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|| die young ||

a n g s t 💔this used to be a short headcanon I sent to @hcllland, but then I decided to make it into a full story. Enjoy ♡

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warnings: mentions of illness/severe liver disease

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Wholesome Sammy: Parent Practice Ch. 1

(Inspired by the ever lovely @ask-joeydrewstudios AU and sheer boredom.)

Sammy sat at his desk, reveling in the usual quiet of his office. The ink pump was almost silent, Wally wasn’t being his pesky self, and for ONCE his music writing was flowing beautifully. It was a rare treat; a good day!

“… Somethings wrong.” The director huffed, slamming his music sheet down on the table and standing. “I never have good days here…”

Frowning, Sammy searched his pockets for his pack of cigarettes, just KNOWING that he’d be needing one shortly. Sooner of later, something stupid and zany was going to march itself into his room and spoil his concentration… Or spoil it more than he already spoiled it just by questioning his environment. It wouldn’t take long.

Any second. “Sammy!” Well, maybe he was wrong, for at that moment his favorite actress, Susie Campbell, stepped into his office.

“Afternoon, angel. What can I do you for?” He asked, leaning casually against his desk and sticking his cigarette end between his lips. “Did Wally stick his head in another tuba?”

“Yes, but Norman has the situation covered.” Susie informed him, casually tugging a light out of her purse and lighting his smoke for him. As was the norm. “Mr. Drew sent me to tell you that you’ve got a call on line 1. It’s your mother.”

… Well, he had been right about something zany and stupid. He had only been wrong to doubt it for a minute there.

With an exasperated sigh, Sammy reached for his phone and answered it. While one of the perks of his job was long nights away from his nagging family, a downside was definetly the constant phone calls that Joey never ignored. Even when Sammy begged him to just disconnect his phone!

“Hello?” He muttered, hoping to get this conversation over with.

“Well, it’s nice that you could pick up for once, Mr. Hot-shot-song-writer! Were you too busy writing about singing chairs again!?” Always a joy to hear from his mother. “You know, I sometimes call when I need something from you!”

“… Hello, mother-”

“But that’s besides the point, dear. Your stepfather and I are going out for the evening and I need you to watch your sister as that- ‘office’ of yours for a few hours.” Sammy’s blood ran cold.

The director had barely been registering his mother’s words (mainly because he was too busy ignoring his mother and glaring at the softly laughing Susie) up until this point, but her request was just out of the question!

“Ma- Mr. Drew doesn’t allow children in the studio!” He exclaimed, casting a longing gaze at the song he had almost been finished with. “And I have too much on my plate as is-”

“I’m sure you could watch a child while writing those 'songs’ of yours.”

“Wally is one thing, but a 5 year old is another!” By now he could feel the phone creek under his tight grip on it. “And I’ve already said that Mr. Drew wouldn’t allow it!”

There was a pause. “That Joey Drew is such a sweetheart, I’m sure he’d understand.” Welp. “I’ll pay you $5, hun.”

“The answer is still NO. I’m a busy man.”

“Well, too bad! I’ve already dropped her off a half hour ago. Your co-workers were VERY nice to her.” That certainly explained the quiet. “I’ll be there to pick her up at 8. Good bye, Samuel!”

The phone went dead before Sammy event had a chance to reply. Sometimes he just couldn’t believe that woman… Or Joey for that matter! Norman wasn’t allowed to bring his grandkids in, so what made Sammy so special!?

“Its because Joey hates me and wants to see me suffer.” The out loud thought brought a look of confusion to Susie’s face, but Sammy brushed it off and exiting his office in order to find the little brat his parents called his 'sister’.

Susie was following close at his heels.

“I didn’t know you had a sister, Sammy.” She began, a pout playing on her lovely lips. “Usually that’s something you tell your girlfriend.”

“Half-sister, and now isn’t the time.” He huffed. “I have too much work to do and- Did you know where she might be?”

“Last I saw, she was in the projector booth with Norman.” Susie sighed, before adding thoughtfully, “Better shake a leg and get your band back in order before you miss another deadline.”

Sammy’s stomach flipped, and he took off running down the hall, the visions of his ALMOST completed song seeming so far away now…



When Sammy entered the music room, he found the entire orchestra in a riot as Norman worked furiously to free Wally from another tuba. As funny as it was, it would be yet ANOTHER hinderence to the music department. Their deadline has been pushed back one too many times for them to request any more time to finish their songs! The thought of a second incomplete song made Sammy want to be sick… And it made him hate Wally just a little bit more.

“And that, Annie, is how to properly get ya head stuck in a tuba.” Wally was saying, followed by a few grunts of pain.

Sammy stopped just before the struggling men and cleared his throat to get their attention. Obviously, Norman was the only one to look up.

