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a  w a r n i n g  to the people…                      
                                                                this is  w a r .

2 cool Karamatsus for 24/02

So…I found a thing here  and I got inspired.  This is probably as to why John usually stays up in space so much.

I kind of just got tired and I did an inclination to a background.  Whoops.

Ch 28/? - The Golden Age That Never Was (RotG/Blackice)

Title: The Golden Age That Never Was (28/?)

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Pitch Black (or if you want to get tetchily specific - Jack Overland who becomes Jack Frost with Kozmotis Pitchiner who becomes elements of Pitch Black…..)
Characters: Jack Frost, Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black, E. Aster Bunnymund, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jamie Bennett, Seraphina Pitchiner, The Man in the Moon, Tsar Lunanoff, Tsarina Lunanoff, Cupcake.
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, Whump, Angst, Book & Movie Combination, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Slow burn, Abuse of Power/Authority, Dysfunctional Relationships, Power Play, Corporal Punishment, Adventure, Space Opera (kiiiind of), Golden Age, D/s, Initiation, Kink, Injury, Grief, AU, apologies to canon enthusiasts and people who love authentic representations of space. (Please see AO3 for more tags).                  

Summary: Soldier in training Jack Overland is approaching the day of his initiation, finally he’ll learn how to fight back against the living darkness and serve the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. More importantly, maybe it will get him closer to Royal Admiral Kozmotis Pitchiner, Jack’s hero, champion of the people. If only anything ever worked out the way it should.

The Golden Age that Never Was - Chapter 28 - The Disloyal Pair

In which Jack and Pitch sit in a room and talk. Or more accurately, Pitch pressures Jack into talking, and Jack kind of throws a very weak tantrum about it. But then they actually, y’know, talk.


Widowmaker’s Under the Mistletoe Highlight Intro plus Junkrat’s Heroic Highlight Intro

aka I learned how to make gifs

Friends: *can’t find me in a crowd*
Friends: This calls for drastic measures
Friends: *uses hands as a microphone* “He’s constantly confusing, confounding the British henchmen. Everyone give it up for Americas favorite fighting Frenchman!”
Me: *knocking three people over, kicking down a door, screaming* 


Just in Case You Were Curious

because after seeing Trail to Oregon I know I sure was. Here are the names the awesome audiences gave the characters on various showings (based on Starkid’s tweets). They are funnier to me now that I have a context for the names. Here we go, on: 

P.S. I’m making this a “read more” thing because this will get pretty dang long.

P.S.S. EDIT 6/8/15: Now including the names from NYC!!

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Mermaid Melody Aesthetic - Princess Noel

{dedicated to Annekehappy birthday~!}

For the ruler of the Arctic Ocean, separated from her younger sister at birth. 
For the gentle and determined mermaid who sacrificed herself 
so that others might live. 


The Pumpkin King finally gets his turn!

Pretty straightforward in terms of colors. Had to go with the ol’ orange and black color scheme. I don’t really have an exact reason for why I chose purple; other than I wanted a more darker-colored heart for Jack, and -strangely enough- purple is a color I think of when I think of Halloween color schemes. Not to mention purple tends to be a color associated with royalty, so there’s that, too.

As far as animation goes, I think Jack over here is about as elaborate, if not more elaborate, than the animation I did for Lewis. Lots of moving parts on this guy.

And before anyone says anything, yes. Jack is bobbing to the song you’re all probably thinking of right now. XD Another obvious song choice, but whatever. (however, again I must ask for you to wait till all designs are finished before you start guessing the music.)

Well, that takes care of all the official members of the boneheads! All that’s left now is our two honorary members! Stay turned! :V

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8 questions tag

I was tagged by @spicyramyeonmonbebe thanks dear (:

  1. What is your favorite band or singer outside of kpop?  Probably BUSTED. Their music brings back a lot of good memories for me.
  2. Do you have siblings? If yes do you guys get along?  Brother and sister. And half/step sisters but only 2 biological siblings. We get along more now than when we were younger.
  3. What is your go to snack? These snap peas snacks from Costco. It’s delicious. When I’m too tired to cook, I just eat that lol. (reminds me, I still haven’t made dinner orz)
  4. Do you have any unique talents or abilities? I can curl my tongue into a W?
  5. Best compliment you have ever received?  When people comment on my hair. My parents gave me thick hair which doesn’t need a lot of maintenance (thank goodness). I don’t even know how to straighten my hair as I’ve never used a straightener ever ;_;
  6. What do you want your tombstone to say? NINTENDO! (haha idk)
  7. What is your current desktop picture? It’s a picture of the Faroe Islands
  8. The last song you listened to?  Arario

My questions

  1. How long have you been a kpop fan?
  2. What’s the most embarrassing song you have on your ipod?
  3. What is your favorite/shocking plot twist in any of your non-kpop (or kpop if you want) fandoms?
  4. Not a question but recommend me some good kpop songs :p
  5. Are you a fan of horror movies?  What are your favorite ones?
  6. Who are some of your favorite fictional characters?
  7. Your dream kpop concert consists of 5 groups–who are they and what songs would they be singing?
  8. The last movie you watched (in theaters or at home)

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L is such a pissbaby like. This is two months past L and Light fighting. Two months past Light telling L to suck it up and get back in gear. L is still facing away from any investigation material. Light is still like ‘I am soooo sorry to interrupt your important task of being motivationless’. Implying this is really all L has been doing tWO ENTIRE MONTHS.

And then Light asks him to come over for a second and he makes that face. Look at that fucking 'ugh why do I need to move’ face. 
This man is literally insulted to have to participate in his own fucking investigation. 'How dare you make me do this thing which is my job.’