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Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 841

You flopped onto the chair, hovering your chopsticks over the many choices of food laid out on the coffee table before you. Your boyfriend, Jiho had bought home a feast for the two of you to eat while watching his favourite movie “Sunflower". It’s old but gold, that’s the way he had put it.

“Did you get the chocolate bun I asked you for?” You asked, scanning the table. Jiho tore his eyes off the screen to search with you.

“Yeah, it’s right here,” he said, pushing a plastic box toward you. You smiled, satisfied, and tucked your hair behind your ear as Jiho leaned in to kiss your lips once, then twice. He loved how excited you got whenever he came home for lunch.

Jiho was focused on the movie while you were more focused on the food in front of you, barely chewing before wolfing most of it down. Once your fried rice and grilled chicken was done, you reached for the chocolate bun.

“Jiho this tastes so good, you have to try it,” you said with your mouth full of bread and chocolate. The warm bread felt soft and fluffy in your mouth and the chocolate melted around it, giving you a burst of sweetness that even Jiho’s kisses couldn’t provide. Just kidding.

“I’m not a fan of chocolate,” Jiho replied, eyes fixed on the screen in front of you two. You rolled your eyes and moved closer to him with the fork.

“Just take one bite.” You let him take a bite from the fork and sat back, waiting for his reaction. Jiho chewed for a while and then began to nod slowly. You smiled, proud of yourself.

The movie was half through when Jiho had to leave for work. He paused it and stood up, grabbing the chocolate bun box that you had nearly finished. You suddenly jumped to your feet.

“Jiho, that’s mine!”

He shrugged. “I’m the one who bought it. Besides you finished half of it already. I’ll eat the rest.” You swooped in to snatch it from his hands but Jiho being much taller than you, he raised his arm so that you couldn’t reach.

“I’m the one who asked you for it,” you tried but Jiho didn’t seem convinced. “Listen, I’ll pay you back, just give it to me.”

“Stop being so selfish. I’m going to eat it.”

You huffed in frustration. “I’m not playing, Jiho, and you said you weren’t a fan of chocolate.”

“Well, now I am,” said Jiho, a smirk creeping across his face.

“If you eat it, I’m not talking to you.” You landed your hands on your hips, hoping that would get him. Unfortunately, it was a poor attempt. Jiho scoffed and crammed what was left of the bun in his mouth before dusting the crumbs off his hands and leaving you to clean up everything on the table.

You felt anger bubble inside you but you said nothing, instead just flipping around and walking away. You knew when and when not to be serious. Jiho took you lightly but today you’d show him.

Jiho sat in the studio, bored out of his mind. The studio was one of his happiest places, but there were those days and on those days, texting you would be his escape. But today, he didn’t receive a message from you. He was hoping for something cute or that rare dirty message that would make him come early. But not today. His SMS was completely dry save a few texts from his boss and colleagues.

He wasn’t the only one finding this hard. Although you wanted to teach Jiho a lesson, you kept looking back at your phone hoping he had texted you or thinking of something witty to message him. But you needed to stay true to your word. Jiho already treated you like a baby, you didn’t need this to add to his list.

After a whole 4 hours without your boyfriend, the doorbell rang and you were secretly glad for Jiho’s return. You opened the door, glanced at your boyfriend’s smiling face and rolled your eyes, walking away. Jiho frowned and followed you into the house. He took your stubbornness for granted.

“Babyyyyy,” Jiho whined, walking behind you. “I’m sorry, just please talk to me again.” You pretended not to listen and sat on the sofa, preceding to turn on the TV.

Jiho took a seat next to you. “Would you quit? What if I gave you this?” The plastic box in Jiho’s hand caught your attention.

“You bought another bun for me?” You almost squealed in excitement. “I can’t believe you went all that way for me!” Jiho grinned and you threw your arms around him, wondering how you could have gotten so lucky for this amazing boyfriend.

“Yeah, but you have to share with me,” Jiho chuckled, leaning over you as you set the chocolate bun on the coffee table. You smile, cupping his cheeks and bringing his lips to yours, kissing him lightly.

“I love you.”

Bad Girl Ch 3: Party Time

“Unni!” I yell as I wave at her from across the street. She smiles at me as she rushes over through the traffic.

“That girl is crazy,” Jiho snickers at my side.

“I see that your guard dog is on bad behavior already,” Haneul glares at him when she reaches us.

“Watch your mouth,” Jiho spits back.

“How about both of you calm down?” I grab both of their attention.

Haneul sighs but looks back at me with a much kinder smile, “How are you today?”

“I’m good, what about you? You seem a bit irritated today,” I lock arms with her and begin wandering down the street to our usual lunch spot with Jiho trailing behind us a few steps.

“Tae and I had to pick up his cousins from the airport today, which isn’t really a problem. The problem is their nasty attitude.”

“Were they that bad?”

“Not really, I just didn’t like the one mainly, he told us he wasn’t in the mood for introductions,” She does the last bit with a deep voice and a bitch face that makes me laugh.