“Our apologizes, Mr. Lawrence.” Norman began. “But Franks here just likes showing off for the ladies… We’ll continue work as soon as we have our tuba back.”

“You do that, Norman- Just try to get the finished songs done tonight at least.” A shame that’s all he could ask of them.

“Just the finished ones? Dare may I ask what happened to the one you’ve been working one? You were supposed to have it done this afternoon!” If only Sammy had just ignored his phone and instincts, that would have happened.

“I understand, Norman… It’ll be ready this week soon.” There was no time to acknowledge the concerned look the beady eyed man was giving Sammy. Wally needed to be freed, his sister needed to be distracted, and his work needed to be done yesturday!

“Okay! Starting to get claustrophobic in here!” Wally whined.

“God damn it, Wallace! Did you coat your head in glue before you stuck it in here!?” Well, that first part wasn’t going to get done anytime soon.

With a sigh, Sammy began to scan the crowd for his sister. She wasn’t too far into the crowd, hiding her face tearfully. More than likely frightened by all the noise and buisness talk. It would have been a sad sight if Sammy wasn’t so busy, so instead of comforting her like a good boy brother, he simply plucked her up and left the department with her.

“Evening, Ann-Maria.” He greeted casually as he walked.

“Neven, Sam!” She squeaked, poking her head out from behind her hands. “Yer fwiends is funny!”

Her grammar and confusion of his co-workers role in his life was nauseating, but somewhat endearing. Not that he’d ever care to admit it to anyone.

“We’re just gonna avoid them today. They’re very busy… Could you sit and colour in my office without bothering anyone?” With that, he slipped back into his office and awaited her response. “We have to do our jobs.”

“Course not, Sam.” She replied smartly. “My job is ta 'nnoy you to deaf!”

“… I’ve taught you well, dear.” There was a mix of both concern and pride welling in his chest, but mostly concern.

He had to think of a way to keep her out of his hair- something underhanded and yet simple enough that if she told their mom about it, she wouldn’t kill him for it. So locking her in a room was out of the question, but perhaps sticking her with a responsible employee who wasn’t busy with anything could work.

Speak of yet another devil- er, angel, because at that moment who else but Susie Campbell should come strutting BACK into Sammy’s office.

“Sammy dear,” The woman began, stopping when she spotted the little tot. “Oh! Exactly who I came to see. Would you just look at this little cutie!”

Before either Lawrence could react, the child was swept up in Susie’s arms and snuggled to the point that even Sammy felt a little sorry for her. Not that it mattered much. Susie was possibly his ticket out of anymore distractions and that was all he could ask for.

“How about you lovely ladies go play in the lobby while I work?” He suggest kindly.

“But then we wouldn’t be able to bother you, dear.” A heart shouldn’t be able to sink as deep as Sammy’s did in that moment. “It IS our job as your ladies, after all.”

Time Changes Everything

This is for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Ash’s Round 3 Negan Challenge. My prompt was The Ugly Duckling. Once again, thank you Ash, for letting me join!

Please give me feedback on this, it’s very different than any other thing I’ve written. 😘

Negan X ?

1200 words

No warnings just a bit of angst with a happy ending

Tagging ~ @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash, @negans-network

 They were inseparable. Well as much as two 5 year olds in a world controlled by adults could be. Wherever he went, she followed. And vice versa. She loved to swim, so he overcame his fear of water to be with her. She hated loud noises, so he held her hand as they watched the fireworks.

 And so it was, for many years. They were always together, in school, their parents making sure they were always in the same classroom. At their homes, taking turns playing in each other’s room or yard. Of course, being next door neighbors made that easy.

  But one day, it all changed. A day she would never forget. The day her best friend, her soulmate as she would call him, broke her heart in a million pieces.

 “She’s ugly dude! Why do you wanna hang around her? What with those nerd glasses, frizzy hair and beyond dorky attitude! Damn man, no hot chick is goin’ look your way when she’s hanging around you!”

 She heard her Negan, the boy she swore to love forever, respond. But she couldn’t believe his words.

 “But dude! I’ve known her forever, she’s like my sister!”

 Sister, that stung.

 “No hot girl is gonna think I’m with her, I mean, look at me and look at her!”

 But that burned.

 He laughed, his friends joining in. She never thought it was possible for a whole life to be destroyed in just a few minutes. But she found out it can be.

 After running home, her mother’s sweet words of comfort, and a nice warm bath, she decided to move on, grow from the pain as her dear mother said. But the loss, the pure ache would never disappear.

 She ignored Negan whenever he would talk to her, acting as if she hadn’t a clue about his mean and hurtful ways. She moved on. And so did Negan.

