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I basically tell everyone I come across they should play FFXV. A friend just texted me and told me he’s on the final chapter. I had no idea he was even playing, so I’m way more excited than I should be. aying, so I’m way more excited than I should be. His fave bro is Gladdy - makes sense because they’re both ESTJs lol.

The question is… should I ease him slowly into the fandom before sending him ridiculous memes? like this one

UPDATE. He just said he can’t wait to see how it ends. I told him to prep with tissues. Omg my heart.

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“DRAW JOHN CONSTANTINE WEARING… 30) disney princess dress” for @wobblywibbly

Honestly this was such a fun thing to draw omg :’)
Maybe im getting a hang art again with dumb stuff like this~


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^ This has nothing to do with the story I just love Sebastian

Pairing: 1940s!Bucky Barnes/Current Bucky X Reader

Summary: This was a request but I was a total butthead and lost it but It’s centered around the photo in the story

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Crying

Word Count: 2,033

A/N I’m sorry it took me for-fucking-ever to get this done but I’m wordy and WAY too choosey! But! Its here and it’s done :)


*3rd POV*

Bucky moved slowly in between the rows of shelves in the library, the smell of dusty old books permeating his nose, he grabbed a random book off the shelf and pretended to skim through it when the cute librarian helper he’d been clocking looked in his direction. He needed a good reason to talk to her so he impulsively took the book he hastily grabbed to go get it checked out.

“I’d like to check this out please” He asked sweetly, already having his game plan laid out in his head

“It’s my secret admirer” She cooed, that caught him off guard

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That Would Be Enough

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt #43 and #73: “i told you not to fall in love with me” “we’re not just friends and you know it”

a/n: i’m not sure where i was going with the ending but hey i got requests done and another lin fic out so that’s good news. but wow all the support i’ve been receiving lately is truly insane. thank you so so much to anyone who liked and reblogged or followed me because of my lin imagine. if you have any requests for imagines, i’m completely open at the moment and my prompt list is in my bio :)) 


Being best friends with Lin Manuel Miranda was almost like standing too close to the sun.

You knew you were burning and everyone had their eyes on you, questioning every movement that you made, but you continued to enjoy the warmth and new endeavors that it brought upon you.

You knew Lin from a young age, and the two of you grew up side by side, never straying once from the other. You were attached by the hip, and absolutely nothing, not even his intense work ethic he pressured upon himself, could break that. 

That was until Hamilton became a thing in your lives.


“I want you to be my Eliza Schuyler.” Lin proposed, finally confessing the one thing he had planned on telling you all day. He could barely contain it any longer, and when he walked into your shared apartment to witness you belting out one of your favorite show tunes with such passion and joy, he knew he had to ask you.

“Me? You want me to play Eliza?” You asked, your mind swimming with questions as the boy nodded intently, jetting to his bedroom leaving you standing in the middle of your living room speechless.

You had no experience in live theater and never allowed the idea of an opportunity of starring on Broadway cross your mind. You always let the outspoken and prosperous man bask in the limelight he truly deserved while you went through your life supporting him the best you of your abilities. It wasn’t that you felt you needed to be submissive and quiet, you just felt that you really didn’t have any reasons as to why anyone should praise you in the first place.

Yes, you were young and the best friend of Lin Manuel Miranda, but you paid for your subway ticket like everyone else and put on your pants one leg after the other just like the next person.

You always assumed Lin would cast actors and actresses with years of experience in theater. Even as the person he went to for everything, you never considered him asking you to perform in the show he’s conferred with you about for so many years. He came to you for ideas or opinions about the show and assisted him in recording demos of the songs that would soon form the show he’s worked so hard on. You helped him throughout his writing process so often that you practically knew Alexander Hamilton as well as Lin himself. 

The brunette came speeding back into the room, one of his extremely worn notebooks clutched in his hand and the look of a child in the morning of Christmas Day held captive in his eyes as he looked at you. You knew you wouldn’t be able to say no to him, especially if he was this committed to the idea of you being one of the main characters you’ve heard so much about from his endless late night rambles or spontaneous phone calls about lyrics he came up with for a song he was working on.

“Just try and follow me.” Lin mumbled, sitting down on your couch as he aggressively flipped through his notebook, scourging through the pages completely layered with his messy handwriting, sticky notes, and highlighted phrases.