“And the others?”

“They all just looked pissed, I’m actually friends with one of them and even he wasn’t in the best mood. Yixing is usually such a ray of sun shine but he wasn’t too excited to be home.”

I hum. We reach the restaurant around 12:30, prime lunch time but we are seated immediately in our normal corner booth in front of the windows over looking the busy city street. Jiho is sat at a table a few seats away to keep an eye on us. “Is Taemin oppa excited to have his cousins home? How long has it been since he has seen them?”

“For most of them it has been about a year but some of the younger ones were having problems while they were gone. He’s excited to have them home mostly so he can keep an eye on those younger ones, especially the one he is closest with, Jongin. He tired to kill himself a few times within this last year, thankfully he wasn’t able to, but it was hard for Taemin when he found out the older ones were doing nothing to help the youngest three in their time of need,” Hanuel sighs again.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was this horrible thing that happened to them?”

She shrugs, “I’m not even sure. Yixing wouldn’t share anything with me for a while, especially since he’s been gone. Now I’m hopping to get something out of him though now that he can’t just hang up on me to get me to stop talking.”

I laugh, “When am I going to be able to meet this friend of yours?”

“Well,” She gives me a big grin, “There is actually going to be a party that I really want you to go to.”

“Sure, let me just talk to Jiyong about it.”

She shakes her head, “I already looked into it, he is going to be out of town the next few days.”

“Hannie unni, you know Jiyong doesn’t like me going to parties without him. Especially one of yours or Taemin’s. He doesn’t trust you at all.”

“Come on, you can bring your good old guard dog to protect you.”

“I can’t, Jiyong has been on edge about stuff lately and doing this won’t make him feel any better.”

She pouts, “Are you just going to let him dictate your life?”

“Unni,” I take her hand and let out a quiet breath, “I love you for wanting me to have fun but this isn’t what you think. If I really wanted to go, I would go, with or without Jiyong’s permission. Also, he does not dictate my life, he tells me when he doesn’t like me doing certain things and leaves it up to me to decide whether or not I continue doing it. Trust me, I’ve been in a relationship where everything I did had to be run by a thousand times before someone gave a yes or a no. I wasn’t allowed to cook or clean or leave or have a moment to myself. So please don’t think bad of Jiyong, he had done so much for me and I owe him this favor.”

“I’m sorry for getting upset,” She smiles softly at me and squeezes my hand reassuringly. “There will be plenty of parties, I’ll get you to one of them. With your lovely fiancé in tow of course.”

I chuckle, “Of course.”

“What are with all of these lovely calls I’ve been getting the last two days?” Jiyong chuckles over the phone. I get up off the couch as I wander through the penthouse aimlessly. It’s nine o’clock at night and Haneul’s party is most likely getting to the high point. She has been texting me all day about how I could still change my mind and go without any kind of escort. I quickly declined and after that didn’t work I began to just ignore her.

“It’s that god damn party of hers.”

“Oh yes, how could I have forgotten, she seems very aggressive about it.”

“She is a very aggressive person.”

“What did you say to her?” He wonders.

“I told her again and again that I wasn’t going without you.”

“Jiho could have gone with you.”

I sigh, “I know, I just don’t want to go to any parties without since you told me about them coming back. I know that they run in Taemin’s circle so I’m afraid that they might be there.”

He is quiet for a moment before laughing softly, “So now my baby girl is stuck at home on a Friday night because of those bastards, how is that fair?”

“It is fine, I’ve been out plenty of Friday nights, nothing is wrong with staying in for the night,” I plop down on the bed and let out a sight of contentment when the dogs come and join me on the bed.

“I think you should go.”

“Seriously? Why?”

“You are going to have to face them at some point, it might be better for you if I’m not around, they will probably be less hostile. Plus you will have Jiho and Haneul will slaughter anyone who would try to hurt you so I feel safe sending you there if you want to go.”

“I guess it is the only way to get that girl off my back,” I groan before rolling off the bed and trudging to my closet. “I’m going to get dressed and call Jiho. You have a safe trip okay?”

“You be safe too love, call me when you get home, okay?”

I hum a yes, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I hang up and quickly begin dialing Jiho’s number and scanning my closet at the same time.

“Yes?” He answers on the fifth ring.

“Wow,” I tease, “You are getting slow, I could have died by now.”

He scoffs, “Don’t say such things, what do you want from me at this hour pretty bird?”

“Wanna go to a party?”

“Did you talk to the boss about this?”

I sigh, “Jiyong actually encouraged me to go, he said it might be better to run into them without him there.”

“Let me get dressed and I’ll swing up for you in a few.”

“Thank you.”

“Your wish is my command.”

We hang up and I decide on a navy blue cocktail dress with nice lace detail. I slip on some gray heels and pull the pony tail holder out of my hair. Wavy locks tumble down my back just shy of my hips, my caramel locks replaced with recently dyed silver waves. After applying a little make up and maroon lipstick I decide I look good enough to go to a party. I click into the hall way to find Jiho waiting in front of the elevator, my jacket in hand. He looks up and gives me a bitchy look.