 Soon it was graduation, she was beyond excited! She had gotten into the best teaching school on the east coast. As she was placing her graduation cap carefully on her beautiful curly locks, her mother stepped into the bathroom.

 “I think it’s time to bury the hatchet and congratulate Negan on graduating. His mother has said that it was a very trying year for him. Very touch and go on whether he would even get here.”

  She wanted to say, it’s his own damn fault, mother, what with the wild partying, getting kicked off the baseball team and an unwanted pregnancy scare, it’s no wonder.

 But she kept her mouth shut and nodded her head ‘yes.’ Hugging her mother tightly, she thanked her for all she had done, especially for the words she had shared on one sad afternoon.

 After the ceremony, she made her way to him, hesitant, still so gun-shy from years ago.

 “Congratulations Negan, you did it!” She held her hand out to him, but he quickly surprised her when he pulled her into a hug. Oh how she missed him. So terribly.

 “Congrats to you too, doll! But everyone knew you could do it, but you know, fuck up that I am I guess it’s a big fucking deal I’m wearing the cap and fucking gown!” And then he laughed, that beautiful laugh that hardly changed over the years, the one she truly missed.

 Negan took in a deep breath as he pulled back and looked at her. She was breathtaking, just so beautiful, what happened to that little awkward girl with glasses and fly away hair that loved books as much as eating and didn’t look in anyone’s eyes? This exquisite thing standing in front of him was not at all that doll he swore he would marry one day. And he had left her behind, when he decided he was too fucking cool. And she moved on, without him. The ugly duckling became a beautiful swan.

 Time moves on, and soon it was autumn, her favorite season. The falling leaves, the crisp dry air and her most favorite part, back to school. She had packed her tiny VW with everything she would need in her dorm room, including quite a few boxes of books. She waved goodbye to her parents, deciding it would be too hard to say goodbye on the campus, asking them to stay home.

 When she reached the campus, she stopped her car to take it all in. She was here, her dream of becoming a teacher coming true. She was was jolted out of her daydream by a honking horn and yelling.

 “Get a fucking move on, this is a road, not a shittin’ parking lot!”

 She would recognize that voice anywhere, Negan.

 Pulling over into a parking spot by her dorm, she got out, watching as Negan pulled into the spot next to her.

 “Doll? Well, what the fuck?! You’re an incoming student here too?” His arms spread out in a welcoming fashion.

 “Too?” She had to admit that she was honestly surprised at this.

 “I fucking am!”

 They started talking about their plans, both of them wanting to teach, Negan in sports, her in English.

 “Need some help with your boxes?”

 “Yes, please, that would be great. Then maybe I can help you?”

 “No need doll. I’ve been here a week already, I’m fucking set.”

 As they carried her things inside the elevator , she told him which floor, causing Negan to laugh.

 “Same floor as me doll! Go fucking figure, next door neighbors again!”

 Fall turned to winter, which soon became spring. They were nearing the end of their first year of college, and a reunited friendship.

 “Can’t spend all your fucking time studying doll! Gotta have some fun, you’re only young once!”

 “But Negan, we also need to graduate, get a job.”

So they spent all of their free time together, studying, at the library, her choices. At a party, at a game, his choices. They complimented each other, his playful fun side, her serious mature side. You might say they were made for each other. Soulmates.

 And once again, time moved on, as it does, and 4 years came and went.

  “I’ve got an interview Negan, at our old school. Come with me for support?”

 “Fuck doll, I promised Jim I’d go to the Rusty Lantern to watch the game.”

Rising up on her tiptoes, she gave his cheek a small peck, knowing how her sweetness always turned him to mush. “Please Negan!”

 He smiled, taking her hand and leading her to his car. The game and Jim can wait. His girl would always come first.

 As they stepped into their old school, something caught her eye.

 “Negan, look! They’re looking for a gym teacher! It’s perfect!!!”

 That day saw the couple both having interviews.

 “I think they liked me Negan! And I’m sure you’re a shoe-in, everybody loves you!” She cooed as she cuddled into his side.

 “From your mouth to God’s ears doll!” He leaned down and gently kissed her head.


 “Negan, hurry! We can’t be late!”

 “I’m coming doll, I just couldn’t find my fucking shoe!”

 As they stepped into the entrance to their high school, her as the new 9th grade Language Arts teacher,  him as the boys new phys ed coach, they smiled.

 “Ready doll?”

 “Ready Negan!”

 On her toes, she kissed him, this time on his lips, and as his wife.

 “Love you!”

 “Love you back!”

 And he watched her walk down the hall, he couldn’t believe his luck. He had won back his best friend, his true love, his soulmate.

His Lucille.

anonymous asked:

Could you please write a scenario where Rich is the shy one and Eddie asks him for a kiss? Your HCs are so precious! <3

Ooooh thank you!! And sure! I’m gonna write it in my little hc format if that’s okay!