Even though you knew every little thing about Lin, you still looked at the man in such awe. He was an absolute genius, and there was never a moment you would doubt there was nothing his mind couldn’t do or complete. And looking at one of the notebooks that contained his greatest creation, Lin was able to rendered you speechless just from a look of his work in progress.

Lin continued to flip through his well used notebook, letting out a jagged breath as he stumbled upon the page he was looking for, the phrase ‘That Would Be Enough’ scribbled at the top of the page. The man chuckled, smiled down at the page as he once again shot up from his seat, rushing to grab a discarded keyboard that was placed on your breakfast bar besides another open notebook.

“Okay, you ready?” Lin asked, turning his head to see you standing there teetering back and forth on your toes, arms crossed loosely across your chest as you stood there defensively.

“Lin, I don’t know about this-”

“Y/N, you’d be a perfect Eliza! You’d be perfect playing my wife.” Lin joked as you choked a bit, completely forgetting about that minor detail. “Just try not to fall in love with me if you do choose to accept the role, 'kay?”

You rolled your eyes at the boy making him smile that oh so lovely smile of his. You took a seat beside him, letting the defensive barrier you once built at the mention of accepting such a large and important role within the musical that Lin spent so long working on break down slowly

 Lin was your best friend, and if he felt you would be perfect for the role, you couldn’t let him down. He knew what kind of actress he was looking for, and if he thought it was you then you couldn’t disappoint him now. 

“Okay,” You breathed out as the man squealed, wrapping you in a tight hug as a chorus of thank yous left his lips.

“Alright, alright, calm down. You’re going to have to take your own advice if you don’t settle down soon.” You teased Lin as he shoved you playfully, the two of you laughing as he began to play the simple chords.

On the inside, your stomach was turning and your heart was racing wildly as you began to reconsider the commitment you were taking, but seeing the happiness that graced your best friend’s face as he rehearsed one of the most important and intimidate songs your characters would share, you knew you wouldn’t be able to back out of it now.

You decided to take a stand against your ever racing heart, ignoring the voice spewing concerns and problems that could occur at seizing your opportunity and replacing it with the intuitive voice of the man you grew up beside.


It’s been a little over a year since Lin had confronted you about playing Eliza Schuyler in his his play.

After rigorous practices and get togethers involving your cast, all doubt that once consumed you and kept you up late practicing your songs till your voice gave out disappeared within the week of demanding practices and meeting your fellow ever so talented cast members began.

Instead, your anxiety was now replaced with feelings that you truly couldn’t fathom or comprehend.

And those feelings lead back to your newly found fondness for your very own best friend, Lin Manuel Miranda.

You knew Lin all your life. You dated guys and you witnessed him dating his fair share of girls. Not once did you feel even the smallest amount of jealousy, but suddenly his small touches that caressed your skin and smiles directed your way made your head spin, and the scene he performed where Jazzy and him shared a kiss made your blood boil. You didn’t know why you were suddenly falling for the boy, but working with him so exclusively in an environment he was so passionate and open about made you look at him in a much different light.

Your cast members always commenting on the looks and touches exchanged during scenes with you and Lin didn’t help your case either. Lin was oblivious to the loving looks you gave him and the endless compliments you constantly showered upon him. Your cast mates claimed you were just as oblivious as the man, but you stood by your ground that Lin would never fall for you.

“Just try not to fall in love with me.” His words were engraved in your head, repeating like a broken record player as you added the last touches of your make up, looking at yourself in the brightly light mirror

There you stood alone in the dressing room you shared with Renee and Jasmine, observing yourself intently.

You currently had on the dress required for the opening song for the play, your hair straight and smooth falling down your back. Your make up was done heavier then usual due to the fact your features had to stand out more because the bright lights showered on the stage easily washed you out. You looked elegant and graceful nonetheless, the look of intelligence and poise upon you.

“My wife!” You heard Lin exclaim from the doorway of the dressing room, his sudden appearance making you jump as you snapped your head to see the man who managed to steal your heart donning his colonial clothing.

You never understood how he, or everyone in the show for that matter, were able to pull off the colonial fashion so well. Lin seemed to take the style and make it his own, just as he did with most things.

You stood there gawking at the boy, not aware of your sudden staring as your best friend smiled, laughing a bit at your dumbfounded stare.

“Y/N, save that for the stage.” Lin joked, snapping you out of your trance making you jump a bit, a hesitant smiling appearing upon your face as you realized you inappropriate staring.