“Why so cranky?” I tease as I accept my jacket.

“Because some little girl decided to go out and ruin my night to myself.” We step into the elevator as he flicks my forehead. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I am going to have to face them at some point, might as well be now.”

“Are you nervous?”

I shake my head, “If I’m anything right now, I’m pissed. Yet, at the same time I’m really grateful to them for leaving me behind. I honestly don’t know if I would be with Jiyong right now if they wouldn’t have done that.”

Jiho peeks at me, “So you are happy?”

I can’t hide the massive smile that grows on my face, “I’m really happy.”


In the garage I let Jiho have his pick of the cars, not one bit surprised when he grabs the keys for Jiyong’s matte black Mercedes-benz maybach exelero. I climb into the front seat while he drives. It is a quick drive to the hall that Haneul rented out, but it wasn’t as quick to convince Jiho to leave the car with the valet which has me dying of laughter on the side walk.

“I don’t think Jiyong would appreciate you taking more care of that car than me,” I muse when we are finally able to get inside.

“You are fine, I’ve got you,” He wraps his arm around mine as we step into the cream marble hall. There is a large entryway where we check in our jackets before locking our arms back together and joining the other party goers in the main hall. It’s absolutely beautiful, there is a grand stair case that leads down to the dance floor. A balcony wraps around the whole room, giving people the option to just watch the others twirl from above. As soon as we enter we are offered drinks that Jiho quickly denies for both of us. “Do you want a soda or some water?”

“Shirley temple please.”

“Lets find Haneul before I head off,” He scans the crowd for a few second easily finding the hostess surrounded by her usual group. “Do you think you can make it there without any problems?”

“I’ll be fine the five minutes it takes you to get us drinks. No need to be so worried tonight, we’ll only be here for an hour at most. A few drinks, a dance or two, and we can go, okay?”

“Take your time here. I’ve got no where to be.” He gives me a reassuring smile before sending me on my way. I make my way down the stairs and walk around the spinning crowd of dancers. Thankfully, I make it to Haneul without any problems, minus me tripping some couple when I wandered too close to them.

She sees me and automatically beams at me, “Jooyoung!” Her arms are around my neck in seconds swinging me around in circles. “I can’t believe Jiyong actually let you come.”

“He had no say in it, I actually preferred to lay in my bed all night but he wanted me to go out and have a little fun so here I am.”

“If fun is what you are looking for I’m here to deliver,” She promises turning to Jonghyun, one of Taemin’s friends. “Would you like to dance with my love little friend?”

“Haneul,” Both Taemin and I warn. I didn’t notice him sneaking up behind me. “Babe please don’t get us into trouble with the black dragon. I don’t want anyone telling him that you were throwing his fiancé at everyone.”

“Who is going to tell on me?” Haneul pouts.

“Me,” Jiho informs as he hands me my drink. “I also don’t want Jiyong on my ass so everyone keep your hands to yourself tonight.”

Hannie cocks a brow at him, “Even me?”

“Especially you.”

The group laughs and begins a casual conversation. Random people come and go, it would be a lie to say that I’m not at least a little on edge. Each new person makes me jump a little. Haneul and Jiho both notice this making her switch places with Onew to stand on my other side.

She caresses my shoulder, “Are you okay love?”

I nod, “It’s just weird not having Jiyong here, it feels like I’m missing something.”

“Do you want to go?” Jiho offers quickly.

“No, I’m fine, I just need to stop thinking about it. Haneul tell me about you, how are Taemin’s cousins doing? Were you able to get Yixing to tell you anything?” I look to her hoping to get my mind off them for even a little while. I only slightly notice Jiho going stiff next to me but I chalk it up to the couple brushing past us.

“Not yet, I haven’t even really had the chance to talk to him, either has Tae. As soon as he dropped those boys off they would not come back out of that house. This was actually supposed to be a welcome back party for them but they were not in the mood for it. Those seem to be Yifan’s favorite words.”

“What a shame, maybe next time.”

“Do you want to dance?” Jiho offers me a hand.

“We were kind of talking,” I eye him strangely but everyone else just seem to brush it off.

“Go ahead, in fact we will join you,” Haneul takes her lover’s hand and leads him towards the dance floor.

“But babe, I was talking business,” Taemin whines.

She shushes him, “No talking back Princess, what kind of hostess doesn’t even dance at her own party?” The two snap together and begin waltzing along with the rest of the crowd. It doesn’t take much to convince me after that. Jiho and I hold hands while his other rests on my lower back, mine on his shoulder. We spin into the crowd, smiling at anyone we know that goes by.

“Are you having fun?” I question mindlessly.

He shrugs, “I’ve never been a fan of parties. What about you? You seem a bit on edge.”

“I’m horrified of the idea of them just walking up to me and trying to kill me or something.”

