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Genji & Zenyatta practicing their makeup skills on Lucio: the guy that’ll do anything to help his best friends >u<)  

Genji does more of a classy look while Zen loves glitter and bright colors lol

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So I have been pretty ritualistically going to the same Starbucks almost everyday, for a couple years now. This is the only place I can get any writing done (for whatever reason) and there’s this one guy (around my age) who is also ALWAYS here everyday writing as well. We usually always end up sitting next to each other and it’s sort of become this nice familiar, unspoken friendship. We’re both extremely sucked into our own work, but If I have to get up or go somewhere for a moment, I know that he watches my table and vice versa. It’s really cool to have relationships with Strangers like that. I really enjoy unspoken bonds. 

Bad Horsemanship-Who's Done It?

How many of you guys have done a 180 from how you used to treat/handle/view horses?

I was taught some pretty immoral things as a kid (kicking, yanking, pulling around, whipping, etc.) and since it was all I knew, it’s what I did and believed. Long journey down the road and now I’m interested (but haven’t tried) in clicker training and have grown fond of classical dressage. I use negative reinforcement fairly and mildly and am learning how to incorporate more positive reinforcement in training.

I’m totally willing to go into detail if you guys are interested. I did some things I am NOT proud of out of ignorance but because of that I can tell ignorant people that I’ve been there and done some of these things and practiced these methods and have had more success since I changed. I feel like it gives me a different voice.

I’m just wondering if I am the only one? Really, I’d love to discuss this and I’m open to explaining more of what I was taught and what I’ve done if you are just willing to ask.


Luckily I know exactly what to do with that information. Thank u dream anon.

(Also, if anyone’s confused about their get up, I kinda previously established that Keldeo and the rest of the Swords of Justice were part of a medieval fair.( I am also still gonna do the medieval fair sketch stuff at some point, but between asks, the comic, and some other stuff I’m working on it might not get done anytime soon unless you guys have some asks for it *wink wink*))

Pre T left vs 2 years on T right 😮💉 I’ve grown and changed a lot in the last 2 years, not only physical but mentally!!! I know I still have a long way to go but I’m proud of just how far I’ve come! I definitely couldn’t have done it without all the love and support from you guys, so thank you to everyone who’s been there for me through out the last 2 years and more! I really appreciate it and you all mean so much to me 💙 Can’t wait to see what his next year has in store for me 😊

lmao I’m so tired of guys, im hella tired of having feelings. I just got done crying over my crush because my best friend, who knew I liked him, decided to start talking with them and keep things a secret from me. I’m fine with them talking but the fact that that they kept it from me even though I’m the one who introduced them to each other makes me sorta hate them. I’m so done with guys, this is why I have hella bad trust issues

When I was 16, I started dating a guy. He was cisgender, perisex, and straight in every sense of the word (had he broken it down into categories, he would have identified as heterosexual and heteroromantic, I know from future conversations). COGAP all around. That said, knowing I was bi and that many of our friends were some form of queer (and yes, we all used that term) - he did his best to be a good ally. Sometimes (often) he sucked at it, but he tried.

Shortly after learning that I’m bi, he told me about a time where he “knew he liked girls, but considered the possibility of guys.” He ended up determining that he was NOT into guys (and none of us at that point considered nonbinary people (incidentally, a big reason why I broke up with him. High schoolers tend to not have all the info, and thus I thought I was a girl. Anyways)).

But then someone we were friends with mentioned that she used to think he might be asexual, and he LOST HIS SHIT. He was okay with people thinking he was gay or bi. He even considered that he could be bi. But asexuality? That was an INSULT. That was her calling him less than human. He was FURIOUS at the mere idea that someone might think him asexual. She might as well have said she thought he kicked puppies for fun. I was in an (ill-advised) relationship with him for four years and NEVER saw him so offended as when someone said they thought he might be ace.