“Sorry, sorry, just a bit nervous. It’s our first show after all.” You confessed, sheepishly down at your hands, fiddling with your thumbs a bit. 

“Hey, hey look at me.“ Lin said softly, walking over towards you and gently lifting your chin to look him in the eye, "You are beautiful and talented and the audience is not ready for Y/N Y/L/N, my absolutely wonderful best friend, to show them her skills.”

“Lin, stop.”

“No Y/N, you need to know how grateful I am that you even committed to the show and what an amazing job I know you’ll do out there tonight.”

“No, really Lin, I’m going to cry and I’m not able to redo my make up, I got my five minute call a few moments ago.” You explained, laughing a bit as you fanned your face a bit, trying to rid of the tears that had formed in your eyes.

He will never know how much those words meant to you.

“Break a leg, I’ll be right there with you.” Lin whispered, planting a chaste kiss on your forehead before sending you a caring smile and walking out of your dressing room.

You stood there for a bit, immobile at the realization that you were going to be performing as your best friend’s, the man you had fallen for’s, love interest in front of tons and tons of people.

“You can do this,” You reassured yourself as you made your way backstage, “You can do this.”


“In New York you can be a new man, in New York you can be a new man.” The ensemble harmonized as you slowly walked towards Lin as the choreography demanded.

You were so close to him now, your faces only inches apart as your best friend smiled down at you adoringly, his face full of joy as he brought a hand up to your cheek, slowly caressing as he tried to reassure you that you were doing alright despite the change of choreography he had just made.

“Helpless.” You sang, truly feeling the song as the final note of the song hit, you and Lin leaning in to close the space between the two of you.

Time seemed to stop at that moment, the cast members surrounding you and the eyes of the crowd watching you and Lin, drifting away as you kissed Lin, your lungs screaming for air as you stood clutching onto the boy, trying to reciprocate all of the feelings you have been hiding into the connecting of your lips.

“Alright, alright, that’s what I’m talking about!” Ant’s voice suddenly interrupted your moment, you and Lin realizing that your kiss was much longer then it should have been.

Blush crept onto your cheeks as you saw Renee smirk your way, nodding in the direction of Lin who was placed in the correct spot that you and him were supposed to be standing.

He gave you a bright smile, a fire in his eyes you didn’t recognize before. It made the fireworks in your stomach explode, just like the feeling you received when kissing him.

You continued to perform Satisfied, focusing more on each movement you made and each line you spoke as you tried your best not to become distracted like you foolishly did before. As hard as you tried to push away the kiss you and Lin shared during Helpless, there was still something you couldn’t shake. From all the times you had kissed him during rehearsals, nothing compared to the way Lin had kissed you so longingly and the way you seemed to grip onto him as though he was going to slip through your fingers and disappear before your eyes wouldn’t escape your mind.

The rest of Act 1 was a blur of emotions for you.

When That Would Be Enough approached, you felt nearly emotionless due to your overthinking, but when you stepped onto the stage with Lin, all the numbness washed away from you completely.

There you were, just you and Lin, singing the song he had made you rehearse with him the first time he approached you about his request of you playing the role of Eliza. 

“Look at where we are, look at where we started. The fact that you’re alive is a miracle. Just stay alive, that would be enough.” You sang, tears pricking your eyes as you sat beside Lin on the bench, embracing him as he leaned into your arms, your heart threatening to leap from your chest at the position the two of you were in at the moment.

The rest of the song was clouded by the one thing that Lin had warned you before you accepted the role.

“Just try not to fall in love with me.” You knew at the time that his words were said frivolously and in a joking a matter, but they continued to haunt you as you sang the song directly to him, trying to expose as many emotions as you possibly could to Lin who was so committed to staying in character.

You weren’t supposed to fall for him. He was your best friend, the person you trusted the most in the whole world. You could never fall for your best friend. You could never call him yours in the way you wanted.

“And I could be enough,” You sang, a tear rolling down your cheek as you realized that you were finally letting out of your one sided feelings at the moment.

“And we could be enough,” You continued, your voice hesitant as you took his hand in yours, your hand shaking ever so slightly as he squeezed your hand clasped tightly in his reassuringly.

“And that would be enough.“ You finished, the final notes of the song playing as you pressed a kiss to his forehead as he did to you before the show, closing your eyes as you tried to let your remorse flood away.