A worried expression crosses his face, “What makes you think they’d want to kill you?”

“When I was still with them they got in a fight with Jiyong’s people about what they would do with me after they were bored of me and killing me was on that list.”

“Don’t worry about those guys, they shouldn’t be showing up,” He comforts me.

I cock my head at him, “What makes you so sure?”

“Just trust me.”

I nod and rest my head against his chest as we continue to dance around the room. Some time passes when suddenly the lights go out. Everyone stops dancing and begins backing away from the center of the ballroom to stand in the balcony or against the wall. Jiho and I follow a few people into the balcony confused. We find Haneul with Taemin, and from the look she’s giving him I know he is the cause of this.

“This is the only way to get them out of the house,” He snaps at her.

She glares at him, “You could have at least told me! You know I give warnings to those who I know don’t like this kind of thing.”

He rolls his eyes, “Jooyoung has tons of people looking after her, you don’t need to baby her.”

“What is going on?” Jiho interjects, not caring that he is interrupting their argument.

Haneul gives me an apologetic look, “The after party stuff is starting early. Taemin’s cousins decided to come but only to participate in the show.”

Just then a single spot light shines on to the center of the dance floor. A man is sitting there in a chair. The chair is trembling, I see that his hands are tied to the arm rests while his legs are tied to the chair’s. Oh no. This is the other reason I didn’t want to come. At the end of each of these parties each leader takes a turn in showing off their torturing skills. You have the option to stay or to watch, after the one time I saw what happened to those people Jiyong and I never stayed late again.

“We need to get out of here now,” Jiho deadpans.

“You know the doors are locked,” Taemin reminds us.

“God dammit princess,” Hanuel kicks him. “I guess you are going to be meeting them after all.”


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Who: Zico

Genre: Angsty/fluff

Hope you like it and sorry for any mistake <3

I don’t understand
The eyes that focus on you
I don’t understand
The things you possess at that age
Your passionate fans, the TV programs that host you
The musicians that form around you, yo

Jiho looked at you and smiled before getting back to work. You were both at his studio. He was composing a new track, and you were just surfing the Internet while you listen to some music. Suddenly, “Anti”, his new song, had started to play.

Your success gave you the right to be insulted again
I’m gonna pluck the roots of your arrogance
And make your life sway

You had already listened to that song, and of course, it had bothered you a lot… However, this time, listening to it while he worked was just too hard to bear.

You had been friends with Jiho for many years. You were his best female friend, the one he had always wanted. And he was yours. And in all those years of friendship, you saw him continuously overworking himself with no rest. Of course, all his enormous efforts had taken him to where he was but, sometimes, it was just too much for you. All that hate he received, all those anonymous and not so anonymous enemies he had… You just couldn’t understand it.

You would always be screaming nonsense and swearing to those hateful comments about you both saw everywhere, while he would just sadly smile and say “It’s okay. I can handle it”.
That was Jiho’s way, and you couldn’t say a word about it, just support him and always be by his side.

Why is she dating
That unclassy delinquent?
Celebrities are blinded by the spotlights
Deafened by the applause
So they see and hear but they can’t do anything

You watched his back as he worked, the only moment he would be totally away from this horrible world. He had broken up with Seolhyun a couple of months ago. The pressure was just too hard for them. However, you knew he hadn’t get totally over it yet. As his best friend, you would always try to make him laugh and have a good time… but, as a girl in love with her dearest friend, you would also hide your tears and your broken heart for those moments when you were alone.

You can’t deceive me
I’ve seen your face on the screen before
I’m gonna shed your make-up
And let everyone know that it was all an act
Why do I hate you

It was enough. You took your phones off, angrily.

You drove to Jiho’s place, silent. From time to time, you felt how he, sitting by your side, would look at you. You parked and waited for him to open the door. You sat on his big sofa and exhaled. You saw how he took off his jacket and sat in front of you. His big eyes were fixed on you as if he wanted to ask you something. He made you feel nervous.

However, you were saved just in time, when the doorbell rang. Jiho got up confused, ready to go open.

“I will”

Two minutes later, you put the tteobbokki you had ordered on the table.

“I told you I would cook for you tonight!” Jiho pouted.

“You’ve been working the whole day, you deserve to rest a bit”

“Then you should have cooked for me”

“I’m tired too!”

Jiho laughed.

His laughter was the most beautiful thing in this world.

However, after that short moment of relaxing, silent invaded you both again, as you ate while watching the TV. You weren’t really paying much attention to the TV, but you pretended to do so as if your life depended on it.

“Okay, I think I’m done with this, what’s wrong with you?” Jiho surprised you, and the rice cake you were holding with your chopsticks fell on your plate. It must have been a comic situation, but he was very serious. He was as analytical as always.

