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Fanders! It’s nomination time. ( thatsthat24 )

Let’s all nominate Thomas for the Teen Choice award for Choice Viner. 

Click on the link provided and scroll down to *Digital* and when you see *Choice Viner* click on it and it’ll open another tab and it’ll be for a tweet. Meaning, you’re gonna have to have Twitter. BUT who doesn’t have Twitter these days? :p haha! Anyways, you got to add his twitter username (foster_dawg) for it as well. Click *tweet* and then done. :) 

Thomas deserves this award more than anyone I probably watch/know. He’s one of the most hardworking, fun, silly, awesome guys there is. His vines are amazing and totally unbelievably well done. Let’s show him how much we love & support him by nominating him for this award. 

Come on Fanders! We got this! :) 


So he’s a big wriggly, but no aggressiveness :) He is only in that critter carrier until I go to walmart and get a ten gallon tonight, I already have heating pads and food and junk. Now what to name him..

Things from tonight:

- When Hedwig came down at the beginning we made eye contact *__*
- The skirt piece that goes over the front of her shorts and is usually torn off later in the show fell off moments into Tear Me Down and Hedwig threw it at Yitzhak. When he wraps himself all around her later in the song I thought Rebecca was trying to reattach it for a second.
- Something was going on and the drummer missed his first rimshot queue. Hedwig tried to give him a second chance but he blew it and she went over and showed him how it was done and told him to do it whenever she said something funny. To test it: “What’s a good joke? Your career!”
- The first time Hedwig went over to the door her mic chord got all caught around the car and she tried to fix it but couldn’t so she called Yitzhak over and they both thought he fixed it but over the next minute or so he kept finding it caught on another part of the car every time he sat back down thinking it was all good.
- Darren went pretty far into the audience for the car wash and everyone around me stood to better lean over to try to see but it was a lost cause. Hedwig took off a girls glasses and licked them and then licked her face. There wasn’t a guy in the kiss zone but the girl he kissed got a big one.
- After Wig In A Box when she said this thing about it being her single she called out Taylor Swift
- Her Broadway jokes were on point. Two were like “I saw something amazing. Hand To God, I never thought I’d finally see Mamma Mia close” and “Dr. ZhivaGO… No it should’ve been Gigi"
- Oh and Hedwig blew her straw at one point when Yitzhak brought her water.

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My sister accused me of being a misandrist today bc I complained about the male intern at my job who happens to be the only dude working in a (feminist) organisation. He's only been here for a month and he's so damn entitled. Like, just today I had to explain a task to him bc he kept fucking it up and he's like "You just do it for me, it's much quicker!" I'm glad my boss stepped in and told him it's not about getting it done but about him getting his shit together. Sorry, just needed to vent <3

Oh, ok. So expecting men to be adequate at their jobs now qualifies as misandry? I guess misandry has just become super popular overnight then, because most people I know have those kind of standards for their employees. 

This guy sounds like he saw an episode of Agent Carter and thought “ohhh, old timey workplace sexism! That is SO my aesthetic!”

Don’t be sorry, he sounds like his mother’s prized asshole. 

Friendly reminder that right after growing so close to Simon that he felt brave enough to take off his cover up mousse for the first time ever, Simon disappeared with no warning or explanation and continued to stay missing when Kieren needed him most - while the entire town, including his own parents, turned on him.

Reminder that in Kieren’s mind, Rick must have done the exact same thing, disappearing out of nowhere right during a time when Kieren needed him most, right when things were hard and changing (he was going to uni soon! he was battling depression!). He just left without warning one night.

Reminder that that’s why Kieren made such a big deal of Simon leaving and why he specifically pointed out he had “the power to disappear.” He literally had spent the past few days thinking Simon had done exactly what Rick had done to him and the person he had chosen to love had yet again disappeared without a trace before they even had time for their relationship to develop, leaving him alone and on his own and trying to fend for himself in an unaccepting town that sees him as a monster for being who he is.

Friendly reminder!! (^∇^)

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i read your post last night and it seems like you have a great boyfriend. he really is a keeper :) i wish you both well!