-it had been a week since Eddie and Richie found out about their crushes on each other

-it had been a total accident and entirely Stan’s fault. After all, it was Stan who had asked Richie how his plan went over last night right in front of Eddie during lunch. The same Eddie who had been the center of this grand plan of Richie’s to finally confess his feelings. But he had chickened out at the last second, and never even bothered going to Eddie’s house

-so when Richie choked out a loud laugh and practically yelled “PLAN WHAT PLAN I HAVE NO PLANS DO YOU HAVE A PLAN STAN THE PLAN MAN”, Stan just gave him a weird look and said “the plan about asking out Eddie? He was just telling me this morning about how happy you make him and-” only to be cut off by Eddie slapping his hands over Stan’s mouth

-Richie and Eddie just stared at each other, cheeks blushing scarlet, before darting off in different directions of the lunchroom

-with a bit of prodding (and pulling and dragging) from the other losers, Eddie found Richie camped out on the back steps of the school, and they talked over what just happened. They both liked each other, and they had for a while

-but it had been a week since then. They never really put a label on it, still unsure about the whole situation, but they hung out together every day on what could be considered dates if you included watching movies in Eddie’s room, walking to the pharmacy together only to walk all the way back empty handed because Richie knocked over a display case, trying to get their homework done together, and one lazy afternoon of laying in the grass

-and while Eddie loved the time spent together, something was eating away at him since the moment he found out that his love wasn’t unrequited. It had been burning in the back of his mind like a single match that had grown into a wildfire, sending heat into his chest every time he thinks about it. It was so simple, but he wanted it so badly

-Eddie wanted to kiss Richie Tozier

-and little did he know, sitting only a few inches away on the edge of the quarry, Richie was thinking about the same thing. He wanted to, god he did, but he couldn’t get himself to just…do it

-the last week had been bliss and agony, a mix of adoring every minute he got to spend with Eddie and slowly suffering as his hands refused to move, the words he wanted to say wouldn’t come out, and his shoulders froze every time he thought about leaning in. Hell, he had to talk himself up for 20 minutes just to hold Eddie’s hand

-Richie Tozier was not shy. He was loud, he had no problems with being the center of attention, and he liked being heard.

-but this was different. This wasn’t a stupid joke. This wasn’t the Losers club. This was Eddie.

-he wanted to make it perfect for him, and he didn’t know if he could

-But Eddie had enough. Without much warning, Eddie suddenly turned and announced “I want you to kiss me”

-Richie nearly fell into the quarry, hands grappling at the edge to keep him above water

-“You w-what?”

-“Kiss. I want you to kiss me. Do you?”

-and in Richie’s mind he’s going fuckfuckfuckshitfuckingshit-“y-yes?”

-so with the sudden burst of determination provided by Eddie’s hopeful eyes, Richie leans in and gives him a chaste kiss that they both secretly think was way too short

-they both stare at each other when Richie pulls away, wide-eyed for a second, but then bursting into laughter, both so happy and relieved that they had finally gotten over that hurdle

-Because now that they had gotten the first, shy kiss out of the way, Richie wasn’t so nervous about initiating the next one, or two, or ten

-and maybe he would, just after he asks Eddie to be his boyfriend

To help myself relax, I spent some time working on my first experiment with a more naturalistic building style in Minecraft.

Working on a Teldrassil-inspired design of a house built into/out of a tall tree, I was happy to take on the challenge of blending normal trees in with my own hand-crafted shapes for the main tree, its roots, and places to conceal the redstone for the lanterns. All of it together, from the shaping of the tree, the blending, and furnishing the different rooms, was really fun and I managed to get it all done in one afternoon, over just two sittings.

I’ll probably be working on some more natural-style builds the next time I look to take a break from some of my other work.

uncail | alfie solomons

set after ‘an post’

You woke up to Alfie trailing kisses over your shoulder and buried your face further into the pillow.

“If you start that now, we’ll be late for work”


“And my boss is a right dick”

You turned your head to him with a smirk.

“Oh, is he?”

“Mmm-hmm, the worst, honestly”

“Right, well I might have to have a word with him, won’t I?”

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Vanish in the Dark Pt 3

Pairings: None at the moment(Still got nothing.)

Warnings: Maybe language

Word Count: 1300+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: Oh. My. God. You guys are awesome! I hit 100 followers and I’ve not even been here a full month. As a thank you I’m putting out two parts tonight. It’s not because I’m less than excited about this part. I hope you guys enjoy! And thank you so much for reading! Also liking and rebblogging also helps me know if i should keep going. Thank you guys!  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner.