“Nothing. I’m tired, I told you.”
“You never knew how to lie”
You sighed, giving up. You put the chopsticks on your plate and pouted involuntariamente.
“It’s… it’s… I was listening to Anti earlier at the studio”
“It makes me sad”
“It shouldn’t. It’s a great song”
“Indeed… But it makes me sad, and angry, and it makes me want to hit everybody”

Jiho’s serious face changed in that precise moment. A little smile appeared on his face. He got up and went to the sofa you were sat on. He sat by your side and hugged you, hiding his face on your shoulder.

“Thank you” You heard his voice, muffled by your hair, and felt his breathing on your neck. “I’m okay, you don’t have to worry. You know I’m tough”
“You pretend to be so, but you are the softest teddy bear ever”
He hugged you, strongly.
“I don’t know how couldn’t I realise earlier?”
“Realise what?”
“That you’re the most amazing woman in the world…”
“I’m…” You tried to speak, but he hugged you tighter, almost forcing you to stop.
“…and that… I love you.”
You could swear you froze in that precise moment.
“I… I love you too…” You managed to say.
Jiho grabbed you by the arms and he pulled himself a bit away from you. He looked at you, with the most serious expression ever.
“What? You’re scaring me”
“Do you really mean it?”
“Since when?”
“More time that I would like to admit”
He smiled, softly, his cheeks flushing, or you thought so.
“Same with me”
You bit your under lip. It seemed like you had hundreds of bats in your stomach, your face was almost as red as pure blood and your mind and heart were going crazy… And above all, you were happier than ever.
The most amazing thing was, however, that Jiho looked exactly just as you.

Lost Souls: Searching

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Part Two of Lost Souls; Part 1/Part 2/Part 3

A big thanks to @suhotrashanon and @boymeetsfiction for taking the time to help me edit this story.

What happens when your soulmate is about to marry another?

Sunlight crept through the curtains, shining onto your closed eyes which made you groan in your groggy state. Your head was pounding, the world spinning. An empty wine bottle laid beside you as a reminder from the night before. The crying, the phone calls, and the sappy movies. Your friends had tried to cheer you up, but it wasn’t like they could do much. You had lost your soulmate to another. This was something you couldn’t just get over.  It was safe to say last night was a complete shit show. 

You carefully exited your bed to make your way to your bathroom. Your sight was blurry still from the tears.Reaching that bathroom, you looked at your reflection in the mirror. You looked ghastly. Hair disheveled, looking like it desperately needed to be washed. Your eyes red and puffy. You had clearly not been sleepy by the dark circles under your eyes. You skin looked dull, as if never exposed to the sun’s rays.

You turned on the cold water, splashing some onto your face in an attempt to wake your senses and clean the mess from the night before. There was a ping from the bedroom. Your phone had just received an text. Probably one of your friends making sure you were alive. You placed your hands on the cold stone sink, fighting back the tears. Today was the day Jiho was getting married. How were you going to do this?

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it won’t even hurt.

➵ characters: zico x reader
➵ genre: fluff
➵ wc: 1781
➵ summary: you get his name tattooed on your ass. it’s that plain and simple. but technically, it’s your fault.
➵ author’s note: this was actually fun to write. these type of requests are easier to write because it flows out of me with ease. there are jokes in this, it’s all for fun.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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trinidemidols  asked:

Hey could tell me stuff about jihoo ? Just like little quirks about him or stuff like that

He rolls his neck a lot

I forget exactly what it means but what I remember is one does it when they want to break concentration with/on something. In this gif he was going from one song to the next. Or at fansignings he does it after he stares a fansite down.

He has a finger thing 

He really seriously has a sailor’s mouth. In BB songs he a saint and fluff ball since he has to be but in his own songs he has to swear about 3-20 different times.

He like 16 here and not even 7 seconds in he swear 2 different times. (I’m no saint if you see my posts but he not afraid to get colorful)

If you want more newer colorful language 

If you are watching Show Me you’ll know that he screams a lot a lot. If you randomly hear someone screaming or screaming random English that’s Jiho. Also he his own group’s hype man. Not just the producer but also professional hype man. It got cut I believe but there a part where he got so into with Turtle Ship that at some point he rapped a few words with them. But what’s cute is that he that soccer mom that you swear is about to get on the field with her children when they are up. He very supportive of his team. (if you ever played a sport or done something even though it might be embarrassing depending on your age for them to cheer you on but it gives you strength to do even better since you know they love it). Zico is the mom of Zipal that gets all into it as Paloalto is the dad that’s still very proud but just sits there.

He watches anime

If you look closely after the chair on the shelve there a bunch of anime figurines (there might be manga)

His whole studio is filled with fragrances. Air fresheners, sprays, and candles. He likes Yankee Candles.

Where am I going with this? Ummm I would say these are a few quirks about him that will allow you to get to know what kind of person he is. I totally wrote more stuff and got carried away then deleted since you said quirks.


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Woo Jiho practically lived in his studio.

He had extra clothes, a mini-fridge, and a couch with pillows and blankets (you’d given them to him, mostly for your own use, but you occasionally ventured to the studio early in the morning to find Jiho wrapped in blankets on the couch). He kept a tooth brush and some mouthwash in a drawer along with various other toiletries.

