on a smile and looked at her. “That’s amazing! When did Minho propose?”

“Yesterday. It was so romantic, Y/N, you have no idea,” she glanced back down at her hand. “I called my parents right away, of course. I was going to call you, but I wanted to tell you in person instead.”

“I’m really happy for you, Yuri.”

In all honesty, you weren’t. Not even in the slightest. You wanted to be for her, but you couldn’t bring yourself to feel any joy.

You had kept a secret from Yuri ever since she started dating Minho. You had hoped that they would break up shortly after their relationship began, but now they’re engaged.

You couldn’t tell your own best friend that she was marrying your soulmate.

“There’s another reason why I wanted to tell you in person, though,” she admitted.


“I need you to knot our strings together.”

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More Than Just A Boss (Taemin AU) Pt.9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Type: Angst Fluff

“I don’t have a baby bed” Minho says “you mean a crib” you say as he makes a sound “my spare bedroom is also a gym so looks like you, me, and little Hajoon will be sharing a bed” he says as your phone vibrated intensely “Taemin?” he asked as you denied the call and shrugged. “Can I lay down?” you as him as he nods “here I’ll take her while you change” he said as he awkwardly took Hajoon letting you head off to get ready. Her tired eyes met his as he smiled at her. She laid down against him as she sighed closing her eyes. 


You finished changing as you notice Taemin had left a voicemail. You entered your pin before you put your phone on speaker. “Y/N, please” he started as his voice seemed shaky “she can say dada now” he continued before he started crying. “I’m so sorry, my baby. Please bring her back” he sobbed as the call ended. You actually felt bad for him before Minho knocked on the door. “You done?” he asked as you nodded. “I have to change real quick so no peaking. Unless you want to” he says as you chuckle covering Hajoon’s eyes followed by closing your own.


You laid Hajoon in the center as you and Minho faced each other “I know it was wrong but I heard your call” he said as he turned the light off. “He sounds like he’s having a break down” he continues as his voice grows quiet “he cab deal with it for the night” you tell him as he nods. “Seems fair” he said as you smiled “thank you for everything” you tell him as he gives your a smile “don’t worry about it” he says rolling on his back “good night” he whispered as you respond with a groan.


You yawned as Minho brought you back to Taemin’s apartment where you unlocked the door. Taemin was passed out on the couch after waiting up as long as he could for you to come back with his daughter “thanks again” you tell Minho as he nods waving you off. 

You moved quietly taking Hajoon back to her crib laying her down and covering her with the blanket. You walked back out into the living room to see Taemin’s head was turned to you as his eyes were opened, he sat up quickly “I did hear the door open” he said with a tired smile. “I’m sorry about everything” he said as you simply headed into the kitchen “Y/N please” he says as he heads over to you. You were starting a pot of coffee “Y/N-” “stop it” you tell him. “I don’t care what you do to me but for gosh sakes Taemin you’re a freaking father, I’m not a mother and I didn’t think I would become one for your daughter but I seem to be the only one who really cares for her” you hiss as he shakes his head. “No no, I love my baby girl” he defends as you roll your eyes. “Then stop kissing my ass and spend time with her” you say shoving him away from you.


“So I took off today” Taemin says smiling largely as you make a sound not looking away from your phone. “That means I can spend the day with Hajoon. You can have a day off” he continues as you look up from your phone. “What Hajoon’s favorite cereal?” you ask “huh?” he responds confused. “what time did her nnaptime change to?” you then asked “wait-” “what’s her favorite babyfood?” you finished as you heard Hajoon cry. “You would know the answers if you bothered coming home” you say with a snide smile.

“You told me to spend time with my daughter” he tells you. “I never said alone” you spoke. “You don’t know how to raise her anymore Taemin” you shot as every sentence you spoke felt like a stab in the heart. He felt he needed your approval for things now. That he needed to make you happy along with his daughter. “Hajoon” Taemin says as he saw you bring her out. He smiled as he headed over to you grabbing her tiny face. “Daddy loves you” he coos as he takes her from you. Hajoon played with his shirt as she looked up at him. “I do” he says as he places a kiss on his daughter’s face.

Daddy Minho

Requested - yes (like last year omg I’m so sorry)
Word count - 2494
Warnings - daddy kink, public sex (ish), teasing ect.

“Dressing room now” was harshly whispered in my ear by my boyfriend Minho. He had been acting strange all day whilst I’ve been shopping.

“Pardon?” I turned around to see him biting his lip and adjusting himself for about the hundredth time today. “What is with you today?” I turned back around looking back to the clothing.

“Y/n, go to the dressing room now.” Minho took my hand and put it on his bulge “can you see what you’ve done to me?” Minho picked up the dress I had been looking at and walked me over to the dressing room.
“Just the one item?” The polite shop worker asked me with a huge smile.

“That would be right” I smiled back at her and uttered a small “thank you” as she walked me to the dressing room. Minho followed, staring at me all the time. Minho softly pushed me into the dressing room and quickly shut the door behind himself.

“Fuck y/n you look amazing” Minho whispered, pushing me against the wall “walking around in the short skirt” Minho smashed his lips onto mine “all the times you’ve gone on your tiptoes, flashing me a little part of your bum, you’ve made me so hard y/n.” Minho bit his bottom lip, his eyes we now dark, not just from lust “However, you’ve also made me angry” his tone changed. His voice was now flat, the look in his eyes evil “you flashed a few lucky boys, not just me, and now you need to be punished, got that?” I let out a low moan of Minho’s name, his hand pushing on panties; ribbing my clit fast and hard. The friction was amazing.

“Minho~ st-stop. W-we can’t. M-might get c-caught” I was cut off by a slap to the back of my thigh. Minho giving me a stern look. I looked up not know what I had done wrong, this time.

“Y/n what did you just call me?” My face went red. Minho’s hands quickly pushed up my skirt and went into my panties. He harshly rubbed my clit, fast and strong. My one hand flew up to my mouth. I bit my thumb to stop the moans from coming out of my mouth. “I asked you a question baby girl, don’t make me repeat myself” Minho was lookin me in the eyes. His harsh stare scaring me.

“I…I called you min-” I let out a shaky breath “Minho” my body was failing me. I wanted to look strong, like his actions did nothing to me, I wanted my face to be stern and not look like I had two of his long finger thrusting into me. This was not the case. My eyes were shut tight and my mouth wide open. My legs were shaking, only standing with the support of Minho’s one hand on my hips and my hand on his shoulders. “I’m sor-” interrupted by a harsh thrust of his fingers “Daddy, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, I promise.” My mouth felt dry. My body weak. I needed more. “Daddy please. More~” I moaned out quietly.

“No princess” Minho removed his fingers. I whined, reaching for his arm. “No y/n. You tease me, I tease you” Minho then placed his fingers in his mouth and started to luck my juices off of them. After this he walked out of the dressing room, leaving me looking like a mess.