Originally posted by bateribageti

*Part Two* | *Part Four*

Wanda stared out the window in front her, watching the trees and scattered home passed by. Her thoughts were elsewhere, running through all the information she had been given in such a short time. Like the others, she was uneasy about the entire thing. She had heard and felt nothing last night that was out of the ordinary. Just as F.R.I.D.A.Y. had said there was a blip. Absolutely nothing. She didn’t like how easily they were breached and when tony spoke of how they were going to meet the people who broke into their home with ease, Wanda knew she needed to go. There were several questions she needed answered. Her home was no longer safe, and that wasn’t okay.

Bucky gave her a briefing over what they knew what was going down as they walked out of the compound to the waiting vehicles. Steve and Tony were bickering amongst themselves, but it was decided by Natasha who would go with who. Tony, Sam and Natasha would take the lead car, while Steve, Bucky and Wanda took the rear.

Tony refused to sit in the same car filled with six people, two of which were massive as it was, for four hours. And since Natasha and Wanda both knew they would be the lucky ones seated beside one of the walking furnaces, both were grateful for Tony’s stubbornness. As Wanda buckled in to her seat, Bucky continued with explaining things, passing her a tablet filled with more detail than he could give. He told her of this supposed Brotherhood, while Steve continuously barked at Tony through their cars com links to slow down. Wanda would have been amused, but as she sat back in the seat and read over the files of information, she couldn’t seem to find it in her at the moment.

Two hours later, she was still struggling to put it all together. Wanda sighed, facing the seat in front of her, catching Steve’s attention. He looked at her through the rear view mirror, his eyes crinkling as he smiled gently at her. She smiled back, but said nothing as she stared down at her hands.

A sudden shout, echoing through her thoughts caused her to nearly fly out of her skin, shattering her temporary calm. It was so loud, and so clear! As if it was right there in the car. The voice shouted again, this time, she knew just where it was coming from. Wanda whipped her head around to the right, to stare at the owner of the voice. A rider- a woman, dressed in head to toe with black, the helmet tinted pitch black as well. Wanda might not have found it odd if the woman hadn’t just found a way through her mental barriers. The woman still faced forward, her bike having no problem keeping up with the car. The woman acted as though she had done nothing, but was instead simply trying to pass. Wanda would have turned away to ignore the voice, maybe the woman was scared they were going miss seeing her drive up. That thought left her when the woman on the bike turned to briefly to return the stare, giving Wanda a two-fingered salute.

Wanda sucked in air, sitting straighter in her seat. The biker turned her gaze away, returning to the road. Wanda jumped when she felt a slight tap on her mental barrier, gentle at first. Wanda hesitated to drop her barrier, to let the woman in. She had no idea who this woman was, or what she wanted, only that she was doing something Wanda had never felt before. The tap returned, only turning into steady light knocks. There was a rhythm to it, familiar in the back of her mind. Wait a minute, Wanda thought, that’s the theme to The Adam’s Family. Now Wanda was more than confused, and slightly intrigued. Opening her mind, Wanda allowed the insistent woman in.  

“About time.” The woman muttered. He voice was low and husky, a bit of amusement beneath her tone. “I’ve been told to send you a message. Just sit back and watch, don’t do anything stupid. At least not yet. What happens will happen; There’s nothing that can keep it from being so.”

“Wanda?” Steve asked over his shoulder. He had seen her tense in the back seat, caught her swing around to face the window. Both Bucky and Steve hadn’t missed the motorcycle that was keeping constant to the car, neither knowing what the person wanted. Wanda’s mouth opened, but she struggled to find the words. Wanda had no time to voice her shock; the woman started speaking again.

“Wear your civvies the day of, try to keep a low profile. I know it’s hard for you people to do that, but you must try to not be the heroes that you are for one afternoon. This is what must be done. And to end on one more terrible cliché; don’t try and find us. You would waste your time, and we’ll only show ourselves once it’s done.”

Wanda blinked slowly, her mind trying to keep up with everything. She tried to push for more information, pushing further into the woman’s mind. But she was met with steel doors and thick walls. Nothing she did could bring out any more information than the woman was giving her. It was as if the woman knew how to block a telepath. The woman giggled when she caught that thought from Wanda. Wanda retreated, her eyes going impossibly wider. How was this possible?

Steve and Bucky both turned to the right, Steve’s fingers tightening on the steering wheel while Bucky gripped a hand around his gun. They had little time to figure what to do however. The woman on the bike gave a small nod, a nod that Wanda slowly returned, before the mysterious woman gave the bike gas. She shot off, passing the SUV with Tony and the others, disappearing over the horizon. Steve made a move to go after, his hand reaching down slam the com link back on. He had turned it off an hour back when the three in car in front started singing off key Sinatra songs to ‘get rid of tension.’ Just as he about hit the button, Wanda’s hand shot out, gripping his forearm tightly.

