done on photoshop for once

guest room. | park chanyeol

[1/?] guest room. | park chanyeol
when he ends up staying in your apartment for a few weeks, and your feelings for him spiral out of control.

word count: 3.1k
genre: non idol!au, fluff, sexual content in future chapters o;
note: hello ^-^ this is my first ever fanfic for chanyeol/exo. i had just recently started stanning them, and as you may or may not be able to tell—yeol has me wrapped around his long ass fingers. woops. pls be nice to me >///< and feedback will be highly appreciated!! this was supposed to be just a one shot, but i had to cut it to a few parts bec i was too excited to post already! enjoy ^-^

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Pixerys Lavellan x Dorian Pavus

Kaffas.  I ask him for this one dance. ONE. DANCE. …and he has the gall to doze off mid-step. Now I’m pinned on the ballroom floor, his head on my shoulder, snoring and mumbling nonsense in his sleep, drooling all over this hideous uniform, for all the Orlesian Court to see.  Can’t say I blame him entirely - the night was eventful… so to speak. Poor thing has been nodding off all evening.  The bloody music they were playing probably didn’t help either. 

Sweet Andraste. Courtiers are staring from every direction.  The Dalish Inquisitor, and the evil Tevinter Magister - won’t that be a gossip for the ages?  Josephine is going to have me murdered, isn’t she?

Still breathing, down there? Good to know.  Maker knows this is probably the first real sleep you’ve gotten in weeks.  You must be having some fantastic dreams right now. I envy you.  Although I don’t …. entirely mind where I am right now.  And what’s that scent in your hair? … Pine, citrus…and mint? How did I not notice it before?

Sigh.  It’s happening again, Dorian.  You’re falling too hard, falling too fast.  You couldn’t possibly count on one hand the number of times you’ve danced like this before, can you? … Well, the dozing-off part is a first.  Still, you promised you wouldn’t let it happen again, didn’t you? And now look at what you’ve gone and done.  Look at where you are now.

Maker’s breath …I shouldn’t have asked him to dance.

Cole, maybe you should leave Dorian’s thoughts alone, just this once. ;;

done with SAI, touchups with Photoshop.  Background is an in-game screenshot textured up to look like a painting~

Of all the things talked about in Prentiss’ drawer, why has nobody mentioned the fact that she has a FUCKING FLOPPY DISC??! ARE WE IN THE FUCKING 90′s, EMILY???? How old is ur computer, girl…

goodnightgoodnight  asked:

How does one make a zine? Or, alternatively, do you mind explaining your particular zine process? I'm interested in making my own

Y’all don’t even know how happy I am when I get this question.

Okay, so, if anyone doesn’t already know, a zine is a wish your heart makes magazine/pamphlet/book-type creation. It’s usually self-published/published small-scale, and either sold, given away, traded, given to a distributor, or even just made for yourself. Because of the way they don’t require any outside permission or input to be made, they can and are made about pretty much anything under the sun. Poetry, diaries, art, collage, fiction, reviews, propaganda, advice, etc, etc forever. 

Sooo, given the individuality of zinemaking, there are about ten million ways (approximately) to make them. You can probably find tutorials online that go into detail with sewing, gluing, stapling, or whatever.

My personal favorite zine process is the folding method. I’m a college student/librarian who doesn’t often have access to a lot of office supplies or special sized paper, so it’s nice because you don’t need staples or anything else like that, just paper and something to write/draw on it with.

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everything i know about photoshop

So for the last year I have been working professionally as a graphic designer at a company that designs and produces custom buttons (the kind you’d buy at a convention). I have probably learned more raw editing skills in that year than I have at any other point in my life! Here is an info dump of everything I wish I had known about Photoshop before now.

(As I said I design buttons, so a lot of my experience has to do with circular workspaces and small-area printing. Be aware!)

Shift/Alt - You probably know that holding shift will make your selections or shapes resize proportionately, which is great for perfect squares and circles, but did you know that holding alt will let you draw your shape from the center instead of whatever corner you started from? Wow, this is hard to explain! Just try it, you’ll figure it out.