I looked in the big mirror one final time before leaving the dressing room. I went to look for Minho, I’m guessing he’s still in the shop. I walk out of the dressing room, looking for Minho. Once I’ve laid eyes on him, I walk over to him. My legs felt like jelly, fuck that, my whole body felt like jelly, my insides were weak, I needed that release, but Minho had to go and punish me…ahhh I could kill him.

“Follow me princess” while my mind was wondering, I had walked up to Minho, not paying attention to him or what he had to say. “Did you listen y/n?” No answer “for gods sake y/n snap out of it” Minho took my hand and started to walk out of the shop. “You need to listen to me princess, I’ve got very important things to say”

“I’m listening, no need to keep on” I sassed out, I was angry at him, I never leave him when he’s about to cum, that’s just a sick punishment.

“Don’t take that tone with me princess, you’ll get punished again” Minho was speaking right next to my ear, well whispering. His words lit my body on fire, would he really punish me again? “anyway princess, I want to tell you a story, should we go somewhere to sit down?” I didn’t have time to answer him, he just walked into a cute little ice cream shop, pulling me behind him.

After we had ordered, Minho lead us to the very corner table of the shop, where no one else sat. “So about that story y/n” he took some of his ice cream onto the spoon and into his mouth, his eyes never looking away from mine “it’s about this little slut that thinks she can wear very shirt skirts with she is out shopping with her boyfriend, making her boyfriend hard in public, what do you think? She’s not very nice, is she?” Minho looked at me, waiting for my answer.

“Minho, this isn’t a story, this is what has just happened, yes I’m sorry I made you hard but you don’t need to call me a slut” Minho laughed before I could even finish the sentence.

“You’re half right, and well done for being sorry, however, that was only part of the story I wanted to tell, the main part of the story is what I’ve been thinking all day” a wicked grin made its way onto Minho face. “Do you want to hear that story princess?” Before I could answer, Minho had placed a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth. “I’m going to tell you anyway” and the smug grin was back. “Once we have finished our ice cream” we ate in silence.

Minho finished his ice cream before I did, and sat there looking at me “if you don’t hurry up sweetie, you’re not going to hear the story” blushing at his words, I pushed the ice cream to one side. “Okay we can get started” Minho put his hands over mine, rubbing small circles onto the back of my hand. To any person that walked by, we would just look like a young couple in love, not a couple that was getting really turned on.

“Minho please just get on with it” I begged, I was getting so desperate, I needed anything, just hearing his voice telling me his fantasy could get me off at this point.

“I can see you really want this princess, so I’ll tell you” Minho pulled me towards him by my arms “I’m only going to tell this story once y/n, so you better listen, got it” I quickly nodded my head “so eager.” Minho smiled at me, then kissed me quickly before telling me his fantasy. “All day I’ve been thinking about how you feel wrapped around my cock, warm and tight. That, along with you flashing me got me so hard baby. But teasing you is more fun for me. I was also thinking about your lips. They are perfect for when you suck my cock, and when you hollow your cheeks, you nearly make me explode everything you do that” Minho’s eyes turned darker with lust, his hold on my hands tighter and his voice was so quiet, only I could hear him speak. “All day I’ve wanted to go into a lingerie shop and pick my princess some pretty things that she can only wear for me. And if my princess’ behaviour is good over the next week, daddy might get her some little toys she can play with when daddy is away” I was blushing at his words, Minho has never been so forward talking about our sex, I was getting really turned on.

“Can we go get the pretty lingerie now daddy?” My face was so red at this point. A bigger smile now made its way onto Minho’s face, he was loving this. Without a word Minho stood up, towering over me. He put his hand out for me to hold. Once my hand was in his grasp again, he was striding toward a lingerie shop. Once inside the shop, Minho wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head on the top of mine, on moving it when he wanted to whisper in my ear.

“What colour does my princess want to get? Something that’s cute and pink, sexy and red or maybe something in black or white?” I looked around the shop, trying to find something that both Minho and I would like “come on princess, we don’t have all day, we need to get back home” his head was now on my shoulder.

“What colour do you want me to get?” My voice was quiet and shaky. Minho turned my head to the direction of the cute pink things. “The pink?”

“Yes it will look so cute on you princess” we (awkwardly) walked together towards the pink lingerie. “Would you let daddy pick them for you baby?” I nodded, no longer trusting my voice. Minho picked out a baby link babydoll and some stockings that matched it. “You’re going to look so sexy in this princess” we left the shop, going straight to the car, ready to go home.

The car ride was silent, the radio the only thing making a noise. Minho’s hand resting on my thigh, rubbing small circles on it. Once we got outside the house and the car stopped, I went to open the door. “Princess?”

“Y…yes?” I asked, suddenly nervous to what was going to be said.

“I’m going to give you five minutes to go into the house and get changed, be ready for me princess” I nodded, quickly getting the bag and running into the house and up to our bedroom. My clothes came off quickly, placing them in a pile on the floor, before I put the babydoll on, quickly followed by the stockings. The door suddenly opened.

“We done princess, I didn’t think you could do it” the wicked grin was back on his face. Minho kissed me hungrily. He pushed me onto the bed, climbing onto of me. “You look fucking amazing princess” he kissed me again, his hands moving all over my body. His kisses moved down my neck and turned into sucking and biting, leaving marks for everyone to see. Minho’s hands made their way to my hips, his lips following closely. Once Minho’s lips were near my panties, he started to pull them down, kissing my legs as he went. “I need you baby” he moaned into my inner thigh. Soon Minho was back looking me in the eyes “but you have been naughty today, so you need to get” he paused, leaned close to me ear and purred “punished.” Minho sat back on the bed and looked over at me, tapping his lap. “Come sit princess” I moved so that I was straddling his lap. “Only my one leg baby” …shit.

I moved myself so that I was hovering over his one leg. Minho growled, clearing not like my hesitation. He held my hips and brought his leg up to meet my core. “I was going to be gentle on you princess, but that has gone out the window. You know you should listen to daddy all the time” I moaned as Minho started to more my hips. The friction of his jean clad leg heaven on my clit. My hips started to move in their own, no longer needing Minho’s hand to guide me. Minho placed his lips near my ear, kissing and sucking every now and then “guess what princess?”

“W…what daddy?” My hips we’re moving faster than mind could process and more words came out as a whisper. Minho looked at me with disappointment plastered on his face “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t guess” I looked down in shame, not wanting to get punished again.

Minho smiled before saying “You’re not going to cum on daddy’s leg” his hands were then placed back on my hips to make sure I kept moving “and if you do, you won’t get to cum on my cock either” I went pale. I was so close and he knew it. My head dropped onto his shoulder, my clit becoming over sensitive and my body unable to stop moving due to his hands. Minho started to move my hips faster, jolting his leg up every so often. My moaning became louder, my body becoming weaker.

I was suddenly flipped onto my back, Minho looking over me “you been a bad girl today y/n” Minho got up off the bed. He slowly undid the buttons on his shirt and took his jeans off. Getting back on the bed and leaning over me, Minho began to talk slowly “you won’t do that again, will you princess?” I shook my head no. “Good girl” Minho kissed my softly, pulling down my panties, and slowly taking off his boxers. Then paused.