“No! Don’t!” Steve shot a glare at her over his shoulder, a brow raised. He didn’t have a chance to ask why the hell not. A low static followed by a click came from the speakers brought their attention away from another.

“Cap, what the hell was that?!” Tony quipped. All three of them in the leading SUV jumped when the bike flew by, and were equally confused when Steve’s SUV swerved to follow behind. Natasha had caught the bike out of the corner of her, like all the others, but was a bit surprised when nothing came of it. Or so she thought

Steve grunted, moving the car back behind Tony’s. He had to grit his teeth from ripping into Wanda, it was clear who that person was. For him to be told that they shouldn’t follow behind only irritated him more.

“I’m not sure, you’ll have to ask Wanda.” He bit out. Bucky reached over, clapping a hand on Steve’s shoulder. Steve shot him a look, but caught on to what Bucky was telling him. Steve took a deep breath, trying to relax. His white grip on the steering wheel loosened, and his shoulders slumped. He knew he was being ridiculous, but he was just as worked up about this as everyone else. His home was broken into, his sanctuary defiled. That woman on the bike must have been it, and she was just let free.

“I know Steve. I’m just as upset as you are.” Wanda spoke gently. She moved to the center seat, running the pads of her fingers along the back of his arm. Her touch was light, and soothing. Steve wasn’t much for contact, but she found that this calmed him quicker than everything else. Steve nodded, motioning her to tell them what she knew. Wanda took in a shuddering breath, and relayed the message. As if things couldn’t already be more complicated as it was.

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first batch of twitter headshot commissions!

Thought I’d do my usual personal text post. I know some people don’t particularly care and just skim over these, but this is more of a diary entry and for people who actually are interested, which will only be a few of you. 

I have a 2 day weekend now - thankfully! I have to travel back down to London on Monday morning, which should be fun *eye roll* And I go on shift with a mentor to begin doing the job, and I’m getting more nervous. One of my colleagues said, and she’s right: we feel as if we were only preparing to pass the test and not retain the information to do the job. It seemed all about the test, rather than the job itself. 

But today I brought myself a new, smaller suitcase for work. My much larger one is for holidays. I also got myself Beauty and the Beast on DVD (it was a double pack of the cartoon version and live action version). I got to see my sister and niece as well, and get my hair cut. My under shaven parts grow so quickly and I’m constantly at the hairdresser’s. 

I brought myself some eyedrops as well as my eyes have started getting more itchy, especially when I’m tried, so I’m going to try and keep the moisture in them with drops. I think they’re getting dry and the air conditioning in the hotel I’m staying in is ridiculous and on constantly. 

I hope to get some more writing done this afternoon; possibly work on a couple of imagines or one shots; see how I feel. I do still have all my unworked requests. I never got rid of any of them, and one day I will finish them - I PROMISE! 

On the writer note, I do want to ask who still wishes to be tagged in upcoming chapters of Together or any imagines/one shots. I always post The Hobbit stuff, and rarely deviate from that nowadays. (This is obviously if you’ve made it this far through my post and haven’t just ignored or skimmed it)

 …..And finally - 62 DAYS TO NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!! :) :) 

do me against your wall
AN: Dan what have you done -mariel


On one inconspicuous (who am I kidding, it was April 1st) afternoon, I walked into the bathroom of my boyfriend’s apartment, ready to shower and wash off the day’s stress. I got off work early because I wasn’t feeling well, so Dan picked me up and took me back to his place. All I wanted now was to put on comfy clothes (maybe Dan’s?) and snuggle into my boyfriend’s arms.

However, I walked into the restroom to find my boyfriend taking a selfie. His back was to me, so he hadn’t seen me yet. He was in that Wildcats jersey he received at Playlist. To be honest, when I first saw that piece of clothing, I thought it was ridiculous. Why would he wear something like that? But seeing the way it fit his long body, the way his arms looked, and the sweatpants he wore with it. But holy crap. My eyes involuntarily traveled down the back of his body, and I was mildly thankful for the sagging sweatpants.

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Holtzmann Head canon - Touch

Holtz loves/craves touch, is an extremely tactile person and totally lacks boundaries.

With Abby, she sits/climbs on her lap when she’s upset, when she’s having a total creating block or even when she’s sleepy.
Abby is protective of Holtz and is more than happy to let her do it, as she’s been with Holtz the longest and knows just what to do and say to help her
(or when to not say anything at all) and is well used to this being a thing by now.
It started at the beginning of the friendship when Holtzmann fell asleep at the lab table at the institute (having pushed herself and stayed up for 36 hours straight) and Abby finds her fast asleep, hugging a blowtorch.
She tries to get Holtzmann to even move over to the couch they keep at the back of the lab, but Holtz won’t budge. “Ok Holtzmann” Abby whispers, “Then I’m just going to have to lift you, ok?”
She asks first, because she knows that while Holtz is a tactile person, she doesn’t take well to being touched first without permission.
“Ok” Holtz sleepily grumbles back.

