done with you

You know I was there for you every single moment. You weren’t there when I really needed you. You preferred someone else when you had the choice. You better not come back to me with a broken heart and ask for my love, because I’m not going to heal you. I learned from you. You don’t deserve me. I once loved you and you pushed me away. I’m not a game you can have me and then throw me away. Nope. My dignity comes first. I’m not coming back!!! I moved on.
—  Mahmoud El Hallab
Your actions made it clear that I wasn’t a priority in your life. You shouldn’t be so surprised you are no longer a priority in mine.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3

“But in a way Clarissa here is the film, it’s almost like Clarissa is sitting in judgement of Laura Brown in the way that maybe Virginia Woolf sat in judgement of Mrs. Dalloway in the novel. And the idea that with understanding of another person’s position, the judgement becomes tempered by if not, a kind of forgiveness. Just access to the landscape of their choices and the choice that they made. It’s harder to judge people harshly when you know what it looked like from their point of view.”  

- Meryl Streep, The Hours Commentary