“Daddy please, I really need you” my voice was quiet, he knew j hated begging. Minho kissed me once before pushing his cock into me. “Fuck” I moaned. Minho slowed his movements down, making me moan out in frustration. Minho moved to wars my ear.

“Are you going to tease daddy all day again?” Minho whispered. His thrusting had totally stopped, he was waiting for my answer, knowing I would break any moment.

“I won’t. I promise daddy, I won’t tease you ever again”

“Right answer princess” Minho then snapped his hips towards my core. His thrusts deep and rough. He was grunting in my ear with each thrust, moaning out my name every so often. My hips we’re raising up to meet with Minho’s thrusts. His name falling out of my mouth. Minho moved his hand down to my clit, rubbing circles on the bundle of nerves. I was so close.

“Can I cum daddy?” My voice was shaky and moans were slipping out of me left, right and center.

“Cum for me princess” as soon as the words slipped passed Minho’s lips, I let go. I screamed Minho’s name, my legs shaking and my hands gripping onto Minho. Minho’s thrusts picked up, his breath becoming louder in my ear. With a few more thrusts, Minho came. “That was perfect princess” he kissed me on the lips as he pulled out “but if you tease daddy again, you punishment will be ten times worse, got that princess?” I looked away from the eyes burning into me.

“Yes daddy”

I Like You Better When You’re Fucking Me

The popularly requested continuation of “Until Next Time”, a Newt x Reader smut is here! Again, don’t pretend you’re in this for the plot. I know what you’re up to. As always, my request box is open. For everyone who has requested, I am working on it! I love you, my perverts! My familial problems have been somewhat resolved, so look forward to more nasty writings! 

Newt x Reader Explicit (obviously smut)

Word Count: 2,976

Sunlight spilled into the room and spilled onto your face, forcing you to squint against the warm light as you slowly came to consciousness. Warm, strong arms wrapped around your waist and your back was pressed against someone’s muscled chest. For a second, you were completely confused. You shot up in the bed, yanking free of whoever had a hold on you.

The first things that your eyes landed on were the drawings and diagrams all over the floor. Chicken scrawl covered the pages, pens were scattered all over the ground. The entire scene, though messy, was incredible comforting.

You relaxed, instantly remembering everything that had happened the last night. A warm feeling of happiness washed through your body. Newt was yours again. You were his.

“You alright, (y/n)?” Newt sat up slowly and cautiously, as if he thought any fast movements would scare you away.

You turned to face him. “I love you.”

Instantly, all of the worry drained from his face and the same expression of happiness on your face took over his. “I’m glad,” was all he said. “It would’ve been awkward if it was just me.”

You laughed, the feeling coming as a surprise because you hadn’t done so in so long. Newt wrapped his arms around you once more. You wanted to stay here, safe and happy, but it wasn’t something that was possible in the maze. “We have jobs to do,” you murmured quietly into Newt’s neck.

“I know. Just…just stay here for a little while.” Newt’s hold on you tightened ever so slightly, his voice breaking. “Please.”

You melted against him, your resolve disappearing with his soft words. “Okay.”


The two of you finally left Newt’s room after breakfast, and everyone knew what had happened.

Minho, your closest friend in the Glade, was not afraid to call you out on it. You jogged towards the doors of the Maze next to him in silence, waiting for him to make a snarky remark.

“Shuck, (y/n), next time, could you be a bit quieter? I could’ve lived a happy life without hearing you and limpy boy bumping nasties all night. I definitely could have done without the screams.” Minho shot you a grin over his shoulder.

You shook your head. “I hope a griever stings ya, Minho, It’d be a long time coming.”

Minho laughed raucously. “At least you still got something in you after last night. From all of the noises we heard, we weren’t sure you’d be able to walk today.” He shuddered. “It was actually traumatizing. Please, and I mean this in the least disrespectful way, be a little bit quieter. Chuck has been buggin’ us with questions all day about why you were screaming bloody murder last night and we’ve all been making up dumpy ass lies. Hell, I had to use the “wrestling” metaphor. He’s getting suspicious, and none of us want to give him the talk, you know?’

Red rushed straight to your cheeks. “Chuck heard?” You manage to squeak.

Minho shook his head. “Everyone heard.” He patted you on the back reassuringly. “Don’t worry though, it sounded like you were satisfied.” You glanced over at Minho in time to see the smile on his face drop a bit. “Does Newt really think that I was trying to, you know, get you?” The teasing tone had completely left his voice, and he sounded almost vulnerable. “I mean he and Thomas are my best friends and I don’t—I don’t want him thinking that. He should know.”

You bit your lip and shook your head. “I think he was just angry that I ended it with him and placed all the blame on him.” To be honest, you didn’t exactly know what Newt thought. But you trusted in his friendship with Minho and Thomas.

Minho nodded. “I hope so.” The mocking smile returned to his face. “Race you, shuck-face!”


“Get ‘im, Minnie!” You screamed with laughter as Minho circled Gally in the center of the ring. He hopped from foot to foot comically, adding in the occasional grunt. Newt laughed from beside you.

“What a bloody idiot,” he muttered, but it sounded slightly strained. You realized that though the two of you had technically “made up”, there was still tension in between the two of you. However, you didn’t think that right now would be a good time to resolve it. It was a night of celebration; you didn’t want to ruin that. So you ignored it. That turned out to have been your worst decision of the night. Though, you wouldn’t know that until later.

“Minho, what is it?” Minho had pulled you to the side, away from the other gladers.

Minho looked distraught. It wasn’t a look you were used to seeing on him. “I think Newt is still angry with me, (y/n). I-I don’t want the stupid shank to think that about me. I would never be stupid enough to betray him like that. Has he-has he said anything to you? (Y/N), you and him are two of my closest friends. Just…fuck. I don’t know, (y/n).”

“Hey, hey, hey,” you said, pulling him in for a hug. “Don’t worry about it, alright, Minnie?”

“What the fuck?!” Newt grabbed you and pulled you out of Minho’s grasp. “I saw the two of you leave together on your own, and this is what I shucking find?”

Minho raised his arms in defense, an arm out to keep Newt at bay. “Newt, calm down. This isn’t what it looks like, shuck-face.”

Just as Newt opened his mouth to protest, you slapped you hand over his mouth. “Minho, leave right now. Let me handle this.”

Minho shook his head. “No way, I can-”

You cut him off. “No. You’ve got to trust me, Minho. He’s my boyfriend. This is our problem.”

Minho closed his mouth, but he still wavered. You shot him a meaningful look and waved your hand to the side. With a small sigh and a warning glare at Newt, he stalked away.

“Explain what the fuck I just saw. Fuck, (y/n), this is what I was afraid of. Maybe getting back together was a mistake, because you obviously don’t have the same view of our relationship as I do.”