You almost thought that it was a waste for him to have an apartment but you never told him that.

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Double Teamed (Smut)

This is a 3 way that was requested. You’ve been warned. (and no it is not incest)

NC-17 Rated M

You moan as you push the vibrator in and out of you, it wasn’t what you wanted but it would do. You close your eyes and listen as Jiseok’s AKA Taewoon’s voice pours out of the speakers. Listening to him helps you image him being there and how you need your boyfriend right now but he was off at some family thing. You couldn’t complain since he doesn’t get to see them often but you needed him so much you resorted to the vibrator you haven’t used since you and him became intimate.

“I don’t think that’s enough for her,” you hear his voice and open his eyes to see him and Jiho AKA Zico standing in the doorway. You freeze and pull the covers over your body wondering why they were watching and why was he allowing his little brother watch you.

“You scared her,” Jiho nudges him, “and I bet she was so close too.”

“I guess I need to fix that,” Jiseok strips himself as he crosses the distance to the bed and rips off the cover. He pulls out the vibrator and replaces it with his cock, slowly building up speed. “I think you should help to Jiho.”

“What?” you exclaim trying to figure out if he was messing with you.

“I know you want him to,” he smirks, “I saw that scenario you wrote. It’s ok with me…this time.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of you,” Jiho tells you as he rolls your nipple between his fingers, Jiseok does the same to the other one. You turn your head and look at his cock standing at attention right before you and decide to throw caution to the wind. You reach around and grab his butt pulling him closer to take him in your mouth. Jiho guides you in how to please him, both guys taking control. You moan when you come, you really were close earlier.

“Jiho switch with me,” Jiseok tells him as he pulls out of you and moves for you to take him in your mouth.

“I can be inside her?” Jiho asks as he moves in between your legs.

“No,” Jiseok growls, “I don’t like that idea; just eat her out.”

“Oh I can do that,” Jiho laugh. You moan around Jiseok dick when you feel Jiho’s lapping at your juices. “She tastes so sweet,” he moans before going back to eating you.

“That’s nothing compared to being inside her,” Jiseok tells him as he starts kneading your breast as you suck him off.

“You just said I can’t,” Jiho groans and pulls away. You glare at Jiseok; it’s his fault you are being denied right now.

“Grab the vibrator and stick it in her anus, you can fuck her that way,” Jiseok tells him, thrusting into your mouth since you stilled your actions.

“With the vibrator?” Jiho asks as he slowly enters it in you.

“That’s to open her up,” Jiseok thrust into your mouth trying to get you to move around him again. “You can fuck her ass. It’s nice too.”

“Happy baby?” he asks you once his brother starts eating you again and thrusting the vibrator into you. You respond by suck him off again and he lets out a happy moan. You can feel him getting close and push him away. He looks at you startled while watching you get up on your knees. You smile at him and pull the vibrator out as you move to straddle Jiho after pushing him onto his back.

“Help me get you in,” you tell Jiho and he happily complies, a moan escaping when he feels you around him. You bounce up and down on him, loving the way you feel with them both watching you.

“Jiseok,” you hear him growl in response, “my pussy feels empty.”

“He’s not in you?” he asks in surprise.

“You said no bro,” Jiho groans out.

“That only belongs to you,” you tell him as you pull away from Jiho and turn around. Jiho helps you get him back inside and you open your legs for Jiseok to get between. “Please baby.” Jiseok doesn’t hesitate to shove his dick inside you and you come hard from the feeling of having them both inside.

“Try and wait for us this time _____,” Jiseok laughs as he thrusts rapidly into you. Jiho slows his actions trying to prolong his own orgasm. You lean back against Jiho’s chest and he takes it as an invitation to play with your nipples, rubbing, rolling and pinching them. He picks up the pace and matches his brother’s speed.

“I’m going to come _____,” Jiho tells you.

“Go ahead,” you tell him. Not that long after he comes moaning your name.

“You done?” Jiseok asks.

“Yeah,” Jiho responds.

“Then go get cleaned up,” Jiseok tells him as he pulls you away and moves so you are now riding him. You bounce on him shivering when the new position lets him hit further in you.

“One time thing, got it,” he growls as he slams into you.

“It was you idea,” you say between pants.

“I know,” he grabs your hips and forces you to move faster, “I just…forget it.” He pulls almost all the way out before slamming you down on him.

“I love you Jiseok,” you tell him, “and I need you to come.” You tighten your walls. Jiseok growls again and rolls you over, allowing him to pound you as hard as he wants into the mattress. When he comes you let yourself go, screaming his name as you come again. You two lay on the bed cuddling and catching your breath.

“Was it just this once?” Jiho asks from the doorway like a kid asking for his favorite candy.

Jiseok caress your face, “We’ll see.”

Drifting | Zico Angst Scenario

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this scenario. It’s based on Drifting by G Eazy, which you can listen to here. Thank you! PLEASE SEND IN REQUESTS!