That is the main example I can think of, though I have seen similar shit. I have NEVER seen a straight person accept asexuality without some degree of direct education. It’s why I am perplexed by people who cry that straight aphobes don’t exist, that “aphobia is an intracommunity issue because oppressors!” When that is not the case at all. Ace people are part of the community BECAUSE straights hate them and want to kick them out, that is WHY we say that ace exclusion is violence. Because the privileged group does not accept them and violently rejects them. That is WHY they are LGBT+.

So, yeah. My non-ace ass had been sitting and stewing on that since - well, since the first time I heard some shithead spout anti ace rhetoric, which at least has NEVER happened in meatspace since we all know better there. But yeah. I’m gonna hush up for the time being because I do not want to get into fights with ahistorical children, but. Here you go.

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So I literally set up a tumblr just so you could help me with this book hah. Its about 4 people who all have there own problems and are so different. 2 girl best friends called Cami and Bella. Cami is beauty queen popular girl of school and Bella is just her bookworm best friend. The pair adore each other but are so different. Cami is dating jock Jacob who is gay and don't want his parents to know and enter new boy who befriends the bunch and kinda like Bella but idk how to start it or put plots

Oh my God you are adorable. You created a Tumblr account to ask XD, I love you.

Okay let’s see what can be done for Cami, Bella, Jacob and our new guy. Also I’d like to tell you that in a story I’m currently working on, one of my characters is called Camille, but we call her Cami! I’m very grateful that you added their names in so I can identify the characters easier, thank you. So you’re looking for ways to start off your story then include plot twists? I have a few key points for you to remember:

  • What tense are you writing in? Past or present? This’ll be important so you don’t mix up what your characters are doing or what they have done. I mostly write in the present tense so the reader can feel more engaged in the story, not as if they are reading someone’s diary etc.
  • Are you writing in First, Second or Third person? Need a hand with these?
  1. First Person- ‘I’, ‘we’, etc. Literally ‘I did it’, ‘We did it’.
  2. Second Person- You, etc. Literally writing as if the reader were a character.
  3. Third Person (My fave)- ‘They’, ‘Him/Her’, ‘It’, etc. Writing from an outer-body perspective. This comes in handy when you’re addressing more than one persons emotions, how did each character react emotionally?
  • Setting and scene. Where are they? This is where the ‘who, what, where, when, why’ helps out. I’m going to obliterate the education system now by saying: You don’t need to use all of them. If you’re trying to show a sense of mystery, it isn’t key for you to tell the reader why they’re at the current setting, just to set the scene. Just don’t tell your teachers I said that.

I think that’s the raw basics, but I wanted to fill you in just in case, I’m not trying to talk you down if you’ve already figured that out! So what I’ve got from your characters so far is that they are young and in love, they best kind. If that wasn’t what you were going for then ignore the next bit:

  • Teens in high school.
  • Guys wolf-whistling at Cami and Bella constantly teasing her about it, but really not minding. She’s never been jealous, she’s content with her books.
  • Jacob being super accepting towards both girls because he knows how different they are and never wants Bella to feel left out.
  • The three of them going shopping together and Jacob being overly opinionated about it all.
  • Bella always recommending books to Cami and Cami never reading them, but one time she decides to read one and gets a surprise at how good Bella’s reading-taste is. 
  • The new guy sharing interests with Bella, whilst Cami and Jacob watch like overprotective parents.
  • Cami and Jacob always looking out for Bella and Bella always noticing and teasing them for it.
  • The new guy totally hitting it off with Jacob even though they don’t have all that much in common: Much like Cami and Bella’s friendship. 

I love the diversity of your characters, and I’m sure we can all agree, that you shouldn’t change them and their characteristics at all. It’s totally okay for to just jump in with the storyline, bring the reader in at any point you decide. For instance you can bring them in on the boy’s first day of highschool or way back when Cami and Bella became friends in middle school. Whatever you choose, your characters will eventually come to the original point of your story and it’ll all work out how you planned! It’s a great idea and just guessing and trying out different ideas can help immensely. Good luck on your story and I’d love to read it. Lots of love, from Yasmine xox

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may have stolen this format from @arianagrandes it’s beautiful. never done super detailed rates before, just wanna give you guys something cause you all put up with a lot of my complaining and i really appreiciate all the love i got this last weekend. 