The cloud of feelings hovering above your head stayed with you as you quickly exited the stage as the intro to Guns and Ships boomed from the stage loudly.

You began to quickly walk back to your dressing room, attempting to avoid eye contact with any of the cast members or stagehands you passed on your short trip there.

"Hey!” Lin called out to you, a hand suddenly grasping your arm making you gasp.

“It’s only me, you’re okay, don’t panic.”

“No Lin, no I’m not okay.” You whispered, your voice shaking as you tried to cower away from Lin’s intense eyes baring into you, threatening to pour your feelings for him right then and there.

Lin didn’t know how to react. He hated seeing you in pain and knowing he was probably the cause of your sadness made him break even worse.

He pulled you into his arms, your own arms snaking around his waist as he embraced you, whispering sweet reassurances into your hair and pressing a kiss to the top of your head after each phrase.

“I’m okay now, you should be getting back on stage now.” You sniffled, quickly escaping out of his hold on you and wiping away the tears that remained upon your cheeks.

“Did you feel something?” Lin asked abruptly, his eyes set on you as you felt your heart leap, hoping he was referring to what you were thinking about as well. 

“I’m not sure what-”

“The kiss. Y/N, our kiss is not that long and has never been that long. You felt something, didn’t you?” Lin asked desperately, taking his hands in yours as he anxiously awaited for your response.

“And if I did?” You finally replied, your voice barely a whisper as you could see the walls of your friendship crumbling down before your very eyes.

You begrudgingly looked up to see Lin’s eyes softening, all concern and desperation flooding his eyes as you stared back at him, trying to solve the puzzle that was your best friend’s emotions you were never able to pinpoint nowadays.

“Do you remember what I told you when I first rehearsed That Would Be Enough with you?” Lin asked, a smile creeping on both of your faces as you recalled that night; the cups of coffee the two of you downed in an attempt to stay awake and perfect the song, the back story of Eliza Schuyler he rambled on and on about to try and educate you better on her story, and how you ended up falling asleep on the couch side by side that night, sheet music scattered all around and a blanket lazily draped over the two of you.

“Of course I do.“

"I told you to not fall in love with me, but dammit Y/N, we’re not just friends and you know it.” Lin insisted, his words making your jaw drop.

“We-we’re not?” You stuttered out as Lin laughed, looking up at the ceiling and peering down at you with such a lighthearted gaze.

“Y/N, I adore you. And I hope you adore me too, and gosh, we’re young and we’re best friends and we play love interests in a play I wrote about one of our founding fathers, this is all so crazy!” Lin exclaimed, his words coming out fast yet diligent as though he had planned what he was going to say.

“Lin, you’re on soon.” One of the stagehands came around the corner to where you and Lin were talking as Lin greatly smiled at the man and thanked him.

“Lin, what in the world are you talking about?” You asked, a smile making its way onto your own face as you realized there really might be a chance with the man you really felt helpless near.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful and talented and amazing and understanding and compassionate and just so so brilliant. And I know I remind you every day of those things, and that I’m standing here confessing my feelings as though I’m a smitten teenager attempting to win over a girl.” Lin continued, making the two of you laugh. 

“But you and I? We can be enough. We are enough. And I knew that the night I warned you not to fall for me, and I’m a bit of a hypocrite, and I’m supposed to be backstage at this very moment and may miss my cue to my own show on opening night, but dammit we’re enough. And you see it, everyone sees it. I don’t want- no need- anyone else but you.”

You stood there speechless, time stopping once again as you let his words settle in.

The man that had consumed your thoughts and pulled you into a position you never thought you would ever be in, the man who was your best friend, the man you thought the world of was standing there in front of you telling you that being together was worth it.


“Yes?” He asked, that smile that makes you melt appearing on his face as quick as a flash making you giggle.

“We are enough.” You whispered as he pulled you into his arms and pressed his lips upon yours in the most passionate kiss the two of you ever shared.

“Lin, stage, now!” You heard someone demand making the two of you leap apart, smiling like fools.

“I have to go.” Lin began to run towards the stairs to the backstage, turning to blow a kiss in your direction, running on stage a second before he was supposed to be on.

You watched him from the wings of the stage, beaming at him as though he were the best thing to ever grace your life. And if you wanted to be truthful, he really was.

Lin looked at you off stage, giving you a small wink making you smile wildly.

