done with end of watch spam sorry

Well, that’s it. As you’re reading this, my gif-spree of Person of Interest is complete. No idea how I missed 3x04, but I went back for that one gifset. 

My aim was to complete it before season 5 aired and by some miracle, I managed to do that. Apologies to people who don’t watch the show but still follow me (though I think most of them unfollowed me already, lol). Welcome to new followers! And for people who haven’t been watching the show before but got interested in it because of the gifs; I hope you will support the show by watching it on CBS next Tuesday night. CBS doesn’t deserve the ratings, but the show does. Let’s help it go out with a bang. and maybe lay some groundwork for a possible re-boot in some time.

Here are some details of the gif-spree;

  • 1184 gifs
    • 1131 from episodes
    • 37 from bloopers
    • 16 from promos and interviews [so far]
  • 2.08 GB in gifs.

I started watching the show on December 10th, thinking that Shaw was dead (forgive me, I’d only seen gifs of the end of 4x11 and nothing else), and then finding out Shoot was gloriously still on.

Posted the first gif on January 1st and just finished the last one today, May 1st. 4 months of spam, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. That’s almost 10 gifs per day average. I can’t remember when I started doing one episode per day to catch up, but again I am so sorry for the spam.

Good news is I’m done for now. We’re 2 days away from 5x01 and I’ve been so busy making gifs every day that I have been too distracted to think about that.

2 days guys, Holy Shit! We’re so close! 

This show really reminded me of the brilliance that is Amy Acker. I’d already been very impressed with her acting in Angel with the change between Fred and Illyria, but she really knocks it out of the park as Root.

I just wanted to say that even if my gif-spam made a handful of people watch the show, then I’ve reached my goal. Thank you for followers who stuck by me during the spam of a show you might not even be watching.

Below are a couple of my favorite gifsets I’ve made. Some got the attention I think they deserved, some didn’t. But that’s life. I can’t predict what every one of you would like, lol. 

First meeting

Creepy Root is creepy

First Aid 101 with Sameen Shaw

The volume’s turned way down

Hearty eyes mother fucker

Shaw + Bear

Hints for the end of the show?

That was kinda hot

Shoot shooting

FBI agent Root

Making my way downtown…

I love it when you play doctor

Pandora’s Box

Keep it in your pants Root

Keep it in your pants, Root part 2

Quickie behind the make-up counter

Shaw stop being so hot please

Goddamn Amy Acker

Root reminding Shaw of their sexcapades

This could take all night

You can let go now

You can end me all you want

My name is Root

We’re perfect for eachother

First on-screen kiss


Goddamn Amy Acker part 2

Goddamn Amy Acker part 3

Goddamn Amy Acker part 4

Root overload