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Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)

Why I remain in LDS Church

As a gay man, I have to swim upstream to stay in this church, sometimes it’s really tough. It’d be easy for me to float away. So why do I remain?

There’s several reasons. This is my spiritual home, it’s the language I’m familiar with. This church helps me to connect with the Divine. This church requires a lot of its members, I’m better for all the service I’m asked to do, all the different assignments I’m asked to fulfill. I really enjoy the sense of community and how wherever I move I can plug into a network that makes the transition easier. I also make a difference, I do good inside of this church.

Maybe one day those things won’t be enough. Or my desire for love and a relationship will trump my determination to remain a Mormon. Perhaps one day I’ll be forced out, but until then, I’m doing my best to make it work.

Third in the Kinstuck series. The Makaras!

Human!Goatdad is a Turkish diplomat and, as he is almost always away on business, his eldest son GHB has had to act as de facto guardian and caretaker for his two kid brothers, Kurloz and Gamzee, for most of their lives. It’s no easy task balancing his duties as Mayor with his duties as an older brother, especially considering the fact that his younger brothers are just about the worst family a highly visible, highly scrutinized, highly conservative politician could hope for.


The worst thing I’ve every done was get super wasted in front of my bosses. It was at a Christmas party and I took like 4 shots of wild turkey 101 with 2 of my coworkers (I weight 105 guys, I’m tiny af) and as soon as we were leaving I got sick all over the parking lot. My friends/coworkers took care of me and drove me home. (One friend said i threw the banana she gave me on the floor, but I don’t remember that…) I went to work a few days later and my boss comes up to me and asks if I was ok. I was so embarrassed that i vowed never to make a fool out of myself again lmao.


Bianca and Nico di Angelo

“You have to promise to keep my sister safe.”
”I… That’s a big thing to promise, Nico, on a trip like this. Besides, she’s got Zoe, Grover, Thalia-”
”Promise,” he insisted.
”I’ll do my best. I promise that.”
”Get going then!” he said. “Good luck!”

Aesthetics for the di Angelo kids, and this is my present for @italianghostking but I screwed up so its now belated birthday present…. ish. I’ve seen so many people do aesthetics and I always thought it was easy, but its actually waaaay harder than I thought?!(wow look at all the excuses but in all honesty it was actually harder than I thought) Anyway, hAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY NICK/NICO! 
P.s. @italianhuntress this is kinda for you too. 

  • Me: Ew, Cursed Child looks terrible, the plot sounds pathetic and half hearted as well as having sloppy writing and execution
  • Also me: *pre-orders book and learns everything about the actors in the play as well as reading all the spoilers and reviews*

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Oh, sorry! I meant he 2p axis for the clown ask haha 😅

(Where did you even come from tho)(I don’t-)

2p Italy: WHAT the fuCk get the hell away from us asshat or I will scoop your heart out your throat and then shove it so far up your ass it will start beating again, then I’ll slit your goddamn jugular.

2p Germany: Woah hey there man me n’ this little babe right here are just tryna have a fun time tonight so can you like, not, bro? No offense but you’re creepy as hell. .

2p Japan: *Looks at clown * *looks away* goes back to what he was doing.

2p Romano: Really? You fucks? Yeah, try shit and I have about 3 body guards somewhere between 10 and 35 feet away, all armed. Come on, I dare you.

2p Prussia: L-listen, I’ve heard the kinds of things you all have done. I’m not one to judge but you’re creeping me out. Please leave.


    A Hand to Hold and a Hand Held     |     LadyLondonderry

    for the H/L Famous/Non Famous Fic Exchange

    Larry   |   5k   |   NR   |   One-Shot

When Harry goes to the One Direction concert one year with his sister, he doesn’t expect to go home with the amazing Louis Tomlinson himself.

But then, he really doesn’t expect that night to have an impact on the rest of his life either.


I took a stab at fanart for @jaltoid

It’s not very good, but I just wanted to show appreciation to you guys. Your videos make me forget about my anxiety and I’m very thankful.

So remember how I promised a samxjess tattoo!au years ago? (It was for Lisa aka @tattooeddean ) Well, I never actually finished it lol. And I’m not sure I ever will (I might, but you know…). But here is the “WIP”, because I feel like I put too much work into it not to post it, and someone reblogged my post recently saying they wanted to see it so.. Sorry I didn’t finish it. There’s a lot more to be done before I’d even consider it complete, so I’ll just leave it here as is (for now?).