-Admin Sarang

Genre: ANgst

Warnings: Smoking/drug use, Drinking, Cheating, Mentions of sex, Bad language

Got this flight to London, I ain’t pop no xans for it. In case you was wonderin’, I ain’t even plan for it. I just left L.A., barely caught the plane, fuckin’ TSA.

It had been this way ever since he became famous. Flight after flight, city after city. You were proud of him, supporting him every step of the way. Although, with each step, his strides became longer, and you began to struggle to keep up with him as you stumbled over your own two feet.

You remembered the first time he left. You woke up alone, the mattress beside you cold and empty. He hadn’t even said goodbye. It was like he never existed.

Slowly, you became accustomed to living on your own again, only being reminded of Jiho’s love when he had the time to text or call. You hardly ever knew where he was, but you knew he was chasing down his dream. You let him run without you, watching his figure get further and further away from yours, knowing that he was happier out there.

Ain’t used to this fame shit, this “you-all-know-my-name” shit. Me, I’m just the same kid, that fucked around and made it. Fucked over my main chick, damn she was my main chick. Thinkin’ ‘bout the game, I shouldn’t have played, but I played.

Jiho always woke up in someone else’s bed, the bitter taste of regret in the back of his throat. He would put off reading your messages for hours, knowing the second he read them, his stomach would twist into a bundle of self hatred. He would convince himself that tonight would be different, no more parties, no more drinking, no more smoking.

However, the day would bleed into the night, and he found himself in the company of numerous strangers, his friends mixing into the crowded room, leaving him to fend for himself. He would down drinks and fill his lungs with smoke until his mind was as cloudy as the room around him, forgetting all about how he felt that morning. Eventually, he would slink off with somebody that he thought looked vaguely like you, making sure to keep the lights off in whatever room they found so that he could pretend it was you until morning.

I blame it on the distance, why I’m fucking with these bitches. These numbers on my phone, a text pops up, she’s like “Who is this?” You probably got a mistress, probably every week it switches. Now is this cause for concern, and should I be suspicious?

You had known. You had known for months. The second Jihoon texted you, all of your suspicions had been confirmed. You were thankful that he told you, though. Sometimes heartache was better than blissful ignorance.

Yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to pack up in leave. You didn’t know why, Jiho had done it with such ease.  You should’ve been able to do the same, especially since he wasn’t home. He was never home.

You sent him a text, telling him that you knew about his nightly rendezvous. You stayed up all night, staring at your phone screen, waiting for a reply. When dawn broke and you still received no word, you decided to call him.

Your breath caught when somebody actually answered. A woman’s voice asked who you were and you shakily told her you needed to speak with Jiho. She said she didn’t know who Jiho was.

“I’m sorry, I need to speak with Zico.” You corrected. He was no longer the loving, sweet Jiho you had once cared for. He was Zico now.

Your heart still fluttered when you heard his voice, hurriedly reminding yourself that this wasn’t the same man you loved and cared deeply for. He asked who was calling and you sighed, mustering up the courage to speak.

“It’s me, Jiho. It’s (Y/n).”  

I’m overseas trippin’, a million miles away. And she’s still in L.A., my mom’s out in the bay. And these overseas minutes add up, that’s a lot to pay. I can pay it, yeah I know, but it’s the excuse, I say. She’s been trying to track me down, I feel like I’m cattin’ now. Dodgin’ her when she’s the one, I’m out here trippin’ actin’ wild. Start to wonder if I’ve changed, I’m like how could that be now? Would these bitches be here really if I wasn’t rappin’ now?

Jiho stuttered at the sound of your name. He purposely avoided your calls, knowing it would break him to hear your voice after how many times he betrayed your trust. The burning in his chest was confirmation of his fear, the sound of his name from your lips tearing him limb from limb, guilt staining his skin.

“(Y/n)-ah, you know how much these long distance calls cost.” He recovered, ignoring the stinging in his eyes. He could hear the way you scoffed, imagining the disappointment that was in your eyes.

“Where are you right now?” You questioned, your free hand catching the tears that threatened to pour down your cheeks.

“I’m not sure. Why?” Jiho replied, eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his own answer. He was somewhere in Europe, maybe? He couldn’t remember.

“It doesn’t matter,” You sighed “and don’t worry about the calls. I won’t be calling you anymore.”

Jiho could’ve sworn he felt the Earth shift. The grip on his phone tightened. “What do you mean?” He sputtered.

“It’s not like you answer anyways. You wouldn’t even be talking to me right now if the girl you slept with last night hadn’t answered for you. Find somewhere else to stay when you get back. Don’t come around here.” You demanded, ending the call hurriedly before you could hear anything else he had to say.

I’m just so conflicted, it’s been so long since we’ve kicked it. And I can’t lie, I’ve missed it, but somewhere the current shifted. And now I’m somewhere else, far away, feel like we’ve drifted. Hard to face the facts, I’m drinking to escape ‘em, then get lifted. Get swept under the rug, ‘til I’m trippin’ on a pile. Get a change, something different for awhile. Yeah, we grew apart with time, we ain’t kicked in it awhile. But I still think about you now.

