done with this lil kid

When Steph has had enough
  • Tim: This villain is dangerous.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, I know.
  • Tim: You sure you don't need any help?
  • Stephanie: I can handle it on my own.
  • Tim: But he almost took you out--
  • Stephanie: I can handle it.
  • Tim: Well, Steph, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  • Stephanie: You should know, you steer the boat.
  • Tim:
  • Stephanie:
  • Jason: Oooooooooh. OOOOOOOH. BURN! Street kids, up top! *high-fives Steph* That's what I'm talkin' about!
  • Bruce: I can understand your desire to fight alone, Stephanie. Your family links you to this problem. But you cannot let your dismal background play into this.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, my dismal background with a druggie mom and a criminal dad and yet I still manage to have better manners than you.
  • Bruce:
  • Stephanie:
  • Jason: *slow claps* Two for one, today is my lucky day! You, you special snowflake, YOU are sitting next to ME.

Kinda disappointed more “Alolan” appropriate animals haven’t been adapted for the game. I fear we only have evolutions to look forward to and maybe more Alolan Forms of Gen One Pokemon. They’re not… terrible, but so far they’re mostly dark types (guessing they couldn’t of too many brand new dark types) and they’re a bit underwhelming. Alolan Exeggutor is the exception. XD

Anyway, I hadn’t done this since I was a lil kid, but I had a proper sit down to think up my own Pokemon and I got 80 right off the top of my head and the rest from certain fakemon and other concepts people wanted to see. I’m still working on names, both Japanese and English, but here goes:

  • First the remaining Eeveelutions. Let’s just get those out of the way. That’s 9 right there if you include a Normal evolution me and other creators call ‘Eeveeon’ (probably would be Eevia in Japanese).
  • Next would be a Dolphin. I know Japan has a weird relationship fishing wise with Dolphins, but they’d be perfect in a tropical region! Have it evolve into a more Orca like Pokemon. Type would be primarily Psychic I’m thinking given their intelligence with Water being the secondary type. ‘Dolphun’ was a name.
  • Narwhal Pokemon! How has their not been one? It could be an Ice/Fighting type. Ikkakuto (combo of ‘one-horn/narwhal’ and kakutou, ‘fighting’. English name could be Narwaltz - it fights elegantly like the dance maybe?
  • Flamingo Pokemon. “Flairingo.” A stylish, gaudy, flamboyant bird.
  • Peafowl Pokemon, males and females having differences in appearance and type. Psychic (cuz of the ‘eye’ feathers)/Flying for the males, and Normal/Flying for the females.
  • Opossum. Special ability: Play Dead. Normal/Dark type.
  • Hummingbird. Electric/Flying.
  • Mantis Shrimp. Water/Fighting. It’s punch is cool and they’re really pretty.
  • Grotesque aka Gargoyle. Rock/Ghost.
  • An Alpaca Pokemon that evolves into a Llama Pokemon.
  • For Fossils there’s the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Plesiosaurus that could be done. Stegotery - Rock/Ghost, the Graveyard Pokemon (has its plates look like tombstones). Tritenna - Rock/Normal. Fires Tri Attack from its horn. Lochsio or Nessio (yes, like Loch Ness and the monster) - Rock/Water.
  • Naked Mole Rat - Normal/Ground, could evolve into a more Aadvark looking Pokemon.
  • An Anaconda! Big snake! Doesn’t seem deadly given its Normal typing but don’t let that fool you.
  • A Chimpanzee to Gorilla Pokemon line. Fighting types.
  • An Ocelot like kit to a Snow Leopard Pokemon line. Normal/Ice types.
  • Toucan - Flying.
  • Moose - could be another Ice/Fighting.
  • A Jerboa Pokemon. Lil Kangaroo-Rabbit-Mice. Electric of course. Have it evolve into a bigger sorta Bilby Pokemon.
  • Wombat - not sure what type exactly, but they’re a cute critter.
  • A Kiwi to Emu to Ostrich line. I know Doduo and Dodrio are kinda close, but we have plenty of monkeys and seals so a few more long legged flightless birds should be fine.
  • A Tazmanian Devil to Wolverine to Thylacine line. Dark types. Vicious buggers.
  • Coyote. Like a really scrawny quadruped. Dark type.
  • Dodo. Another dopey Pokemon for Slowpoke and Bidoof to hang out with.
  • Thorny Devil Lizard. Ground/Poison.
  • Hyena/Wilddog line. Dark/Poison Types. Their bites have lots and lots of bacteria so Poison fits.
  • Warthog. Ground Type.
  • Cheetah. Normal? Maybe Fire/Electric. What best conveys its acceleration?
  • Sea Sponge. They’re… interesting. XD A Water Type. Very absorbent.
  • Cockroach. Bug/Dark.
  • Grasshopper. Bug/Flying or Bug/Fighting maybe?
  • Ram. Maybe a different branch from Mareep. Electric/Fighting.
  • Manatee. Water Type.
  • Roadrunner. Normal. Fast Bird. Meepmeep.
  • Monitor Lizard/Komodo Dragon. Dragon/Poison. Again, lots of icky stuff in their bites so Poison.
  • Chili Pepper. Grass/Fire. Seen that one a lot. It’s a good idea. Let’s make it happen.
  • A Wisp. Fairy/Fire type. A guiding spirit in the dark of night :)
  • Some sort of Robot line. Humanoid looking but still a Pokemon. Steel type. Maybe Electric too.
  • Let’s tap Greek mythology for some cool ones. A Centaur, Minotaur, Gryphon. Pegasus, Harpy…
  • Norse Mythology: Valkyrie Pokemon. Fairy/Fighting or Flying. Viking/Thor Pokemon. Electric/Fighting.
  • For more abstract ones, maybe a Teacup to Teapot line? Normal/Water.
  • Clock Pokemon. Normal/Steel.
  • Balancing Scales. Normal?
  • Magnifying Glass/Eyepiece Lense of some sort to a Hand Mirror Pokemon. Steel? Fairy? Normal? Combo?
  • Amulet. Ghost/Rock.
  • A Pokemon based on the Bleeding Heart flower. It’s such an interesting shape, certainly something could be done with it.

I also thought a Sabertooth Tiger and Mermaid, but those might very well happen with final evolutions… I also thought maybe an Armadillo to Pangolin, Ground/Fighting line, but Sandshrew/Sandslash are pretty close. Other ideas were a Quokka - The Smiling Pokemon, a goose, and the elusive Bigfoot.

Well, what do you think?

I went shopping for school books and all today, and I overheard a couple of sophmores talking, right. This girl asked, like, her friend or something, if the school bag she just bought is nice, and he said it looks cool, then the girl ran to these other two girls and they started like, a heated discusion about god knows what. In the end one of them stormed back to the guy, threw, like, ten erasers in his head, and told him that if they’re gonna be together he can’t compliment other girl’s bags. I swear she looked as if she was stood up at the wedding or someting. She ran straight out of the store, and the other two girls behind her. Looked like a telenovela.