His words stung like a slap in the face. Tears burned at the back of your eyes, but you refused t let him see you cry. “You stupid ass-crack of a human fucking being,” you spat, your fingernails digging into the skin of your palms. “This is why I broke up with you! You can’t fucking trust me! I told you I love you, Newt! Why can’t you ever, just once, trust me!”

“Trust you on what, (y/n)? Bloody hell, the two of you left together to go to a dark corner, and when I follow you, I find that you have your hands all over him! What the fuck is left to trust! Maybe I should walk in on you sucking dick next time!”

The tears wouldn’t stay back this time, despite your greatest efforts. “Is that what you really think of me?” Salty trails slid down your face but you refused to acknowledge them. “You think that I’m capable of such a betrayal, is that what you really think of me?” Your voice cracked as you spoke. You hated sounding so weak. You weren’t going to be weak. That wasn’t you. “You want to know why my hands were all over Minho, Newt? You want to know why?” You smirked, venom in your veins. “Because he is so much hotter than you, Newt. Because I know he can fuck me until I forget my name. Because I know that he can take care of me and make me feel like I’m wanted; he can fuck me so much harder than you ever could, Newt. I want him, Newt. More than I want you.”

Newt’s jaw clenched tightly. Before you could react, he had you pinned against a wall. The cold plaster seeped through your clothing, all the way to your spine. You shivered, shaking in Newt’s grasp. He loomed over you, dark and handsome. His bronze hair fell over his eyes, barely covering the lust filled hazel orbs.

You dug your fingers into his soft hair, clenching fistfuls. You yanked him close, your lips just barely at his ear. Your teeth grazed the sensitive skin, perverse glee shooting through you as you heard him groan underneath his breath.  The corner of your lip curled in satisfaction. “Why don’t you prove to me that you can fuck me harder than he can, hm, Newt?”

Newt slammed your hips against the wall, his strong arms rippling with muscle as he held you in place.

A small cry escaped your lips as your hands fell from his hair and were immediately pinned above your head. Newt didn’t bother to slip your clothing off gently. Instead, he ripped it off with his hand as he attacked your jaw and neck with hot, desperate kisses. You watched, through half-lidded eyes, as each article of your clothing, ripped to shreds, was tossed haphazardly away. The cool night air hit your body immediately, goosebumps erupting on the bare surface of your skin. Newt’s mouth found purchase at your sweet spot on your neck, forcing you to let out a loud moan. Small shivers of pleasure shot through your body as you trembled against Newt.

Newt pressed his hips against yours roughly, forcing you completely against the wall. His chest rose and fell with quick aroused breaths, breath hot on your lips. “If you make another shucking sound, I’ll stop. Don’t moan unless I say you can, don’t come until I say you can.”

You nodded silently, not wanting him to stop the pleasure.

“Answer me with ‘yes, sir’.”

“Yes, sir,” You managed to gasp, warmth growing in the pit of your stomach.

Newt slid his trousers off with one hand, revealing himself. He was hard for you, and you wanted him. Newt placed himself at your core, sliding the head of his cock up and down between your folds. You quaked against the wall, shivering and dripping in desperation for him. Newt smirked, aware of his effect on you. He dipped the tip in, just barely, before pulling back out and teasing your clit, rubbing small circles.

“P-Please, Newt….oh god…sir, please.” You were unable to form coherent words, too immersed in Newt’s torturous teasing to think clearly.

“Please what?” Newt cocked his head slightly. His teeth flashed devilishly as he sunk in once more, this time an inch deep.

You moaned involuntarily. “Please fuck me, sir!”

Newt buried himself hilt deep into you, your slick core enveloping him immediately. You whined and gasped, desperate, for him to move in you. He complied slowly, drawing himself completely out, the tip of his penis teasing your folds, and then burying himself all the way back into you. And it felt so, so good. You threw your head back against the wall, wanting nothing than for him to move faster into you, for him to pound you so hard that you bruised and forgot how to walk. Newt grabbed you by your chin, forcing you to look up into his dark eyes. “What do you want me to do?”

Without waiting for a response, he rammed himself into you, hard, causing your skin to rub against the wall in painful pleasure. He slammed his hips against yours, sliding in and out of you so quickly you were unable to form words. The sound of skin slapping skin filled your ears, moans falling from your lips. You panted his name like a mantra, the word slipping from your mouth with each breath.

And then he fucking stopped moving. “I told you I would stop with each sound you made. Now, (y/n), tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Fuck me, Newt! Fuck me so hard I forget my name! Please! Just make me come! Please, sir!”

The corners of Newt’s mouth lifted slightly, showing the whites of his incisors. It made him look slightly animalistic, and that just turned you on even more. He released his hold on your hands, allowing them to drop to his shoulders. He lifted your legs so that they wrapped around his waist, and then he stopped holding back. Newt rutted into you, not giving you any time to adjust to his large size. Your back rubbed up against the wall again and again with each deep thrust, pleasure rocketing through your body.  Newt’s hands grabbed your ass, lifting you slightly before slamming you back down onto his cock. You felt as if you were being ripped in half by him, and you didn’t want him to stop.

Your hands dug into his shoulders, ripping through skin. Newt growled in response, fucking you even harder and deeper than before. Black dots filled your vision as he hit your sweet spot, pleasure entering every cell in your body, igniting you.

“Can Minho fuck you like this?” He snarled, pistoning in and out of you ferociously. “Can he make you feel like this?”

“No!” You cried, not wanting him to stop, just wanting to come so hard that you couldn’t speak. “No! Only you can fuck me like this!”

Newt impaled you again and again on him, beating your used cunt. You were soaking, your juices coating him as he pushed himself into you with each powerful thrust. The coil in you tightened. You needed release.

Newt lowered his head, his sharp teeth biting and nipping at the sensitive skin of your neck. “You’re mine, (y/n).”

And then, impossibly, he increased his speed once more. Flesh slapped flesh and you were screaming in pleasure. “GOD! FUCK ME, NEWT! FUCK ME!”

Newt didn’t seem to mind you vocalizing your thoughts now. He groaned into your neck, sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” The words became a mantra. You gasped and moaned them as Newt thrusted with brute force into you. The black dots swam in your vision. You could feel every inch of him, ramming into you again and again. Every inch of his cock, sliding in your battered pussy, animalistically.

“Come, (y/n), come for me.” Newt murmured into your throat.

You smacked into the wall of pleasure, screaming and arching against Newt as your orgasm overrode every single nerve in your body, igniting your inferno. Wave of colossal pleasure shot through your veins, your nails cutting down Newt’s muscled back. Newt yanked himself out of you just in time for you to squirt your juices. Your body quaked as you came, screaming. Fluid shot out of you uncontrollably, white filling your vision.

You fell from your high after what seemed like hours. Immediately, you got to your knees. Newt watched you, shocked, as you took him in your mouth. You had never done this before, the entire experience a new thing for the both of you. He was large, too large for you to try and take entirely into your mouth. You bobbed your head experimentally, tasting yourself on him. You moaned against his dick, the vibrations shooting from your throat to him.