Jiho locked himself away every night after that. Every drop of alcohol made him want to vomit, every other girl’s skin felt dirty. So he stayed alone behind a locked door, eyes cloudy and red as he read all of your all messages before falling asleep.

You haunted his dreams, but he didn’t mind as much as he thought he would. He liked being able to see you, to hold you again. It would hurt when he woke up, the feeling of emptiness returning to body as he forgot the events of his dream.

He haunted your dreams as well, but you tried your best to forget him with your every waking moment. You drank like a fish, going out every night with your friends, dancing with strangers. If Jiho could do it, so could you. You invited handsome men into your bed often, hoping that one would touch you like Jiho did, or better than he did. None of them ever did.

You found yourself craving him; your Jiho. Not the rapper who had sharp eyes that screamed fuck me. You wanted the boy with a friendly smile and soft cheeks that loved you. Jiho just wasn’t that boy anymore.

I’m faded once again, I don’t know where I am. I just know I’m driftin’ far from you. I’m tryna keep my head strong, but my heart won’t just let me grow away from you. Don’t you know we’re driftin’ off, driftin’ off? I know you think that it’s my fault, for fallin’ off. All this hope and disregard, driftin’ off. I know you think there ain’t no fault, I fall apart. And now I’m missin’ your love.

You kept Jiho in the back of your mind, almost like a token of good luck. Your wild phase had passed, and you continued to lead your normal day to day life. None of your friends talked about him, and neither did you. The pain in your chest subsided, and you could breathe again,

You sat on your couch, watching tv while nursing a mug of hot tea. The weather outside was raging, but you were safe inside, a blanket wrapped tightly around your body. You were engulfed in the drama you had chosen, only to be pulled back into reality by a loud knock on the door. At first, you thought it was thunder, but a second knock told you otherwise, causing you stand with a groan.

You pulled the door open, your jaw going slack as you came face to face with none other than Jiho. The boy that had left you behind. His hair stuck to his forehead, his clothing drenched in rain water. He was breathing hard, muscles quivering as he stood before you, eyes nervously meeting yours.

“(Y/n),” Jiho’s voice trembled, “I’m sorry.” He crumpled forward, head landing on your chest as he sobbed, arms circling around your waist tightly. He lurched into you every time he let out a loud cry. You felt warm tears run down your cheeks as he mumbled and pleaded for forgiveness. You wanted to let him in so badly, to make sure he was warm and comfortable, but you weren’t sure if that was the best option.

However, you had a change of heart whenever he looked up at you. His soft cheeks had red streaks down them, his eyes puffy and glossy. It was the first time you saw Jiho in over a year. This was your sweet boy, not the Zico that belonged to everyone else.

You pressed your lips to his, feeling the warmth of his breath dance over your skin. He hurriedly returned the affection, his grip on you tightening, as if he was afraid you’d disappear the second he let go.

You held him for what felt like a lifetime, the broken man clinging to you like a child. You knew, deep down, that this was far from over, and you questioned whether or not you would be able to fully accept him into your life again. But in that moment, you just existed with him.

Dating another members sister (BLOCK B)

Zico: -P.O. It was a secret relationship that neither of you told your brother. But it was always in the back of his mind even when you two were making out he stopped to talk to you about it- “we should tell him before we regret not telling him. I’d hate it if I had a sister who wouldn’t tell me things like this. My maknae needs to know babe”

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Jaehyo: -Kyung. You were Kyung’s twin and it was quite obvious and he slowly started seeing the similarities to the point he’d watch your movements. Just to see if you guys had similar walks as well- “does Kyung’s butt move like her’s?”

Originally posted by zovbai

P.O:- Taeil. You were Taeil’s little sister many people saw it working out. Their was many picture on his phone of the two of you and your brother saw his lockscreen was of the two of you- “we were being cute that day”

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B-Bomb:- U-Kwon. He was such a dorky boyfriend and how your brother usually had an eye on you he knew what was pretty much going on. But mainly what Yookwon say was how weird the two of you were together- *gif*

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Taeil: -Zico.  He had your two brothers to worry about but they soon picked up the fact he was mad for you. To the point neither of them really had time to talk to you because Taeil always was talking to you- “no no stop we aren’t done talking yet. Y/N I love you! I think Jiho will be taking the computer from me”

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U-Kwon: -Jaehyo. Your brother was very protective of you to the point he sat between you and Yookwon so neither of you got touchy when you came to hang out- “come on we weren’t going to do anything bad just cuddle”

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Kyung: -B-Bomb. Your brother didn’t care, Kyung loved you very much and protected you well so he had nothing to worry about. He even let Kyung talk about your relationship- “we’ve been dating for almost a year. Smooth sailing the whole way well most of the time. Y/N and I work well together”

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If Woo Jiho Was Your Boyfriend /// [insp.]