Aww thanks angel! xo

But yeah, for example: earlier today, he didn’t respond to me for over an hour… and it turns out the reason he was too busy to talk was bc he was rushing to GNC before they closed so he could buy me my favorite kind of Quest bars & then buy me groceries after… and that’s not out of the ordinary for him at all. He’s treated me like this each & every day of the 3+ years I’ve known him. So yeah, he’s pretty great :’)

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I honestly fully support what you said about the writers ruining sansa's plotlines. another character they keep assigning stupid plots to is Jaime Lannister, what do you think about him? And his stupid dorne rescue mission which made absolutely 0 sense? And that they chose to have him rape Cersei in season 4, he's my fave character (in the books that is) and I honestly feel like they are completely butchering him :(

Hi! Thank you so much <3

Jaime is one of my favourite characters in the books as well, and what the show has done with him is such a crime. The characterization up to season 3 (included) is great, and Nikolaj makes an awesome job portraying all the nuances and contradictions in Jaime’s characterization.

And then season 4 came. I’m not sure what’s the problem, I’m starting to think they didn’t read AFfC and ADwD. Some people claim that the problems comes from having Jaime and Brienne early in King’s Landing. And maybe that’s right. The thing is, they lost control of the character. Jaime raping Cersei (and then no one ever mentioning again) is the lowest point. It also adds to the awful simplification of Jaime/Cersei relationship (which is completely changed –they take different roles at the end of season 4, and again in season 5) and also Jaime/Brienne. The relaionship with Tyrion is explored, at least, but it’s also simplified, and suffers from it.

Both in season 4 and 5, Jaime lacks of character. Lacks of backbone. I have a huge problem trying to understand what’s his motivation over his travel to Dorne. He aparrently feels guilty? He wants to make it up for… being captured and expending time as a captive? For not being a father to Myrcella, which is maybe the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard –and that’s even mentioned in the conversation, if I’m correct? He feels guilty about Tyrion killing Tywin, that much is clear (and in character), but I’m not sure about the rest. I’m not sure he knows either. Maybe he needed a change of scenery. (Truth is D&D don’t care, as long as Jaime is not in King’s Landing during Cersei’s downfall –but the could have worked a little harder on this). I have said many times that when the news of Jaime travelling to Dorne was known, I wasn’t happy (the Riverlands have a thematic importance in Jaime’s story line, not to mention that the overview of the realm after the war), but I didn’t think it was catastrophic because Jaime’s arc in AFfC is a journey of self-discovery, that could be adapted to take place in another setting. However, this is completely lost. And, what’s worse, the alternative is ridiculous, boring and aimless. Yes, I’m assuming Myrcella will be hurt, and maybe then Jaime will play a role. But this will happen after a whole season of nonesense and boredom. And absolute zero character development. (What they did with Dorne is yet another crime, let me tell you).

It’s sad, but they don’t care about characterization and themes. Theme’s are for eigth-grade books reports, didn’t you hear? And they are pretty useless writign original plotlines (Talisa, where are my dragons, Bran meets Craster’s, Asha meets Ramsay’s dogs, I’m the gift, etc.) So here we are.

Holmes said his relationship with his father, who coached his childhood soccer teams, was the same, too. He talked about going to the beach and getting ice cream with his father. His father helped him move to college. Holmes named those activities when asked about the three most important things his father had done for him.

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How can I deal with a boyfriend who is going too fast and says things about us as a couple in the future when you don't see any of it?

That’s completely normal. Just tell him you don’t want to get ahead yourselves. You know there is a lot of life to live, and assuming your age is probably teen maybe early twenties, you aren’t even half way done with life. Tell him you want to live day by day. Theres nothing wrong with a little day dreaming though, but just make its a light conversation. if he starts to name your future children, i would probably have a talk. 

Levi lost his entire squad. He didn’t lose 20% of his squad. He didn’t even lose 50%. He lost his whole squad. Look at what it’s done to him. You can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. This is why Levi is one of my favorite characters. 

conan, while losing his entire squad. i just want to post this and stress this: conan lost his entire squad. he didnt lose 20% of his squad. he didnt even lose 50%. he lost his whole squad. look at what its done to him. you can see the death in his eyes, but he keeps on going. this is why conan is one of my favorite characters

Stiles& Open to Teen Wolf Canons

He had snapped, he was getting tired of being asked what was wrong or what was on his mind or why he wasn’t sleeping well. He finally just snapped and turned around blurting things out before thinking twice. “You wanna know what’s wrong with me? Do you really wanna know?” he seemed frustrated, angry, irritated, be it his lack of proper sleep or just the fact he was finally done listening to everyone question him. “I’m fucking mental alright? I’m losing my grip on reality, insomnia is an absolute bitch and guess what I’m still a fucking defenseless human so, do you have any more stupid questions for me?”