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lol look at that, i ended up being right. everyone should just back off jeremy and melissa because y’all have NO ROOM TO TALK.

first of all let’s get a few things straight: they were not being homphobic by saying lena and kara are just friends and are only going to be just friends. they are telling you what everyone else has known from the beginning: SUPERCORP IS NOT CANON. it has nothing to do with the fact that the ship is f/f. for fuck’s sake one of the main and healthiest couples on the show is f/f. they were not “making fun” of lgtbq+ fans.

another thing. y’all are really going to hate on them for “being mean” when the fandom has been nothing but toxic and abusive? you all constantly bully chris wood: making fun of him, sending him death threats, calling him racist and abusive. when all he fucking did was take a part. he’s an actor. he is not mon el. but you all are so delusional that youc an’t separate the actor from the character. 

you really think the cast is okay with the hate you all spew on a daily basis? you really think they aren’t tired of hearing about supercorp because it’s usually paired with hate being thrown at chris? their friend and loved one?

nah man. you can’t be toxic and abusive and then cry when karma hits you.


I wonder what would happen if you fused a fleshy person and pixels. Don’t think that would feel too good.


Jumin Bad Ending - Castiel x Candy NSFW

Requested by anonymous. Entire piece is below the cut, including the image that was requested as the inspiration of the piece. If you do not want to see the image for whatever reason (whether it be because of spoilers or anything else) do not hit ‘keep reading’.
Note: I have not played Mystic Messenger and I do not know the context behind the image, I only know that it is the inspiration of the piece.

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i have a gif request. Would someone please make a gif of Cassian in the data vault before Jyn jumps to the stacks, and before he jumps? His hair looks so clean and gorgeous and shampoo-commercial-y, and I want a gif of it! Because like I know it’s srs and all, but all I think about at that moment is a.) Pantene, b.) what shampoo he uses, and c.) how clean and shiny his hair is.

Hey guys I was tagged by @troublesfarbehind to post a selfie! I just came across the post again and remembered it’d been a while. So here ya go!

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“I really hate it when fans give Australia, New Zealand or any of the ex English colonies (or any ex-colonies) the same surname as England.  Not only are you being a pathetic lazy asshole that can’t even simply Google such surnames in those countries, but you’re also implying ‘pro colonialism’ by having them keep the same surname.”

I don’t see a problem with using the same surname in a human AU and they’re related.  But in the canonverse? Nope.

It’s even more rage-inducing when people do this with India.

- Mod V

Should We Know Us A Little Better

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Get to know me Tag

Hihii I think I did this tag some time ago but a lot of new people tagged me here, so I’ll do it again :) Thank u to all these lovelies: @silkguk @agust-kook and @apricotmin <333333

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20 Question Tag

I was tagged by @pcyouneedtostop thank you for tagging me! ^-^

Nickname: Some people call me Maki

Zodiac: aries

Height: 163-4cm or 5'4

Last thing I googled: pastel rainbow (I love pastel colours so much)

Favourite music artist: exo

Song stuck in my head: chill by exo (I seriously love that song)

Last movie I saw: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part two

What am I wearing right now: pjs
Why did I choose my url: because squishy is cute and chanyeol is cute and they are cute together ^-^

Any other blogs: I have a personal one but I hardly use it anymore and mostly blog here

What did your last relationship teach you: that communication is important and not to be afraid to leave when you think it’s unhealthy in anyway, even if they didn’t know it was

Religious or spiritual: I’m not religious but maybe a little spiritual

Favourite colour: anything pastel, I just love pastel so much

Average hours of sleep: 8-10 hours sleep

Lucky number: 2
Favourite character: Luna Lovegood or Magnus Bane lol it’s hard to choose cause I have a whole lot of favourite characters
How many blankets I sleep with: 4-5 cause it’s
currently winter and it’s cold lol
Dream job: I’d love to work with animals I’m planning to go to uni next year to study to be a veterinarian

I am tagging: @chanyeolsabs @baekslittlechicklet @ninety-nine-leaf-clover @squishy-do @littlesunshinedae and anyone else who wants to do it! <3

twenty questions, twenty tags

thank you @studyiousblr for tagging me :) 

name: Tiffany
nickname: Tiff
zodiac sign: aquarius
height: 173cm (5′8″ i think)
orientation: straight
nationality: Australian
fave fruit: peaches and mandarins
fave colour: white, black and pink
fave animal: piglets or alpacas??
coffee, tea, hot chocolate: um coffee…but vietnamese ice coffee
avg hours of sleep: 7-8.5 hours sometimes 9-10 if i’m lucky
fave fictional character: Hermione Granger
number of blankets you sleep with: 2 in winter
dream trip: South Korea, Japan with my friends…knowing most of the language
blog created: November 2016 and i became more active this year

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Zodiac Signs

You asked, i did.
I wanted something god-like and modern(ish) at the same time so here we go.
You can find more information about each character below. Hope you like it.
feel so embarassed everytime i do smth like that help

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