“And we could be enough.” You thought to yourself as you watched Lin from the side of the stage, feeling just as helpless as the song entailed. 

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Uuumm HI!... ssoooo I'v never done a request before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes, I was wondering if you could do a thing where Qrow, his s/o, young Ruby and young Yang are having a snowball fight and the teams are Qrow and Ruby vs s/o and Yang, while the snowball fight is going on fluffy stuff happens where Qrow hugs and kiss his s/o and the girls are like "ewww cooties!" and maybe they try to rescue s/o XD (sorry if this was awkward XP btw really love your work! :D)

Here you go, I hope it’s satisfactory! 


The world outside was cold and white, but you didn’t care about that. You were bundled up in the softest blanket you could get your hands on, curled into the side of one mister Qrow Branwen. Currently, you were snuggling on the couch of Qrow’s old team mate, Tai. He had left for a mission that would last a few days and said he felt better about leaving if ‘there was a responsible adult and I guess Qrow too’ watching the house and girls. You didn’t mind holding down the fort, the Xiao Long household was nice and cozy. Plus Ruby and Yang didn’t really need much taking care of, so that left you free to enjoy your boyfriend’s company and watch TV. So far, it’s been a pretty peaceful day.

“Uncle Qrow! (Y/n)!” Of course, something always comes along to disrupt the peace. The end of your quiet moment came in the form of Ruby Rose, flopping on the back of the couch between you and Qrow.

Qrow sighs, clearly not entirely happy about his alone time with you being interrupted. “Yeah pipsqueak?”

“I’m bored!”

“I thought you and Yang were playing together?”

“We got tired of video games.” Yang comes down the stairs and brings her hands down on the arm of the couch “Dad said you have to entertain us if we get bored.”

“Well then, firecracker, what did you have in mind?”

Yang crosses her arms to think on an answer, but Ruby immediately springs up, bright smile on her face “We should have a snowball fight!”

“Yeah, let’s go with that!”

“I don’t know, I-“ Qrow starts to object, tightening his grip on your waist.

“I think that sounds fun!” You chime in.

He looks down at you and Ruby claps her hands excitedly “Come on, uncle Qrow, (Y/n) likes the idea!”

“Unless you’re not up for a challenge, old man.” You give your boyfriend a playful poke in the side.

He gives you his ‘I am not old’ pout. Then he smiles, and reaches over to ruffle Ruby’s hair. “Alright, alright, I can’t say no to you.”

You both stand and face the girls. “So, is this a free for all or are there gonna be teams?” You ask.

“Teams!” Ruby decides “And it should be one adult on a team, otherwise it would be unfair!”

“I call (Y/n) being on my team!” Yang shouts, raising her hand.

Qrow raises an eyebrow “What, you got something against your uncle?”

“No, (Y/n)’s just cooler and we’re gonna kick your butts!” Yang intertwines your arms and you both do your best to look tough, which is kind of hard for a twelve year old Yang, but she manages.

“I’m pretty sure Ruby and I will be doing the as-“

“Language!” Ruby blurts out

“-butt kicking in this game. Come on, pipsqueak, let’s show ‘em whose boss.”

“Yeah!” Ruby jumps up and down before grabbing her jacket and sprinting outside.

Once you were all bundled up, you stood on opposite sides of the yard, packing snow into forts to serve as cover.

“All right Yang, you ready?”

“Heck yeah! Let’s show those losers who the kings of the snow are!”  She tightens her grip on the snowball tightly packed in her hand.

“Ready!” Ruby yells

“Aim!” Yang yells back

“Fire!” That last shout from all four of you sets off a flurry of snow flying in both directions.

You feel a snowball whiz by your head and you cast a glare at Qrow before returning fire, pegging him in the shoulder.  

Ruby is hit in the chest by one of Yang’s snowballs, that girl throws with such fury you’re surprised the heat doesn’t melt it midair. Ruby dramatically clutches her chest as if wounded before grinning. Suddenly she’s making and throwing snowballs at a near impossible speed that are very difficult to avoid.

That’s a semblance in development if I’ve ever seen one.

You’re so focused on Ruby’s relentless attack that it takes you a moment to realize Qrow is no longer next to her. You whip your head around to find him and are met with a snowball exploding across your face. You shake your head and wipe the snow from your eyes, glaring at the man crouched in the tree line.

“Qrow’s gone rouge!” You warn Yang. Of course, he’s always preferred an offensive, up close attack strategy.