Newt groaned in response. He grabbed the back of your head, fingers grabbing fistfuls of hair. He slammed you against his cock you felt it at the back of your throat, choking you. You sucked obediently, letting him slam your head up and down on his manhood. Your hand found its way to his balls, and you squeezed one to see the effect it had on him while moaning once more.

Newt let out the loudest moan you had ever heard him make, forcing you all the way down on him until you were choking. He came then, his come shooting out in long spurts into the back of your throat, forcing you to swallow each burning gulp of his salty seed. He let go of you and allowed you to pull your head off of him as he continued to come, his come landing on your face, hair, in your eyes, and on your breasts.

You felt dirty, and you liked it.

“Fuck, (y/n), you’re so hot.” Newt muttered underneath his breath, drained of all energy. He collapsed next to you. “You’re beautiful.”

Your back stung from being rubbed against the wall during the rough sex. Newt seemed to realize this, as he traced gentle circles on your back to soothe it. He picked up your ripped shirt from the ground, using it to wipe away his seed. “Though I do enjoy the look, it is hard to keep my hands off of you when you look so enticing.”

You laughed, leaning against his shoulder. “Pervert.”

Newt swallowed. “We do need to talk, though.”

“Minho was trying to tell me that he didn’t want you to think of him that way, that you’re his best friend. I hugged him to try and make him feel better and to reassure him that you wouldn’t think of him that way. I’m sorry, Newt. I didn’t mean to make you jealous like that. I just want you to trust me, okay?”

Newt nodded. “Love, I just worry because you’re the only girl in the maze. I’m afraid to lose you, so I act like a shank. I trust you, I really do. I don’t, however, trust all of them.”

You shook your head. “You won’t lose me. Anyone who’d even try to make a move on me would have to get through Thomas and Minho first because they’ve got your back. Newt, you should apologize to Minho. You’ve been a real piece of shit to him lately.”

Newt chuckled. “I’m glad I’m your favorite piece of shit.”

“Apologize, Newt. Also, shut the fuck up. I like you better when you’re fucking me.”

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Shuck Face (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Jealousy

Title: Shuck Face

Requested by booksandseraphblades:

Hi I was wondering if you could do an imagine that takes place during the scorch trials when y/n gets jealous because of Minho flirting with the group b girls and that he does it on purpose cause y/n and Minho are not spending that much time together anymore and y/n makes Minho jealous back by flirting with Thomas and Minho and y/n fight and then makeup. Thanks

The Scorch was already bad enough to on top of all having to put up with Minho’s stupidity.

He kept throwing glances at me as he bluntly flirted with Sonya and Harriet. The girls from Group B that, although stubborn, seemed to be falling for his charms.

I sighed as I forced myself to walk, trying to forget about everything else. The only thing I wanted to keep in my mind was moving my legs and dragging myself across the deserted wasteland along with my Glader friends.

Frypan was next to me, talking nonstop. I wished he’d shut up, but I didn’t even have the energy to tell him that I wasn’t in the mood to listen to his rambling. I knew he was just trying to make us forget about everything, though.

The horrible heat, the exhaustion, the dehydration, the suffocating and anguishing environment that made it hard to breathe and even move as the sand was thick under our feet and made us stumble.

The sand that flew by, moved by the wind, and kept hitting my face and coming into my eye. My dry lips, mouth and throat. The pain that took over every centimeter of my body.

I had the biggest headache and I was so dizzy that I couldn’t even walk on a straight line. I just tried to distract myself, so I looked around.

Thomas and Frypan walked at both sides of me. Teresa was next to the first one, and Newt accompanied his friend Frypan.

Aris, Winston and the others followed us while we followed Minho and the girls from the other Maze.

Harriet laughed and playfully slapped Minho across the arm as he smirked. Little klunk.

I knew Minho was doing that on purpose.

In the Maze we had been inseparable, and everyone kept bugging us about our relationship. We were friends, but we wouldn’t stop flirting and teasing each other all the time too.

And I loved Minho, as a friend and maybe as something else.

But since we left the Maze, we had been distant. I didn’t know why exactly, but I guess all that klunk was bigger than us and we didn’t have time to carry on with our playful relationship.

One would think that the logical thing to do would be to talk about it and solve our problems. But Minho could never behave like a normal person would.

He acted passive aggressively and threw smug glances at me while the girls flirted back with him.

That shank.

He thought he was so perfect with his stupid styling quiff and his deep dark eyes and his strong arms and his charming smirk. Slinthead.

In a clear sign of being pissed off yet pretending not to be, I looked him in the eye whilst he stared at me smugly and shook my head, rolling my eyes in exasperation.

He didn’t have to know that I was truly jealous and mad. Even if I should be the one Minho paid attention to, like in the Glade.

But if he wanted to be with them instead, good for him. Who needed him?

I wobbled a little as I kept walking, but I recovered soon enough.

Probably no one was truly paying attention to me, so hopefully they didn’t see it.

I just closed my eyes tight for a moment, not taking the luxury to stop, and took a deep breath.

In a desperate attempt to forget about my strong unwell, I focused in the conversations the others had.

Thomas and Teresa were talking about the journey, and how they were looking forward to arriving once and for all. Every once in a while they would comment on something different that would make each other smile a little.

And Newt and Frypan were just reminiscing things about the Glade. Frypan’s ‘bloody’ bacon, which the British missed in spite of himself. Bark. Our friends. The wall with all our names. The Homestead. Even the ‘bugging’ sound of the beetle blades. Anything that had to do with our previous home.

Suddenly, black dots darkened my vision and my legs stopped being able to hold my weight anymore. I was so exhausted and weak that it was even harder to get some air into my lungs.

I found myself sitting in the floor all of a sudden, someone’s arms supporting me as they kept me upright.

I had blacked out for good.

“You alright, love?”

“Quick, give her some water!”

Feebly, I leaned my head in whoever was supporting me, in their shoulder.

“Guys, wait!”

I forced myself to sober up to be aware of my surroundings. It was strangely nagging not to know what was happening.

“Y/N, breathe. Take it easy”

Everything was dark around me, even though I knew that the blazing sun still shone over us because I could feel the scorching heat in my skin.

Then I realized my eyes were closed, so I opened them. I only managed to do slightly, just enough to see what was going on.

Newt and Frypan were kneeling before me, their faces twisting in concern. Thomas’ voice sounded behind me, and I guessed he was the one supporting me into a sitting position.

“There she is” Frypan smiled in relief when he saw me looking at them.

I noticed Teresa running by and handing Thomas a canteen of water, who he carefully put against my mouth so he could give me some water.

My chapped lips and dry mouth thanked the refreshing liquid.

Newt and Frypan grinned at me sweetly to perk me up.

“What happened?!” A more than familiar voice exclaimed.

I saw a sturdy figure running in our direction, and I knew it was Minho. 