Abby lifts her easily (mentally making a note to get Holtz to eat more because it’s nearly disturbingly easy to carry her) and Holtz’s legs immediately wrap round Abby’s waist like a baby koala (Abby takes to calling Holtz this every time Holtz climbs into her lap now) But when Abby tries to set her down, Holtz doesn’t let go. Instead she bodily throws her weight down on Abby forcing her to sit down on the couch, and snuggles down in her lap.

Abby just shrugs and goes with it. She even gently runs her fingers through Holtz’s hair to get her over to sleep again, and Holtz snuggles her face into the crook of Abby’s neck. From then on, it’s Holtz’s place that she goes to for comfort.

With Patty she jumps or climbs on her back when she’s excited or has a breakthrough in her work.  
This has become a recent thing and it began shortly after the Abby-possessed-by-Rowan incident where Holtz was thrown through the window and Patty saved her.
Up until that point Holtz kept an eye on Patty, what with her being new to the group and therefore cautious about letting anyone new in.
Especially with Patty being introduced to so many new things and the paranormal. Although she definitely started to trust her after Patty’s reaction to Erin retelling her painful childhood memories of being branded “Ghost Girl” by merciless bullies.
For Holtz, that’s when she really started to accept Patty into the group.
But this trust was made truly permanent when Patty saved her life, at a significant risk to her own life in the process. Afterwards, Holtzmann is fast friends with Patty and to thank her (Holtz would, or even could, never say “thank you” out loud) she creates evermore elaborate and “scary but awesome” gadgets for Patty to try out, and constantly upgrades the “Ghost Chipper” that’s become Patty’s signature weapon when busting ghosts.
Patty becomes the one that Holtz goes to after that when she needs advice about things that have been bothering her (Patty being the most social and level-headed of the group) and Patty gladly gives it to her, cause she sees Holtzmann like a little sister to her (even more so being 10+ years older than her)
She’s also the one that Holtzmann goes to when she’s just created a new weapon, gadget or has finally worked something out after days of frustration
over it not working before. She whoops and hollers in celebration, “Patty! I did it! Looky here! D'you see it??” and in her excitement, adrenaline pumping, Holtz jumps on her back, piggyback style.
Every time Patty laughs and says “Knew you could do it, babygirl!” and it puts a Cheshire smile on Holtz face to get Patty’s approval.
And Patty is the one that makes sure Holtzmann eats and gets sleep and checks her when she’s being reckless with her own safety, and becomes very protective over her little “Holtzy”.

With Erin, it’s different. Holtzmann is constantly flirting with Erin in the beginning, much to the amusement of Patty and Abby (and to the confusion and bemusement of Kevin. The poor, oblivious guy) She constantly dances for her, to 80’s power ballads and love songs particularly, while maintaining eye contact and does and says and calls her cute names just to see Erin blush. It’s only after the battle to save New York (and by extension, the whole world) that Holtzmann’s way of flirting, and the meaning behind it, changes completely.
After that, Holtz still dances for her, but she persuades Erin to join in, sometimes even dancing up close with her.

When Erin gets stressed over her work, or not being able to solve something Holtz stops everything she’s doing, lowers the music to a much quieter level, hops up onto the table on Erin’s side of the lab (they share the 2nd floor after Holtz suggests that it makes sense to. “We’re the dream team, Gilbert. You’re theory, and I’m physical” accompanied by her signature wink and grin and Erin’s little smile and pink cheeks) and helps her to work through the problem.
She doesn’t smirk at getting a (cute) reaction out of Erin to her flirting, but rather smiles softly.
Her affectionate names for Erin are said with a lot more emotion and become more than just generic names like baby, or dollface or sweetheart, that she uses to chat any girl up, but rather much more personal names to Erin.
“Gilbert”, “bow tie”, “hot stuff” and she’s not using them to just flirt, but rather to give Erin confidence in herself and show her affection for the small bow tie wearing woman.
But “Ghost Girl” in particular, she uses regularly. Not to tease or hurt her (Holtz doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body, especially when it comes to Erin’s emotions and feelings) but to change it’s meaning from what it once was to Erin - a horrible moniker, made up by horrible kids. To show her that there’s no shame, to be proud of what was once a slur, because she was right all along. Ghosts are real.
When Holtz finds out that Erin has laid claim to her MIT sweater, she gently draws attention to it. “I didn’t know you went to MIT, Gilbert. You a closet techie?”
Erin blushes, “Sorry, I just lifted the first thing. I didn’t even look to see whose it was”  "Keep it, it looks much better on you anyway" Erin’s cheeks go from pink to beet red.