Typing on a path - This is great for you convention people who sell buttons! There’s a lot of fiddly bits and it took me a long time to figure out all the tricks! Okay so draw that path. (The smaller circle.  The outer one represents the edge of the final physical button.)

As you can see I have guides showing me the exact center of the button. You can get perfect guides by going to view > new guide and doing a 50% vertical guide and a 50% horizontal line.

Hit T for your type tool and click on your path. The cursor will change when you’re over it. (If you can’t see your path, make sure you have your Paths window open and that the path is selected.) Type some shit.


Okay if that’s all you want then you’re good! But what if you want the text to curve on the bottom? You could try clicking on the bottom of the circle, but then it just types upside down.

But wait, there’s more! With your text layer active (so you could still type into it), hold down Control. Your cursor should change so there are two arrows on either side of the text tool line.While still holding Ctrl, try dragging it all over. You can move it to any orientation on the circle, both upside down and not – drag your cursor over the circle and it will move over or under it. Again, it’s hard to explain. Just try it. Weird caveat: once you’ve done this once, Photoshop won’t let you do it again–you’ll have to recreate the type layer to change it.

If you’re making buttons, be sure that your type or images don’t bump right up against the edge of your template. The smaller your final size will be the more space you need to allow. The “L"s in my screencap up there are too close to the edge, for example. It’s likely it will end up on the side of the finished button. Allow it room to breathe.

Photo editing - aka why Photoshop was born. Most of what i’ve learned about photo editing has to do with color correction, so let’s start with that. Here’s my original.

Dark, right?

Image > Adjustments > Shadows/Highlights. Default settings are usually fine.

Suddenly detail. "OKAY BUT I WANT MORE DETAIL,” you say. Fine. Duplicate your layer (Ctrl + J), and change the blending mode to Screen. Screen mode ignores the darks in your images and only allows the whites to show. Its counterparts are Overlay (shows grays) and Multiply (shows blacks).

Play around with all three modes. There’s a ton of possibility in just those three options. You can also get a lot of mileage out of the default Auto Tone/Auto Contrast/Auto Color tools, I have a macro that runs all three on one button press.

Selective Color - You know that lying son of a fuck tool that Photoshop calls Replace Color which actually does no such fucking thing, I have no idea what that tool even does? It turns out the actual replace color isn’t really a “replace”, and is more manually involved, but turns out results that are ten times better.

So this pyro image is one of my favorites but it’s also RED team and as a staunch BLU team member I am very upset about it. Let’s make this a BLU team Pyro. Go to Image > Selective Color.

It will open a dialogue box with a dropdown list of colors, starting with red, which is what we need for this image since we’re turning red into blue. There are four sliders underneath, and two radio bubbles called “Method.” Leave that alone for now and start screwing around with the slider. Moving Cyan to 100% and Yellow and Magenta to -100% in Relative mode gives me this:

Now it is a slightly subdued RED pyro, but switching to Absolute method, on the other hand…

Instant BLU! And that is just with one pass. I could open Selective Color again and switch it to blue to get a richer/paler/purpler/whatever shade of blue. Obviously this works best with simple images but again, experiment.

I’m going to talk about the fucking magic that is Content-Aware Fill another time because my head hurts and this post is too long already! I hope this helped someone!

“A Tord expression meme”

Finally, something not done on ms paint for once. It was done on photoshop… and yes a meme from… deviantart. Credit is underneath the meme.

I made this meme expression for this guy, cause whenever I see fanart of him, he always seems to have the same daring and mean expression, so I did this just to show that Tord has more emotions and expressions than that. Also, this was pretty fun to do. :)


Before you, my world was empty, lonely, d a r k— you brought in the light,
                                       but you took it away just as quickly. [insp.]

gifset AU collab between the-savior-and-the-pirate and navykillian!


“I’m going to take everything away from you.”
“I will get everything you ever had.”

Next up on the mic, Rumpleswagstin

I highly regret making this