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Good fun notes because I’m struggling

Okay cool humans, I’ve been having a bad week and I’m coming up on probably another one with finals and stuff, so while I’m waiting for XKit to decide to work, I will not be on period, except to see if there’s going to be anything done to fix it. If you guys what social medias (instagram, twitter, vent, etc) just ask (and give me your user too so I can follow you back/approve you)


I think everyone in the yoi fandom should really watch this video. After the disaster of what was the CR Anime Awards, a lot of people started to really unfairly bash on Yuri on Ice without actually giving any meaningful criticisms aside from “the animation sucked”. Yes that was one of its faults, but there were more things that yoi could have done better and I think the guy in the video sums it up pretty well. Some, not all, people tend to put yoi on a pedestal and don’t see the faults in yoi and it just leads to the general belief that “fujoshis” can’t think properly or something. Don’t get me wrong, I loved yoi, I related so much to Yuuri, I frickin loved the soundtrack and overall just thought it was a good show. However, it’s important to understand that it is most definitely not perfect. It really isn’t. So please watch this video of this guy respectfully and objectively explaining what Yuri on Ice did wrong.  

good things from today
  • nice breakfast
  • my two (2) college friends were in the kitchen at breakfast time
  • went to an epigraphy workshop - first lecture/seminar of the term, and it feels good to be doing this again. plus it was really lovely and i remembered how much i care about epigraphy, and one of the bibliography items was literally a chapter about emotions and epigraphy and i care i care!!! also some dudes from this epigraphy course i went on years ago recognised me (!?) and were nice
  • managed to eat lunch such that i got to above workshop on time and properly fed
  • remembered in advance to buy breakfast things before i ran out
  • got some work done, even if it wasn’t much
  • met up with this guy my far-off best friend ‘sent’ me from America (he did Classics in my year but we never knew each other, and now he knows my best friend at Harvard and was visiting the UK, so we arranged to meet), & it was fun to chat Classics with someone who isn’t a grown-up academic. also like, he was nice? and it’s nice to hang out with pleasant, easy-to-get-on-with people. nice people are great, thank you God for nice people
  • my room smells of coffee
  • managed to be tactful and graceful in a difficult conversation at dinner about someone who had just died
  • managed to be tactful and divert an awkward argument between two grown-up academics (am really coming to appreciate tact as a kind of generosity)
  • did loads of laundry (clean clothes tomorrow! choice of what to wear!)
  • unexpectedly ran into this friend i’m having a difficult time with, and chatted to her. was wondering whether to include this because things with her are still difficult, and today there was a new difficult thing - but reconciliation is going to be long and painful and i suppose it was good to move a short and painful step forward with it. it didn’t make me feel good, but i think it was a good thing
  • had a good long walk, which provided a positive thinking context (must remember this)
  • two precious and redemptive things happened yesterday and the recollection of them is precious and redemptive and good

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Considering you guys are engaged & the couples tag is done, why dont you talk about your parents' reactions at your respective intros? Cuz they pretty much take a hilarious turn, these stuff. If its ok with you guys.

Not really anything funny here. My parents met Cliff before our first date; they’ve loved him since day one and nothing’s changed. Cliff’s father is deceased and his mother is estranged. So that’s the story. 

Hi guys! I’m not dead, and neither is this blog! Sorry for all the inactivity, between my computer giving me issues every time I try to come on tumblr and other high activity sites, my own motivation (and depression) kept me from doing much but I’m going to try and and do a drawling a month if possible and do more writing.  I’ve done a lot since last post on here, surprising myself by writing at least seven pages in one night.  I can’t promise the same work all the time, but It’s my hope to have a good chunk done by March 23 (my bday!) and I’ll let you guys know how it is by then!

Feel free to ask questions or give drawling suggestions which I can practice drawling with!