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booflo62 asked:

I mean I am a small pterodactyl called boris, so that would be cool, don't often get #dinofic

and thus “dinodestiel” was born

“Dean,” screeched Castiel, his great wings flapping. Behind him, he could hear the angry horde of his pterodactyl family chasing him down. He flew faster. “Dean!”

“Cas!” came a desperate call from below. “Cas, I’m here!”

Cas swooped in low, and flew just above a running green iguanodon as it made for the cover of some trees.

“We stand no chance,” Castiel said, not daring to look back.

“We’ll be OK,” Dean the iguanodon said fiercely. “We’ll make it. I won’t let them hurt you.”

Was talking some FE pokemon stuff with some friends and I jokingly suggested Giratina as Grima!Robin’s Pokemon, be it alternate form in one AU or his lead pokemon in another AU, the idea kinda stuck on me and…hey, two centipede god-like monsters with the power to destroy the world? Perfect match. Not counting the other form giratina has, haha

Can be tied into this FEA Pokemon group  also discussed/made by friends of mine

LIL WEE REMINDER: hating on every single new person that comes along that plays the same character as you without finding a legitimate reason why, other than the fact that they aren’t you or aren’t doing what you’d do is kind of?? childish. yes, there is definitely  a WRONG WAY to play a character and plenty of ways to fall astray and not be true to them in your writing or your headcanons. but there is also multiple RIGHT WAYS to play a character. just because it’s not your way or strictly what you would do doesn’t ALWAYS make it wrong or necessarily bad. you’re allowed to prefer / like your own portrayal better, there’s nothing wrong with that. but sometimes different can be good. would you really want everyone to interpret a character exactly the same as you? no, because if someone did you wouldn’t be flattered, you’d have to worry that they’re stealing. so wanting people to be original but automatically deciding they’re bad because they aren’t you without giving them a chance first is kind of contradicting yourself, isn’t it?

anonymous asked:

what do you think takada would have done had she been the one to pick up a death note, and not light? or alternatively, if she was given one rather than misa.

…..damn this is such an interesting hypothetical and really highlights how Light and Kiyomi are only superficially similar characters as well as highlighting just how different Kiyomi and Misa are, thank you so much anon! I think the answer changes based on the scenario so I’ll answer both! …Also I may just be excited to talk about Kiyomi, but shh.

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If you seriously believe that Syltherins are oppressed that you haven’t really read the books or completely ignore the fact that they were the ones for the most part who were the oppressors and the fact that they had the most power within wizarding society bc of their status as purebloods.

can we talk about how much pete looked like brendons dad in that pic tho like

??????? brendon looks like hes 13 and he just got a surprise visit+present from his cool dad that always travels 2 much but always sends weird postcards look at the wonder & purity in his little eyes

hes so happy to see his dad!!! his father Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III !!! his dad is so proud of him!!!