“Think you can take care of him?” Yang is firing snowball after snowball at her sister, by the look on her face you’d think this was a real battle.

You laugh “Of course, that boy has nothing on me.” You sense another snowball coming from Qrow’s direction, this time you roll out of the way and spring to your feet, making a dash for the tree line. Qrow attempts to meet you half way with two snowballs thrown at your face and chest but you dart to the right. You begin your own game of darting forward to pelt him with a few snowballs before jumping into the trees to avoid his attacks. He runs after you and manages to dodge quite a few of your own attacks; he’s strangely very graceful in a fight.

The battle seems to be in your favor when suddenly you leap onto the next branch only to discover it’s coated in ice. You try and keep your balance but your feet fall out from under you and you plummet to the ground.

Damn bad luck.

There’s no impact though, Qrow swoops in and catches you in his arms. You lay across him propped up by his arm, you’re grateful, but then you see him grin mischievously. You’re confused until suddenly you feel cold snow impact your face and shoved into your shirt.

You squeal “Qrow!”

“I’m afraid you’ve been captured, sweet heart.” He brings his face close to your and leaves a small peck on your lips, still grinning. “Whatever shall you do?”

Laughing, you try and shake the freezing snow out of your shirt, a task made difficult by how close he was holding you “Qrooow, it’s coooold!”

“Well that’s -“

Qrow sputters as a snowball hits him dead in the face.

“Uncle Qrow has abandoned his post and kidnapped the poor (Y/n)! Ruby, I call for a temporary truce so we may rescue them!” Yang has another snowball at the ready and is pointing at Ruby, in full on general mode.

Ruby nods sagely “It goes against everything I know to aid the enemy, but it is my duty to stop a rogue soldier. Attack!”

Qrow drops you and is forced back by the volley of snow being launched at him. You double over in laughter at the sight of your oh so tough boyfriend being beaten back by two kids. He holds his hands up in surrender but the onslaught is only stopped when you can catch your breath long enough to wave your arms and call a cease fire. By that time, Qrow is covered head to toe in white.

“Uncle Qrow, do you surrender!?” Ruby asks, pointing at him and sounding like a leader disciplining her subordinates. It’s a funny sight, a ten year old commanding seasoned hunter year older than her. She pulls it off well though.

Qrow is attempting to wipe the layers of powder from his eyes and face “I surrender, I surrender.” He holds his hands up in mock submission.

Yang pumps her fist in the air “Victory!” she turns to her sister and holds out her hand “Well done, general Rose.”

Ruby takes her hand “Yes, well done, officer Yang. But, uh, aren’t we still enemies?”

Yang grins, a mischievous fire in her eyes. “You know, you’re right.” Yang tightens her grip on Ruby’s hand and drags them both down to the ground where they begin a wrestling match and see who can shove the most snow in the others face.

You watch the girls for a moment before turning back to Qrow, who is still attempting to wipe all the snow from his body. You smile and walk over to him.

“Here.” You start knocking snow of his chest and shoulders.

He sighs “Guess I lost fair and square.”

“I don’t know if I’d call that exactly ‘fair’, but oh yeah, you definitely lost. Though I thank you for so valiantly stopping my fall, even though you then shoved snow down my chest.”

He chuckles and kisses your forehead “Well of course, I’ll always catch you, even if we’re on opposite sides.”

You smile into his chest and feel him shiver. You pull away and take his hand “Come on, I think the girls will be able to entertain themselves for a while, let’s go inside and get you warmed up. The cuddle blanket is still on the couch.”

He lets you lead him toward the front door “That’s the best idea of the day.”

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I’ve been very busy with work, school, and such and unfortunately haven’t had much time for blogging or artwork.  My inbox is absolutely packed! full but I’m going to try to empty it today.  Thank you all for being so patient with me.  

I’m hoping to make progress on a few art projects over the next few days, more update on that soon. 

For now, I would like to announce on the subject of stickers that I am happy to make any custom OC artwork I have done into purchasable stickers at request of the original character owner.  If you would like my artwork of your OC made into a sticker please message me directly to let me know.

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was doing sketch requests on mah twitter & @mrcutio asked for ‘bahorel doing a sick kickflip’ and then this…. turned into Les Amis: Primary School Origins

i don’t know anything about kickflips and neither does bahorel, luckily feuilly doesnt seem to mind