I wasn’t in the mood to put up with him at the moment. I barely felt strong enough to stay awake.

Luckily, Newt knew the Runner well enough to figure out what he was going to do. A scene.

So the blond stood up and tried to calm him down.

I listened to their conversation while Thomas and Frypan still tended to me, giving me water and fanning me with their hands and scarfs. Even if all they managed was to throw the hot air of the Scorch in my face.

“Is Y/N okay?” Minho asked, watching me with concern.

Shuck face. You were an idiot to me before. 

“She’ll be alright, just give her some space, will ya?”

“No, Newt, I want to see her!” He tried to step forward, but his friend placed a hand on his chest to stop him.

“Bloody hell. Slim it, Minho” Newt was pissed for sure. “You’ll talk to her later”

Bless you, Newt. I didn’t want to face Minho at that very moment.

“How are you feeling, Y/N?” Thomas asked me worriedly but still sweetly.

I sighed, finally managing to breathe properly.

“A little better”

“Damn, girl” Frypan mumbled, visibly restless. “You scared the klunk out of us!”

Thomas and him slowly helped me up and waited to see if I could stand on my feet. I could, but I still felt weak and wobbly.

Placing an arm around my waist, Thomas supported my weight and helped me walk.

Minho stared at us, obviously annoyed. I would deal with him later.


Oh, how the tables had turned.

Minho walked alone, rejecting Newt’s company as the blond tried to talk to the shank. He was in a killer mood.

In fact, the Runner threw me annoyed glares as Thomas still helped me walk. To be honest, Thomas was being a sweetheart, caring so much about me.

“Thanks for looking after me, Thomas” I briefly looked at Minho as he looked over his shoulder to us.

When he got jealous he was even worse than me.

“It’s okay” The boy shrugged. “This shuck place is horrible, least I can do”

“It is horrible” I saw my chance and I took it. Payback time. “You must be so tired, carrying me all the way”

His eyebrows shot up in surprise when he noticed the strange tone in my voice. He probably didn’t realize I was trying to flirt with him.

“A little” Thomas replied simply.

“You’re so strong!” I smiled at him. “Even being exhausted in this heat and all, you pull through”

With the corner of my eye, I glanced at Minho. He was pursing his lips together in anger, just then averting his eyes from us.

I thought that Teresa should be jealous too, since I was with Thomas. But when I looked at her, I noticed she was calmly chatting with Aris. Without a care in the world.

But no, Minho had to be a shuck face, like he usually was.

Confused, Thomas stared at me. He had no clue what was going through my head, and he probably thought I was delirious or that the heat had gone to my brain and I had ended up being completely jacked.

I giggled, amused, and decided to explain it to him.

“Don’t worry, ‘Tommy’” I told him lowly, jokingly calling him like Newt did. “I’m just trying to make little Minho a bit jealous”

“Oh” He breathed out, obviously relieved. “I see”

We both glanced in his direction and watched his reaction. When Minho noticed we were staring at him, he quickly looked away.

“He’s such a child” I rolled my eyes tiringly.

“Why don’t you just talk to him?” Thomas and his questions.

“Do you even know Minho?”

For a moment, he remained silent, but I guessed he knew what I was referring to, because he nodded.

In fact, to reinforce my statement, Minho angrily came by. He stomped his feet on the ground, lifting sand and dirt everywhere as he did so.

“Okay, Tommy boy” The Runner didn’t even give us time to say anything as he pointed a finger menacingly at Thomas. “What the shuck do you think you’re doing?”

Thomas glanced at me for a second before returning Minho’s stare.

“Y/N’s sick, I’m helping her” He defended, knowing his arm was still around my waist.

Minho rolled his eyes so eagerly that I thought they would get stuck inside his skull.

“You don’t even like Thomas!” He exclaimed, yelling at me. “If you’re gonna be a slinthead about it-“

“Oh, and you sure are in love with those girls, are you?” I replied, shouting like he was. I didn’t mind the group’s glares on us.

“Whatever, Y/N” Minho scowled at me. “Stay with this shank and flirt with him all you want, I’m done”

“You started it, shuck face!”

But Minho started to walk away, showing us a rude gesture over his shoulder as he did.


Knowing the last thing we needed in the Scorch was to be against one another, Newt and Thomas went to talk to Minho and maybe calm his temper.

Teresa walked with me, allowing me to link my arm with hers as I still felt a little weak although I had recovered from my black out.

“Boys are so stupid sometimes…” She opened her mouth for the first time in minutes, and I chuckled in agreement.

“And Minho is even worse” I mumbled, watching how he threw his arms in the air in exasperation as he spoke to his two friends.

“It’s so obvious that he likes you, Y/N” Teresa told me. “Even if he won’t admit it”

“I know” Only with me did Minho take the luxury to show more affection. And even so, what he considered affection.

We weren’t exactly hugging and being corny all the time. Again, it was all just stupid and blunt flirting along with a lot of teasing and horseplay.

“I’m gonna talk to him” I announced, suddenly feeling determined.

Maybe it was that I missed those days on the Glade, but I wanted to make things up with him.

“Go for it then” Teresa held me by the arm as I took a step away and slowly let go of me when she noticed I felt strong enough to walk on my own.

I sucked in a deep breath as I approached the three boys. They hadn’t heard me arrive, so I spoke up.

“Minho, we have to talk”

They all turned their heads to me.

Minho looked fed up, Newt amused and Thomas curious.

“Oh, really?” The sass and sarcasm his voice contained was out of this world. “Are you sure? Don’t you want to flirt with Newt here while you’re at it?”

The aforesaid rubbed his eyes, fed up with his friend’s attitude.

“Dude” Thomas complained, but Minho’s eyes were fixed on me.

“C’mon, Tommy” Newt grabbed his friend’s arm. “Let’s leave these two lovebirds to have a chat”

Before he walked away with Thomas, he playfully punched Minho in the arm and winked at me.

I just walked next to Minho even if he didn’t slow down for me. He didn’t seem too keen of talking about it.

“Will you stop being a shuck face and talk to me, Minho?” I held a hand on his shoulder so he would walk slower.

“First of, that’s my word. And second of, what is there to talk about?” His eyes wouldn’t meet me.

“The fact that instead of trying to communicate you just go and try to make me jealous”

“It’s not my fault that you were jealous, Y/N”

Irritated, I grunted to let him know how annoyed I was.

“Come on, I miss you” I still held to his shoulder, but he didn’t really slow down. “Just admit that you do too”

“I don’t” Minho shrugged, swatting my hand away while he was at it. “I really don’t care”

He cared, but he was too proud to admit it. Luckily, I knew Minho really well.

And I knew how to get to him.

I stopped walking and he looked at me when he noticed I wasn’t beside him.

“What now?”

“I don’t feel good” I mumbled, trying to appear weak and unstable.

I had to do the biggest effort to hide a smirk as his eyes grew wide in pure fear.

He ran to me, fast as lightning, and quickly wrapped my frame with his arms to support me.