And when Holtz has finally perfected Erin’s proton weapon, she gently presses against her back, puts her hands over hers and shows her how to use it. And if there’s any kinks or issues with the weapon (and even if there isn’t at all) Holtz stays up all night to make sure they’re fixed and it’s as safe as it absolutely, possibly can be before Erin can take it out onto the field.

The most unlikely pairing though, has to be Holtz and Kevin. At the beginning Holtz nearly wrote Kevin off as an idiot, someone who she was absolutely amazed had even made it through life so far and survived. (She’s half convinced that he’s a government experiment cooked up in a lab somewhere that went wrong and escaped)

But one day, he comes up to her lab and sets a plate down on her worktable. Then stands and waits for her to notice it.
“Whatcha got there, Kev?” “Well I was just making myself some sandwiches and then I remembered you were here, so I made you some too.
Salty parabolas are your favourite, right?”
And Holtz can do nothing but stare at him in slight shock, ‘he actually remembered? And he called them parabolas??’ “Uh, yeah….thanks, big guy”
and he looks so proud and happy to have got something right “No problem, boss”
But when Kevin expresses a genuine interest in the invention that Holtzmann is working on, “hey, that’s a cool looking toaster!” she nearly falls off the stool
in shock at him getting it right. Even Patty, Abby and Erin never know (or guess right) what Holtzmann’s inventing 90% of the time til she’s finished
or actually tells them what it is.
After that, she develops a huge soft spot for the big lug and she even lets him (under strict supervision) help her out. She’s pleasantly surprised
to realise that he’s a really good assistant. Plus he makes for a very good, very sturdy support when Holtzmann can’t reach something high enough.
This is only something that happens over time though. Holtz has never been completely comfortable around men (it doesn’t help at all that during her childhood,she was teased and even beaten up by boys as a child) and so definitely doesn’t like it, or trust men at all when it comes to touch.

But with Kevin, it’s different. There’s not a bad bone in the guy’s body.
It starts off with fistbumps and high fives and eventually progresses so much so that one day when Holtzmann needs to reach the fire alarm on the wall (because it’s been going off at random times of the day) and the stepladder isn’t tall enough, she calls Kevin over.
“Hey Kev, come over here and give me a boost, would ya?” “Sure thing, boss!”
He bends down and she climbs up onto his shoulders to reach. And when he has to hold onto her legs to do so, “This ok, boss?” he asks, quietly, that soft spot she has for him, grows even bigger.
One day Holtz is working on something and needs to tighten a few bolts on it.
She goes to reach for her favourite spanner but realises it’s lost, and is throwing everything everywhere in her pursuit of it.
Completely unaware that Kevin has come over to see what the fuss is about, “Oh I’ll get them for you, boss” and proceeds to tighten the bolts with
his bare hands. Holtz realises what he’s just done, and pushes her googles down to stare at Kevin in awe.
And one afternoon, she actually does fall off her stool when Kevin states that he’s off to take part in a hacky sack tournament in the park on his lunchbreak
and gives her the gay salute.

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Finished my second Narnia vid! Not as great as the first one, I’ll admit, but I think I did pretty good, especially as it was all done in one afternoon! Anyway,
Hope you enjoy!


somehow after the war is over, hogwarts gets renovated and now all students can study at the school. draco doesn’t even know how he still got let in, he still gets looks of rage because of what his family had done. but the teachers, they only give looks of pity, especially professor mcgonagall. he doesn’t care though because he’s angry on the new roommate rule, his new roommate will be from another house. professor mcgonagall says that this new rule will help people cope with the war. 

draco’s still unpacking his clothes until he hears the door open. he looks up and sees a familiar face. ‘potter!’ his head screams. unfortunately, harry doesn’t say anything to draco, he just goes to his bed and unpacks. and somehow, draco wishes he would say something, so that he could apologize for everything that he’s done. apologize for being a selfish prick and a bully. but he doesn’t. 

one afternoon, when draco walks through the halls, he hears laughter. he suddenly starts to follow the sweet melodic noise and finds out that it’s from harry. somehow, draco starts thinking of jokes that he could tell harry, jokes that could make him laugh so much, he would start crying. but he doesn’t.

draco finally goes outside for the first time ever since he came back to hogwarts. and it feels nice to him, like nothing could ever ruin this moment. he sees potter, weasley, and granger talking to each other and he wants that. he wants real friends that will listen to him about his family and how broken he is right now. how he was manipulated by everybody he loved. maybe he could just go up them right now and tell them that. but he doesn’t.

because he’s the boy who didn’t have a choice.