“What’s wrong?” Minho’s dark eyes fixed on me as his forehead creased with concern. “You’re sick again? You’re not gonna faint, are you?”

I just held on to him and stared back, knowing he indeed cared. Minho cared more about me than he wanted to let on.

Feebly, I let my head fall on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

“Tell me something, stupid!”

I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I chuckled as I glanced at him.

His face lit up with recognition as he figured out I was pretending just to prove that he was lying.

With the most unamused and angry face I had ever seen him do, he exhaled a deep breath that he had probably been holding in.

He unwrapped his strong arms from me and took a step back.

“You little shit!” He was about to walk away, mad at me, when I held his arm to stop him. “Shuck off, Y/N, it wasn’t funny, you-“

“Shuck face…” I mumbled, hitting him across the head playfully.

“Ow, shuck face!” He replied, rubbing his nape with his hand.

I grinned and planted a kiss on his lips, which he was totally not prepared for.

The rest of the guys complained at the sight, uttering playful insults and teasing us as well as making disgusted noises.

I examined his expression as we broke away. I could read it in his eyes, he had enjoyed it.

“Say it” I just told him, knowing he’d understand.

“I’ve missed you too, alright?” He reluctantly admitted. “Are you happy now?”

“Yes” I smirked and threw my arms around his neck, hugging him tight.

Minho chuckled in spite of himself and picked me up in his arms.

Surprised, I looked at him and noticed his satisfied and smug grin.

Knowing him, the fact to be carrying me was an unspoken statement.

If someone was to take care of me and carry me around while I felt weak, that would be him. No one else.

Lost Puppy

You storm into the house and throw your jacket to the ground. You hear the yelling from behind you but ignore it. Stomping to your room you remove your shoes and begin taking your shirt off but stopped when the door opened.

“What is your problem?” He asked. He was mad and so were you. Dinner did not go as you had planned it and it was his fault, that’s what you believed.

“You!” You shout back.

“What have I done?” His voice raised to match yours.

“Don’t even start with me. Minho you embarrassed me in front of my friends. I wanted to have a nice night but you ruined it.” You were fuming.

“You’re blaming me for what you did? No. You’re the one who made a big deal of dinner. It was supposed to be calm but you made it more than it needed to be.”

“But it’s what you said that made everything fall through. If you ever shut up we would have had a better night.”

“You’re the one that made us late. You’re the one that kept changing plans. You are the one who couldn’t make up their fucking mind. So if you want to blame anyone blame yourself.”

You didn’t say another word. You grabbed your shoes, slipped them back on and walked out of the room. He kept yelling at you. You picked your jacket up and grabbed your car keys.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He growled.

“I know I’m going to a friend’s house.” You didn’t wait for a response just walked out.

You got in your car starting it before driving away. You looked in your mirror to see Minho on the sidewalk with his hands up in the air. You looked to the road the back to him. His hands laid by his side.

The next morning you woke up in your friend’s apartment. She had welcomed you with open arms. She knew you and Minho had been butting heads and was waiting for the big explosion. “He’s like a lost puppy!” She always said. Although she wasn’t in the house. She worked early and wouldn’t be back till late.

You looked at your phone to see a bunch of texts and missed calls from Minho. The texts went from explaining his opinion, to apologizing, then insults. He didn’t hold anything back. Warm tears fell down your cheek at some of the harsh words. He spoke so cruelly. Next you check your voicemail. Same as texts. All that mattered is that at the end it was nothing but insults and yelling.

You put your phone down and bring your knees to your chest. Sobs ripped thru you. It hurt hearing and reading all of the hateful things he said. You decided it was time to stop it. You took a shower and got dressed. Walking out the door you felt your heart skip a beat. Fear coursed thru you like fire. Every breath like a flame.

You arrived at yours and Minho’s shared place. You unlocked the door and stepped in only to find him sitting on the floor. His eyes had bags under them and he seemed upset. “He should be.” You thought to yourself.

“You’re back?” His voice was rough but held hope in it.

“Only to tell you something and pick up clothes.” You stated.

He stood and looked at you. “What?” He asked.

“Minho,” You sighed before finishing. “We’re done.”

You moved past him and to your room. Grabbing a suitcase you began filling it with clothes. You made sure to also grab your hygiene produces. The entire time you held back tears. You hurt him but he hurt you first. He was nothing but selfish and a pain in the ass.

“Please. Don’t leave me.” You jumped at the sudden noise. You crossed your arms and turned on in your heels. Your heart snapped in half at the sight of him. His eyes were puffy and red, tears stained his cheeks. You closed your eyes and turned back around. You felt your own tears roll down your face. “I can’t lose you.” His voice cracked.

You zipped up your case and pushed past. “I’m sorry Minho.”

He ran in front of the door blocking the door. He was acting like some desperate child. “Baby I didn’t mean it. Any of it.”

“Then why say it?” You push.

“Because I was scared.” He whimpered. “I was scared you hated me. I was scared you would leave me…and now you are.” He looked up at you with big eyes.

“Stop. Don’t look at me like that.”

“What do you mean?” He tilted his head adding to the puppy like charm.

“That! You look at me like some kind of lost puppy knowing it makes me melt! I hate it so much.” You raised your voice just enough to get the point across.

He moved from the door over to you. You watched as he rested his hands over your own. His hands somehow rough yet so soft. It was a feeling you loved and cherished. You finally broke down. You wrapped your arms around his neck bringing him down a bit. “I hate that I love you so much.”

“So you’re staying?” He said hopefully.

“Of course I am. If I left it would be considered abandonment of a puppy.”

He laughed and placed a small kiss on your lips. Happily returning it you pull his closer.

“You might be a pain in the ass, but you’re my pain in the ass and I love you.”


SHINee reaction to you accidentally sending them a video of you masturbating

A/N: Someone requested this as GF but im changing it to wife or GF because I used yeobo in a few of these and you only use that when talking to your husband/wife :) ~ Becca

Onew: He was getting ready to go live on a variety show when the video came. He held in everything with all his might, biting his lip to hide any sound that wanted to come out of his mouth. He also begged one of the boys in the back to trade seats with him….easier to hide the bulge you had caused him. 

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Jonghyun: Jonghyun was backstage waiting to go on stage to perform “She Is” when the video came in to his phone. Jonghyun couldn't stop his jaw from dropping when he opened the video, and once he heard you moan his name he was done for…and so were you when he got home. 

“Uhm excuse me do we have loser pants I think they got me the wrong size these are a little too tight”

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Key:  Key was sitting in the studio with the guys working on the next album when he got the message. Little did he know that his sound was all the way up when he opened the video, your moans filling the room making the four other guys head turn quickly in his direction. Key turned the phone on mute and turned the video off but unfortunately for him…and you…the damage was done. 

Minho: Was that (y/n)?

Jonghyun: pretty sure that was….

Taemin: She sent you a video of her doing something naughty didn't she…

Onew: You can shake your head all you want but the bulge in your pants say otherwise!

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Minho: The message came as he sat reading over his lines for the next scene. his scripts dropped right out of his hand making his costar look over at him concerned. He tried to keep his compsure has he saw you pleasure yourself and heard you moan his name into his ears, but he could feel himself getting hard inside his jeans making him mentally curse himself and you for sending the video.  

Co-star: “Hey hyung are you okay you look a bit flustered, is it the next scene I heard it’s a tough one?”

minho: *gif*

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Taemin: He was sitting a long table listening to the higher ups in SM talk when he heard his phone go off in his lap. he saw that it was a video message so he clicked his ear piece on and clicked the button, and it all went down hill from there. He tried to keep his composure as he saw you unraviling on the screen, your moans filling his ear making his jeans tighter and tighter as the moaning grew loader. He looked up now and again to look like he was listening to whatever the people in the room were talking about but in reality all he could here was the sound of you moaning his name.

Board member:“Taemin-ssi, what would you like to accomplish on this album?


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Love Song

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As an idol, your free moments were few and far between. You were constantly on the go, running form schedule to schedule, from studio to practice room. The hustle and bustle of your daily life made it difficult to find friends outside of your company. Because of this, you typically resorted to befriending the trainees or members of senior groups. You stuck with your company’s staff or your group members at events and rarely branched out as you knew that your life was much too busy to maintain relationships.

However, that didn’t mean that you neglected creating casual acquaintanceships with people. In fact, you’d created working relationships with many of the idols that you frequently overlapped promotions with. It made the time you were all stuck in the waiting rooms go by much quicker.

One of the groups that your group continually overlapped promotions with was Winner. Your group and theirs were the only groups that didn’t seem to have many idol friends. During promotions, you all would be the odd ones out. So in a bold move, your leader befriended theirs and ended up bringing your groups together.

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*Requested: this one was just requested and since I was feeling nice I wrote it because I felt like it, I know it’s out of order OOPS but um this is a sexy Minho imagine for the anon with Minho feels you’re welcome.*

“Shut up.” Minho said and you clenched your jaw. He was so attractive but so frustrating. You wanted to kiss him but slap that cocky smirk off his face at the same time.

“Make me.” you challenged and the two of you stared at each other, the tension so thick you could cut it and spread some of it on a piece of bread.

“I don’t think you want me to.” he growled and you were about to say something when you were cut off.

“Look, if you two are going to do that weird sexual tension thing you always do, can you do it privately?” Newt asked and the two of you spun your heads simultaneously to glare at Newt. He put his arms up in defense and walked away.

You were blushing, you knew that. But you could also see that Minho was taking Newt’s comment into consideration. Did this tension really seem to appear that often? Was it that obvious?

“Well I still think you should shut up.” Minho said quieter than before and you looked back towards him.

“I still think you should make me.” you said and walked away quickly, not knowing how to feel. You were always the one to challenge Minho. It was your way of interacting with him but letting him know he wasn’t the only one with power around here at the same time. He was probably watching the way your body moved while you walked away. You were both physically attracted to each other. But the challenges you always set were so far out there that you never even had the time to confess anything.

There was one time, that you vaguely remember, that you and Minho had actually somewhat done intimate things. It was 3 months after your arrival, and you had already developed some sort of relationship with him. It was Bonfire night and you were more than eager to get your hands on Gally’s drink. It wasn’t all the time that you got to drink it and loosen up, and being a Runner was a tough job, and you always wanted to relax. Yes, you’re a Runner. Your job as a Runner is what really helped develop the strange relationship you have with Minho. But that night you and Minho apparently both had the brilliant idea of drinking way more than you should compared to the normal capacity of drinks you would have. The two of you ended up in the Map Room, doing some unspeakable things. You didn’t remember a lot of it, but you remembered enough to make your body ache for him. You remembered the way his muscles looked on his bare chest, sweat glistening on his tan shoulders. Of course neither of you discussed the events the next day or any day after because you weren’t even sure if he remembered. Every Bonfire after that, you two stayed far, far away from each other. You avoided each other like a plague because you both knew that you were idiots when you were drunk.


“So what’s the plan today, Mr. Minho?” you asked and leaned against the wall in the Map Room. You and Minho were alone because he always stayed after everyone left, and today was the one night a month that you helped to actually try to solve the Maze. Usually, you didn’t like to think too deep or hard about it, just wanted to map it and get out of the room. But you and Minho always had one night where you stayed and spent hours arguing over what the whole thing meant and if there was a specific pattern or not. You always stood your ground that it wasn’t a pattern and he always said it was. But for some reason tonight was different.

Usually, there wasn’t tension. At least, you didn’t feel it. You were always so focused on trying to figure out what the shuck Maze meant or what the message was that you didn’t think about anything else. You took your hoodie off as usual and sat down on a crate next to Minho. You tied your hair back and immediately began chewing on a pencil.

“Let’s have a bet. Whoever figures out this Maze first gets the prize at the end, whatever it is.” you said and scribbled some numbers down on a piece of paper.

All Minho did was let out a low grumble.

“What’s wrong with you?” you asked, not even taking your curious eyes off the maps.

“You…” Minho said in a low, deep voice and you flicked your eyes over in his direction.

“You’re such a slinthead. Honestly, I don’t even know why I do this with you once a month.” you said and scribbled a small diagram onto the sheet.

“I can’t do this any more.” Minho said frustrated and stood up quickly, pacing around the room.

“Okay…” you said and slowly put your pencil down. There was something off about him. Usually he was furiously debating what it all meant.

“I can’t focus with you here.” he said and you rolled your eyes.

“Really? You want to do this right now? Can’t we get along for once?” you said, standing up and crossing your arms.

“Oh, we’re about to get along really well.” Minho said and rushed over to you, pushing you against the wall and kissing you hard. You had let in a quick breath and when he pulled away, you were relieved to be able to breathe again.

“Minho…” you said and didn’t even realize that your hands had gripped his muscular forearms.

“Remember what we did in this room a couple months ago? We probably did it in this very spot.” he breathed and you blushed. He remembered more than you and more than you had hoped.

“I thought you forgot.” you said, breathing heavily, your lips aching to be on his again.

“I was drunk, but I remember every last wonderful bit. You don’t though.” Minho said and you looked into his dark eyes.

“I was drunk too, so no, I don’t remember much.” you admitted and he smirked the way he always does. The smirk you always wanted to slap off his face.

“I’m going to recreate it for you. Sober.” he said and you slapped him.

“Wipe that smirk off your face.” you growled and kissed him.

“Well it sure as hell didn’t start like this.” Minho said and you smirked this time.

“Then tell me, Mr. Minho, how did it all start?” you said confidently, knowing you had the same effect on him as he did on you.

“Like this.” he grunted as he swept all the papers off of the big table and lifted you onto it, standing in between your legs and kissing you.

“I think I remember that we had a very long night.” you whispered into his ear and you noticed how his grip on your hips tightened.

“I plan to make it longer than last time.” he whispered back.